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Barun Sobti's Movies (18): Discuss Here ONLY

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This is to remind all members that this thread is for BS Movies and Movies ONLY. Making off topic posts and bringing in other actors/posting photos of them/discussing them is unacceptable.

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New thread Tongue ...congrats all

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Barun Sobti latest news: 


Character name : Sukhi

Female Lead : Shenaz Treasurywala

Other Important actors in the movie :

Kavi Shastri : 

Maia Sethna :

Some pics :


(In serial order of their arrival)

Main Aur Mr. Right is a romantic comedy telling the story of a young girl in search of her Mr. Right. Aliya is a perfectionist and just won't settle for anything less. There are four men she proceeds to meet and seems fairly interested in, yet she is unsure who be the most suitable for her title of "Mr.Right". The movie captures her journey of learning to look past her strict requirements of the ideal, perfect man and finding true love.

Barun Sobti aka Arnav's to make film debut in Main Aur Mr. Right

Versatile and good looking actor of Television industry Barun Sobti is making his Bollywood film debut with the movie Main Aur Mr. Right. Kavi Shastri, Puneet Malhotra, Shenaz Treasury, Varun Khandelwal are co-stars in the movie Main Aur Mr. Right.

Main Aur Mr. Right is a romantic comedy, fresh and the music of the film is awesome. Barun Sobti is presently winning the hearts of his fans playing the character of hard to please business tycoon Arnv Singh Raizada in star Plus Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon.

Barun Sobti has also taken 11 days leave to complete the shooting of his debut film Main Aur Mr. Right. Music director Bappi Lahri launched the film in a traditional manner.

In the movie, Shenaz will play the role of a picky girl who is looking for her Mr. Right

22 yards:

Character name : Ron Sen

Female Lead : Sukhmani Lamba

Other Important actors in the movie :

Manoj Joshi :

Naseeruddin Shah (maybe) : 

Some pics :

Articles :

(In order of their arrival)

Barun Sobti signed for '22 Yards'

Posted by | March 15, 2013 | 0

Barun Sobti signed for '22 Yards'Director Mitali Ghoshal, who last made a documentary based on ace cricketer Saurav Ganguly, titled "The Warrior Prince", is soon venturing into her new project, which incidentally has cricket as its backdrop once again and is titled "22 Yards".

The movie will see television heartthrob, Barun Sobti, in the role of a cricketing agent, who manipulates everything about the working of the game. Barun, who had recently quit his popular show "Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon" for the sake of Bollywood career is presently attending workshops in Kolkata for his character. Barun will start shooting for the movie from May 2013 onwards.

This will be Barun's second big screen outing, after his debut film, "Main Aur Mr. Right" which is post production stages and is likely to release in July 2013. Barun wants to do meaningful films which leave deep impact on the viewers mind. Since his current projects are keeping him busy Barun is refraining himself from signing small screen shows, at least for the time being.

 Barun visits Kolkata to do a recce for 22 Yards

Barun Sobti, who set hearts aflutter with his portrayal of Arnav in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon, was recently in Kolkata to do a recce for his film 22 Yards, in which he plays a cricket agent. 

The film is a story of a sports agent and a cricketer, where both make a comeback with each other's help. The international cricket industry is a backdrop for the film, being directed by Mitali Ghoshal. "I came to familiarize myself with the city before I start shooting here," said Barun. The team went to Eden Gardens, Maidan, Maharani Tea Stall and Rajarhat for the recce. 

"Kolkata is unadulterated. It has an old world charm but is also a busy, bustling city that has character. I also loved the people I met during the trip," said Barun, who has just finished shooting for his first film, Main Aur Mr Right with Shenaz Treasurywala. "I was supposed to start dubbing today. But couldn't because of a bad cold," he said. Well, get well soon and we wish you all the best for your silver screen debut Barun!

Manoj Joshi in Barun Sobti starrer 22 Yards

Stuti Agarwal, TNN | Mar 22, 2013, 03.54 PM IST

Manoj Joshi in Barun Sobti starrer 22 Yards
Manoj Joshi

He will play a rival to BarunSobti's character, Ron.

