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Monday April-1
Updates by  Samyuktashree

Episode 746

Gopi and malar at jeganadhan's house...Jeggu and his wife says they are very shocked to know abt ramesh...And gopi says becoz of this ramesh ...selvarangam maappu maatitaru...and jeggu asks abt rajesh...Gopi says we can handover him to the police...but ragini's maanam will go...Jeggu an dhis wife ellarayum pattiyal pottu thitting...Jeggu tells gopi to take care of sokku...Meenu will shout at us...adhaan naanga varala...Gopi says appa is fine now...Ragini is very bold...she know what sheis doing...ashok comes and he joins jeggu in polambing...

Ashok takes malar inside and asks abt murali...malar says yes..murali nnu oruthan irukkan... ashok says there is something going on b/w murali and gopi's sister ...ashok says that murali seems to be u and gopi pls look into this matter very soon...

deivu tells mayil that she wants to go to their house...mayil denies it saying annan in full soga form now...He needs support...we should not leave him alone now...Dabbawali patti comes to sokku and says tata byebye...She is leaving...Sokku tells her to stay for one more ay...Dabba says she will stay and tells her son not to worry...Dabba says some good things should happen now...Think abt that...Dont worry abt ragini...She is a bold girl...She will take care of herself...  Atleast for her u all should behave normal...Dabba tells to perform valaikappu to kaamu and paramu...Meenu morachufying...

Dabba tells sokku to go to lola's house and bring kaamu and paramu..r.est we ladies will take care ...Sokku says ok...Meenu still morachings...Sokku says he is worried abt lola...Dabba tells sokku to go to nelli's house...

Selvarangam comes home...Mahesu starts thittufying ramesh...SL tells her to stop...Shanthi joins in thitting ramesh...SL tells mahesu to come inside...SL says namma velai mattum parpom hereafter...Yaaru eppadi pona namakku enna...Mahesu says ok...Sl leaves...mahesu gets phone call from meenu and meenu tells abt kaamu and paramu's valaikappu...Mahesu shouts...Shanthi overhears everything...Mahesu cuts the call and shanthi comes and asks abt valaikappu...She yethi vittufies mahesu and mahesu says i will see eppadi valaikappu nadatharangannu...Tomorrow morning see my avatar...

Gopi and malar's palliyarai...Malar polambufies abt ragini... and gopi consoles...says stop blaming yourself...amma and mahesu ketta ambuttuhen...mahesa partha enakke bayama irukku...Gopi and malar goes to meet ragini...

rasappa comes and avar sattai mela ellam blood...Rasappa shouts pls listen to me...Rajesh oru thotppula irundhan and i went there...


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Laks vandhachu.. Wednesday .. Mahesh puniyathula ... Nalla Manennai karrama arambamLOLLOLLOL..Mayil Dev's Get out Mission Accomplished..
NA is looking for paramu n ramesh.. finally reaches out that bad friend boy.. n gets to hear that they have vacated home without informing baf friend also nu solluran.. he says he catched up bus n went on nu solluran..NA ask him to let him if rames calls him nu sollitu poraru.. avan..ore thinking la irrukan.
Kobi coming to meet komaruBig smile..ore nanri perukkal than.. kobi thanks mom n komaru.. ore santosham komaru n co ku..komaru says hes going to give up his adithadi he feels very good by doing good deed for rags nu solluran..kobi invites them for lunch when they drop in to karaikudi..earlier our terms was different now happy to receive at this good state nu solluran.. komaru tells that he wants to pottu thalify rajesh as his last bad deed..but kobi says even he have the wish but we should not do god will take care of him nu sollitu leaves from there withy kaja..komaru annouces his kaithadi's that henceforth all will need work in farms n weekly one day they have thani party n other days they have to go home n spend time with family nu solluran..and adds he calls elderly kaithadi as annan ..kaithadi's are shocked on it n goes on thier way.
DeadAngryMankantha mahes entry to sokku palace..sokku va right left questioning..n declares no valai kappu for kamu n paramuAngry..meens for sometime keeping quiet..then she also join to sing with her..sokku raises his voice but no use.. patti comes in n rendu pottufying her.. n tells u r no more daughty of this home ..but wife of dont talk too much nu solluranga..devs accepts n tells she didnt talk ill abt meens to lolayee..mahes gets hatred look from sokku.. she leaves her kid n goes n pour kerosene on her n tells that they both need to go out now.. or else she will come commit suicide nu solli blackmail pannuraAngryAngryAngry (nalla time la komaru mummy entry.LOLLOLLOL vaa aatha nee rendu potu thiruthavendiya tickets inga neraya irrukuLOLLOL)sokku ask mayil to abruptly..mayil shocked but leaves with Devs with tears in eyes.. sokku is crying helpless.. n goes his mom n says that heOuch dont whos he at this home.. want to lie in mom's lap nu solli lie down on mom lap...
Screen Freezes...

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Sorry Friday seat poda marundhutten.

