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Smitar's OS 2: FindingKhushi#5Part19(4)Pg132(19/4) (Page 105)

Arjuhisis IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 April 2013 at 8:34pm | IP Logged
great news smita - thank u dear
will wait for ur update

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rulama IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 April 2013 at 9:14pm | IP Logged
Loved it!

Liked the way Aranav tried to rectify and lighten her mood. 
He talks about rectifying things and comes to her house late at night and then Buaji sees a  mound of jalebis! 
Then when she looks up the two hugging!
So its rishta time only????
Not bad. You know how to put them in a fix. 
Loved the update.

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smitar IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 April 2013 at 10:07pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Arjuhisis

great news smita - thank u dear
will wait for ur update

Posted Part 19, Sec 2.


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rulama IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 April 2013 at 10:07pm | IP Logged

Updated on the next page.

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rulama IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 April 2013 at 10:08pm | IP Logged
OS 2: Finding Khushi

Part 19 

Section 2

Lisa was a few metres away from ASR and Chamkili when the lights went out. Lisa stumbled and flayed her arms, managing to give a black eye to some unsuspecting male in her way. In between many 'ouch'es and 'sorry's, Lisa managed to find her feet.

The spotlight shone on ASR & Chamkili. Lisa watched in disgust as ASR put his arm around that freak's shoulders, pulling her closer in to the hold. She grit her teeth. The look on ASR's face, the concern, the care.. No other girl had got all that from him. Not even her!

Lisa  took a step forward, her high heel crushing some poor guy's foot. But she was too late.


NK and Akash had grabbed the mike.

 "Ladies and gentlemen, please udhar me your kaans.", NK started.

"We would like to dedicate this evening to two special people, Arnav Singh Raizada, and the love of his life, Khushi Kumari Gupta!", Akash announced. Payal looked at her husband with pride in her eyes.

"We are dedicating a slow number to them. It is an old song, but a beautiful one.", NK smiled.

"Bhai, Khushiji!", Akash invited them to start the dancing. Anjali beamed in happiness as the hall resounded with applause, and Arnav led Khushi to the dance floor to the strains of

Chaahe tum kuchh na kaho, maine sun liya
Ke saathi pyaar ka, mujhe chun liya
Chun liya, maine sun liya...

Arnav raised her left hand and placed it on his right shoulder, and caught hold of her right hand with his left.
Khushi looked into his eyes and smiled. The smile wavered slightly as his warm right hand clasped the bare expanse of her waist, and gently teased the tempting curve.

Khushi pouted at him. Arnavji knew very well that she couldn't protest in front of such a crowd, and he was all out to take advantage of her helplessness. She would show him! 

Arnav smiled, a naughty light in his eyes.

Pehla nasha pehla khumaar, naya pyaar hai naya intezaar...

Kar lu main kya apana haal, aye dil-e-bekaraar,
Mere dil-e-bekaraar, tu hi bata...

Pehla nasha pehla khumaar...

They swayed in time to the music, lost in their own world. It was like a dream, a moment stolen from real life. They were unaware of Akash &Payal, NK & Di, and other couples joining them on the dance floor.

Udata hi firoon inn hawaao mein kahi
Ya main jhul jaaun in ghataao mein kahi...

Arnav felt like a balloon, weightless, light, capable of floating away with the wind if his feet were not tethered. He pulled Khushi closer, and rested his forehead against hers, making Khushi shut her eyes in pleasure.

Ek kar du aasmaan jamin, kaho yaaro kya karu, kya nahi...

Arnav used his fingertips to tickle the sensitive skin of her waist. Khushi gasped and looked into his eyes. He looked back, an innocent air about him. Khushi pursed her lips. What was good for the lion was good for the lioness too!

Pehla nasha pehla khumaar, naya pyaar hai naya intezaar...

Kar lu main kya apana haal, aye dil-e-bekaraar,
Mere dil-e-bekaraar tu hi bata..

Pehla nasha pehla khumaar...

Khushi let her left hand curl over his shoulder. She ran her fingers over the strong lines of his shoulders and down his back. Arnav shuddered in pleasure, unable to believe the power her innocent and simple touch had on him. Over the coat! His waistcoat... and his shirt! How would her touch feel if he were not draped in these ridiculous, unnecessary garments? He wished he could throw them off...

Usne baat ki kuchh aise dhang se
Sapne de gaya woh hazaaron rang ke...

"Arnavji...", she whispered. It felt so nice to touch him. And now she had the right to touch him as she willed. After all, he had been touching her here and there for months! And had she complained? No! So now he could shut his mouth and bear this! Khushi breathed deep in pleasure as she ran her fingers down his back, caressing his strained muscles lovingly.

Reh jaaun jaise main haar ke, aur chume woh mujhe pyaar se...

Arnav shuddered. He felt all hot and his limbs were none too steady...

Khushi looked at him with concern. Why was Arnavji shivering? Was he sick?

