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ashni bas ashni pg146 SINGHANIA MEETS NIDHI (Page 41)

sonyjknum IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 May 2013 at 5:08am | IP Logged
Indu ji sorry for not being regular with comments,kids' vacation going on soo cant log in,but read last three chapters at a go,loved the caring Ashu even more,loved his attitude towards Nidhi's family,this was completely missing in the show except for a few patrs,Divya,well if the show would have continued I am sure she would have become Mallu part 2 and tried to kill Nidhi as she has done in this story,I hated that girl,instead of being grateful towards Ashni,she was starting to hate Nidhi,really bad on writer's partAngry
The last update,well I so wanted this side of Nidhi to be explored in the show,where Ashu could understand her pain of missing her mother,a girl misses her mother more,but this too was never brought in the show except one dialogue from Nidhi whenshe said Main bhi apni maa ko miss karti hoon khaas taur pe tab jab koi aisi baat ho jo ek ladki sirf alni maa se kar sakti hai,thogh Nidhi was lucky to have DB and Shyama aunty with her.
Looking forward for next update,would like to have an emotional Ashu BB scene regarding Nidhi's comlex pregnancy

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indu6789 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 May 2013 at 5:42am | IP Logged
Nidhi was seeing shyama aunty quite often now,a few times cv n dadibua also came.db got new wool n nidhi was making booties for the baby ..late january would br v cold in lucknow...she was trying designs from the books given to her by shyama aunty but she thought they were tougher than her M.B.B.S books!!!!Baba n she used to have lunch together n nidhi really thought herself to be blessed to have a father in law like him..he really doted on nidhi..n the memory of how he had tried for ashu nidhi's marriage..made her love him even more.Armaan was busy in his business but he mever forgot to bring a glass of milk for her each night...
The one person nidhi seemed to miss was Anji..after her marriage to dr ranganath,all had seemed perfect,but then anji's miscarriage n her shifting to solanki house had been a little disturbing for the couple.Anji was more involved with her job as a fashion consultant in an export house n she seemed to have less n less time for family.Nidhi had tried talking adoption option with anji but she was not interested.Nidhi knew shyama aunty was worried..anji's orthodox inlaws who were on a visit,seemed to make matters worse..were anji n ranganath drifting apart??thought nidhi..as she lay in her bed..feeling her baby

