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Kool's Commentary 4 : PR, Apr 19:Final Warning Pg100

koolsadhu1000 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 April 2013 at 11:25am | IP Logged
Kools reporting from base :  Onir punished in PR

Yup . Onir's  license to practice was suspended by court today . But now for the hilarious part 

Sachu told the judge in court that it was true that Onir swapped the babies but with a motive of bhalaai ROFL He expected courts to understand bhalaai motives . He expected the judge to have X ray vision and see right through the actions of criminals .

Sachu's assistant phoned Prince Arjun and told him to get fast to court and testify on Onir's behalf that he had a motive of bhalaai in the swapping . The Prince immediately agreed coz he did not want his buddy punished and swap many , many common stories of Sanskaari Purvi with him over coffee .

So the Prince drove fast but there was an annoying traffic jam . So he ran .ROFL Yea , he huffed and puffed just as he had run behind the tram in Kolkata at Sanskaari Purvi's bidding .

But alas ! He reached too late . The judge , unimpressed with Sachu's bhalaai logic had already ruled that Onir's medical license must be cancelled .

So Sanskaari Purvi wept Hoo Hoo Hoo on his chest by catching his blazer and flooded it with the wetness of her tears while her buddu husband was tearing his hair elsewhere .

Baba Manav saw this ROFL and pursed up his lips with displeasure and disapproval . His Archana would have never behaved like this . She would have never let Satish or Jaywant touch her , ever . She was very very holy that way . So holy that the Baba was rather frightened of her holiness .[ How i wish that the Baba had taken a picture on his mobile and shown it to Pope Sulochana .]

Telu celebrated with champagne at home . He was in a very good mood and looking younger with the hair cut . [ He was rather tired of oiling his hair everyday so he had experimented with a hair cut .] He told Punni he was not gonna divorce her coz though she hadn't got Sulochana's house she had given him the CD  that had sent Onir to jail. Punni was relieved and khush . Telu often gave her his credit card when he was in a good mood . She however decided against asking him that as she did not want to push him too much .

Sunny gave Vampire Ruchi a ride on his bike . Ruchi looked beautiful while sobbing but ahem when the teeth revealed all like the vampires . Sunny thought Ruchi was innocent to sob for her granny . And we all know how men fall for sobbing , innocent women .

Teju had a spat with gundas in the market . Soham heard it and drove the gundas away by doing lots of filmy herogiri . When he heard Teju was a brawl lover like himself , he was pleased . It runs in the family , he felt . He liked the sister who loved brawls like himself .

Manju gave Pope Sulochana good . She said that the TV  had ensured that whatever little izzat of the Karanjkars was left was destroyed . Her grand son in law Onir had mixed loads of mitti in the izzat and that chawl cats would now harass Manju .

Damo , Savita and Baba Manav had a family meeting .  Damo opined that some one MUST tell Ovi that its not innocent Pari's fault .  He felt for Arjun coz Arjun had it seems apologised . He also suggestively told Baba Manav that ' had Archana been there' ...and left the sentence half way like a chaalu .

Baba Manav was jolted bcoz of that chaalu suggestion . He completely forgot that he had just seen Arjun and Purvi in each others arms outside the court just today . He promised his drunkard dad to talk to Ovi .

The Pre cap shows Onir and Sanskaari Purvi leaving the chawl with Pope Sulo watching sadly from her verandah . She hated to lose her Ramu kaka and had grown rather fond of him . Actually she could have saved him if only she had given her house to Mittal the organ trafficker but the Pope was very very strict about her cathedral . Thousands of such Ramu kakas could come and be gullotined but the cathedral must live on was her principle .

Verdict of the Day : Purvi has completely destroyed Onir . 

Want of the day :  Ovi to initiate the divorce and a new male lead for her .

Hope of the day :  A scene in which all the brawl lovers of the Deshmukh family ...Savita , Teju and Soham enjoy themselves thoroughly in a roadside brawl .

Kools signing off for the day . Enjoy guys and ciao .