                             Friday 05 .04.2013

Mayil & Deiva  back to their own maLigai. The house in bad shape with cobwebs , dust & dirt & all.  Maha  comes & helps in cleaning the house .  Mayil  ,Deiva happy & moved.  Maha becomes Mamiyar mechiya marumagal.

Danda segment. Murali meets geetha on a deserted lane & blackmails her showing  their close pose snap-   theru theruva poster adichi otti your maanam aeroplane ethuven. Geetha panics , pleads to let her live in peace.  Wicked villain threatens her , asks  her to meet him at 11 in the night at their backyard.  Stupid Geetha bey beynu crying.

Sokku comes to Mayil's house along with grocery. Happy to see Maha there. Kamu calls & update ramesh Paramu great escapade. RKO starts. Sokku says Mayil is getting better & better  day by day. So he will accompany Gopi to Chennai for  Nadaswara kacheri . Feels Mayil too need to start earning to preserve his self respect[ Periya aaluya nee. Unakku mattum Malaysia ' Mayilukku verum Chennaithana]. They all talk about Mahesh's arrogant attitude for some time. Maha takes leave & goes straight to meet magesu to tender some advice. Pavi magale Sevidan kaadhila oodhina sangunu kelvipattadhillaya? Marupadiyum  Mariyatha Mangatha aatam parka aasaya. One way traffic Mahesu ' Vaya thoranduta no chance for others to talk ,aruviya kotting abuses & sabams. No one is spared . Themena mel logathula irukkira Pandi was also dragged & abused. Maha could take no more , shouts at Mahesu to stop. SR walks in at the same time.

So many stalkers in this serial. Mudhalla Moorthy Kamu pinnadi suthinaan. Then Paramu pala per pinnadi suthinaan. Ragini pinnadi oru dimsu & Komaru. Now Mural stalking Geetha.  Gopi Malar pinnadi nagariga sutral .  Maha Gopi pinnadi , Pandi Mahava suthing .Who then is left????? Yes Vanitha.

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Thursday Updates
Episode 749

Nelli comes back and tells them about Ramesh leaving with Paramu without telling anything. He has no idea where they went or what had happen nu. Lolayee starts and never close her mouth for almost 10 minutes. Cries and polambaran and as usual never forgets to curse Kamu and her family. At the end Nelli tells Lolayee why cant she understand him .. does he seem like a man who does not care for his son? No one knows how worried he is right now. He feel so hurt the son left just like that and worries on how Ramesh is going to survive in unknown place nu.

Geetha walking back and the neighbor boy stops her saying his got something to talk nu. Geetha says sollunga anna nu and he gets very tensed and ask geetha not to use the word anna. Getha ask why... she thinks him like brother nu. Neighbor guy says no she cannot think him as anna as he loves her nu. He starts to propose her and says how much he loves her and when he turns to see her she is holding slipper in hand Thumbs Up Gives him left and right and ask him never to disturb her again.

Labak labak Mageshu eating something while Meenashi just sitting and sulking. Magesh ask why her face like monkey ate ginger nu Tongue already her drama work and the both has left the house. Vera enna now nu. Meenachi nondufy that sokku is barely talking to her now nu. Magesh ask not to worry and soon sokku will talk back like usual. Be happy now that both mayil devanae has been chase away. Only left now is malar and she warns her mother to be careful with malar and keep her at place. Meenachi turns and sees Ragini who is reading something and meenaschi cries over ragini faith. Magesh ask her mother to stop all this.. Ragini is taking her time to get out of everything and ask mother not to further upset her nu.

Malar comes and both mother daughter turns their face. Malar goes straight to Ragini. Malar through her eyes express her sorry and Ragini ask enna nu. Malar says nothing nu. Ragini tells Malar she feels odd staying at home only and wants to go back to work. She suggest Ragini to go back to her beauty parlor thing. Ragini says with situation now she cannot open her own parlor but with her education she can get a good job and that can give her a relax mind. Malar agrees and feels happy with Ragini being positive like this. Ragini ask Malar to check with her friends for jobs .. Malar hesitates first but then agrees.

Both Mayil Devanae returns back to their home. Stands in front of their dusty gate ... thodarum

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Monday 8th april 2013 update

Ratchasi Mahesu (RM) thittufies late Mr.Pandi...Maha , kadupagi starts shouting back at mahesu...says dont talk abt my purushar pandi like that...Eppovo thappu senja u will talk abt that for life longaa??Learn to forget mistakes...or else u will be alone very one will be with u at the end of the day...Thirundhu mahesu...Mahesu shouts...yei maha...Maha says...niruthu...go and talk ur vettikahai to someone else...Maha leaves...Selvarangam who witnesses all thses koothu comes near his beloved wifey and says...see...unnai via chinna ponnu...telling budhimathi to u...but u will not thirundhufy...RM inturn scolds selvarangam and selvarangam leaves the  place...