Veteran actor Manoj Joshi will be playing a pivotal role in Barun Sobti starrer 22 Yards. The film, which will go on the floors in May in Kolkata, will see Barun playing a cricket agent. Producer Mitali Ghoshal said, "Manojji is playing a very important character. He is also playing a cricket agent, Ravi Khanna, who will be a rival to Barun's character. We have also approachedNaseeruddin Shah for a role. He is reading the script. Let's see if he can manage the dates. We are keeping our fingers crossed." 

A visibly excited Manoj Joshi saiod, "I think for the first time in India, a story will talk about the cricket industry. It's a very unique story. Cricket is seen as a religion in India, ye film uski dhajjiyan udayegi. It is a vibrant and solid subject. I am glad to be a part of it." 

Buzz is also that Barbie Handa, who is a cousin to Bolly hottie Priyanka Chopra, was approached for the female lead, but finally Delhi-based theatre actor Sukmini Lamba bagged the role

Make labour laws stringent for TV: Barun Sobti

Stuti Agarwal, TNN | Mar 22, 2013, 05.05 PM IS

Make labour laws stringent for TV: Barun Sobti
Barun Sobti

In Kolkata for a film workshop, Barun Sobtispeaks about popularity, his wife and not being on social networking sites.

Have you conceded to the fact that you are a 'superstar' now? I am taking everyday as it comes. Focussing on the job on hand right now is more important than thinking about the superstar status. 

When did the fact hit you that you were so popular that people actually threatened to immolate themselves if you were replaced? I still don't know man! No one actually knows how popular you are or how people think of you until and unless a few of the people who like your work walk up to you and let you know that you are really good. You can see the honesty in their eyes. I don't remember the date and time when it struck me that people really like me, but I figured out that I was liked the way I always wanted to be liked. The public memory is very short. Do you think that the hype which was there when you decided to quit TV. I am not the kind of person who makes his bread and butter on how hyped I am. I am an actor and I do my job. I don't think about that much, but I can say I have had time to breathe. 

Many actors have quit TV for films earlier, like Amar UpadhyayRajeev Khandelwal and Prachi Desai. Some have made it big and some have not. What do you think are your chances? I don't know. Whatever I say will either make me look like a pessimist for an immodest man. Let's say time will tell. 

Is there any guilt on your part to have a hand in closing down of the show, Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon, which gave you immense popularity? The only thing I am guilty about is about having a late breakfast! (laughs) People only want to perceive things that they want to perceive. I gave a lot of notice to my makers, eight months to be precise. I left in November, the first notice I gave was in February last year. So that shouldn't make me feel guilty. People disregard the fact that it is financial loss and work loss for me too when I left the show. 

Do you think Main Aur Mr Riight is the perfect Bollywood launch pad for you? It's the only reason I signed it! I have always believed in the fact that it's your work that is going to figure out things for you. As long as you are true to your work, I think you are gonna be fine. I don't know script wise it was the best decision or not, but I know I have done the job to the best to my ability. I think I am only answerable about my job and I think I have done it the best I could. The film is slated for a July release and I hope people like it. 

Tell us about 22 Yards. How did you come on-board the project? I was on my show. I had no idea when these guys decided that they want to bring me on-board the project. I got a call from the producers that they wanted to meet me about a film and I met them and as soon as the narration was over, the first thing I remember I did was shake hands with the writer. All of us hit it off so well that there was no looking back. I am playing a character called Ron, who is a Bengali. The international cricket industry is the backdrop of the story. It's a human story that's based on a cricket ground. Our director is a sports journalist and she has seen the world of cricket very closely. She is going to give insights that normal people don't have. That's going to be through Ron's character, who is a cricket agent. Delhi-based theatre actor Sukmini Lamba has just been finalized as the female lead. Salim-Sulaiman will give the background score and Aseem Bajaj is the DOP while Amitabha Bhattacharya is writing the lyrics. 

