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!!Qubool Express #6 AsYa Ki Sagaai Badhai Ho !!

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{  Q u b o o l  E x p r e s s #6  }


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Graphics : -.Preet.-, Baki & SilentPromises

(Funny Scene of the Week) Haftey ka Dilchasp Manzar : youth_showsfan

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(Best Scene of Zoya) Allah Miyan Whats Wrong With You Scene of the Week : RD

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Zoya is in dilemma whether to leave India or not & she is unable to guess what Asad has in mind as one moment he behaves like she should go away and next moment he wants her to stay back & Asad on his part wants to stop her but being Emotionally Challenged unable to express himselfLOL

Tanu uses this situation to her advantage by making Asad believe that Zoya wants to leave for USA for her sister's wedding Anniversary and Asad ends up bringing her flight tickets which hurts Zoya. AsYa imagine stopping each other , sharing their feeling for one another.

Najma decided to give a farewell gift to Zoya in the form of a CD wherein she Dilshad & Asad record their respective messages to Zoya. Asad finally asks her not to leave and go in the message which Zoya misses watching but Tanu watches it and hampers the CD but luckily for Zoya the message is recorded in her Ipad and just before leaving she replays the CD and is delighted to see Asad asking her not to go. Zoya decides to stay back much to the delight of Dilshad, Najma and Asad who smiles to himself.Asad asks her to rethink when Zoya decides to flip the coin to make a decision heads to stay back, tails to go back, Asad catches the coin in mid air and though its tails he declares its heads & all are delighted as Zoya will stay back.

Zoya heads to immigration office to get her Visa extended but fails & is given 24 hrs to leave India. A strict officer Mr. Dhurinder Bhatavdekar & his assistant Ms. Dolly reach Asad's home to deport her back to USA when Zoya tries various tricks to stop them.
Finally it falls upon Asad to stop her and he declares that Zoya has every right to stayback in India as she is getting engaged to him.This leaves Zoya, Najma & Dilshad stunned while Mr. Dhurinder doesnt believe them and decides to test their Love.

Rasia is trying to instigate Shireen against Dilshad by making her believe that Dilshad with the help of Badi bee is doing black magic against Shireen and Ayan as she is jealous of Ayan & Humeira's relation. An innocent Shireen is slowing falling to the trap set by Rasia.

When Thursday came I was like oh no again this week we didn't have any funny scene but after seeing Friday's episode I was like finally haftey ke last day pe haftey ka dilchasp manzar mill hi gaya.Wink The episode was very well directed and the comedy timing between all the actors was just perfect and bang on.Thumbs UpStar When mr. dhurendre was matching zoya's photo with najma billo rani and dilshaad it wasn't much funny but when he was matching it with asad I couldn't stop laughing ROFLand I am sure most of you too must have laughedWink but When asad gave him are-you-in-your-senses look that was just amazing. LOL When mr dhurendre said 'kya pata zoya ne boycut karwa liya ho' zoya's expresion were like 'I'll kill you'.LOLLOL Then when dolly asked asad to help her dilshaad was trying to analyse what dolly is upto but when she climbed the table asad again gave her what-are-you-doing-crazy-women look LOLLOL just didn't go unnoticed by most of us (zoya hoti toh cheekh ke kehte neeche utriyeLOLLOL). Then when mr. dhurendre said meri peeche bhi aakhien hai zoya was just behind him with funny actions. LOLThen when mr. dhurendre entered zoya's room the chicken pox drama was again hilarious LOLand when she winked at asad he was blushing like a girl.Wink Then when mr. dhrendre left and zoya started her nonstop bak bak was cute and funny.Smile When asad announced zoya and his engagement everyone's expressions especially dilshaad's could make any one laugh.LOLLOL When zoya said "aap hume wish nahiin karenge" asad gave her you-are-over-reacting look was damn funny. ROFL When zoya again said "mujhe laga aap mujhe mere inse juda kar denge" this line was enough to crack all of us ROFL and then "hain na ji" was like a cherry on cake ROFL(asad ji toh totally shock ho gaye the zoya ke mouth se itna respectful batien sun kar ki unse kuch bola hi nahiin gayaLOL ROFL). Asad jisne kabhi koi natak nahiin kiya vo natak karne laga zoya ki sangati ka asar padh raha hai asad pe.Wink Also many people on forum made topic on this scene and were having fun discussing it.Big smile Thus this can be called as the funny scene of the week.Smile

Well, this week, I think we had access of all those black magic scenes. Ignoring the fact that it all seems pretty silly, still, once or twice is fine. But the way they're elongating and stretching the whole track has now started getting on the nerves. Those scenes are becoming more irritating by the day, this winning this week's "Most irritating scene of the day"

The coin tossing one where before deciding to do so she asks Asad as to what should she do ...he shud tell and she will do so and Asad is left searching for words doing yeh woh and she is like there you go again LOL

Asad Ahmed Khan -has to be him no two ways about that ..right from the turmoil within where he wanted to stop Zoya but never had the guts to say so openly to the last minute joy when she decided not to and to him lying for his love  to him blushing when caught red handed ...this char went through it all this week ...and the emotional ride was very well portrayed by KSG

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Off course there were lot of scenes of KSG/asad this week but the highlight was when jahapanah announced his engagement and everyone was shocked. ASAD is off course as we say imotionally challenged and him lying for zoya was really out of love. Its definately most expressive scenes of ASAD ahmed Khan and so i definitely scene of the week Smile

Salaam Alaikum AsYans! HugDo I need to say something? We all know which is the Best Mithwa Moment of the Week..

