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Blush of first love!! KR twoshot!updated last part

Deetha. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 April 2013 at 7:39pm | IP Logged
Welcome people!!

yeah yeah I am back with a OS again for the anniversay!!

I am quite tensed about this OS ...I don't know whether you people will like it or not but I hope you like it!!

and special thanks to vaishu!!! for the title!!

Seriously I want to say give it a read !! It is one of my interested type of stories hope you like!!


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Deetha. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 11 November 2011
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Posted: 10 April 2013 at 7:39pm | IP Logged
He grinned and raised the speed !!! He smiled happily as his horse increased its pace!!!he patted her..she always knows what his heart wants!!

"chal meri sherni jaldi leke jaa hume yaha se !!! " he said a bit loudly finally getting his freedom!!

He entered the mango farm and was enjoying his lifetime!!! He was so much engrossed in his happiness that he didn't notice the branch ahead and fell down hitting it hard making his head bleed!!!he thanked his turban which helped him from breaking his skull!!!

he cried holding his head which is bleeding slightly!!!


" bhagwan ji !! aaj toh hume do sikke mile hai!! "she said jumping and walked ahead playing with her catapult!!

she was about to focus at some random thing when she found a person lying on the ground and struggling may be !!she frowned and ran front...

"hey bhagwaan!! kya hogaya tujhe?? !!"she asked making him sit he held her shoulders tight!!

" kaise lagi chot??"she asked panicking

"pehle ...ku...kuch karo"he said annoyed...she bit her lip and tore a bit of her pallu end and tied around his head !! and found some water bottle hanging to his horse and immediately made him drink.. after some 10 to 5 minutes he slowly opened his eyes just to look into two mesmerisingly beautiful puppy-dog eyes a bit wide because of tension!! He smiled at her when she sighed and smiled finally!! and moved a bit back when he is okay. Its then he realized he had been holding her tight from a long time and immediately flinched back..

"maaf karo!! wo hum "he started but was cut

"arey koi baat nahi ... tumhara tabiyat theek nahi tha !! waise ye hua kaise??" she said standing up and held her hand out for him!! He held it and she pulled him up!! He was continuously looking at her..yeah he fell for her at the first look!!

"kaisi lagi chot??"she waved her hand in front of him and then played with her catapult...

"wo?? apne ghode pe jaa rahe the toh humne aage dekha nahi apni hi khushi mei dube the" he replied

" kya?? aisi kya khayalon mei khona ki aage ka nahi dikhta waise koun ho tum ..pehle kabhi dekha nahi tumhe yaha!! kaha se ho?? kahi hamare shatru raajya se toh nahi" she asked taking a step back

"arey nahi hum koi shatru raajya se nahi hum toh isi raajya se hai !! "he answered smiling

"jhoot mat bolo mai abhi sab ko bata deti hun!! mai iss raajy ki bacha bacha ko jaanti hun samjhe..sach sach batao koun ho tum!!"she asked aiming the catapult at him !!

He sighed , he will say to her!! he don't know why but he felt like telling her everything

"acha!! raajya ki bacha bacha ko jaanti ho par usi raajya ki yuvraaj ko nahi???' he smirked but it soon vanished...

She held her stomach and started laughing hard...he frowned in confusion on why she is laughing!!

"hahaha tum aur hamare yuvraaj?? mai itni budhu nahi hun samjhe!!"she laughed more...finally going on her knees

" hum mazak nahi kar rahe hai ki tum aise has rahe ho"he said a bit annoyed at her

"suno mai bhi koi mazak nahi kar rahi hun!! sach sach bata koun hai tu warna ..warna isse maardungi tujhe aur usi yuvraaj ke paas bhejdungi jiski tu baat kar raha hai "she said seriously standing up suddenly and picking a thick piece of wood ready to beat him!!

"Arey ruko ruko ... hum sach bol rahe hai!! sach mei hum hi tumhare yuvraaj hai !!"he said moving back as she walked front to hit him!!

He slapped his mind mentally as it was drifting to her dreamland ignoring the fact that she can call everyone and he can be caught!! If it happens then his all efforts of sneaking out from the palace goes to drain and his friends cum servants who are managing the situation will be in big trouble ...he shook his head and spoke again.

"arey hamari baat pe vishwaas karo hum hi yuvraaj hai!! Reyaansh!! tumhara yuvraaj??? "he said to her taking steps back.

