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Smitar's OS 2: FindingKhushi#5Part19(4)Pg132(19/4) (Page 129)

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Posted: 20 April 2013 at 2:56am | IP Logged
What THE... Angry i missed an update...

BUT kya karu...yesterday..internet wasnt working thik se... 

RashSmi My Dear...My Friend...My Dost...My Di...
Awww... (Kya naam du tumhe???)

You hav made me dance today..for mentioning me...LOL nd yaad karing me... 

The employees who had seen only ASR and never Arnav, were left agape with shocked eyes unable to see believe that their employer Arnav Singh Raizada aka ASR had turned into Aashik Singh Raizada making all gasp Awww Singh Raizada! (This one is for you Isha!)

BTW ur interpretation is super special...loved the Angrezi version of the song too...its sounds very equally beautiful...

My Quote for the day..(tht day)

"What one does is what counts. Not what one had       the intention of doing"

                                    ~ Pablo Picasso

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nice update
and arnav is so caring
hope he comes to know what khushi is thinking

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RES...before the thread gets closed... Big smile

Rashmi...ji i loved ur interpretation for part 19(3)...i agree with the points tht u shared...BUT thn..i guess Khushi is tooo hurt...n unsure of thre future...
she is has always seen ASR...nd this ARNAV is very new to her...wch adds to her confusion..!!!

So a little negativity here n thre...she starts believing tht ASR can never Change to ARNAV..!!!

GTG part 19(4) loved Arnav taking care of Khushi... .

i am sorry i hv to rush...will be bck wen Our Rash...will post her interpretation... Big smile

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Originally posted by rulama


Here is the interpretation to Section 3 of Part 19.

Seeing ASR and Chamkili leave the dance floor to a thunderous applause had Lisa steel herself. She witnessed a lady in gold coloured tissue saree hug them both and Akash Singh Raizada along with the half-wit was congratulating the pair. The behenji in green and pink sari was wiping away her tears of joy! She watched ASR lead the girl to a secluded corner of the room and clicked her heels in that direction. Her aim was to congratulate the love birds in her own sweet memorable way! Khushi whispered to her Arnavji that Pam and Sim would be heart broken as well as not be able to withstand it if he kept on smiling at her like he was doing now.Like what? he murmured while his eyes were feasting on her with his attention focused sharply on just Khushi.

