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Me following the VMSS Illai club... Wink


Brief Updates

The 2 ladies and one man carries geetha into the house at 2nd floor. They put her and starts discussing the price to sell her Dead then trio goes down to get a cup of coffee and geetha wakes up shock finding herself in stranger house. She cries and thinks back. 

She was walking to college when the ladies ask for address and put something in her mouth and she fainted and they kidnap her here. 

Geetha cries and runs towards the window and that leads to Prasad's machan house inside but open top Tongue The ladies and man returns and gettha cries asking them to let her go but they slap her and ask her to sit quitely and goes into another room to discuss about geetha and who to sell her to

Gopi arrives there and prasad machan argues about the money. His voice was loud and geetha goes to the window and shock happy to see Gopi there Shocked She tries to wave to make gopi see her.


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Wednesday - Kutralam adventure LOL
Geets is struggling from window to attrack attention of kobi who is in neighbour house .with full fledge fighting..kaja says who know you would have taken the money n putting pali on us nu solluran..sotai machan says ada pavi kala.. unmailayae yarru money ya sutangalo avunga thalaila iddi vila nu solluraru.. same time geets found some bottle nearby n throw it thru window .. it hits sotai mandaiClapClapLOLLOL.. kobi looks above gets to see geets waving her hand.. runs off out my sister is here.. sotai comes n blocks him.. but kobi give nice slaps to him n grab steps of neighbour house.. bang the door.. trio opens it n get nicely from kobi n co ..sotai n prasad family also joining the show..finally geets let the truth out n get more beatings for them..sotai apologize for his stupid act n tells that he will handover the trio to police nu takes all from there.. prasad dad says ur parents may be restless due to better u all leave immtly nu solluraru.. kobi says thanks n leaves from there.Sr.pp gets call from kobi he informs abt the happenings n geets also let know on it over phone.. sr..pp gets calm down n put down the phone.announcing all that geets has gone with kobi n now they both r coming back nu solluraru..meens still kodanchufies.. he takes her alone to let know the truth n tells her not to disclose to anyone.
Kobi gets call from prasad..he apologize for his family's stupid act..but kobi tells that sotai machan helped him in handing over culprit to police nu solluran..both says from the day of our meeting we are always facing probs..but kobi says we gets probs ..we also get it resolved nu solli we shouldnot loose heart nu solluran.. prasad(prasad mind voice - ithukku peru than valiya vandu advice vangi katikirathungarathuLOLLOL) says becoz of kobi words he has to accept nu sollitu both cuts the call. Sr.pp is worried abt munzuru boy whereabouts.. sam says he will find in right way n will get him nu leaves from there.sam reaches photo studio n meets with MB's friendsM is hiding behind some bureau..sam says geets is found ..we both were loving each other..but unfortunately family decides to marry geets to MB due to mischap name..MB is very happy hearing this.. Sam says that they need to find MB soon as they are planning to finish off marriage in next if they found him pls send him off immtly to home nu sollitu leaves from there.once he leaves MB comes out of hidden place.. both friends trells that his plan exactly workedout well nu solluranga..n ask him to go home..if something went wrong then they sak him to call them for help.MB says ok n leaves..(Kachari kachari kala katumga MB ya yellarum parthaLOLLOL in tha twistu la oru vela Geets ah sam ku katti vachuruvaigaloDay Dreaming)
Malar gets call from sr.pp abt geets whereabouts.. malar is getting ready to leave.. mom n anni comes n tells that now its an chance u get to let know people that u have some hicups at home..which also needs to be attended.. so pls stay back till mappu comes here to pick u up.. we assure that we will not talk ill to mappu but he needs to attend this as meens is thinking that noone can question her..when mappu questions for you..she will shut for sometime atleast nu solli makes her to sit at home till kobi arrives..malar in thoughts
Screen freezes.

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Gopi Geetha returns and everyone at home feels happy and hugs her. Samandam goes out and calls josiyar and then all gopi family comes out .. Josiyar starts tikka mukkafying and gopi sam and meenashi kummi kummi adikuran josiyar LOL semma adhi Tongue Murali mother comes out and happy to see Geetha back and she falls in Sokku leg saying sorry for what her son did. She curse her son and says will teach him a lesson nu. Sokku ask her not to do anything bad .. all of them goes in then.

Prasad BIL talks to someone in phone. Shabba another traitor!! His actualla cheating prasad money and his wife is together in this Ouch The cash also did not go missing as it was taken by the BIL himself Confused

Gopi calls malar but both did not talk much. He then ask her to eat and he will be there morning for her nu. Malar cries and says okie nu.

Murali comes back home and his mother gives him semma adi and drags him into sokku house.. meenashi too beats him and everyone scolds him. Mother ask Geetha to beat him too and gives the velakamar to her. She beats him nicely and throws it as his face.

Outside josiyar tries to poison this murali mind Angry but in time murali mother comes there with the same velakamar and hits josiyar nicely Clap

Next day Gopi going to bring his wife. Meenashi stops him asking where his going and does he know what his wife been doing? Gopi gives her nicely and tells her that if only they listen to Malar about the photo matter and stuff all this issues could have been prevent! Further she ask police to arrest his wife?? Meenashi thiru thiru muluchufyies.

