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|The KaBhi Factor 8.0: Daaru Desi|

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A spoonful of dazzling dimpled smiles,
A dash of masti-khor attitudes,
A heap of magical chemistry,
and an unlimited supply of talent!

Mix it all up and you shall get- The Power Packed Stunning Couple, that is our lovely and sizzling, KaBhi!

Ka, the punjabi munda who is the heart throb of thousands of women across the country, who has left a trail of love sick fangirls with a flash of his dimpled smile and sneak peek of his six pack abs. Wink Not only is he an handsome hunk but also amazingly talented actor who could move you greatly with his expressive baby blue eyes. Having earned the title of superstar of the tellyworld, he travelled across many tv shows, reality shows and channels until he landed up in Qubool Hai to create one of his best pairings ever.

Bhi, our spunky, cheerful and sexy punjaban kudi, busy mesmerizing punjab with her killer dimples in her many popular Punjabi films like Akiyaan To Door Jayen Na, Raula Pai Gaya, Kach Diyan Wanga and Munde Patiale De. She caught the eye of the talented young director Gul Khan and immediately bagged the lead role in Qubool hai due to her god given natural acting skills and her hard working nature.

It was all due to Gul Khan's sharp eye for talent that we all got to witness the magic that is KaBhi.

And so it began,

Ka and Bhi's journey in one of the most loved and one of a kind show called Qubool hai.

They met, they spoke and they smiled. She called him "Karan-jii" and referred to him as "aap" whereas he treated her like his junior and guided her. Ka was alredy an established actor whereas Bhi was still a newbie and thus developed their cordial and respectful relationship. Who would have known that these two awkwardly friendly co-stars would one day become such a dynamite pair of friends! 

Weeks passed and soon became months, Their cute and adorable chemistry steadily won hearts all over. Their punjoo masti and childlike naughtiness managed to melt even the hardest of hearts. 

Slowly Ka and Bhi grew from just co-stars to masti filled pranksters, they never let go of any chance to pull each others legs. He made bunny ears when she wasn't looking and she teased him about his superstar status to annoy him in return. 

Their respect for each other grew more and more as Ka and Bhi both showcased their amazingly wonderful acting skills which has always sent us on an emotional rollercoaster.

The awkwardness melted away and comfortable ease settled in, He covered her up when her pallu slipped and gave her high five as she nailed the scene perfectly in the first shot. Bhi indulged in his childish pranks behaving like a kid alongside him and praised him repeatedly for his "humble, down to earth and helping" nature.

Karan: She is a very beautiful girl, wondeful actress and Im very lucky to be working with her. Aur Qubool hai, Qubool hai, Qubool hai!
Surbhi: Wow wow wow! 

Surbhi: "About Karan, he is a very helpful and nice human being. He goes out of his way to help us and never makes us feel that we are new. To give you an example, he doesn't hesitate for a rehearsal in case we need one. He is not the one to throw tantrums."


It didn't take long before Ka and Bhi's cutesy chemistry started to scorch up the screens as Asya grew closer and deeper in love. 
Kabhi's sizzling and tantalizing chemistry has left us Kabhian's desperate for more and more. 


From Teri meri kahani to Bol na halke halke to Shukran Allah se Ishq Hua tak to Mar Jayian, KaBhi has redefined epic chemistry by just setting our TV (or laptop in my case LOL) screens on fire with just a mere staring session.


Their offscreen masti and mischievousness hidden behind their innocent dimpled smiles has left us all with the silliest of smiles on our faces, feeling all warm and fangirly inside.



As our beautiful Asya's love story blossomed so did our KaBhi ka dosti. 


Aur chaadi hume KaBhi ki yaari aisi jaise daaru desi... Unki Khatti mithi batein hain nashe si...Jaise daaru desi. Ladkhadane lage mushkurane lage, Bebajaah har jagaah KaBhi ki baatein karne lage. 

Credit: Sruthi

Okay that sucked, I know LOL Im sure I have tired you all out with my ramblings by now so let me end this by welcoming all you QH fans with open arms to come together, enjoy, feel and lose yourselves in the  Kabhilicious world! Hug

TM note: This thread has a Zero Tolerance Policy towards any form of 'intolerance'. Intolerance include provoking sensitivities of fan groups, snide remarks, rude behavior, name calling, bashing, sarcasm & anything that even hits at degrading another member. 
Discussing in a safe zone does not mean trash talking or elaborating on anything that may hurt any India Forum's fan groups.

