The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College


The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College
The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College

Buddies FF(Part 20(A, B, C n D on Page 49) |31/08/2013|

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1. Kiya joins the Junglee Gang

The ex-student Anirudh Jaitley's kidnapping shocked d whole school especially Principal Ramnujam, Vice-Principal Banga n d Trustees. D kidnapping was done by d Junglee students to retaliate d banning of Performing Arts Society, Girls Football Team n Royal Radio Station by d cruel n opportunist Vice-Principal Banga. Kiya was like a villain in d life of d group of Junglee students KD, Ranveer, Samar, Piddhi n Bobby. She used to hate d Junglees especially KD for some unknown reasons. She hated der Junglee ways n various plans. She was also angry wid d Junglees for doing Banga Ki Pungi due to which she cud not perform. She is a singer of Royal Academy. She got easily selected as a singer mostly cuz she is d younger sister of famous popstar Aanya Gujral. She was new to Mumbai n Royal Academy. She shifed 4m Delhi to Mumbai wid her family only a month ago after Aanya won d Teen Singing Talent Competition n went on to become a famous popstar. Kiya's parents divorced a month ago but der was still fight for Kiya's custody while Aany decided to live wid her mom. For time being, Kiya was living wid her mom n sister. It was only a week of starting d school n Kiya was already hated by almost evry1 in d school cuz of her mean n rude behavior n also cuz she always sided wid Banga earning herself d title 'Banga Ki Chamchi'. Wen she came in Banga's cabin n he told her to identify d culprits involved in Jaitley's kidnapping, she lukd a little worried but agreed to identify d culprits. D peon came n said dat Jaitley lost his passport so he is cumn back.  Banga got unhappy. Unknown to any student, Anirudh Jaitley was a prankster himself in his school days. He was popularly known as Junglee or Junglee Jaitley for his famous pranks talked till date. Piddhi was Junglee's biggest fan but like others he did not know dat Anirudh Jaitley n Junglee r one n d same. Kiya went back happily. She loved to put Junglee students in trouble.

In d corridor, Panchi n Juhi were standing n talking abt JJ's kidnapping by derJunglee friends. Panchi n Juhi were der friends but they were not involved in any of d pranks. Panchi was Ranveer's best friend while Juhi was a gossip girl. Kiya walked stylishly to them. She said Panchi 'fatso' in a taunting voice n walked away. Panchi felt bad but she quickly became normal. Juhi was lukn @ Kiya doubtfully who was walking away.

"I can't believe ki Kiya itni mean aur rude ho gayi hai. Kiya pehle aisi bilkul nahi thi. Pata nahi ye itna kaise badal gayi?" said Juhi wonderingly.

"Juhi, tu Kiya ko kaise jaanti hai?" asked Panchi.

A surprising thing was dat Kiya never behaved rudely wid Juhi. Eventhough they were not friends but Kiya always talked normally n politely wid Juhi dat surprised d Junglees.

"Rehne de. It's an old story," replied Juhi.

D Junglees alog wid some other black-listed students were called to d hall. Banga n Vats who was a teacher in RA n also Banga's chamcha came wid Kiya. D students were called for identification of culprits involved in JJ's kidnapping. Banga asked Kiya to identify d culprits. She smirked @ d Junglees. Just then JJ came n told dat he vl identify d culprits himself. He recognized Ranveer, Samar n Piddhi. KD n Bobby themselves came forward eventhough they were not recognized. JJ lastly picked up Kiya as d 1 also involved in d prank. She denied but JJ said dat she poured juice on him n started evrythng. Kiya had accidently poured juice on JJ while walking. Actually, it was RV who was supposed to pour coffee on JJ so dat Piddhi take him to d washroom n then he n KD locks him but he failed as JJ moved aside. D Junglees were happy for Kiya also being picked up as she acting over-smart.

Kiya along wid d 5 Junglees were made to stand in hall wid 'I Dishonoured My School' wid der names on it placard hung around der neck as a punishment. Kiya was taunted by d Junglees while she complained dat she got stuck for no reason. Juhi was acting like a reporter filming them as d culprits of JJ's kidnapping. After some time, Vats came to them n said dat der parents hv come. It was Banga who called d parents. D Junglees n Kiya were standing worriedly outside d Principal's office. Kiya was standing some distance away 4m others. She was d 1 who was most worried stood wid her head bowed down. Her mom came was inside d Principal's cabin. She did not had proper relation wid her mom who did not loved her n always taunted her dat she is nothing but a popstar's sister n she can never be like her. She suddenly heard her name being called by a male voice. She lukd up n to her happiness it was her dad. Her dad loved her very much. He was very understanding. He wanted d custody of Kiya but d court had not made any decision n he decided dat Kiya vl live wid her mom for some time. Others too lukd up. Her dad came near her. Kiya did not showed any happiness on her face on seeing him. Kiya n her dad lukd @ each other.