Lisa who had come close to them purred, ASR in an apparently content, pleased, seductive drawl. Arnav turned around with a frown to see who was disturbing him. Grabbing the chance, Lisa launched herself into his arms, kissing him on his cheek. (Kissing on his cheek signifies friendship) Arnav was shocked and pulled away in reflex action. He had to blink his eyes just to check whether what he was experiencing was a nightmare or a reality. He observed the model with shuttered eyes. Making an effort to tackle the issue, while his mind refused to move away from Khushi he asked her, recollecting her name, Er.. Lisa, how had she been? Taking a deep breath Lisa in a throaty voice that oozed with insinuation she said that, she had been missing him. Not just him but even his personal fragrance.Both were unforgettable! Arnav had a quick look at Khushi. She had taken a step back and her face was a vision of terror etched. Khushi was recalling, Lisa's wild cat screech in a whining voice at the sight of her ruined fur coat. She was too upset to understand what Lisa meant and insinuated. Arnav breathed a sigh of relief. He quickly took Khushi's hand and gave it a gentle squeeze of reassurance. Khushi gulped. Lisa in her squeaky voice crooned that, it had been a long, long time and they really needed to catch up! She offered a dinner date later that night. Arnav politely refused her offer in a casual manner, saying that he was otherwise occupied and excused himself along with his date Khushi. He turned to lead Khushi away from her but Lisa voiced, who that might be? She was looking very familiar and trailed her voice as though trying to place her. Being a host and a courteous one, Arnav was forced to introduce. He said as a warning that his companion was Khushi Kumari Gupta and they were to be married in five months. But Lisa was thick skinned and chose to flick it off. Pretending to be surprised as well as shocked, she spoke in a shrill twangy voice that it was Chamkili, the errand girl in his office! The one who spoilt her fur coat? And that he was going to marry her? He gave her a curt Yes. Sizing up Khushi, she murmured deliberately in a soto voce loud enough to be heard by the pair, Well, well, wonders will never cease and added with a smirk, ASR mingling with sordid sleazy sort.. and tailed it off. Arnav's, Lisa! mind your words! in a bone chilling sonorous voice that was loud as well as clear in its implications sent a chill down the spine of both Khushi and Lisa. Pam and Sim who were watching the drama from the sidelines that they had instigated, swallowed nervously. La had outdone herself from being of any use for them, even before she had left to London. That was why they had roped in Lisa, who was known for her arrogance, temper, tantrum and all nasty things. Lisa with a smile pasted on her lips told him that she would heed his words after all their friendship goes a way long back and she would wish him well would not she? Knowing her very well Arnav told her that he didn't expect anything to such effect from her and hoped that she would enjoy the party. Saying so, he led Khushi to a more congenial company. While they walked to join others, Khushi whispered to Arnav in a soft voice that, Lisaji was very angry with her as she thinks that Khushi had spoilt her fur coat. Arnav covering his hand over the curled up fingers of hers on his arm told her that there was no need for her to be so. He knew that she hadn't destroyed the coat and the culprits were Sim and Pam. It was recorded on CCTV. Moreover Lisa had received a cheque from AR Designs covering the cost of the coat. Khushi was shocked to hear it and asked him whether he paid her for it? And all she got in answer was a Hhmm...

Later that night, when Anjali, Payal and Khushi went to the restroom to groom themselves, their feet took them towards the plush, inviting chairs for a rest. The three were having a wonderful time so far dancing and spending time with Arnav, Akash and NK. While Arnav turned to speak to a guest, Lisa sneaked stealthily into the rest room. Pam and Sim looked into each other in gleeful anticipation. Something was bound to happen with Lisa the witch, a nickname she had earned from the models,  when in charge and they were ensured of her causing some damage and hurt to the feelings. It was a dejavu as far as Lisa was concerned when somebody crossed swords with her.

Once inside the rest room, Lisa eyes spotted Chamkili standing in a corner talking to the upstart Payal Singh Raizada and ASR's sister. As she watched, Payal moved away to receive a call and ASR's sister limped to one of the dressing rooms. Khushi who was about to take a seat heard a hiss, Chamkili startling her. It was a hiss that was dripping with venom. It was a hiss from a viper that was about to strike with all its venom stored under its fangs. Khushi saw Lisa standing behind her and gulped.

The snake that was hiding behind the mantle of sophistication shed its skin.

Dripping with hatred and jealousy, with glittering eyes she stated that Khushi had made it good in life. Hadn't she? Coming to Delhi without a stitch on her back was now making money on her back? She was very good and extremely smart! It was very ambitious of her and enterprising too, beyond imagination.

Khushi wondered, how could people make money on their back? Maybe Lisaji meant she worked back-breaking hard at her work, like the work she was doing in the godown! Just like entering years of sales and purchase details of the cereals into the spread sheets. That must have been what Lisaji meant and Khushi gave her a cautious smile. Khushi in her innocence failed to perceive the bitchiness in Lisa's words and voice. She who had always seen the goodness in others was inclined to take things words for directly what they would mean. Her mind would not even think that it was a veiled sarcasm.

Lisa told her to make most of her time with ASR. Khushi nodded with an uncertain smile and thought she would definitely treasure every moment of their lives, fifty to sixty years of  togetherness. After all they would be getting only so much! Lisa broke into her thoughts in a scabrous voice saying that make most of it as it won't last long. It would be over in the blink of an eye. She had bitterness in her eyes that was trying to sear Khushi's with its venom. Khushi wondered how could one think of fifty to sixty years to be over in a blink of an eye?