"humare yuvraaj aise peeche nahi bhaagte !! tum zaroor humare dushman hi ho!! koi hai "she started shouting making him paniche quickly shut her mouth with his right palm and pressed her into a tree holding her waist..

"sshhh!!! kya kar rahi ho?? hum bohut hi mushkil se mehal se chup ke bhaagke aaye bahar aur tum humare saari mehnat ko kharab karna chahti ho??"he spoke tensed but she just pushed him..

"jhoot bolna band karo!! tumhe yuvraaj tak toh mai leke jaungi hi !! "she clutched his hand and he again got lost in her seeing her face and lips which were continuously moving because of her continuous talks !! He came back to earth when she suddenly came to a halt! she stopped and her eyes widened seeing the royal band around the neck of the horse!! She looked at him almost about to cry and blinked twice

"aap sach mei yuvraaj ho??"she asked shocked

" hum kab se wahi keh rahe hai !!"he shrugged his shoulders .. she suddenly left his hand and went back and stood with her head down

"maaf kijiye yuvraaj!! mujhe pata nahi tha!! wo maine aapko pehle kabhi nahi dekha tha!! maaf kijiye ga . .. "she said and struggled with her fingers and tears almost making their way out!!

"tumhe maafi maangne ki zaroorat nahi hai!! tum apne jagah pe sahi the! itna gabra kyun rahi ho?? "he took steps towards her to hold her shoulders but she flinched back!!

"nahi yuvraaj!! hum kuch jyaada hi bol rahe the !! "she said looking down!!

"nahi!! tumne kuch jyaada nahi bol .. balki hume toh bohut acha laga tumse baat karke!!"he said smiling and moved front a she walked back but he caught her in time .

"tum humse bhaag kyun rahe ho?? hum kha nahi jayenge"he chuckled looking at her holding her shoulders

"nahi yuvraaj humse galti toh hui hai "she said again and moved back releasing herself from his grip!!

"toh galti ki saja bhi bhukto!!"he said with a stern voice

"ji .. hum tayyar hai "she said looking down and almost crying

"aajkeliye humare dost banke hume poora raajya ghumao!"he said grinning

"KYA?? mujhse nahi hoga"she said shocked and was about to turn and run when he caught her hand twisted it making her bang into him!!

"ye hamara aadesh hai!! tum hamare aadesh ko tukraogi?? uska anjaam bohut bura hoga!! "he warned her but she was not at all paying attention because she was over breathing because of the proximity they are sharing .. his breath touching her chin and her collar bone!!

"dikhaoge na ?"he whispered as she breathed high and replied with a "hmm"

" bohut acha toh chale??"he quickly left her and got on his horse and held his hand out for her!

"nahi yuvraaj hum chalke hi aayenge !! par ye raaj nishaani nikal dijiye warna log pehchan lenge "she said showing the royal band.. he nodded and took it and kept in the pockets!! and held his hand out!!

"nahi yuvraaj"he cut her

"pehli baat hume yuvraaj kehke pukarna band karo!! lagta hai tum khud hume pakadwaoge.. reyaansh bulao!!" he said with a smile but frowned seeing her wide eyes

" yuvraaj ko naam se bulaun?? nah re bhagwaan!!" she said

" arey... *sigh* theek hai ansh bulao hume!!" he said with a smile but she was still refusing

" tum hume ansh hi bularahe ho ab chalo aajao" he said seriously and held his hand out for her!!

" yuv... *she stopped seeing his glare* mera matlab hai a...ansh... mai paidal hi aaungi !!! " she said and started walking

" par kyun ??" he said as he slightly kicked the horse and it started walking beside her...

" pehli baat mai yuvraaj ke ghode pe unke saath?? bilkul nahi ... aur mai aapke saath jaungi aur logon ne dekh ke mere ghar mei batadiya toh... mayi mujhe ghar mei ghusne tak  nahi degi" she said and continued walking

" theek hai .. toh kuch batao kya kya hota hai har din raajya mei?" he asked her looking at her angelic face

" raajy mai?? hum na ..." she started saying him everything but he was lost in her ... the long hair which moved from one side to other while she walked and her eyes which kept fluttering with equal intervals very gracefully and her beautiful lips moving continuously wanting him to kiss her right then and there!! She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen!! He had seen many women dancing before him and also working as his slaves and also princess of other places!! dresses in good attractive and colourful clothes but he never felt that anyone looked as beautiful as her who was in a faded red lehanga and a very old grey coloured choli and a brown dupatta covering her front leaving her whole waist expose in her back making him loose his breathe for a second *kumud ki pehan ne ki style haina waisa* . His body stiffened as her dupatta flew up showing her waist and choli . She immediately adjusted and looked away unconfortably!! He was in his young age he just crosses 22 and thus his harmones rushed more than necessary!! for every second he was falling with every quality of this girl!! He blinked his eyes dreamily as she adjusted her hair and looked at him saying something. his gaze travelled from her smooth forehead where right now a few strand of hair are playing and then her eyes !! which seemed tired but has the spark in them, he failed to leave them .