"Kiya, mere paas tumhaare liye ek good news hai," said Kiya happily.

"Dad, main Principal office k baahar khadi hu aur mom andar hai. Isme aapko good news kaha dikhaayi de raha hai? By d way, aapka yaha aane ka koi reason nahi hai," said Kiya wid a little annoyance.

Kiya's dad removed a file 4m his bag handing it to Kiya n said, "Ye good news hai."

Kiya tuk d file n read it. Within minutes, Kiya smiled n got very happy much to other students's shock who were lukn @ them.

She hugged her dad n asked, "Dad, is dis true? Kya main sachme aapke saath rahungi?"

Kiya's dad agreed happily n hugged her back. His expression then turned into upset one. Kiya lukd @ him n asked him d reason of him lukn upset.

"Beta, sab tumhaare baare me galat baatein kar rahe hai ki tum kisise thik se baat nahi karti, sabse rudely behave karti ho aur yaha tak ki tumhe Vice-Principal Banga ki chamchi b bula rahe hai. I can't believe kit um ye sab kar sakti ho. I never expected dis 4m u. Is dis all true?" asked her dad.

Kiya got upset turning her eyes down. Others were lukn @ her.

"Yaa dad," replied Kiya in a guilty voice.

"Y u r doing all dis? Tumhe ye sab karke kya milega? Tumhe idea b hai ki tum khudko aur kuch baaki students students ko kitna trouble me daal rahi ho? I am really worried for u, Kiya," said her dad in a unhappy voice.

"Oh really, dad. Agar mere liye itna worried the the y did u left me alone for some fake n uncaring ppl? How did u let mom tuk me for her own advantage?" asked Kiya sadly.

Her dad as well as d Junglees became shocked by her answer. D Junglees eventhough r  some distance away 4m them cud hear evrythng.

"Kiya, try to understand. Main tumhe kabhi tumhaare mom aur Aanya k saath akela nahi chhodna chahta tha. Maine tumhaare custody k liye bahot fight ki ye bolkar kit um apne mom k saath bilkul khush nahi rahogi aur tum unke saath rehkar bahot badal gayi ho. Par tum jo kar rahi ho vo bilkul thik nahi hai. Tum aur ye baaki students rusticate ho sakte hai," said her dad.

"Come on, dad. Main aapka kaam aasaan kar rahi thi. Ab aapko aur court me baaki sabko pata chal jaayega ki agar main mom k saath rahungi to kya kya ho sakta hai? Main kitni badal sakti hu itna ki sab muhse hate kare fir to court mom ko meri custody dene k baare me bilul nahi sochegi. Mom ne kitni aasaani se money aur Aanya k celebrity status ko use karke aapko almost wrong person for custody prove kar hi diya tha par main peeche nahi hati aur itna sab kuch kiya just for u, Dad. U sud be proud of me, Dad," said Kiya wid a smile.

"Kiya, lagta hai tum apna dimaag Delhi me chhodkar aayi ho," said her dad a little amusingly n then said in a little serious tone, "Fine, tumne thoda bahot apna behavior change kiya par tum dusron ki chugli kar karke unhe aur khudko b bahot badi problem me daal sakti ho. Tumne in students k against jaakar aur inhe humesha problem me daalne ko sochkar galat kar rahi ho."

"Par dad kabhi kabhi kuch sahi karne k liye kuch galat karna padta hai. Us point tak jaha tak kisi ko harm na ho. Sumtyms, things r very hard jab sab galat ka saath dete hai to uska solution k liye hume b kuch na kuch galat karna hi padta hai taaki sabko pata chale ki kya ho raha hai," said Kiya in a little more clear n louder voice.

D buddies especially KD was shocked by wat Kiya said. KD recalled saying similar thing to JJ. They were lukn doubtfully @ Kiya who was explaining her dad abt her wrong actions.

"Kiya, I understand u but tumhe dusron k saath aisa negative attitude nahi rakhna chahiye. Tumhe abhi ye sab band karke pehle jaisa hona padega," said her Dad.

