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Smitar's OS 2: FindingKhushi#5Part19(4)Pg132(19/4) (Page 58)

silvia1999 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Jyo.Arshi.IPK

Originally posted by silvia1999

i cant find the update

chk the blog dear !!
link plss? I dnt hav it

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keenu_kk IF-Sizzlerz

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18 section prt 5 is ossum dear
the way asr controlled himself is jst superb dear
and for asr now past doesnt hurt at all
ossum prt
w8 fr the next part dear

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Jyo.Arshi.IPK IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by silvia1999

Originally posted by Jyo.Arshi.IPK

Originally posted by silvia1999

i cant find the update

chk the blog dear !!
link plss? I dnt hav it

chk ur PM :) 

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rulama IF-Sizzlerz

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OS 2: Finding Khushi

Part 18 

Section 5

As his lips were about to touch hers, Khushi turned her head away, bashful, scared of his pull, the power of her longing for him...

Arnav smiled, his predatory eyes softening at her uncertainty.

Arnav twisted his body so that Khushi was flat on the bed, trapped under him.

"Now what will you do, Khushi Kumari Gupta?", he asked in his husky voice.

Khushi breathed shallowly, panting as her eyes rested on his smiling visage and intent eyes.

"This...", she murmured, as she proceeded to tickle him.
Her hands were everywhere. Running over his neck, trailing over his chest, tickling his ribs and his washboard stomach...

Arnav burst out laughing. Khushi chuckled to see him squirm, unable to bear the torture of her fingers. Arnav tried to duck, to move away, but she was determined to bring him to his knees. 

She wrestled him to the bed, and pinning him down with her body weight, tried to make him admit his defeat at her hands. Her silky hair fell over his face, clouding his vision and caressing his rough cheeks marked by bristly stubble.

But Arnav was made of sterner stuff. And he was not her Jiji. 

He locked her lower limbs with his in a wrestling move, and turned her along with him, lying over her. He laughed into her face, chuckling at her chagrin. 

The laughter slowly vanished from his face as he gazed at her petal soft rosy lips and beautiful eyes. His eyes lost their playfulness, and Khushi could feel the heat growing in his gaze. Not taking his eyes from her, Arnav caught her arms one after the other with one of his and raised them above her head, curling her fingers around the small, thin wooden railings on the headboard.

He trailed his fingers down her arm, caressing the sensitive skin of her inner arms with loving, knowing fingers, his eyes still holding hers captive.

Khushi gasped at the sensation, her mouth parting in shock. How could such a simple touch make her so weak, so needy, so... so...

Arnav swooped down, capturing her lips with his. He tasted the softness of her lips and their addictive sweetness, making the most of the opportunity that had fallen to them to share a few moments in privacy without any of their family members summoning them.

Time lost all meaning as he made a thorough exploration of her sweet mouth. As he withdrew his lips reluctantly from hers, both of them were panting, gasping for breath.

She was totally lost, buffeted by waves of such sensations that she had never experienced before, unaware of who she was, where she was... She saw only him, his face as he gazed down at her, its stern lines tightening in his attempt to find self-control.

Arnav could feel himself trembling as he tried to grasp at the threads of his fleeing self-control and his rapidly vanishing determination to keep her safe from his overwhelming need for her till she was safely married to him. His family... her family... the trust they had placed in him... He couldn't break it. And Khushi... She didn't have an ounce of self preservation in her. He had to look after her interests.

He tried to lift himself off her, in an attempt to remove temptation from his sight and touch.

Khushi caught his shoulders and tried to pull himcloser.

He tried to move away.

She pouted, and tried to lift herself closer to him.

With a super human effort that almost unmanned him, he freed himself from her eager arms, and leaped off the bed.

"Arnavji..!", Khushi complained.

Arnav swallowed. Hard.

"Khushi... We need to leave for Delhi now. It will be very late otherwise." He tried to keep his voice toneless, but failed. Only he knew the meaning of the word 'late' in his statement. It did not mean a dark night.