Lisa in her acerbic voice informed La found that out when Khushi had caught ASR's eye. She, Lisa had found that out when La caught ASR's roving eye. She had sharpened her fangs and her white teeth was glowing in the sharp light. Khushi stared at Lisa. She wondered what was this woman saying? Was Lisaji drunk? Had she imbibed the alcohol so much that her faculties were beyond her control? Roving eye! How could an eye rove? Lisaji was surely so funny!

Lisa let out a sigh thinking she was talking to a moron. She thought it looks like Lucknow produced block heads. Sly innuendos and subtlety were wasted on Chamkili. Only hard blows seem to enter and register in this scatter-head. Lisa looked around to check. Knowing that ASR's sister and Payal Singh Raizada could come in any minute she got ready to strike.

Without wasting any time she bit her prey saying bluntly that she was ASR's girl friend before La. Khushi became numb with shock. She stared at Lisa wide-eyed. Lisa finally felt a sense of relief and did a mental jig. She asked Khushi, who did she think took her to Paris and bought the fur coat that she had damaged beyond repair? Khushi was so numb that she couldn't even swallow and her mouth went dry making her clench the red  skirt of her lehenga in a bunch with her shaky fingers. Seeing that Khushi was now attuned to her thoughts, Lisa with a sneer decided to turn the knife. Pouring out the venom hidden in the sac she claimed that they had a whale of a time when together. He is a great kisser isn't he? And of course,  very much an inventive lover. She said looking as though she had slipped down the memory lane reliving the sweet time

together. Khushi could just stare at her with her face flushed and her ear heated up. Looking at Khushi with deep pity in her eyes, she poured the last drop of her venom by wondering aloud, how long will she be able to hold ASR with his penchant for fashionable and experienced girls!

Khushi looked at Lisa unable to move, mesmerized like a mouse by the hypnotic eyes of the snake that it was getting ready to kill. Images of Arnavji kissing Lisa like he had kissed her filled her mind. She felt sick and nauseous. She felt her head spin. Lisa seeing the approaching Payal, like a sly fox quickly slinked away. Before leaving she gave a parting shot that Khushi has her condolences on her upcoming marriage!   

Payal came to Khushi with a smile telling her that Akashji wanted to know how much longer will it take the three to emerge from the rest room. Khushi who had her world turned upside down by Lisa whispered to her sister that she needed to use the washroom and asked her jiji to go out and join the others. So saying made her way to the nearby stall and reached just in time as the bile rose. With her fingers gripping the window ledge, she retched. Once feeling better she flushed it and lowered the seat cover plonked herself on it, with trembling legs and hands, hurting chest and eyes pooled with tears.

Her thoughts began to filter in. Lisaji was Arnavji's girlfriend before Lavanyaji and before her there must have been numerous others. Images of herself lying on her bed in Gomti Sadan, with Arnavji leaning over her, his lips pressing on hers came to her. Along with that the thought of many other women too must have seen the same scene with them occurred. Images of others, seeing Arnav Singh Raizada leaning towards them to kiss seared through her. Khushi shut her eyes tightly to erase such images from her mind but it was not easy.  Just with the image of him kissing her made her quiver with pleasure. The pleasure his lips gave her was something she couldn't even dream of otherwise. It occurred to her that if she derived so much pleasure from it, others too must have done before her, Lisaji, Lavanyaji and many other women, faceless to her right now. Overcome with grief, Khushi buried her face in her hands and let the tears flow down her cheeks. She was sweating profusely. Holding her hands under the tap cupping her palm she splashed water on her face and wiped her neck. But the downpour of tears was unstoppable. She had known that Lavanyaji was Arnavji's girlfriend but was not aware what it really meant. Now with a clear cut picture, just the thought of Arnavji with any other woman was revolting.