" lijiye hum aagaye" she stopped making his horse stop and making him come out his dreamland.

" godhe ko yahi baandh lijiye ga hum ghoomne chalte hai paidal jaana acha hai ... agar aapko koi aapatti " she was cut

" are aisa koi nahi !! chalo " he tied his horse to a tree and walked with her into the city!!It was very busy he liked it ... he never saw this much crowd!!! he unconsiously stopped looking around when she walked front blabbering to herself.But suddenly as she felt he is not behind her she turned back to find him standing at a distance.

" Arey aap yahi pe rukh gaye ?? aapko bohut kuch dikhana hai chaliye " she held his wrist and pulled along with her as he just stared at their hands and at her . but soon she realised and stopped suddenly making him bump into her as she turned back quickly. He held her protectively with his palm over her waist on her back!! making both gasp at the sudden touch. She moved back slowly apologized and was walking ahead when he caught her wrist

" humari haath pakdo" he ordered as she followed with no choice!!! and soon was pulling here and there showing him everything . He suddenly stopped at a shop...

" hume wo khane hai!! " he pointed at the samosas which were prepared right then and there looked so yummy!! . She smiled weakly but he failed to notice it as he was totally drowned in excitement of knowing his own city to bits!!!

She nodded and walked forward and bought two samosas for him with the two coins she earned today!!

But she went to him smiling wide as she was very happy that the prince of the kingdom is eating food from her earnings!!

she beamed wide giving it to him .

" Hume kahi baitke khana hai!! yaha pe bohut dhoop hai " he said covering his face and thats when she found its too hot and he was not used to it.

she quickly pulled him to a nearby tree a bit lonely from the city and at down . he was about to sit when she stopped

" ek pal rukhiye" she gathered some coconut dried branches and arranged them and asked him to sit and handed the samosas to him and looked at him eagerly to know whether he liked it or not .

Rey closed his eyes as soon as he took a bite...he never tasted this tasty samosas!! for a second he thought he would punish his cooks for not making this tasty food!! and as he opened his eyes he saw her seeing him with curiosity

" hamare poore zindagi mei humne aise samose kabhi nahi khaye " he said grinning wide making her grin!!! His smile vanished immediately as he blinked slowly looking at her angelic face . He slowly forwarded his hand and held the samosa at her mouth asking her to take a bite . She widened her eyes and went back saying she wont eat!

" arey khao na bohut ache hai " he protested.

" nahi yuvraaj mujhe nahi khana aap kha lijiye !!" she said looking away fidgetting with her pallu end.He eyed her hands and then at her frowned face..suddely he pulled her to him by her waist and she bandged into him . Her head shot up as soon as he did this...he slowly kept the samosa at her mouth and blew air on her face as she closed her eyes tight!! She snap opened her eyes as she felt his thumb on her lips... and as if they are not in her control her lips fell apart breathing hard...he nodded his head as if asking to take her a bite!! she looked at it and at him ..he was asking her to take a bite from the same place from where he had taken the bite .She tried to release herself but instead the grip tightened but his hold was still soft and he slowly placed the samosa in between her lips and with no choice she took a bite lowering her lashes !! He smiled brightly and looked at her lovingly as she slowly released herself as he left her free...

" acha haina!!" he said excited as she nodded slightly looking down!! and looked at him as he ate it ...

" aur khana hai??" he held the second one at her

" nahi yuvraaj!! mujhe nahi khana aap khalijiye" she said with a smile and he ate smiling at her and starting a conversation on random thing.


" hamare paas tumhe inaam mei dene keliye kuch nahi hai !! chup ke aane ki wajah se hume sab kuch mehal mei hi chodke aana pada " he said touching his neck!!

" yuvraaj !! aapne mujhe dost banke raajy dikhane keliye bola aur doston ko inaam nahi dete " she said smiling.

" ab aapko nikalna chahiye suraj dhalne wala hai!! " she said standing in the same mango field they started .He nodded unwillingly and she walked away as he started his horse...