In the night,she asked dr ashutosh,how dr ranganath was?n ashutosh also said,"well ,he is working fine but seems to be under stress...wonder why?"nidhi replied"i have a feeling ,things are not fine between him n anji.."both discussed the fact that the duo did seem in a spot of bother..Ashu encouraged nidhi to call anji the next day n talk to her...
Then ashutosh,applied the coconut butter lotion that he had brought for nidhi,on the stretch marks on her breasts n abdomen..sharing the joy of feeling their child move a little..
In the morning,Armaan said,"kya ashu tomorrow is saturday,lets go somewhere in the evening..how about your favourite allahabad"?Ashu smiled n said,"nahi Armaan,it will be a long drive,200 km one way,i dont feel it will be good for nidhi.."baba seemed to agree"nahi,nahi,itna strain nahi..raaste me kuch problem ho gayee to.."nidhi suggested a movie..but ashu said,"no way,i m not going to risk taking you into a dark p.v.r. people just jostle at the entrance...sorry nidhi"
While the discussion was on,dr ashutosh's phone rang,it was col verma.it seemed someting important,as ashutosh listened intently n then concluded,"its a good idea but let me talk to nidhi's doctor first n then i shall confirm"
Nidhi tugged at his sleeve,"kya hua ,bataaiye na,..baba kya keh rahe the!"Ashu said,"well col verma n solanki sahib r planning a family picnic to the hill top n want us also to join..but i d have to talk to sudhir first.."
Nidhi spoke,"plz.permission le leejiye na,kitna maza aayega,hai na armaanji"?Baba interrupted "nahi nidhi,ashu theek kehraha hai,permission first.."nidhi pouted..ashu patted her on the cheek n left for work.
It was a busy day,with two surgeries n analysis of m.r.i. of a tumor patient..finally at about 5.45 dr ashutosh reached dr sudhir's nursing home
'"Hi ashutosh,hows the little girl"? Greeted dr sudhir.."well so far,so good..fifth month has started...she seems ok...though at times emotionally fragile.."ashu recounted the insecurities of nidhi..n what he was doing to cure them..Dr sudhir smiled..ashu asked 'what is the matter"?sudhir replied ,"nothing..was wondering where did dr hardstone disappear!!!"n both drs laughed.
Ashutosh asked sudhir about the picnic..sudhir ruminated n spoke"i feel she can go,but be careful,n take a comfortable chair for her..you know she needs to be happy n at the same time not overstrained..."sudhir contd."I m glad you came,i was studying nidhi's file..i fear..now on as the baby grows,its going to be painful for her..keep an eye..n if she has a severe bout,call me..n yes,hows her back"?ashu replied,"its ok,but yes since the last two days ache is more,she keeps trying to stretch a little..you know"dr sudhir shook his head.."yup,due to the size of the baby,muscles are tense n cause pain..take care..n keep our fingers crossed.."ashu seemed grim..but sudhir said,"hey,ashutosh..dont panic..you need to take care of her..not panic yourself..chal go on the picnic but tread with caution."
As dr ashutosh reached home,nidhi was waiting ,all excited like a kid,"baat ki aapne dr sudhir se..kya kaha..mil gayee permission..bataaiye na..!"ashu couldnt stop smiling..he backhugged her,as she opened the wardrobe to hang his coat.."haan,mil to gayee but careful rehna hai..no uchal kood.."nidhi smiled n rested her head on his chest as he kissed her forehead...sainyaan
In the evening,shyama aunty rung up to say that the idea was to have ranganath n anji go out..but since they just werent willing to go out alone,a family outing was planned..nidhi discussed the menu..n inspite of dadi bua n shyama aunty resisting,she said shed take veg pulaao n hari matar ki kachoriyaan..as dr ashutosh loved them..all was set...for saturday..
While nidhi n armaan packed food,ashu was meticulous about nidhi's medicines,first aid,b.p instrument.a comfortable chair.. n yes a camera.dr ashutosh wore jeans n black tees ..he smiled as he recalled how in their honeymoon ,nidhi had cajoled him into jeans..at the age of 42!!Now he wore them quite often.nidhi wore a light blue kurta n navy blue salwaar,n dr ashutosh insisted on sports shoes..as she pouted he just kissed her pout ..n that settled the argument.
Armaan helped nidhi to sit carefully as ashu kept all the stuff,baba n armaan settled in the back seat as ashu asked"chalein!"n all said..YESSS
The four cars with dr ranga,anji her in laws,cv,db,cs n solankis started..for the hiltop..stopping enroute..for tea..n by chance it was the same shop where ashu nidhi had had their first cup together ..in the rain..as ashu handed over the tea glass to nidhi..who was shy to get down..her face seemed transfigured with memories..yes adrak wali chaai had played a pivotal role in their love story..
As the short climb to the hill top began,ashutosh rememberd the time mallika had forced him to come here n how she had tried her level best to keep nidhi away from him...ashu glanced at nidhi..she seemed to be in a chirpy mood..surfing on her cell,"kya dhoond rahi ho"?ashu asked.."latest gaane..antaakshari ke liye..ab ye nahi kahiyega ki antaakshari nahi khelenge..bhai anji ranganath ka romance jo karwaana hai.."n all four laughed..
The cars stopped at the green lawns of the peak n everyone came out..ashutosh had to make an effort to help nidhi out..while armaan fixed her chair n said.."aaiye mahrani sahiba,aapka sinhasan ready hai"!!nidhi couldnt help laughing..