Khushi sat up, parting her lips to persuade him to delay their journey.

Before she could speak, Arnav butted in, "My shirt... Khushi, it must have dried by now..."

Khushi pursed her lips disapprovingly, crawled off the bed, and flounced out of the room to get his shirt.

An hour later, the house was clean and the doors locked.

Arnav helped Khushi into the front seat of his car, and proceeded to make his way away from the house.

As they left, Khushi turned to take one last look at the beloved old building that had sheltered her for the past 10 years. Her eyes filled with tears.

"Let's come back for a visit... after our wedding.", said Arnav softly, taking hold of her hand as he drove through the comparatively less crowded lane leading to the Main Road.

Khushi nodded, trying not to let the tears fall.

"Then you can take me to your school...", he suggested.

Khushi smiled widely through her tears. "My biology teacher will ask you how you put up with me!"

"I will tell her that I can't do without you.", he smiled, pressing her fingers. Khushi blushed.

"She will faint, pukka!", she mumbled.

Arnav smiled. "And we can go to the thandai shop, the kirana store, the channawala, and visit all your friends..." It was a relief to think about Lucknow without seeing Sheesh Mahal in his mind's eye, without feeling a cruel hand close around his heart, without feeling that his head would burst with a replay of terrible scenes from the past...

Khushi looked at his relaxed visage, and hesitated.

Arnav looked at her, an eyebrow raised in question.

"Arnavji... you didn't mind coming to Lucknow for me?" Her voice was low. So low that Arnav had to cock his ears to hear her question.

"Mind?", he asked.

"With your past..", she paused.

Arnav smiled. "No."

Khushi sighed in relief.

Arnav slammed on the brakes, and lifted her hand to his lips for a loving kiss. "You have freed me, Khushi. The past no longer hurts. We can come to Lucknow as many times as you want to, every year. And maybe one day, Nani, Di, Akash,Mami, Mamaji, Payal, you, me, we can all visit Sheesh Mahal together."

Khushi looked at him, amazed at the change in him.

Part 18:Section 4: 80562378 Part 19:Section 1: 80813171 

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rulama IF-Sizzlerz

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Here is the interpretation to Section 5 of Part 18. 

When Arnav Singh Raizada's lips were about press on Khushi Kumari Gupta's, she turned her head, feeling shy. She was scared of her feelings, scared of the attraction and the need that she felt was spiraling within her. Arnav smiled seeing her predicament. His eyes softened at her uncertainity. Flipping her over to come on top, he trapped Khushi flat on the bed. In a husky voice he drawled, now what would she do? Khushi taking shallow breath and panting rested her hazel eyes with golden flecks, on his smiling face and penetrating gaze.  Murmuring, this, she proceeded to tickle him. Her hands were running over his neck, trailing over his chest, tickling his ribs and his firm stomach making Arnav squirm and convulse with laughter. Khushi chuckled to see him squirm unable to bear the torture that her fingers were putting him through. Arnav tried to duck out of its reach but she was bent on bringing him to his knees. With a deft move she tackled and catching him unaware, pinned him down with her weight and tried to make him admit his defeat at her hands. Her silky tresses fell over his face, clouding his vision and caressing his rugged cheeks with an attractive five o clock shadow. But Arnav was not her Jiji to be swayed. He had a purpose and he needed to fulfill it. He locked her lower limbs with an easy tackle, flipped her back on to the bed and with him on top. With his face near her he chuckled at her chagrin. The laughter dwindled when his gaze rested on her succulent soft lips waiting for its sweetness to be devoured and her hazel eyes that had flecks of gold dancing in it. His eyes lost all its playfulness and the intense heat that oozed out of it had Khushi mesmerized. Catching both her arms and raising them above her head and curling her fingers on the wooden rails of the headboard he set a blazing trail with his fingers down her soft supple arm, caressing it lovingly, sensitizing it skillfully and held her captive with his eyes. His touch made her gasp as she was enveloped by feelings that made her part her lips with shock wondering how could a simple touch of his make her loose her senses and only feel her need for him. While Khushi was pondering, Arnav made a quick work of capturing her lips with his. Tasting the heavenly soft lips and their addictive sweetness and grabbing the blissful opportunity of having her all to himself he made the most of it without having anyone intruding their moment. He had a free rein and he made a thorough exploration of her mouth and its sweetness.  By kissing on her lips he conveyed to her that he loved her very much. When he withdrew his lips with great reluctance, both were out of breath. Time stood still for these two.