She wondered, what right did she have to be so upset. Both Lisaji and Lavanyaji had been in his life before she entered it. A picture of Lavanyaji straightening his tie in his office on the night she had spent in the carpark while it rained flashed through her mind. It brought in a huge lump in her throat making it difficult to swallow. She felt as though her heart was squeezed out of its life.

Khushi pep talked herself, saying that she had no right to feel upset. She dried her eyes, pushing away the images of Lavanyaji hugging Arnavji. Before her it was Lisaji's turn. Now she realized why Lisaji had mentioned about his perfume. At last she started to see all the conversation in a different light. Now she was able to understand what all the innuendos meant. Realizing what had gone on, her eyes pooled up. Lisaji had been angry with her not for the coat episode but for stealing Arnavji away from her. That was how she saw it. Khushi sighed wiping the tears that were unrelenting.

It also made her wonder how could Arnavji talk to Lisaji as though she were a stranger after kissing and doing all the things that the boy friend girlfriends did? How could he bid his audieu to Lavanyaji as though she never mattered?

She thought she would never understand the ways of this world. This love, these people or even Arnavji. She was not just sanki as her Buaji called her, but was an outre. She had no inkling about how this world worked. A total oddity. That was her. It hurt her badly. It made her wonder why had her Devi Maiyya kept her alive while She had deemed it fit to take her parents into Her fold. Her heart cried out if only she could have passed away along with her Amma and Babuji then she would have been spared of this hurt.

Just then Payal knocked at the door calling Khushi and proceeded to say that they were just 10 minutes away from the stroke of midnight. The menfolk must be waiting for them. Soon she heard Anjali's voice filled with anxiety filtering through the door asking, Khushiji are you alright? Her Ji came out thickly. Flushing the toilet to make it appear as though she had been using it, she came out. Anjali putting her arm around Khushi asked her why was she looking pale and tired. Was she alright? Khushi in a low voice mumbled the heat, and Payal teased her saying that she must be hungry. Khushi with a strained smile nodded and said and thirsty too.

The three men, Arnav, Akash and NK were waiting for the ladies to come out. Seeing them NK greeted them enthusiastically saying Khushiji! Payal Bhabi! Di! It is time! It is going to be midnight! He was all excited. Arnav came close to her and asked Khushi was she alright? She looked pale. Khushi with supreme effort brought out a smile, thinking why to spoil the night for the rest just because she had come across the bitter truth. Avoiding his penetrating eyes that were focused on her face, she said that she was just tired. He soothed her in a loving voice that, it would be over soon and they could go home in a few minutes. Hearing her reason he spoke as though he was cajoling a child. Khushi with her eyes glued down on her lehenga and by fiddling with the hem avoided looking at his eyes that would glean her thoughts clearly.

She looked around her. She took in the glimmering lights, the colourful balloons, the bar. The ladies in glittering clothes and the men all had gathered to count down to midnight and herald the New Year.

The count began with 10 being shouted. Khushi focused her eyes on the center clock that displayed the time, with a firm smile pasted on her face.

At 9 Payal hugged her with excitement and Khushi smiled at her.

At 8 she found a beaming Nanheji with his eyes on her making her smile.

At 7 she saw Akash Jiju wrapping his arm around Jiji making Khushi smile.

At 6 Anjali delirious with joy pressed Khushi's  fingers clasped in her hands. Anjali was filled with joy because all her brothers were happy and her Nani, Mami, and Mamaji were healthy and fine. And the New Year would see her Chotey and Khushiji's marriage! Her action made Khushi smile.

When the hand showed 5 Nanheji squealed that it was just 5 more seconds to go making Khushi smile at his excitement.

4 saw the ladies standing nearby jump with joy and excitement.

With 3 she sensed Arnavji standing quite close to her. The warmth exuded by his body enveloped her and she stepped a bit away always keeping a smile plastered on her face.

2 brought Arnav close as he closed the gap making Khushi hitch her breath, but she had her smile in place.