Prasad calls his mother and tells her the good news his coming back to india for good. His work is in karaikudi and his going to ask gopi help to settle him in karaikudi. Mother tells everyone at home and Prasad BIL ku attam kalaparaning Tongue If prasad is back for good .. he cannnot cheat any money already .. BIL tries to make scene why Prasad coming back as he needs to earn and save for his other sister marriage nu. Prasad mother says no she wants her son to be back. BIL ask his MIL why such feeling after all Prasad is adopted son tannae? Shocked This hurt prasad parents.. ask him not to say that out as it hurts. Though his adopted his already part of their life.


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Friday. Am going to join the kadathal club &  abduct TM . Ransom - stop the serial

                Friday 26.04.2013

Shanthi & wig thalayan brain washing  Mahesu [ konjam irukkira moolayum kaka oosh]. You house people 7 logathileyum kaNakkidaikadha specimens.    More importance given to that kudikedi  sitappa [ veetodu sitting appa]. Sondha daughter driven out of the house. These people want to project themselves  as great mahaans in public eye . Pughaz enkira Bodh[a]i tree adila utkarndhu , both have become its slave. For the two Budhas in their house pughaz matters more than sondha bandham.  Mahes mooka mooka urinjing – my father called me pei , pisasu. Shanthi & Mr. Further veppilai adiching – you are the only one sensible in that house. Had it not been for you your sitappan family  would have made you all full otandi , taking advantage of your father/ brother goodness. Shanthi purushana vai pilandhu looking in awe.

Jaganathan's house. One Virumandi meesai man & wife [later learnt they are Jag's wife's brother] come to invite them all for some padayal. Sees malar & says would be going to her house also for inviting. Conversation turns towards  malar's presence there without mapillai. Mrs. Jags & Mrs. Ashoke take turns indescribing Meeakshi's  mamiyrthanams & malar's sufferings at her hand. Meesai mama vetti varinji katting to one kai parka.

Gopi comes to take back wife. The same samacharams replayed – Meenakshi's Malar aaidhal . Vacha vachnu vai Oyama pesing. Idhula Meesai vera chaing chak . Ratna Atina wall inga permanenta station pannidu. Ivanga mandaya ellam kondu poi adhula muttuvom. Finally Mrs. ashok says , edho periya permission kudukkarapila – unga wifea  dharalama take back with you but on one condition – we need guarantee from you [ on stamp  paper ?] that no one will ever talk ill of Malar. Gopi all thru standing like Bondhu mama  [vaikulla bonda]. [ Directorukku  Dialogues ellam marandhu pochu . pozhachom]. Finally asks ellam pesi mudichacha. Now listen to me – when we got married no one supported us neither  my family nor Malar 's . Yet  I looked after her well. Malar nee enna nimbi varadha irundha va. Malar Odi poi avan kai pidichundu goes out of the house.

Mangala Arthi eppo varumo Ayya?

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                      Monday 29.04.2013

 Brief Update by srima

Gopi gives an ultimatum to Malar- Enna nimbi en kooda varadha irundha vaa or else your wish. He turns & walks away. Puppy Malar follows  her master.  Jaganathan is happy.

Gopi / Malar walk the talk. Gopi upset  , feels Malar let him down in the presence of her  family by keeping quiet. Epdi Malar , how could you ever do it . You should have spoken in my favour.  You should have asked me before taking the decision to go to your house. I would have given ample advise, would have sung for you ' " Porumai ennum nagai anindhu perumai kola vendum pengal".  Puppy thalai , vaal aating.

Ragini & Meenu met by one sidhar who predicts the return of a long lost  relative.  Meenu is convinced it is her first son & very happy.

Back home Meenu informs paati about sidhar vaaku. Paati too convinced  of the home coming of Sokku's thalai magan.  Happy paati already in match making mood ' Maman magan for Maha coming back ' maha yogam starting for Maha ' 1+1=2 , some Josi's prediction that Maha will get married to maman magan will materialise soon. Meenu is not happy. Wants to have a fresh bride for mugam theriyadha magan , unnecessarily drags Malar's name & abuses. Gopi / Malar get to hear this. Paati leaves in anger seeing Meenu's  obnoxious behaviour.

Gopi  talks to mom in private about ragini's life. Says feels very sorry for her . wants to have her remarried & settle her in life. Meenu very happy with this remarriage idea of Gopi ' says my daughter should not suffer life long as vaazha vetti , we should marry her off as early as possible. Gopi  agrees & says the same applies to Malar also.

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Tuesday - April - 30th , 2013
Sokku comes to see mayil to give him money for the valakapu but mayil says already maha came and gave him her salary nu. Sokku feels happy but still gives his part as there must be more expenses. Mayil wants to go and invite Mages but his wife does not want as magesh might create problem. Sokku agrees with her but mayil is adamant in wanting to invite Magesh.

Prasad BIL and wife discussing about Prasad coming here and his very much tense. Wife suggest hubby to go and stay at his parents house till Prasad goes to Karakudhi.

Geetha sees malar and goes begging sorry from her SIL but malar refuses to accept and chases her away. Geetha goes crying and meenashi who see this goes to scold malar demanding what she said to her daughter nu. This time malar shuts her MIL up by warning her and ask her to go and ask her own daughter what happen and not to show temper to her nu. Malar walks off while meenashi shock.

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