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Hillylove IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 April 2013 at 11:33am | IP Logged
Fabulous Post KoolsClap

You had me in stitches, I especially liked the part where Archu was so Holy that Baba was frightened of her holiness...whee...weeeROFL
Loved your take on Telu and hair cut...weee.ROFL

So, the clandestine moments with Arjun has begun again. This time Manav saw the preview.LOL

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Haal-e-Dil IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 April 2013 at 11:33am | IP Logged
awesome commentary...ridiculous show and equally bakwas epi


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FireLordPhoenix IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 April 2013 at 11:35am | IP Logged
Loved the post Kools!
Ovi should divorce Arjun. Please CVs what's taking you long in reuniting Arjun and Purvi? Their rasta is saaf!
Onir should reassess his marriage with his Mishti and divorce her. She has ruined his career and the fool keeps telling her she did no wrong. Love is a dangerous thing and loving Purvi is perhaps the most dangerous thing of all. I remember there was a Hindi song about destroying lives in the name of love. That's Purvi, except she destroys lives in the name of bhalai. Onir should run away now. Arjun is lucky his Kirloskar empire is still standing, but poor Onir! He deserves it for falling in love with this naagin.

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Dabulls23 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 April 2013 at 11:37am | IP Logged
Onir looking shocked as his license was suspended...I thought Docs had brains to study medicine and become doctor especially having specialty in OBGYN. Plus being a psychiatrist was his part time hobby or a side kick Wink
How could he not have known that swapping babies w/o the other set of parents is illegal...Just because his wife had no issue swapping her and her ex's baby..How SillyWacko
Oh and Lawyer Sachu's assistance calls Arjun to vouch for Onir that Onir swapped the babies for someone's "Bhalaai" Geek Oh yea Arjun jumped with joy to give that testimony w/o asking his wife Ovi who lost her baby in that accident and that stillborn was disposed off w/o her knowledge..Does she have any right on this decision making or not??? She could very well file a case against Onir-Purvi for illegal swapping and being god..
So yet again Arjun took her and the dead baby for granted...Ovi does not even know..
WHy is Manav and Sachu involved with Onir's case? Are they not related to Ovi?
Now the on and off reformed alchoholic Damo is concerned with Ovi not taking Arjun back after his numerous attempt at pacifying her...Arjun was sorry for his mistake...Ovi should worry abt Pari...Why? Why cant the bio mother Mahaanta ki murat Purvi take her own baby? Why is Ovi being pressured now by the family who should really be supporting her in her decision of not taking Arjun and Pari back...
This old regressive thinking and pressure parents-grand parents put on a girl to stay in a bad marriage or take cheaters back...Where is the progressive thinking now????? Atleast Manav should be offended by Arjun-Purvi and Onir's cheating...But he has join Damo-Savita's band wagon...I am really shocked with Sudhri huvi Savita who is not fighting for Ovi..
Dedicated wife Purvi crying for Onir losing his medical license...I did feel very bad for Onir when he looked shocked as well as crying for losing his license...I guess he was naive and stupid enough in thinking he swapped the babies for someone's bhalaai and not a crime and for what? His wife's illegit child and her insistance..She comforted him for one second..
Than where do we find this mahaanta ki murat? Outside the courtroom crying...Arjun walks in to the hallway and finds her crying...She is on his chest crying her heart out...Where is Onir?? He is not in jail...Why was she not with Onir and comforting him? She is not suffering...Its Onir who has lost almost everything he had b4 this woman walked into his life...Arjun comforning Purvi by letting her head on his chest and body close to him...Grrr Manav even witnesses this and the duo looked shocked with the expression "Did I do that? No we did not do anything wrong"" yeah right..
Manav raised his hand saying stop nonsense...My eyes can see it ...After this he should be totally on his daughter Ovi's side...Not getting why he is going along with stupid Damo's suggestion of Ovi taking Arjun-Pari back..
I think the reason Ovi will run away is the pressure coming from her own family now in going back to arjun and taking Pari..
Teju being harassed by 4 guys and Soham protecting her is just to get Teju on Purvi's side also...Hint guys hint...
Ruchi-Sunny fling has started...How do give family dhokha ...Ruchi better eat your own words...How can punni cheat Aaji sulo? Oh well u will be cheating your cousing teju by falling for her fiance too..
Sulo has already forgiven Purvi-Onir...No care for her other GD Ovi...
My million $ Q is why is Purvi not asked to take Pari back by one and all on PR???? Why does she have right to walk away from her by product of premarital sex, giving Arjun to Ovi to marry, forcing Arjun to have sex with Ovi - consummate marriage etc etc..
Mastermind needs to take responsibility of her own act...if she could not take care of the baby why did she even have that baby? Why did she not have it in kolkata and put the baby up for adoption..
Just beccause Arjun has right on Pari does not mean Ovi has to handle his droppings..
Oh Man I am furious at this male species...Damo, Arjun, and Manav and Sachin..All MCP galore.AngryAngryAngryAngry
Onir should have seen how his wife was in her ex lover's arms...Its already begun...Amar premis and their Apavitra Rishta..
ADD:  Purvi crying crocodile tears on Arjun's chest reminded me of how many times Beautiful teenage Aai Archu has controlled Manav with the same...Damo saying had Archana been here...Yep Archana is coming out of coma to "Waat lagaofy of Ovi"  She is going to not only support Purvi but will taunt and taunt abt how Ovi put the deal forth and how she had already told her she does nto approve of that and never blessed her...Aah cant wait for the soti huvi sundari to wake up...Baba manav has had 2 months of dry spell...LOL
Onir handling Ovi's delivery and swapping proves "Onir as a doctor performing with conflict of interest"
He should have never handled both deliveries...Some other doctor should have period..