"I am sorry, Dad. I know u r disappointed wid wat I did. I never really wanted to hurt u par muje ye sab karna pada. In sabko jyaada problem nahi hoga qki humaare Princi jyaada badi punishment nahi denge par main problem me to main padti thin a agar mom succeed ho jaati to meri custody apne faayde k liye lene ko," said Kiya apologizing him.

"Kiya, tumhe maafi mujhse nahi un students se maangni chahiye jinhe tum hate karti ho," said her dad.

"Hate karti thi, Dad. Infact, it was not genuine hate but its now over. I am ready to apologise to them," said Kiya.

D buddies cud not believe der ears. They never ever thought dat Kiya was rude to evry1 cuz of her personal problems. They lukd @ each other n then @ Kiya who turned around to them. Kiya n d buddies were staring @ each other. Kiya started walking 2wards them. She stood before them n said, "Guys, I am really very sorry for watva I did wid all of u. Maine ye sab isliye kiya tha qki main dad k saath rehna chahti hu. Tum sabko pata hi hai ki mere parents ka divorce hua hai. Infact, main tum sabse friendship karna chahti hu,' said Kiya apologizing to them n extending her hand forward to them.

"Kiya, hum sabne sab sun liya hai. Tune kuch galat nahi kiya hai," said Bobby.

"Bobby sahi keh rahi hai. Hum sabne b to kuch sahi karne k liye hi galat kiya hai jiske vajah se humaari 'L' lagi huvi hai," said Piddhi.

"Kya? Tum sabne sab sun liya jo main aur dad baat kar rahe the?" asked Kiya shockingly.

"Haan, hum sabne sun liya. Don't worry hum ye baat kisiko nahi bataayenge.Tuje maafi maangne ki koi jarurat nahi hai. Agar main teri jagah hota to shaayad tujhse se b bade bade kaand karta tha," said KD.

"Hum sab aapse dosti karne k liye taiyaar hai. Sabse important baat ye hai ki aap jo chahti thi vo aapko mil gaya. Aap apne pitaji k saath khush rahegi to hume b bahot accha lagega," said Samar.

"Muje pata hai kaisa lagta hai jab kisiko apne mom ka pyaar nahi milta hai. I really understand ur situation, Kiya," said Ranveer.

Kiya smiled @ them n they one by one shook hands wid her.

"Kiya, hum Sir se keh denge ki tu ye sab me involve nahi thi," said KD.

"Uski koi jarurat nahi, KD. Abhi hum sab friends hai. Ab tum sab mere baare me itna jaan hi chuke to ek baat aur jaan lo ki maine Jaitley Sir pe galti se nahi jaanbujhkar juice giraaya tha so I hv a reason to stay wid all of u," said Kiya wid a smile dat turned into smirk.

"Wat?" Tune jaanbujhkar juice giraaya tha?" asked others 2gthr shockingly.

"Yaa, truly speaking, I was never against u. Muje tumlog ka har pranks accha lagta tha. Muje tum sab jo b karte the vo muje interesting lagta tha. I always wanted to be ur friend but u know now evrythng ki main sabke against q thi. Muje Banga Ki Pungi bahot accha laga. I was surprised ki Mumbai k school me muje aise pranksters dekhne ko milenge. Main humesha tum sab kya karte ho ye jaanne k liye curious rehti thi. Muje pata chal gaya tha kit um sab Jaitley Sir k against koi planning kar rahe ho so I decided to find out. Jab maine dekha ki Ranveer fail hua Sir pe coffee giraane to maine hi juice gira diya aur Sir ko attitude diya so dat he thinks dat I am among u. Maine socha kit um sab itni mehnat kar rahe ho to tumhaara plan kaise fail hone de sakti hu. Maine socha ki main tum sabki thodi madad kar du qki main baaki plan jaane k liye bahot excited thi," said Kiya wid a smile.

"Tune thodi nahi bahot badi madad kar di hai," said Ranveer, "Agar tu uncle par juice nahi girati to humaara plan kabhi aage nahi badhta tha.

"Jaitley Sir ko ye b lagta hai ki sab tune hi start kiya hai," said Bobby.

"So wat? I can't believe mujhse itna bada prank ho gaya hai jiske vajah se 6 students ki lagi padi hai. Bahot din se maine koi prank nahi kiya. Ye mera Royal Academy me pehla prank hai," said Kiya excitedly.

