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#Life happens# FF - GunJeev Vihaan-updated part 3

pesi11 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 April 2013 at 7:33pm | IP Logged
Hi ,

Here i am with FF on GunJeev along with GunVi

I liked vihan gunjan in the beginning i am adding vihan too LOL ... main focus would be rajeev ...

index :

PART 1  : The camping trip

"Yes Pooja.. we will be there in an hour and pick you " said gunjan and disconnected the phone in hurry.

She is wondering what clothes she need to pack ..though she has her wardrobe full with all modern clothes .. she hurriedly put few and zipped her bag. She is finding it hard to get ready in time ..she cursed herself for not being on time as her phone starts ringing loudly non stop.. she pick her luggage and ran out immediately while answering the phone. She bumped into mayank who was watching her with sad face as he gonna miss her for few days .. gunjan couldn't speak much n rushed outside while mayank whispered 'bye' only to notice that she already left.

Charu taunts mayank for imagining gunjan all the time and thank god for throwing gunjan out of their loves at least for few days on the name of  trip 'but in reality it was gunjan who got relieved so much for getting out of garg house for few days.  


"Rachna ..common..get in " shouted roopa. Rachana makes herself comfortable and looks at Vihaan who is busy in his world while listening to music' she thinks in her mind 'pagal kahi ka'

"gunjan kaha hai" questioned Rajeev. Vihan who is enjoying music comes into senses with Rajeev asking for gunjan. He got surprised and asked Rajeev , 'bro..wats d matter' !! gunjan vl come ..wo bachi thodi na hai !! mocked Vihaan ' he asked rachna to call her sister soon as he can't wait more. Rachna ignored vihaan's words and started speaking with roopa. Vihan got pissed off and concentrated on his music.


As rachna busy talking with roopa who are sitting in back seat , vihan is busy in his music land. Rajeev is the only one curiously waiting for gunjan while looking at all sides of his car. As he lost in gunjan's thoughts

Only to see gunjan rushing  towards their car ..rajeev lowered his eyes for a sec and looks at gunjan again .. he is surprised to see as gunjan is not thr 'he wondered whether he is dreaming of gunjan or is gunjan in real!!?? With all questions in his mind ,both cars leaves garg house as shayl waved her hand.


Rajeev asked did gunjan arrived???  To which roopa replied ..yes .. he is about to ask another question that whr is gunjan !!!?? but he stopped asking as he realized he is thinking too much about gunjan.

Though he is thinking all ,he was restless for not seeing gunjan which he was waiting for 2 days.he cursed himself for missing the opportunity now.

U r always late gunjan' screamed Chaya .. I am here lets enjoy our trip.. gunjan answered while adjusting herself in car. Everyone started singing loudly including Chaya, abhishek ,surya '

"sardar ji replied that's not the correct password ..correct password is 8732 " said rachna while explaining the joke to others roopa, vihan ,Rajeev who were travelling in another car.

As they drive for an hour , they stopped at Pooja's place to find Pooja is waiting for them ..                        

Gunjan gets out of the car and shifted to other car as Pooja and her hubby anand get in together.

As she struggling to keep her luggage , she heard a voice ' I will keep it for u..leave it' 

'Sir '  'aaap ?? said gunjan ..

"Yes its me ..any doubts .." replied Rajeev while stealing glances at gunjan.

Gunjan smiled at Rajeev 'she jumped with joy shouting ''maza aayega trip mein" bcoz u have also joined us ..wat a surprise ' Rajeev happily looking at her as she childishly jumping holding his hand.

Don't u know I am coming with u guys!!??? Asked Rajeev..

"No sir one said " replied gunjan asking Rajeev to get in the car.

Why vihan didn't inform gunjan that he is also coming ..rajeev thought in his mind as he headed to get in the car.  Vihan is busy in driving while Rajeev stealing glance at gunjan who is busy  in chit chat with rachna n roopa.

"vihan stop the car " shouted roopa.

"ab kya hua '" asked an irritated vihan.

Roopa requested  Rajeev to sit in back seat as she has motion sickness as  they r heading towards a mountain hike. Rajeev is hesitant a bit and asks vihan to get into back seat. With no option left as vihan wants to drive, Rajeev moved to back seat sitting next to gunjan ..

"Be a man Rajeev ..dont be scared ." his innerself is motivating Rajeev.. as vihan drives crazily results in gunjan rajeev  bump into each other ' Rajeev says sorry to gunjan 'gunjan tells Rajeev not to say sry..

As the journey continues , gunjan  falls asleep and falls onto rajeev's shoulders. Rajeev who lost in his dreamland with gunjan comes back to his senses as he sees a beautiful gunjan sleeping leaning towards him.. he looked at rachan who is also sleeping leaning in opposite direction to gunjan .. roopa is busy in her own world with her motion sickness.  Rajeev smiles at gunjan n thinks "u looks so beautiful n innocent'I wish u always smiles like this". He caresses her hair which is disturbing her sleep ..gunjan falls into deep sleep and holds rajeev's hand .. Rajeev is so happy with the way gunjan sitting next to him n holding his hands..he never imagined that he would be with gunjan for such a long time ..he keep staring at her recollects his words "I am a teacher and she is a student..the relationship is impossible..wat would ppl think at college if he loves gunjan being teacher..its not an ideal thing to happen gives wrong message'as try to tell this every time he see gunjan however he failed in all his attempts for the love that he developed inside his heart for gunjan. He smiles when she smiles .he feels sad when she is upset..he wants to be with her whenever she finds herself in trouble and console her ..he can't leave gunjan for the sake of society'"  

While thinking all this Rajeev took a deep breath n looked at gunjan who is still sleeping peacefully on his shoulders .. Rajeev also fell in sleep n slowly closes his eyes ..but he woke up immediately looking at gunjan as he don't want to miss this chance ..he wants her to be thr always infront of his eyes .