Layout: Rin03
RMamsa, Shaz2009 (For helping me out ALOT with pictures, gifs, layout,etc!!)
Pictures: Rin03, Shanakyasharan, Sruthi_Virmalli, Picture gallery and all the wonderful siggy/avi makers!
Gifs: To the original makers.

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Credit:RMamsa & Shaz2009

Big smile KaBhi Quotes! Big smile
Credits: Ishaxxx

Karan : Arrey Mujhe bula leti hum karlete na
Surbhi: Haan , Nahi par app superstar hai
*Laughs coyly*
Karan: Takes a bhang pakoda *Aims at her* muh khol muh khol

Surbh: *In between shots her single shot starts laughing*
Director : Tisk tisk
Surbhi : KARANNN! *laugh*
To the director: Sir yeh mujhe hasate rehte hain
Karan: *smiles and explains to save her from trouble* Haan mai uske dekh kar.. Whaaat kheta hun *looka at her and does it all laughing*
Director: Beta yeh mat samajna ki main has raha hoon to khush hoon
Karan: *Stops grinning*

Surbhi : Im Me,he is he
Karan: *smiles at her* Aap aap hain
Surbhi: Main main hun!

Interviewer: Explain GFKSKR (Factory ka raaz)
Karan : *Turns her around and calls for a huddle to discuss*
KaBhi: *smiling mischeviously* hum is nateje pe pahunche ki aage kya hoga yeh hume nahi pata!

Surbhi: Baarish ke time pe having ice cream wow , please try it
Karan: *keeps staring at her and seriously speaks* Ya ya, please try it agar aapko Pneumonia ka shock hai toh please try.
Surbhi: *Nodding her head initially and bursts out laughing*

Surbhi: Uska bathroom kya registan main hain jo paani nahi aa raha hai!!
Karan: *stares at her*... *starts smiling before bursting out in laughter and catching her arm for support*
Surbhi:*laughing* Galat bola kya maine?
Karan: nahi nahi sahi bola
Par acha bola

Surbhi: Karan Ji darwese mein merge ho rahe hai
Almost a month later
Surbhi : KARANNN!!
MAT KARO AISE! Sir Yeh mujhe Aise hasa rahe, last time shot please!

Surbhi: Asad ko gussa dilane ke liye main pura ghar ko ganda kardungi
Karan: *makes a face*
Surbhi: Najma ko Jeans pehnaungi, Bahar le jaungi
Karan: *Gives her a look*
Reporter: password kya dala aapne?
Karan: Secret hai
Surbhi: Main batadoon password kya hai??
Karan: *pretends to throw the cup of coffee on her head*

Reporter : Aap ko pata hain karan kitne baras ke hai?
Surbhi: ya ofcourse 35 *smiles mischievously*
Karan: *pretends to be shocked* 35 it is

Surbhi: *Walks out of frame after the shot and gives a giggle*
Gul: *Laughing* Chi ye kaisa Laugh tha so demented.
Karan: Kaun Main?
Surbhi: Nahi Main , this time main
Karan: *Smiles cheekily and teases her by mimicking her* Haan aise tha na *Laughs Heavily Dementedly*

Karan: Basically everyone is mad at Asad, Ayaan Ami and yeh gana ga ke pata raha hai
Surbhi: *whispers to him* Zoya bhi naraz hai
Karan: Oh yes ya zoya bahut, sabse zyada naraz hai isliye dur khadi hai

Surbhi: Mai itna royi aaj paar inhr koi farak nahi padta
Karan: *Puts his head on her shoulder in response to that*

Reporter: Zoya is bar Bhi jugaad karegi?
Surbhi:*switches to punjabi accent*Nahi is mar mujhe jugaad wugaad nahi Karna *Makes hand motions*
Karan: *Sitting behind her imitates her punjabi in the same way and makes same hand movement*
Surbhi: *Gives him a look*

Interviewer: Who is more dominating in the friendship?
Surbhi: *Shakes Karan's head with her hand*
Karan: Dekh liya!
Surbhi: Sean is sooo cute I'm in love with him
Karan:*smiles*he also is in love with you
Surbhi: Woh Jana Nahi chatha tha he was just about to cry, par inhone zabardasti bhej diya
Karan: arrey Maine
Surbhi: *gives him a look*
Karan: Haan okay Dekh liya jawab milgaya apko??