With 1 came the absolute silence only to be broken with the cheering Happy New Year! She could see hordes of people gathered hugging and wishing.

Khushi closed her eyes as she felt Arnavji's face nearing hers and placing his lips on her cheek and wishing her a Happy New Year Khushi in a whisper.

Khushi with a tremulous smile on her lips and wished him back, Happy New Year Arnavji. He told her that, this year was going to be prodigious and unparalleled in their lives. The very best one, he whispered against her ears with his lips planting a kiss on it. It meant that she was special and very special to him. What he felt is rendered beautifully in a song titled Special to me by Bobby Caldwell. If you get a chance do listen to it.


"You are so special to me

  Loving you was surely meant to be

  And when I'm feeling blue

  You hold me close

  You've always been so

  Special to me


  When I think about my life

  Before I met you

  I'd wake up to this loneliness

  And long for someone new

  You have been the reason

  For me to carry on

  I can't imagine life at all

  If your love was gone


  When we're together

  There's nothing we can't do

  There can be no other

  I would compare to you

  You have been the reason

  For me to carry on

  I can't imagine life at all

  If your love was gone

  There could never be

  Another love for me

  ' Cause you made my

  dreams come true

  Love until the end

  We'll be lovers, best of friends

  Stay with me


                                 ~ Bobby Caldwell

Khushi listening to her Arnavji's words smiled.

This update, (I am going to surprise you!) according to me, is a VERISIMILITUDE. May be I am going to be proved wrong. But I feel there are certain things that don't add up to the general perception.

First let me explain what verisimilitude is.

It is the quality of appearing to be true or real. 

It is something that has the appearance of being true or real. But may not be so in reality.

In the beginning we see Lisa making her way to Arnav and Khushi. Under the guise of congratulating them she is shooting barbs at Khushi. First she hugs and kisses Arnav on his cheeks, then she offers dinner with after dinner dessert as an extra thrown in in the form of innuendo.  When he doesn't take the bait she throws innuendo that, there is something more than friendship or employer-employee relationship. Her aim is to break the couple. What she does, is seen through by Arnav and he warns her. She even resorts to naming Khushi and say that ASR going slumming. But just the words Lisa, mind your words shuts her up. His tone and words send a chill through her spine.

But why is the question?

On the surface it looks like Arnav had an affair with her and they had a break-up. If it was a breakup it would have been a mutually agreed one.

Why am I saying so? It is because if it was not so, wouldn't she have thrown a tantrum while Lavanya was his girlfriend? Why not then but why now?

 Its because she thinks Khushi is a soft target and Lavanya would have given tit for tat.

If there was really something between them, would Arnav let her continue with his photo shoots? No never. Even if he had a relationship going on, he would have made it clear no clinging on when broken, before he entered into it. Then why was she hell bent on making their life a hell? It's because Arnav Singh Raizada had seen through her,that she wanted him not for what he was as a human being, but as an ATM. He would have been her passport to fame and fortune. If ever he had an affair with her he would have compensated. It could be the fur coat as a goodbye gift. But I am sure it was not so. Do you know why? If it was a personal gift why would he compensate from his office account at a later date when it was spoiled? Why would he even use his personal account? If it had come out of his personal or office account would he have left Pam and Sim without retribution for their misdeeds? Well, according to me he would have taken her out as his date for parties and with a kiss thrown here and there she had grown feelings for him. But those feelings were all related to the power of his credit card. Why I am stating this I will tell you later. So knowing her tantrum capability Arnav warns her. She shuts her mouth because she knows one false move her career will spiral down to oblivion. She would be a non entity in her circle. She has done all these within reasonable limit in front of him. That is why I said her allegations and talk have the quality of appearing to be true or real. Its just a plausibility that she has utilized to its fullest.

"In a fight, your doubt is a target of enemy's attack"

                                     ~ Toba Beta,                                                                 Betelgeuse Incident 

Her real target is not Arnav but Khushi the chink in his armor. This we come across in the next portion.