"I don't know how I can tell you that I like you '" Rajeev feared in his heart ..

As all reached their destinations thru beautiful hills and river side .. vihan parked his car only to find every one sleeping except Rajeev ..vihan woke up roopa ..and he opened the door for rachna and shaked her to wake up frm sleep 'rachana irritated and tells Vihaan not to touch her.  Vihan wonders wats wrong with this girl and goes away to pick his luggage from trunk. Rachana sees gunjan n tries to wake her up !! Rajeev signals rachan not to wake her up.. rachana feels something fishy n wonders wats going on with Rajeev sir!! Meanwhile Chaya comes n pulls rachna to river side as she sees a beautiful scenic view. As every one busy arranging their stuff , Rajeev is still looking at gunjan. He leans towards her n plants a kiss on cheek 'he consoles himself".i know its wrong to kiss u without ur knowledge.. but I love u gunjan 'I can't stay away frm u..i have to tell this"

As vihan shut the door so hard ,gunjan wakes up. She slowly opens her eyes and she again leans her head towards Rajeev by rounding her hands around his waist as she is not completely out of sleep..

Rajeev is surprised with this sudden act of gunjan and he was wondering wat hapnd with gunjan !!

 in the next minute , she realized that she is holding onto someone and she immediately pulls herself back from Rajeev. She sees Rajeev and lowers her head a little and says sorry to him. Rajeev comforts her as he tells her ..its okay 'don't wry 'u fell asleep ..that's it. Lets go ..rajeev stepped out of car so as gunjan .. mean while all guys chose their camping ground and started building their tent. Rajeev joined the guys and started helping them.  Gunjan is  feeling weird for wat had happened btw her and Rajeev as she looks at Rajeev who is busy in his task.


She thinks how nice is Rajeev 'the other side she see vihan who is rough n tough .. thinks herself ..

They both r like south n north poles ' Vihaan is arrogant ..rajeev is so sweet ..she thought herself.

And she heads towards the girls who are busy in arranging their food items.

As all set for the day ,  the atmosphere is beautiful as sun set with orange shade throwing energy into their lives ..


With the journey they made, everyone tired and fall asleep .. gunjan is struggling to find sleep as she thinks about mayank ' "why this mayank is still behind her ?? he is not letting me to go out of his way 'as much as I try to move on he is becoming a hurdle in my way' how hard it was for me to wipe of his memories ..i struggled so much to forget him..being under same roof,it was not easy for me..i made myself busy in studies'I have no interest in sports yet I joined sport classes '.just to keep myself busy n to forget mayank ..but he is still not able to move on 'and he is not allowing me to move on..thank god..atleast for a week I can breath peacefully as thr wont be any Charu or mayank here "


She came out of her tent with struggling thoughts surrounded her mind. She thinks "mayank..u r no more in my heart..u r someone's husband..i can't keep ur thoughts in my mind any more 'I don't luv u anymore ..the day u broke my trust I decided ..there is no love btw u and me'but the memories we had spent gave me a lot of pain as I was not able to forget ..thankfully Rajeev sir was there who gave me inspiration .."


Wat r u doing here at late night !! ..questioned rajeev

Gunjan turned to see that its Rajeev '

"Sir, its nothing,,,I didn't get I came out "said gunjan

See u completed ur studies in I am not ur sir anymore.. u can call me Rajeev. Well,if u want to make sir all the time ..u can still call me as sir " said Rajeev

"No sir'nothing like that ..ohh..sorry Rajeev '" as she struggled to pronounce his name.

"That sounds good.." saying this rajeev lights fire ..and they sits around of it..

As he could see pain in her eyes he volunteered to hear her sorrows


 hope u all like it Smile

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-PrimaDonna- IF-Rockerz

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braich_gal IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 April 2013 at 8:30pm | IP Logged
i like it!! Thumbs Up

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pesi11 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 April 2013 at 9:27pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by braich_gal

i like it!! Thumbs Up

thanks dear
zenith25 Newbie

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Posted: 11 April 2013 at 7:12am | IP Logged
Nice start.loved it and want to read more

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pesi11 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 April 2013 at 9:42am | IP Logged
Originally posted by zenith25

Nice start.loved it and want to read more

thanks dear Smile
starasdf IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 April 2013 at 1:32pm | IP Logged
Great start! 
Interesting, its Vihaan-Gunjan-Rajeev. I also sailed the Vihaan-Gunjan ship once upon a time. So this will be interesting for me to watch.
Rajeev is cute and looks like he already likes her. Embarrassed
They are not in college any more? That's great! I am sure it will relieve a lot of readers. 


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007jindal IF-Rockerz

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wow!! super fantastic
lovd it

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