Khushi who was a novice, was drifting in a daze with waves of sensations, splashing all over her. She was quite oblivious to her surroundings but only aware of him, his face, his gaze as he was trying his utmost to control himself and not drift along with the throes of passion.

Arnav could feel that he was trembling as he tried to take control of himself knowing fully well that she was not in her senses to move away from him. He was fighting a loosing battle while drifting into the vortex of passion, but the thought that he had to keep her safe from the onslaught his passion till they were married as it was a trust issue acted as a speed breaker. He could not betray the trust his family, her family had reposed and most of all the trust she had started to place in him. Gazing at  Khushi, he realized she had slipped into the world of passion and her instincts for self-preservation had numbed and was at the rock bottom. He knew it was he who had to look after her interest too.

He tried to heave himself off her in an attempt to put some distance between them, away from the enticing sight and touch. It was making him feel like a drunk wanting to have all the more until his senses were knocked out. On the other hand, Khushi caught his shoulders and tried to make away with the distance. His attempt to move away only made her pout and push herself closer to him. Digging deep into his reserves of self control, and with iron clad determination, he heaved himself away from her eager arms and leapt off the bed. Her objection Arnavji made him swallow hard. Trying to be expressionless he told Khushi that, they needed to start for Delhi soon or else they would be very late, but failed. It came out in a hoarse whisper. Only he knew what he meant by the word late. For him it was not the dark night. He was using up all his reserves to keep her untouched and he knew they better be on the road for her own safety. Khushi not realizing what she was putting herself into wanted to persuade him to delay their journey. But before she could utter a word Arnav butted in and asked for his shirt saying that it would have dried by then.

Khushi clearly showing that she was miffed at him, with her pursed lips, roused herself out of the bed and marched out of the room to get his shirt.

An hour later, with the house cleaned and locked up, Arnav helped Khushi settle into the passenger seat and drove away from the house. As they left Khushi turned to take one wistful last look at the place that was her home for ten years making her eyes pool with tears. Seeing her distraught face, Arnav took her hand as he drove through a slightly less crowded lane joining the Main Road and told her that they could come back there for a visit after their wedding. Khushi bobbed her head in agreement trying to suppress her tears. His suggestion that at that time she could take him to her school, made Khushi beam wide through her tears. She told him with a laugh then her biology teacher will question him as to how he manages with her crazy ways. Arnav replied with a smile and a slight pressure on her hand that he would assure the teacher that he can do so as he can't do without her by his side, making Khushi redden. Khushi mumbled that the teacher would definitely faint when she hears it.

Arnav with a smile said that they could visit all her neighbourhood shops like thandai shop, the kirana store, the channawala and all her friends. He thought it was a huge relief to think about Lucknow without his mind going through the picture of Sheesh Mahal, without feeling the burst of the replay of the scenes of his last days over there, without its cruel memory that had given him nothing but nightmares. Khushi looked at his relaxed countenance but hesitated. Arnav hooked up his eyebrow in question. In a soto voce she asked Arnav, whether he minded coming to Lucknow for her. She said it in such a low voice, if Arnav had not been attentive he would not have heard of it. He was puzzled when she used the word mind and repeated the word, Mind? She clarified saying given his sordid past and paused. Arnav smiled and said No making Kushi heave a sigh of relief.

Arnav stopping the car by the curb side, lifted her hand and gave it a loving and heartwarming kiss. It was a kiss that conveyed to her that he adored her. He told her that she had freed him from the bad memories of the past. The past no longer hurt him. He assured her that they could come over to Lucknow as many times as they want to and maybe one day they could visit Sheesh Mahal with the family in toto.