"Are you alright, Arnavji? Are you feeling feverish? Should we go home?", she asked in a whisper.

Arnav looked into her concerned and direct eyes. She had no idea of the destruction the simplest of her touches could wreck on his famed self-control.

Pehla nasha pehla khumaar, naya pyaar hai naya intezaar...
Kar lu main kya apana haal, aye dil-e-bekaraar,
Mere dil-e-bekaraar...

Arnav gave up all pretense of dancing, and pulled her gently into his arms. He bent his head and kissed her on her cheek that took on a rosy hue due to the gentle brush of his stubbly cheek against hers and her bashfulness. He breathed in her jasmine scent to his heart's content, and relished in the galloping of her heart against his.

They were totally unaware of many AR employees watching them with open mouths and shocked eyes.

Meeya baby, did you think I forgot?

Part 19:Section 1: 80813171  Part 19:Section 3:80936312 

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rulama IF-Sizzlerz

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Here is the interpretation to Section 2 of Part 19.

When Lisa was a few yards away from ASR and Chamkili, the lights went out making her stumble. While she managed to find her feet with great difficulty, she gave a black eye to an unsuspecting male with her flaying arms. All one could hear was the shuffling of feet and ouch's, aah's and sorry's.

By the time she stood upright spot light was beaming on ASR and Chamkili and much to Lisa's disgust, ASR had his arm around that fiend's shoulders, pulling her closer into his warmth. The look that ASR had on his face, the concern, the care that he was showering on her which no other girl had neither seen nor received had her grit her teeth. Uhh! Not even her! Thinking, what had this rustic girl got that she hadn't, she took a step towards the pair, while her stiletto shoe ground some poor guy's feet in her anger. But much to her chagrin she was late.

NK and Akash had grabbed the mike and NK taking the charge announced,  Ladies and gentlemen, please udhar me your kaans, in his inimitable Hinglish. Once they got the attention of the audience, Akash took over and announced, We would like to dedicate this evening to two special people, Arnav Singh Raizada, and the love of his life, Khushi Kumari Gupta!,  while Payal was beaming with pride watching her husband. NK told the audience that they were dedicating a slow number to this couple, though old it was a beautiful rendition. Akash invited his brother and Khushi to the floor. Anjali was over the tops and had a smile beaming ear to ear and the hall was resounding with applause when Arnav led Khushi to the centre and started to dance to the strains of Chaahe tum kuchh na kaho. It was a song where the music of the heart is heard by one another.  

Though you didn't say anything I heard you

That you chose me your mate

You chose me and I heard it...

Arnav placing her left hand on his right shoulder and with her right hand in his clasp, made a smiling Khushi look into his molten caramel eyes. As his right hand splayed along her bare waist teasing her along the curve by gently rubbing it with the pads of his fingers, her smile wavered and his eyes were taking a darker hue. Khushi pouted and knowing very well that she was cornered right now as she couldn't protest in public, her Arnavji was taking advantage of the situation, her helplessness. She was determined to show what stuff she was made off!

The first elation first hangover

Love is new to me so is this longing...

What will I do to myself

Oh restless heart,

My restless heart you may tell me...

The first elation first hangover...

They swayed in tandem to the music and beats, cocooned in the world of their own. It was like a dream come reality, a dream that they never thought would be living. They were oblivious to their surroundings. They were so engrossed that they neither noticed Akash- Payal, NK- Di, taking up the floor along with other couples.

Shall I roam around along this wind

Or shall I swing on these clouds...

With Khushi in his arms Arnav felt weightless just like a bird who had sprouted wings all of a sudden making it capable of floating away even with a gentle breeze. But luckily he was tethered by the damsel in his arms making him rest his forehead against hers while she shut her eyes in pleasure, savouring his nearness.

May I unite the sky and earth,

Tell me friends what I should do and what not...

Arnav using his fingertips in feather touch on her already sensitised skin around her waist made Khushi gasp and look into his eyes. She could only see that it was reflecting an innocent look but with laughter lurking at the corners. Khushi pursed her lips. What was good for the lion was good for the lioness too! If he was Arnav Singh Raizada, she was Khushi Kumari Gupta and no less! She was the one who could match him step for step and just like him she too could silently make him melt. While the singer was belting out,

The first elation first hangover

Love is new to me so is this longing...

What will I do to myself

Oh restless heart...

My restless heart you may tell me...

The first elation first hangover...

Khushi let her left hand curl over his shoulder. She ran her finger lightly along the firm shoulder line and let it slide down his back making Arnav shudder in pleasure that her simple touch generated in him. It sent an electric jolt even through the layers of clothing making him wonder how it would be to feel her fingers, her touch on his bare skin. He wished if only he could throw away his clothes then and there...

He spoke to me such a way that

He gave me dreams in a thousand colours...