" suno agar hum kal ko wapas aaye aur use milna hai toh hum kya kare??" he asked his horse caressing it as she took him to the palace... he quickly stopped it and turned back and followed her to her house!!

" hum tumhare ghar ki pata lagayenge tab toh hum jab chahe tab milne aasakte hai!!!" he smiled to himself ...

he saw her walk playing with a stick and tied his horse at a distance and walked behind her to her house .He was about to call her when he heard someone shouting

" aaj kuch nahi kamaya??" her mom shouted on her ..

" wo mayi bazaar jaate samai mai galti se gir gayi aur saare bartan tootgaye " she said to her looking down!! Rey frowned at her as she said she had best customers today!!

" mere bhagwaan ji mai iss ladki ka kya karoon??? itne saare bartan the ache se bheja hota toh kam se kam do teen sikhe aayenge aur ye hai ki saari bartan ki satya nash karke aayi!! jaa abhi jaake kalkeliye bartan banake aa!! ghar mei itna khana nahi hai ki tujhe bhi khilaun..." her mom shouted

" par maa uthna chawal toh hai !!" kriya said looking at the bowl full of rice

" tujhe khilati rahungi toh mere bete ko kya khilaungi?? tahke hue aata hoga " her mom replied

" mai kamaun aur khana use ?? jo din bhar awara ki tarah ghoomta rehta hai??" kriya shouted annoyed

" jaban chalne lagi teri aaj kal haa??? jaa jake bartan banao warna kal ka khana bhi nahi hoga " her mom snapped

" mujhe nahi khana aisi bheek ki khana apne liye mai khana khareed sakti hun !! aaj ke baad ek ana bhi nahi dungi dekhlena " she said irritated to core and today was heights ...

" mayi pe chillati hai?? jaa aur ghade bana" her brother pushed her slightly and went in..

she looked at the mom and son and dashed out taking the bucket to bring some clay for making pots and dishes. Rey looked at her surprised as he realised she paid her earned money for his food !! he felt guilty and followed to give her a shoulder as he felt she needed one now!!


His horse took him silently back of her and he stopped at a distance and walked front. She was near a waterfall collecting clay and after filling the bucket with clay she walked into water til her kneelength and washed her hands and drank water till her hunger controlled a bit and walked out washing her face and wiping it with her dupatta !!! As she walked back she bumped into him and he held her tight

" aa.aaap?? " she nearly shouted as he placed his finger on her lips and said

" sshhh!!! chillao mat!! tum hamesha aisa chillati kyun ho??" he asked her as she pushed his hands and spoke

" aap yaha kya kar rahe hai??? aapko toh mehal mei hona chahiye abhi!!agar maharaj ko pata chal gaya toh!!! jayiye aap !!" she said to him tensed..

" kuch nahi hoga hum sabki intezaam karke aaye hai!! " he said walking leisurely and settled himself on a rock removing his shoes and placing his foot into the water...

" kitna sundar hai ye jagah!! tum hume yaha kyun nahi leke aayi???" he asked looking back at her and called her.

" aapko toh maine bohut kuch nahi dikhaya !!! aapko aapki raajy itna chota laga ki aap ek din mei use dekh sakte hai??" she asked with a smile...he too smiled back..

" acha ye batao humare pitaji ke baare mei kya khayal hai??" he asked pulling her beside him making her sit...

" maharaj??? wo toh bohut ache hai!! mai isliye nahi bol rahi hun kyun ki aap mere saath hai ... sach mei wo bohut ache hai!! hum khush aur surakshit hai !! bas wahi chahiye mujhe " she shrugged her shoulders. He looked at her for sometime

" kya hua?? " she asked touching her face

" tumhe bhook lagi hai??" he asked concerned...she straightened a bit and answered .

"na..nahi toh!!!" she lied

" sach mei bhook nahi lagi??" he asked looking at her carefully!!

" nahi yuvraaj maine toh abhi khana khaya!!" she smiled at him. He suddenly gripped her shoulders and jerked her towards him. He didn't like her lying to him, he wanted her to say the truth and share her happiness and sorrows just how he shared with her.

" humse jhoot bolne ki himmat mat karna dobara" he said annoyed.

" nahi yuvraaj!!" she was cut

" ansh!! ansh bulao hume...aur hum tumhare ghar aaye the " he said making her eyes go wide.

" aap mere ghar aaye the??" she asked astonished!!