Ragini comes to the parlour where she worked before marraige...Owner amma welcomes her and asks abt rags post wedding life...Rags says  fine...Owner amma says u r a good girl ragini...ur life will be very good...Rags smiles...Rags asks ...enna madam why parlour E ottings...Owner amma says business very dull(oh...adhaan parlour la irukka cream ellam unga face la irukka waste poiume nnu imbuttu poosi vachurukeengala madam?)...New staffs vandhanga...but customers were not satisfied...Un alavukku inga yaarum illai...Ragini says she wants to join again...She says her husband ha gone abroad adhu varaikkum she wants to work...Owner amma super happy and says anytime u can come and join...Rags leaves happily...

Rags back home and and meenu asks ...Ragini says she is going to back to work and meenu says oor makkal will say something...Ragini replies that she is not worried abt oor makkal and their pechu...iam going back to work from tomorrow...Meenu is worried...

Geetha comes home and she seems to be very worried...Meenu asks why r u so dull...Geetha says nothing...poi thola anguttu...Meenu cycle gap la thittufies malar...Malar gets up and leaves ...Meenu thanna thaniya shouting...Sokku comes and asks edhukk thaniya katthings??...Sokku says naan saapten at mayil'splace...meenu adhukkum shouting...meenu says maha vandhu mahesu va thittings...Sokku supports maha ...Maha edhu pesinalum correct aa irukkum...And meenu continues her blah blah and iam not going to write everything ...

Geetha recalls  murali's 11 pm meeting story  and his mirattal  and comes to meenu and tells abt him...Meenu shcoked ...malar comes there and says athai...this geetha is lying...There is something b/w muralia nd she is lying...Meenu tries  to say something but malar shuts her up...Meenu shcoked..malar says geetha vum murali yum angaanga pesaradha naanae parthurukken...malar calls gopi and tells him to come home immediately...Meenu and geetha kenjufies...dont tells him...He will kill me says geetha...Malar says...ethanai time enna pathi korai its my turn...Meenu starts beating geetha...sethu tholaidi...

And ...mela sonnadhu ellamae geetha's dreamAngry...geetha nenechu parkings...Angry(adhana parthen...Malar kku rosham kooda vandhuruche nnuAngryAngry)....Geetha crying...Comes to meena and and asks for some money...she wants to buy some notebook...Geetha says i need it urgently...meenu says its 6 pm now...u should go out alone...(6 pm kku karaikudi la mattum veyil adikkum pola )......Murali comes there and meenu tells him to buy notebook for geetha...Murali ilichukitte says yes...Meenu goes in and murali tells geetha ...nyabagam night 11 pm...varala...ambuttudhen...Geetha cryng...

Gopi at mayil's place...Deivu comes with coffee...Gopi asks sorry...Says he is here to says sorry onbehalf of mahesu...Appa sokku rombha paavam...Mayil says ellam becoz of me...Gopi says mahes kku veri pidichuruuku...Gopi tells mayil to come with him to play nadaswaram (nadaswaram vaasikka kai podhuma...vaainallaurukka vendamaConfused...)...Deivu brings the nadaswaram dn gopi an mayil sits under a tree and mayil starts vasiching...(Nalla vasikararu...vaai,kai ellam straight aa  dhaan irukku!Confused)Gopi pallu pona kezhavi lolly pop saapdra maadhiri mouth la pp vachukittu watching mayil..Deivu aanadha kanner oda watching her husband...


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Thursday - April -11

Geetha tries to go - her mom wakes up, calls her to put thailam for leg. Geetha does while crying. Some one knoocks the door and Geetha tensed. All get up and o out side, it was Murali mom and Murali crying in pain. Murali mom says some thing bit him and he is crying in pain. Whole gang comes out. Gopi takes him to the hospital.

Jegan, wife, Rohini, Ashok and wife come to Kula deivam temple to pray. She tells lets pray God and atleast we get good things.

Exactly at the time they see some one, Jegan wife brother. looks like they had issues and not talking to each other. But seeing them they start crying and start crying. They enquire about his son.(Whose pair???)
He says lets forget the past, I have asked Malar for my son but you refused. But I heard about all happening in your house. Feeling sad. He says his son is doign well in Chennai, even bought a car. They invite Jegan and family over for some kuladeivam padaya. They agree to come. They agree and asks them to bring Malar and husband too.
Jegan family go inside to pray and that mama guy says let them come for padayal and see what happens. His wife warns not to fight anymore and mama says no I need relationship but also self respect. Atleast one minute if they feel bad looking at my son that is good for me.

In Gopi house, Murali. mom come to thank them for taking him to hospital. Nattuvakkili bite???
geetha leaves to school.

Pradas brother in law calls Gopi and scolds him to give money as he needs it immediately. Gopi cuts saying he will go see kuruvi. Sokku laughs Prasad has machan like yours.

Gopi goes to Malar room to say bye but Malar tells everything about geetha including photo matter and tells some thing wrong. Gopi wonders what to do as Geetha went to school. Malar tells him to handle with care. Meenakshi comes and Gopi shuts his mouth.

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