Seeing Khushi enter the rest room she stealthily enters while Arnav is occupied elsewhere. There she corners Khushi alone and initiates her into the world of the rich and noveau. She targets her with her bitchiness, first subtly with innuendoes, seeing that it was not understood, resorts later to on the rocks, a straight shot.

Before she does that when she starts talking to Khushi, her words So you have made good, haven't you? Came to Delhi without a stitch on your back and now you are making money on your back? Very good! Very smart! Very... very enterprising of you were ominous! Now I'll explain the power of his credit card. If Lisa was involved with ASR, then would he not have given her adequate compensation while breaking up. If he had done it why would she bitch now? She is doing so because she never received any as there was no other relation other than friendship / employee. But her aspirations to be Mrs. ASR was what that had made him keep a distance. And now she knows that it would never have been hers even though it was much coveted. She had seen how ASR had been taking care of Khushi and his love for Khushi was pouring out of him unmindful of the fact that he was in front of his acquaintances and his employees, be it part-time or permanent ones. She is jealous and that too big time, the green eyed monster had taken root in her and Pam and Sim had fanned the embers into a roaring fire to  sate their selfishness. That's why she gets herself into the eye of the storm that would eventually cause self-destruction. Lisa feeding Khushi with her reality was in all probability a self-goal. That's why I said it was verisimilitude. For her breaking Khushi was something that has the appearance of being true or real.

"A boomerang returns back to the person who             throws it. But first, while moving in a circle, it hits     its target. So does gossip and lies"

                                         ~ Vera Nazarian,                                            The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

Now we come to the final section where Khushi after being exposed to the so called reality goes into analyzing mode. For her images of Arnav with her, comes into her mind and derives much pleasure just by the thought. She then remembers, when she could derive pleasure from it and wants more such moments why wouldn't others too. What she remembers now was the picture that Lisa has painted for her. Lisa has even pointed out Lavanya too now sails in the same boat. But is it really so? Does Lavanya feel bitter about it? No way. There is no comparison between Lavanya and Lisa. Lavanya though was a girl friend who held similar position as Lisa, (if Lisa was ever so) it was a very different equation. Lavanya knew though she had loved ASR, he had never reciprocated because he never felt so. Though he fought a lot against it, he was always Khushi's Arnavji. That was an irrevocable fact. Even he couldn't change it! That's why when he as Arnav, apologizes for playing with her feelings Lavanya laughed as she had got over her infatuation. One thing she knew was, only Khushi had the power to make him Arnav from ASR.

"The best mirror is an old friend"

                                     ~  George Herbert

Lavanya to her credit had seen first which way the wind was blowing and accepted it. She was not after his money. They were together as genuine friends and drifted into Girl friend-Boyfriend mode for lack of any other interest. It began as a mutual convenience and remained so on the part of ASR.

"A friend is one that knows you as you are,                   understands where you have been, accepts what         you have become, and still, gently allows you to         grow"

                                     ~ William Shakespeare

Even now, Khushi is forgetting certain facts in her sorrow.

  •     Arnav is not ASR any more. He has undergone drastic changes.
  •     It is she who was responsible for his changed attitude and behavior and not any of his so called ex-girlfriends.
  •     If Lisa was his love as she claims to be then why was she giving a chaste  kiss on his cheeks and not on his lips.
  •     A kiss on the cheek indicate friendship and a kiss on lips indicate I love you. So in front of ASR she doesn't have the guts to proclaim as she was and always has been nothing more than a friend to him.
  •     If as Lisa tells her how long she would be able to keep him with her, he could have taken advantage of her and made love to her when they were at Gomti Sadan and then thrown her away to dogs. But it did not take place not because of her but it was because of him. He reined in his passion while she pouted at his self-control.
  •     He is now very much a family oriented man while earlier he had a playboy image.
  •     If he wanted her to be like the others fashionable & experienced, why would he bring her as his date to the party where any and numerous females with skimpy clothes would have been delighted to do him favours just with a sign from his little finger. 
  •     But it is not so. It is Khushi who is making him dance to her little finger. He is so much in love that he is ready to announce to the world that she Khushi Kumari Gupta is the Empress of his Heart and he would do anything to keep it so! He does announce to his world with her by his side as well as the romantic number that had the stage sizzling with their chemistry. This is from a person who used to scorn at love. 
  •     He has done things for Khushi that he would never have done for anyone else, even his beloved Di. Change in him, overcoming his bitter past, going to Lucknow and burying his hatred and even saying that he may enter his home, Sheesh Mahal one day with his family in toto.