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Hillylove IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 April 2013 at 11:48am | IP Logged

Well when Archana comes out of the coma, I will go into one, because I know exactly what she is going to do...Unhappy

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Kalapi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 April 2013 at 11:50am | IP Logged

Kool, hahaha...your commentary was great as always, but in my opinion, the episode was simply hilariousROFL. I laughed so hard watching it. It looks like some rural production of the third grade. Onir did the swapping for bhalaayi'.what a reason, Only Ekta mata can give such BS reasoningAngry


And then of course Arjun understanding the instant bhalaayi...Wink.aare Purvi mata ne kiya kya, bhalaayi only. He never understood the higher reasoning that Purvi always have, like selling him as a commodity, disposing his dead child, but he is convinced once and for all Purvi = Bhlaayi, and he has to always always run for that BhalaayiLOL.. So he ran and drove like crazy to testify for the bhalaayi...but but shouldn't the mom be asked, if she wanted the bhalaayi, or a doctor's opinion if Ovi's couldn't have accept the death of her child...oh duhhh D'ohthe doctor was Onir, here you again...what a classic conflict of interestBig smile...btw, should a doc be punished much more heavily other than the license- it is serious human trafficking issue...Unhappy.btw, Shakti really can act, his simple gesture with his eyes, when he came in front of Purvi, was touching - I felt, he was in agony over losing his license - now if the Doc showed a little more senseAngry

Finally, finally, the Cvs showed the Media. Omg, I danced...but errr...where was this media, when bride swapping happened, or the big tamasha of Arjun declaring his hots for hs saali...chalo, even if late, media toh is shown now...

Btw, I do like Soham piece. He is natural. It is fun to watch him. I qually haed the Ruchi piece. Her crying was damn artificial, please can she act a bit natural...please.

Now for The Deshmukh's conference, can we just demand that Damo is hanged now'.He is simply a waste of space...

Yes, even I demand that Ovi initiate that Divorce...please please CV, listn to us...a high TRP track for sure...a Court drama always does...

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anu rulz IF-Rockerz
anu rulz
anu rulz

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Posted: 19 April 2013 at 11:50am | IP Logged
Baba Manav saw this ROFL and pursed up his lips with displeasure and disapproval . His Archana would have never behaved like this . She would have never let Satish or Jaywant touch her , ever . She was very very holy that way . So holy that the Baba was rather frightened of her holiness .

this was hilarious Kools...his Archana only had eyelocks wid him over jaywant's shoulders...his archu was very holy indeed..
anyways, i personally feel Onir's medical license being cancelled is completely justified..but purvi was a partner to the crime and deserves to be in jail wid him as well..surprising how the judge dint see tht..maybe Ekta gave him blinders so he missed seeing purvi in tht video wid onir..
damo being damo HAS to come up wid ridiculous illogical statements..arjun has apologised had he apologised innumerable times to savita regarding hi drinking, but continued one "apologetic" excuse for a husband recognises another..
ruchi-sunny story continues...granny sulo will soon be ahving another asthma attack seeing the culmination of her sanskars given to ruchi..but no, then ruchi will conveniently be manju's evil spawn, who DSNT have sulo's sanskars..i wonder, will it be her shraadha tht time, or merely banishment from her cathedral, which is more important thn her ramu kaka...

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