Khushi looked at him amazed at the change in him.

This update is about the changes in Arnav Singh Raizada and Khushi Kumari Gupta. Both of them who had inhibitions and strong notions against certain factors have overcome it and that's why I call it QUANTUM LEAP.

It starts with Khushi who shows her inhibition to be kissed by Arnav. She has to contend with her raw feelings, his advances and her heart that seeks his lips on hers. Though she tries her utmost to stop the kiss once she comes to know that it was inevitable, she is mesmerized by his lips. It is a breakthrough for Arnav Singh Raizada.

"The uncertainty of certain feelings is the best way     to break them"

                                        ~ Yannick Heywang

Trapping her on the bed and then asking her what her next move was with a smirk, Arnav gets a reply in the form of tickling. It was an unexpected move that has him convulsed in laughter. It was a moment which showed that their relation had changed by leaps and bounds.

"If you need something from somebody always give     that person a way to hand it to you"

                                      ~ Sue Monk Kidd,                                                        The Secret Life of Bees

The laughter and playfulness gives way to the stirring of emotions.  This time the change is in both.

It is a giant stride by Khushi, to forego her inhibitions and give herself to the throes of passion.

After kissing her and taking in her sweetness he realizes just as Khushi had told him he too is an addict and it would not stop at kissing. Realizing that Khushi was in no state to put a break he musters up enough of his reserves to put some distance between them. This is a radical change that has come over him.

"Those who cannot change their minds cannot             change anything"

                                     ~ George Bernard Shaw

He remembers the trust placed on him by both the families and he comes to his senses. He also realizes he needs to protect even Khushi's interest as she was not even in a fit state to be aware of it. He also realized that he needed to keep Khushi's trust in him intact and when he could think of going ahead it would be only after they are bound in matrimony. This realization is a quantum leap for Arnav Singh Raizada the one, who neither believed in love and matrimony nor gave credence to what others thought off.

"Don't limit yourself to the skies when there is a           whole galaxy out there"

                                      ~ Bianc Frazier

Taking the risk of hurting Khushi for a short term but thinking of long term implications he tells her that it was time to go to Delhi lest they be late. If late he knew he would have put Khushi's trust, self respect and dignity under anvil. She would have fallen down in her own eyes which would have been an impossible task to pull her out off. This was no ordinary jump for Arnav Singh Raizada as he had left no chance to pull her down and taunt her for her family, status and call her a gold digger. It was a quantum jump in terms of changes in him.

"You are defined by the decisions you make"

                                      ~ Benjamin Bayani                                                               The Nation

When they were on their way to Delhi, seeing her in tears he tells her they could visit Lucknow as many times as she wants every year. This too is a giant stride for him to have taken to visit the place that held bitter memories for him.

"When you connect to the silence within you, that is     when you can make sense of the disturbance going     on around you"

                                     ~ Stephen Richards

Finally Arnav admitting that Khushi has helped him to change so much that, he found the thought of visiting Sheesh Mahal, his ancestral home not a repelling one but given time could come true. This is a quantum leap on his part.

"There have been times, lately, when I dearly wished   that I could change the past. Well, I can't, but I can   change the present, so that when it becomes the         past it will turn out to be a past worth having"

                                       ~ Terry Pratchett,                                                        I Shall Wear Midnight

For Khushi to see this Arnav Singh Raizada who is at peace with himself is by itself a radical change that she welcomes with open arms.

"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact     of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction,   both are transformed"

                                        ~ C.G. Jung



That's it from me. Hope you enjoy it.

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arshi21 IF-Rockerz

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So sweet..

 I bet Arnav's going to marry her before 6 months! :P

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jessjazz IF-Dazzler

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Finally, an update!!!
Poor Arnavji, had to control himself even with Khushi trying to come nearer to him.

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Beautiful as always!

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