"Kiya, tu b hum sabki tarah hai," said Piddhi amazed.

"Par aapko b Banga se bahot pareshaani jab unhe pata chalega ki aapne unhe dhokha diya," said Samar.

"Relax Samar, main Banga k side kabhi nahi thi. Vo muje apne faayde k liye humesha use karne ki koshish karta par kaise lagega use ye pata chalne k baad ki maine hi use kitna use kiya. Main ab se openly Banga k against rahungi tumhaari tarah," said Kiya wid a confident smile.

Others were amazed by her guts n true nature.

"Jo kaam main nahi kar paaya vo tune kar diya. Luks like u were always like dis-bold, prankster n jungle type," said Ranveer.

"Yaa but I hope ki Princi Banga ki kuch chalne na de aur hume kam punishment mile. Maine kitna socha tha ki mera Mumbai ka school aisa hoga vaisa hoga par yaha mila to Banga mila. I just hate him like others. He so desparately wanted me to go against u. Usne muje head-girl banaane ka bribe kiya. He simply wants to become Principal," said Kiya.

"Tab to hum sab ki life hell kardega ye Banga," said KD.

D parents came outside. Kiya's mom was shocked to see Kiya's dad. Kiya went to her dad's side n they both gave her a victorious look much to her dismay.

Precap: Kiya's parents getn into a verbal argument wid her dad saying to her mom to be away 4m Kiya n her life. Kiya also says dat she tried to change her but she can never change n she threatens her not to mess wid her n her life otherwise d consequences vl be worse. Kiya's mom leaves disgustedly.

Bobby's bros lift Piddhi for getn near Bobby n KD's dad scolds KD(I did not showed d slap here).

At d Buddy Cafe, Kiya introduces her dad to her friends. Kiya texts Juhi to come wid Panchi to them. Juhi is revealed to be Kiya's FB friend who met her @ a TV Quiz Show on 2 years ago wen they were selected 4m different states along wid other contestants in a episode to represent der respective schools dat Juhi won wid Kiya giving her a tough competion. Kiya saying dat she chose Royal Academy cuz of Juhi who told her abt her friends Panchi, Bobby, KD, Samar, Ranveer n Piddhi. Kiya even saw d FB profiles of them to know abt them waiting eagerly for meeting them. Kiya was excited to meet them but her parents divorce n her mom's evil intention of gaining her custody for her benefit spoiled evrythng. Then she herself made up d plan wid her aunt(chachi) Sneha helping her by giving her wid bitchy diva make-over wid Kiya reluctant abt getn dat kind of make-over wid lots of make-up n red streaks. They carried d plan widout any1 knowing abt it. 

Kiya's dad tells her dat she always make perfect friends who r just like her much to her n her friend's amusement. Kiya's dad tells her never to become like her mom n Aanya. Kiya agrees but tells him dat whoever vl mess wid her, she vl bajofy its pungi much to his amusement who says dat she has not changed a bit wid Kiya winking happily.

Kiya's dad gets more impressed wid KD for being a topper in school n in d state as well. Kiya says she is a little behind KD as she is only topper in her school but a 3rd ranker in Delhi wid 97% while KD scored 98% but she says dat may be she can be better than KD in other things such as dancing, singing, cycling, video games or pranks. She highlights d word 'pranks' while slightly smirking @ KD who slightly smirks back @ her.

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Awesome Start...Update Soon & Thnx 4 d PM Smile
angel_juhi04 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by AbhiyaMaaneet

Awesome Start...Update Soon & Thnx 4 d PMSmile

Thank u n Welcome Smile

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awesome update juhi!!!!!
felt sad for kiya
but i m happy now she got her dad and buddies with her
kiyya also a prankster !!!!!
loved it juhi
waiting for the next part <3

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res will comment soon
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Originally posted by arhadlove

awesome update juhi!!!!! Thank uSmile
felt sad for kiya She has some Junglee qualities so she said a dialogue similar to KD n JJ'sWink
but i m happy now she got her dad and buddies with her She deserves all d loveSmile
kiyya also a prankster !!!!! KiSha's friendship vl be very awesome n funny as they vl try to play wid each other sometimes n also fight wid each otherLOL
loved it juhi
waiting for the next part <3

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Nyc Beginning, waiting 4 nxt ...
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Originally posted by D3_4life

Nyc Beginning, waiting 4 nxt ...

Thank u Smile
2nd part vl be more surprising LOL

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