Everyone was discussing what to do,when anji said.."i am going for a walk.."n dr ranganath seemed to follow her ,just when his mother shouted,"arre beta,thodi der humaare paas bhi baith ja.."n ranga stayed back..anji seemed angry:(:( baba tried to salvage the situation by saying,"arre bachchon ko ghoomne deejiye,hum boodhe baithte hain..kyun samdhanji?"n db seemed to agree..while anji n ranga went for a walk,cv n armaan tried playing badminton n others chatted..ashu sat near nidhi's feet..looking at her..trying to read her thoughts...
Nidhi was remembering the surprise dr ashutosh had given her after his birthday..how he had set a table for two..played music...n then how she had disappointed him by turning down the idea of motherhood...how silly nidhi had been..thought she..ashu understood she was thinking about the evening n he whispered with guilt.."aakhir meri chaahat,tumhaare paaon ki zanjeer ban hi gayee ,nidhi"..nidhi looked up n said.."correction..dr ashutosh..aapki chaahat,mere gale ka haar ban gayee..humaari zindagi ki bahaar..ban gayee.."n ashu just looked at her..mesmerised..they had indeed come a long way as a couple..sainyaan
Ashu got up n put a cushion behind nidhi n bent to open her shoes..just then..dr ranga's dad spoke up.."bhai,bachche to humaare bhi hue,per humne biwi ke joote chappal nahi uthaaye.."ashu didnt bother but dadibua bristled with rage..baba changed the topic.."arre armaan,beta chal sab walk pe chalte hain.."n all sauntered off ,leaving nidhi n ashutosh alone..nidhi spoke dreamily.,"dr ashutosh,jab baby aa jaayega,to usse yahaan laayenge.."ashu held her hand n said.."zuroor,par usse ek aur jagah bhi le jaayenge,.."nidhi asked..n ashu said"abhi nahi,waqt aane pe bata doonga.."In an hour every one returned,ashu nidhi were surprised to see dr ranga with his parents n anji with solanki saahib..The situation did seem tense..Ashu took the lead n asked.."arre dr ranganath,kya hua..anji aur aap to saath gaye the..phir.."anji chipped in "jeejaji,ye mere saath thodi na aaye hain picnic pe..."n ranga flushed.As chote sarkaar served the food,matar kachori,pulao,dum aaloo n paasta..all seemed to be focussing onfood..dr ashutosh was making nidhi take her juice when nidhi showed ashu that anji was hardly eating.."anji,khaa na,kyun nahi khaa rahi!"said nidhi,before anji could say anything,dr ranga's mother spoke,"khaa lo bahu raani,aur agar ye soch rahi ho ki pati khilaayega,to tumhe bhi apni saheli ki tarah bees saal bade aadmi se shaadi...""amma,chup raho"spoke dr ranganath..ashutosh smiled n said,"jee haan,meri biwi to 18 saal choti hai mujhse...par pyaar ki koi umr,koi seema nahi hoti.."n then added ina lighter vein"aur agar khayaal nahi rakhoon to ho sakta hai gaaye..mai kya karoon raam,mujhe buddha mil gayaa.."all laughed..but the message had been conveyed ..loud n clear..ashu nidhi were not ashamed of their age gap..
Ashu's song set the scene for antaakshari..but teams could not be decided,so it was individual..Baba started with the old no."ore..maanjhi,mere saajan hain uspaar.."n armaan had everyone rolling with laughter as he sang n danced to.."ruk ruk ruk,arre baba ruk,o my darling ,give me a look"...ashu had to sing with ye..n he sang ..looking into nidhi's eyes"ye tera ghar,ye mera ghar,kisi ko dekhna hogar to pehle aake maangle teri nazar meri nazar"...n nidhi recalled what he had told her 6 months back,"jab quile tootte hai tabhi to ghar bante hain.."dr ranga sang "kya se kya ho gaya..bewafa tere pyaar me..."n the scenario seemed pretty morbid,,anji refused to sing..so finally it fell upon nidhi to wrap it up..she said.."yeh gaana..mai dr ashutosh ke liye gaa rahi hoon..but im sure har patni..apne pyaar karne waale pati ke liye gaati hogi..haina anji..."n she began"ab toh hai tumse..har khushi apni..tum pe marna hai zindagi apni..."
Though nidhi wasnt a good singer..by the time she ended..many eyes were misty..
Dr ashutosh helped her wear her shoes..unconcerned at what others thought..n as every one got jp..nidhi was sad to see that anji was lost..in anger..in disappointment.."anji ghar aana..mere pass"said nidhi..n anji nodded..
In the drive back..nidhi slept all the way..tired..when they reached home..ashu woke her up..n helped her in..
As ashu was combing his hair after the bath,there was a knock at the door..he looked up"arre armaan aaja.."ashu helped nidhi to sit up..armaan looked at both of them n spoke.."jaanta hai..ashu,today i really felt proud of you..tum dono ka pyaar misaal hai is samaaj ke liye..jo rishto ko umr..rupiye..paise..biraadri ki zanjeero me jakadti hai..n nidhi..pata hai aaj tujheckya kehne ka dil kar raha hai..!?"nidhi asked.."kya armaan ji??"n armaan withdrew..with a naughty wink..sai something that nidhi hated.."NIDHI.BHABHIJI"n ran off while ashu nidhi burst into laughter...
Outside baba saw,an old silk cotton tree that had been leafless for years was all leaf n orange blossoms were ready to bloom...he smiled..as inside a tired nidhi..played on her cell"pyaase hain naina,tarse saari raina..jinme tu hai basta..haal kyun tu jaane na..sainyaa pehchaane na..."dr ashutosh came n sat next to her..looked into her eyes n said..."jaanta hoon..pehchaanta hoon..sab haal.." Wink