" haa hum aaye the, ab batao bhook lagi hai??" he asked her looking deep into her eyes, she with no option lowered her eyes and nodded her head.

" achi baat !! chalo hum tumhareliye kuch khane keliye dhoodhte hai !! " he said and stood up and walked to the nearby trees and found a big mango tree!!

" aam pasand hai??" he asked her smiling to which she nodded her head simply.

" hum abhi laate hai " he was about to climb when she stopped

" yuvraj !" she was cut again

" ansh!!" he said annoyed

" nahi mai nahi bulasakti ...sabke saamne aapki naam bol sakti hun ab nahi !!" she snapped back ..he smiled at how she snapped at him,he felt hapy that someone snapped at him but soon she realised she snapped at him

" maaf kijiye ga" she was cut again

" tumne hi toh bola ki hum tumhare dost hai toh itna toh haq banta hai tumhara!!" he smiled and was about to climb when she said again

" yuvraaj!! ye aap kya kar rahe ho ?? aap pedh chadoge?? nahi nahi!!" she said and pulled him back.

" arey dekho tum toh chad nahi sakti , aur yaha hamare alawa koi aur nahi hai toh hume hi chadna padega na!!" he said as a matter of fact

" hum kyun nahi chad sakte??" he ego spoke out

" kyun ki tum ladki ho!!" he said slightly poking her nose with his index finger and walked front.This irked her more she is fed up with this girl and boy thing

" hum ladkiyan bhi chad sakti hai!!" she stood before him with hands on hips , he gave a look of " oh really"

she narrowed her eyes and fumed to no extent and turned around to climb the tree .She tried but as she took two steps she slipped and thus closed her eyes tight and her hands closing her ears. But as expected he gathered her in his arms and held her close to him and got lost in her beauty shining in the full moon light!! She slowly opened her eyes after not feeling any pain just to get locked in those attractive eyes which has the power to kill her !! His intense look made her body tense up and she tried to get down when his grip tightened and she looked at him tensed . his eyes travelled from her eyes to lips and then to her cleavage which was slightly exposed and the disturbed pallu which gave the whole view of her full curves hugged tight by her choli and his heart skipped a bit as his eyes caressed her bare stomach which moved in and out as she breathed heavily!! he walked a bit front and made her stand on her feet and walked back never breaking the eyelock.

" aap kaise!!" she started to talk breaking the eyelock and adjusted her dress!!!

" Tumhe kya lagta hai yuvraaj hai toh hume kuch nahi aata?? hum yudh kala jaante hai aur hamare guru ke hisaab se hum bohut achi yodha hai!! aur itni achi yodha ek pedh na chad sake ye kaise ??" he smiled at her as she made a ohh face. He seriously wanted to kiss her badly right then and there but he controlled himself as it wouldn't be nice on his part to do like that.

He jumped down with nearly 4-5 mangoes and gave it to her . and both settled on the rock with their foot in the water and eating the mango!!

" peth mei chuhe kam hue??" he chuckled as she nodded and joined him!!

" toh hume ye batao subah jo tumne do sikhe diye sirf wo tumhari kamayi hai??" he asked looking at her..she shrugged and nodded a yes.

" par tumhari maa tumhe khana kyun nahi deti! humara matlab agar khana hai toh dena chahiye na" he said

" yuvraaj !! aap nahi jaante... hum ladkiyan kaam karnkeliye aur ghar ke bete aaram karne keliye sadiyon se chala aaraha hai. Hum ladkiyan apne ghar ki nahi hote, ghar ka apna beta hi hota hai aur hum ladkiyan paraya hi reh jayenge !! " she said looking away as tears made its way!! she always craved for parents love but they never treated her even as a being!

Suddenly she jumped a bit as she felt a warm yet cold palm caressing her cheek she looked at him quickly and he carefully cupped her face.She tried to go back but his grip was constant!! She sighed and gave up, she needed support and now she felt so much better seeing someone care for her. She just kept quite and let her tears flow down!! His heart pained seeing her tears and he moved a bit closer wiping her tears and calmed her down.