<< Zoya has a legal reason to stay back and the reason is that.. Me and Zoya are getting engaged. Mithwaaa Heart >>

The New Official Couple of Television: Mr. Khan & Miss. Farooqi

I guess, now we (and specially me Evil Smile) ARE expecting MANY MORE Mithwa Moments! Day Dreaming

Hey, I am back after much struggles. Excited for this week edition because I am. So let's begin! Misunderstandings are creeping up in the lives of Asad and Zoya. Lately Zoya came to know her father is dead many years ago. Shatter Zoya decide to return back home meaning New York. News shatter many people in Khan household. Asad trying many ways to stop Zoya without confessing his feelings, but misunderstandings won't leave them in peace. Since Zoya visa expiring she need to return New York.

Asad most stop Zoya from leaving by giving her job letter, but Zoya express her desire to be with her Aapi and Juju for their anniversary to Tanveer. Tanveer who dislike Zoya creating trouble for Zoya and Asad. She told Asad that Zoya wants to leave before Saturday after he gave Zoya job letter. Zoya already decide not to leave anymore is shatter when Asad call her to confirm the flight tickets.
It hurt Zoya badly because reason of her staying back was Asad and now he himself trying to send her away. It hurt her emotionally and in anger she told him to book earliest flight.

Zoya start packing her suitcase in anger. Tanveer come inside her room to rub salt on her wounds. Asad came home and his mother told him about Zoya not wanting to go, but he destroy everything by talking about the tickets.

-Tannu aka Tanveer the more she tries to send Zoya away from Asad  the more AsYa keep getting /coming closer(not that we are complaining ) but bechari she is truly such a helpless one LOL

Not a scene actually but the bit where Zo comes to know that Asad lied about the coin toss result ..seriously Asad blurting that bit out himself and that too so soon was something I never expected Embarrassed

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Atlast our Asad could tell the most awaiting " Mat jao Zoya " .. and All fandom completed with " Kabhi mat jao zoya mere zindegi se "Embarrassed A beautiful scene as directed and acted by CVs and actors Clap..

Best Kodak moment of this week..

This week.. Dhurandar will take Test of Love from Asad & Zoya... Some Funny moments are waiting for us... Both will make their own Story & will try to prove that They are couple..
In Ayaan & Humaira Engagement ceremony ... Nikhat & Nuzhat will give dance performance... Zoya will go there & will give Sweets to Humaira... But she will faint as its tanveer's plan to send poisonous sweets... And razia will Slap Zoya for This.. So lots of twists & turns waiting for us :)

Has to be the one where Asad is thinking about him lying at the coin toss and Zoya comes there and tells him how she knows it all and Asad is all shocked and nervous and ends up blurting out he never did lie at the coin toss and Zo is stunned and she shows him the vid where he is asking her to not go an Asad ends up blushing and looking here and there and asks Zo not take a wrong meaning of his act and that why would he stop the leaving troubles and Zo finally tells him how this piece of trouble aint going no where LOL

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This weeks biggest shocker was when Asad lied.
For the first time, he went against was he says. Lying
When Zoya decided her decision of leaving or staying was now up to the coin, he lied and said heads, so she stayed.
Who would expect that? No one.
I guess Asad's really in love
Do you all think this was this weeks shocker?

- Shayri -

Zoya: Chote bacho ki amiya unko pilae gutiya
chote bacho ki amiya unko pilae gutiya
now i'm back tamatar ab maze ki hogi chutiya

----> Um, i think there was only one or two shayri's shown this week Ermm Unhappy but i felt this was the best because there was such a cute conversation between tamatar and Zoya Embarrassed and she's also staying back noww Party

- Dialogue -

Asad: "Magar main tumhe jate huye nahi dekh sakta Mat jao ZOYA"

---> OMG i guess the best for all AAK and AsYa's fans naa Star how cute omgg, he tells his dil ki baat and how he doesn't actually want Zoya to go, kyu Mr. Khan ap nai chate Zoya chali gaye Day Dreamingis it because you're in lovee

The above from the upcoming engagement...all the women are looking really pretty in their respective beautiful outfits Embarrassed

This week barring the black magic scenes the whole week was very interesting with Asad not able to see Zoya leave him & Zoya waiting for him to stop her. The icing on the cake was Asad declaring that he is getting engaeged to Zoya and the immigration officer all set to take their love test

Ratings : Star Star Star Star Star Star Star Star Star

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By dangerouzIshk. (Zunni)

Here's your gift

By Ankita.M

Here's your gift

Name - FF: Kya aapko Qubool Hai

Views - 51051
Comment - 911
Written by -Jeenia123

Your Gift :

SS of the Week
 Asya SS ~ Tu Jahan Main Wahan!

By -starstruck-

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OS of the Week
OS: Pepper Spray!

by darkangel93

Your Gift :


By arnav4ever

Your Gift :

by Salwa_Mehrin

Song of the Week

Ruk Jaa o Jaane Waali

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Thanks a lot for everyone's contributions
Few more segments to be posted soon.
Congrats to all winnersClap

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This is amazing - so far! keep up the good work (:

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