Confrontation with Lisa was a learning curve for Khushi that all people are neither white nor black, but are always in the shades of grey. Whether that shade tends towards black or white make their character.

When Arnav confronts her later, it will be a test of her trust. Whether she trusts venomous Lisa or her Arnavji. It will be an acid test for Arnav to see whether his genuine attempts at gaining her trust does pay dividends or not.

It is Khushi's nature not to hurt people. It is both her strength as well as her weakness. Its because of this she plasters a smile on her face though her heart was weeping bitterly. It had made her feel that she should have joined her biological parents while they had met with the accident. But this is a momentary aberration. She is a person who will bounce back. A lioness always defends her territory as well as cubs.

So will Khushi.

In all likelihood it will be she who gives the deathly blow to Lisa much to the amazement of the rest. I would love to see a strong Khushi who not only defends her love, shows her trust but also warns others of the consequences if they dare to cross the line of decency. She knows all her life she'll have face such upstarts. That's why I want this to be the proof why she, not the rest are fit to be Mrs. Arnav Singh Raizada.

"It may have happened, it may not have                   happened but it could have happened."

                                 ~ Mark Twain

In all probability this might just become my theory.

"I know that two and two make four - and should       be glad to prove it too if I could - though I must         say if by any sort of process I could convert 2 and 2   into five it would give me much greater pleasure"

                                  ~George Gordon Byron

 That's why I called this VERISIMILITUDE.


That's it from me. Hope you enjoy it.


nice one di...

loved the whole interpretation...
i agree with all ur thoughts over this lisa...
if she was tht good to be a life partner khushi wouldn't hav been standing in the side of ASR as his would-be...and if she blame khushi being a god-digger wht she assumed to be??? definitely not a saint...thn wht...and sum time i really feel bad for being with ASR she will be surely a soft spot with her naive and innocent nature to hit...
...thnks for the PM di...

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Mind blowing analysis Rashmi...

The in-depth interpretation shows you all the nuances behind the story and makes you think more deeply...

Love it Rashmi... BRAVO!!!!

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That was an amazinggg update!!

Arnav is such a caring person!!

Khushi relli need to talk it out with arnav, the sooner she does the better
Else dnt knw wat will this lead to

Haga buaji is funny, loved her

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Yes you are right dear Rashmi...Blinkers perfect..Clap

again superb interpretation...totally agreed with you dear..


Abhi dekhana yeh hai ki kisko pehle vichaar aata hai..aur kaun sabse pehle kadam badhaata hai..

waiting for that part..

thanks Rashmi for the pm.

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Arshipriya16 Senior Member

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Posted: 20 April 2013 at 5:32am | IP Logged
I read all of urs pov,so m putting mine too.I think arnav is like "Ashokstambh" he also has 4 faces like those lions.He cares & loves his sis like best bro,he cares & loves khushi like best would be & lover,he cares & loves lav like best frd(we all knw that only lav thought that its love) & at last he hates lisa & behaves with her like a boss(abt kiss only she knws its true or false). Now if khushi sees at 1 angle she can see only 1 face of his but if she sees it from all 4 angles then she will find out the truth.She loves him & trust him morethan herself,its only curtains of insecurities when it will off then she can get ans of all que breving in her mind.Thats it.Thanks for pm di & great interpretation.

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