Khushi in a breathless murmur whispered, Arnavji. She felt it was heavenly to touch him and now realized why he was always doing so. Now that she had the right to touch him, she wanted to take advantage of it as she pleased. It was a pleasure that he had been taking from her for months and she had never complained. Well, it was time for her to return it with interest added, after all it was a deal that he had willingly entered into and had nothing to complain about. Khushi breathed deep in pleasure, her eyes showing the golden flecks as she ran her slender, delicate fingers down his back caressing his taunt muscles with all the love and not a care that others would see it.

I will remain surrendered like this

And he will kiss me with Love...

Arnav was all hot and his limbs trembled at her steady onslaught on his senses making him shudder. Khushi looked at him with concern, wondering why was he shivering? Was he not feeling well? She asked him in a whisper, whether he was fine. Whether he felt feverish? Whether they needed to go home? Arnav looked at her concerned innocent eyes that were gazing intently at him and realized, that she had no idea of the power she had, that could have devastating effect on him just with a mere touch from her and his famed self control was rapidly evaporating into the thin air.

Pehla Nasha Pehla Khumaar,       

The first elation first hangover      

Love is new to me so is this longing...


What will I do to myself,        

Oh restless heart,

My restless heart you may tell me...

Arnav gave up the pretense of dancing and aflame with desire he took her into his arms. Bending his head kissed her on her cheeks that meant right now he needed her friendship and and he was taking a rain-check as he couldn't display his love to his heart's content in public. Her cheek at the gentle brush of his stubble, took on a rosy hue and made her bend her head feeling shy. Breathing in her Jasmine scent to his heart's content he placed a kiss on her hair that meant, he couldn't live without her. He could feel her heart galloping at a pace that would give even the well-bred race horses a chase worth their money. He relished it with the knowledge that it was beating only for him.

The two were in the world of their own and unaware of the fact that the eyes of AR employees were on them. The employees who had seen only ASR and never Arnav, were left agape with shocked eyes unable to see believe that their employer Arnav Singh Raizada aka ASR had turned into Aashik Singh Raizada making all gasp Awww Singh Raizada! (This one is for you Isha!)

This update is about RIPOSTE leading to REQUITAL a justly deserved penalty.

In the beginning, Lisa is on her way to break Arnav-Chamkili bond, when the lights go out making her stumble and fumble around. Her intention was to maneuver the relation and turn it into sour and right now it is she who has turned into a sourpuss. But I am sure, that this is not the end of Lisa and her attempts, to sabotage and try to drive a wedge between Arnav and Chamkili.

"What one does is what counts. Not what one had       the intention of doing"

                                    ~ Pablo Picasso

She silently witnesses the dance between ASR and Chamkili and her answer to it is the show of disgust and march towards them, but she was a bit late this time.

The maneuver of NK and Akash results in Arnav and Khushi taking the dance floor and floor the audience with their sizzling chemistry.

Anjali is happy and is one beaming lady in the party who has the satisfaction of maneuvering Khushi to always be in Arnav's company helping him in wooing her. The Trio acted as the additional Cupids.

"Being happy doesn't mean that everything is             perfect. It means that you have decided to look           beyond the imperfections"

While they were dancing to the strains of Chaahe tum kuchh na kaho, Arnav was maneuvering Khushi with the sensual massage with his palm and finger pads on her waist all the while sporting an innocence personified look. Khushi who bore his ministrations stoically for some time, decided to give back in the same coin. She too started to use her hands expertly to arouse him. She assaulted his senses that were already attuned to her every nuance making him dumb and taking him into reverie and wonder when she could thrill him through his layer of clothing with just her touch,  then how it would be when in raw! He is stunned that her innocence has made her unaware of his dwindling self control.

"Innocence invites protection, yet we might be             smarter to protect ourselves against it..."

                                        ~ Megan Johns,                                                          The Path of Innocence

So far it had been him who was assaulting her senses and now the lioness has quietly maneuvered and turned the table.

It was a silent RIPOSTE  leading to REQUITAL.

"Battles are won by slaughter and maneuver. The       greater the general, the more he contributes in           maneuver, the less he demands in slaughter"

                                      ~ Winston Churchill

That's it from me. Hope you enjoy it.


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devsum IF-Dazzler

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Divyahet IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 April 2013 at 10:50pm | IP Logged
As usual awesome and sweet superb and mind blowing...Thumbs UpHeart

A bigwala 
Hug for you Smitaji knoew Smitaji you are more capable then always stole our heart easily...Big smile with your beautiful writing...which is connected with your beautiful Heart.

Beautiful song.".pehla nasha.." lovely...

 but I want to dedicate a song..that too Khushi's Salmanji's song for this update..for Arnavji..Tongue



Poor Lisa...LOLDead

really enjoyed it thank you so much...
take care,

Rashmi dear, thank you in advance..for pm ..waiting for another mind blowing interpretation.Smile

oye teri toh yeh to sone pe suhaaga ho gaya ji me on the first page to comment on this beautiful update...Me very very happy...Big smile

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