Was it Main Aur Mr Riight or 22 Yards that made you quit the daily soap? None. It was my health. It is not that I had some sickness or disease but I was overworked for a very very long time. There is a labour law in the country which allows you to work 45 hours a week, but TV actors, specially the lead actors, on an average work close to 84 hours a week. I think there should be strict labour laws in the country. There are people who stay very far from the sets and spend two hours just commuting to and fro from the sets, which are on the outskirts of the city. They just end up getting less than six hours of sleep everyday. Moreover, every actor gets a break as every couple of years a show shuts down. But that didn't happen with me. After I started, I got four shows back to back and for 3.5 years, I worked 12 hours a day. I couldn't think straight. So I thought taking a break would be the best idea. We will be going on floors in the first week of May.

Are you ready to shed your inhibitions and do bold roles for the big screen? I want to do meaningful work right now. 

The Bollywood actresses on your wish list? I am not Aamir Khan! I don't know about women, but I do want to work with Amitabh Bachchan

Are you going to return to TV anytime? Are reality shows on the cards? I want to do meaningful roles, the medium doesn't matter. People think TV actors have a wishlist and a check list, but we are pretty much like every other human being. Like every other human being worries about going to office everyday, in exactly the same fashion I am thinking about the current project at hand right now. 

What other projects do you have in your hand? Nothing else. I am just talking to a lot of people right now.
How did you meet your wife, Pashmeen Manchanda, for the first time? The first time I saw her was in the school's corridor. I was in Class IX then. In Class XI, we have to chose our subjects. So I chose non-medical to start with and I figured out that my wife had chosen commerce. So I quit my subject and in commerce I was. And we dated 13 years before getting married in 2010. 

Ready to start a family? Sometime soon, hopefully. 

How is Barun as a husband? My wife is a better judge. She is a homemaker these days. She was working in a consultancy and quit last year. 

People say you are over confident? Who are these people? I am such a shy guy. To each man his own. Probably because I quit on such a high, maybe that's why, but as long as I have my own reasons, I don't think I should worry. 

Any fan moment would you like to share? There were many moments. Different people behave in different fashion. Some people are very upfront. I remember once this elderly lady walked up to me on the sets and said, 'Tum kaise chod sakte ho? You can't quit'. She wanted to click some pictures and then she took my case. I started defending myself and said, 'Nahi maam, tabiyat kharab rehti hai na. Mai kya karu?' I also get a lot of blank calls, where I hear some giggling and snorting after which they hang up. Also, I end up getting lots of flowers at my place. 

You have an account on Twitter, though unactive. Why? No, I never came on Twitter. It must be a fake profile. Even when I was working in call centre, I was never on social networking websites because I don't reply and then people think I am rude. 

You are hardly spotted at parties with your wife. Why? See when we were dating, we were away for the longest period of time because she was in Australia for five years and we would meet just once a year. One year she would fly down and the other I would go. And we weren't the kinds who could stay away, so we are making up for those lost times. As soon as I finish work, I just rush home to be with her.

Two shades of Barun, the filmstar
Barun Sobti in 22 Yards

TOI gives you the first look of the actor in the film, 22 Yards

Here's Ron Sen aka Barun Sobti as you'll see him in his second Bollywood film, tentatively titled 22 Yards. Barun, who gained iconic status as Arnav Raizada in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doonrecently sported different looks for his new film and TOI got these exclusive shots.

"I play a Bengali guy, Ron Sen, who is a sports agent. Ron is good at everything he does. The storyline will need me to sport different looks. People will see me in casuals with a day-old stubble as well as in kurtas and a full-grown beard. Kurtas go well with character of Ron. Personally too, I love wearing loose kurtas," said Barun.

When asked if there will be any song-dance sequences, he said, "Thankfully, no dance sequences. It's a new-age film. But, there will be four songs composed by Salim-Sulaiman."

Director Mitali Ghoshal said, "Barun plays a rich businessman and the top sports agent in the country. He likes to experiment with his wardrobe. For the major part of film, he will be seen without a beard, but after an important twist in the story, he will sport a full-grown beard and unkempt hair."

The film will go on the floors in May and should release sometime in the middle of next year.

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congo 4 new thread!

here the poster deepthidi wanted!

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