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ariyadasa IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 May 2013 at 6:39am | IP Logged
became a fan of u Tongue
superb such a romantic ff writter Wink

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aarundhati Senior Member

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Posted: 14 May 2013 at 7:00am | IP Logged
Speechless...lovely, intensely emotional chaps Induji ...absolutely beautiful...luving the awesome ASHNI romance too...!

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Veenaper IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 May 2013 at 7:20am | IP Logged
Indu, just love the way you write.  Enjoyed this chapter immensely.  By bringing in Armaan you have definitely lightened the mood at Mathur Mansion - some relief for Baba, Ashu and Nidhi to tide over the difficulties of the pregnancy.  I always wondered why the Director had not brought him during Mallika's mad days when she tormented Nidhi continuously and both the men of the house had literally turned a blind eye towards her.

You have added a new dimension with regard to Rangi's marriage - hope nothing serious because both of them are vital links in Ashni's life.  Anji has been such a tower of strength and pillar of support in Nidhi's life and both the girls are inseparable.  

The picnic scene has been depicted very well.  You have brought in Ashni moments at the right juncture, just imagining the two of them at the hill top, all lovey dovey.  Yes, brought back memories of the episode when the two love birds had celebrated Ashu's birthday and he had raised the topic of the baby.  

Waiting eagerly for your next update

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JusticeDenied17 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 14 May 2013 at 7:27am | IP Logged
Loved the last few chapters - so loving this ashu - please continue soon.

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vidyasabde Goldie

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Posted: 14 May 2013 at 8:56am | IP Logged
beautiful...rendered me wordless...ClapClapClap

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deepaligupta197 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 May 2013 at 9:20am | IP Logged
Another beautiful chapter Induji! The Ashu in ur story is a dream come true. The way he is caring for Nidhiis adorable! Lived the scene where Ashu was defending his luv that has surpassed all limits of age , shyness , nd the backward norms of the society. NIDHI BHABHIJI was very cute!

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