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Collage Credit; Rin03

Calling all kaBhian's/Asyaian's/QHian's to our very first TKF OS writing contest!

It's time to unleash that writer in you,and put pen to paper,to give us your very own version of a Asyalicious one shot!
What is a one shot?It is a story you write which expands and ends in one shot without multiple continuity of parts.

Here's where our creative writers can get their juices flowing

Interested?Here are some rules!

  • The theme must be based on QH with Asya as the central characters(obviously)

Also the theme is valentines or the Muslim festival of Eid,

So your OS will have to be based on either one of those


  • The words diamond ring and strawberries must also be added in to your story(Get those wild imaginations into play)Wink

  • Word Count-your OS should be a minimum 400 words!
  • No writer should advertise their OS.

  • Each contestant is allowed to enter up to 3 OS entries


         Depending upon the number of OS's we receive, each member can vote for 2 OS's and no more.

  • Entries have to be PMed either to Rin03 or shaz2009 and it should be titled 'TFK OS writing contest'

So lets get writing my lovely Kabhians to give everyone those luscious,magical Asyalicious moments,with the famous chemistry sparks to give us your epic One Shots!

Start sending your entries to the coordinators (Rin03 & shaz2009) right away!

Main link to OS Contest



Theme for the OS:

A special Asya moment on the occasion of Eid or Valentines, where Asad gifts Zoya.

For those who are not familiar with Eid, can write a simple OS on Asad giving Zoya a present.

As it has been stated above, the words 'diamond ring' and 'strawberries' must be included in your OS.


Your OS's be judged according to two categories, They are:



Best popular OS will be chosen by direct voting.

Voting will not be restricted only to AT members but all IF members will be able to vote directly.

Coordinators (Rin & Shaz) will keep track of the votes.

The Panel of Judges will select the best Critic OS.

Depending on the number of OS's we receive, we may have one or more runner-up prizes.



Fic submission closing date - 

20th April 2013- 23rd April 2013 (An entire three weeks!)

Rin & Shaz will post the OS's up by -

26th April 2013 

Popular voting -

27th April 2013 - 2nd May 2013

Critic Awards Judging - 

27th May 2013 - 30th May 2013

Final Results and Announcement of the Winner's -

5th 6th May 2013


The person with the winning OS will get the chance to have their writing skills promoted on the KaBhi web page, twitter and many other platforms.

A specially made signature and create their very own Kabhilicious post on anything they want about kabhi,on theTKF AT!

The top five critics choice may also get the amazing opportunity to have their OS read by the CV's!! Big smile

So come on QHians!

Time to bring out the writer in you and Show us your wonderful skills! Big smile

Follow us on

Regards Team TKF
Rin03, Shaz2009 
Watch this space for further news/updates!Smile   
Judges Taking Part On the Panel
And the top five OS's shall be judged by the Qubool Hai CV, Mrinal Jha!

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Glitter Text Generator

Glitter Text Generator

Link 1: http://thekabhifactor.webs.com/
Link 2: https://twitter.com/TheKabhiFactor#
Link 3: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheKabhiF...

Express your love for KSG & Surbhi Jyioti (Ka & Bhi!) by designing a sizzling siggy with the words The KaBhi Factor displayed on it; showcasing the hot & happening Karan-Surbhi BTS masti & chemistry that give us QH-ians our Awesome AsYa! 

Each Siggy Must have the Words The KaBhi Factor written on it.
Each participant can send upto 2 signatures 

Send your entries to RMamsa or Rin03 from Team TKF at India-Forums or submit entries to http://thekabhifactor.webs.com/ by 25th April 2013!

Win Win Win! 
Winning Signature to Become TKF's official Signature!
Winner selected by popular voting, will get their work showcased & promoted on The KaBhi Factor web page, twitter and social media platform.

Winning entry also gets special recognition on The KaBhi Factor Thread with a special post on our opening page just for the Siggy Superstar!

Send PM's to RMamsa & Rin 03 at India-Forums, or our Website :D any of the ADMINS 
Write to us at: http://thekabhifactor.webs.com/
Follow us on Twitter for KaBhiLicious Updates! 
Twitter: TheKabhiFactor

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Check out Post 3
Check out Post 4

Rules & Essence of TKF

Arnav4ever-Creative Head(VM'S)
Delena90-Marketing Head

Not Enough? Craving for More? 
Catch us on:


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Must See!

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                                                  AsYa ke Sang
             KaBhi ke Rang





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