" hume ye kyun nahi bataya ki un paison ke bina tumhe khana nahi milta??" he asked her sad for her

" aap nahi jaante !! apne yuvraaj ko apni kamayi se khana khilana kitni badi baat hai mereliye!! aapko apni paison se khilane keliye mujhe bhooka rehna pade toh bhi manjoor hai kyun ki wo khushi jo milti hai wo mereliye khana se bohut bohut hi jyaada hai!!! " she said smiling heartily and looking at him. His breathing increased as he fell all over again for the girl in front of him. She has a pure heart and he wants that heart to be his ever ...forever ... her face shined as moonlight reflected on the water fell on her face making her more angelic.. he suddenly without even giving her a clue pressed his lips on hers and started sucking her lips and kissing her to the earnest .He felt heaven he never felt this heavenly in his whole life, gulped still kissing as his body radiated hell amounts of heat!! She was numb ... she had no clue what is happening .. right now she was a doll in his hands ...she just blindly unconsiously followed the orders his tongue is passing to her giving him the whole access of her mouth as her bosom heaved with heavy breathing... he flattened all her curves pressing her to him deepening the kiss to no extents and his hands caressing all over her body asn she just lied in his arms lyk a stupid senseless and lifeless body!! He pulled back when both were out of breathe and kept looking at her as she looked shocked at him!!! He gave a smooth peck on her lips and a wet kiss on her neck and walked back looking at her as she sat numb!!!

He smiled at her for once and rode away happily and determined to make her his for life!! She sat there looking at his retreating figure and suddenly jumped as her leg slightly unconsiously touched the water .Every single touch of water air everything made her feel his touch. She just looked down unable to regisster what just happened . She placed her hand on her heart which she feared had stopped beating now and clutched her choli as tight as she can. She felt very different a strange satisfaction!! It felt as someone is tickling her heart as she felt it moved very hard against the skin!!! She shyly looked up and bent a bit her eyes looking at the path and hope filled her heart that he would come back tomorrow!! That night her eyes didn't take rest as a unknown unrest filled them!!! may be to have a glance at him handsome face she thought as she blushed slightly making the pots!!

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preetibaheti Senior Member

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res ! 


i loved it !
1stly to i was like dis--ConfusedLOL
and den jaise jaise stry aage gayi i was understanding..and den i was like dis--Day Dreaming
imagining rey admiring kria who is blabbering is like a visual treat !
and den tht samosa wala part !! awww !!
and den rey's mom ! Angry such ladies shud atleast respect deir own clan !
and d moment wen rey was like un sey phir se milunga kaisey??! arey bhai tum dono ko to milna hi hai WinkLOL
and d challenge accepted part..cud clearly imagine kria's expressions !
and den nextly  deir hot romance !! Tongue
dint expect it dat early ! but loved d way he expressed his love fr her !
and d best part was ansh and he getting angry wen he lied and also wen she says ki he being her friend dosent have to give her anything ! ab friends mein itna to banta hai ! Wink
on d whole awesum update ! 

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tashug9 Goldie

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its so difficult 2 forget KRBroken Heart

hppy aniversary kriyansh Party...miss u ...Cry

hey dear thanks... i loved ur pov 2wards KREYAThumbs Up

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hetu29 IF-Sizzlerz

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ReS ! :P

Firsty, Happy Anniversary ! Hug
I love this day as we got our adourable KR on this day ! Big smile
And secondly this OS ! Gosh it was fab... Loved it to the core...
Reyaansh the Yuvraj and Kria simple yet extraordinary girl... Epp... It was so cute... Rey got hurt and She tore her duppata and tied where he was hurt... And she purchased samosa for him with her income.. And then he brought mangoes for her... And the kiss.. Epp... Blushing
Awesome OS deethu... Loved it sooo much :D

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Mein mar gai di.
Itna beautiful os I hav nvr read.
Damn !

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Happy KR anniversary

its really one of the most BEAUTIFUL OS i have read...
Seriously deetha you nailed it...
Super super super awesome piece of work

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Wow deetha dii its soo nice very different story luved it a lot

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TwoShot | Fear - *COMPLETED* Last Part-Pg10

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Author: Dynamix215   Replies: 168   Views: 24880

Dynamix215 168 24880 07 June 2014 at 9:04pm by Swaran13
love love love(ar,rm,aa)part 5 pg 21updt

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Author: mithilalovesksg   Replies: 209   Views: 108064

mithilalovesksg 209 108064 07 December 2013 at 10:24am by ksgandjsg21
FF: Khushi Ki Kahani Part 33(Last Part) Page 107

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Author: Angel13   Replies: 954   Views: 413325

Angel13 954 413325 29 August 2013 at 11:08pm by sirivalli.t
ArHi TwoShot: Dance with me *Second Part*

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Author: TheoryPerson   Replies: 19   Views: 2556

TheoryPerson 19 2556 25 April 2013 at 4:59am by magss24

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