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Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2
Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2

Musings over Mystifying Mysteries of Monuland-33 (Page 9)

devilsadvocate IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 April 2013 at 9:44am | IP Logged
Originally posted by --MI--

hey comrade excellent post loved it
Hiya Vyas...Thank you Embarrassed

excellent episode
Yes it was!

the first scene  was  really  good how despite everything   her brain  says   her heart refuses to understand she is  still besotted by monuva and his love  and    wants  to  and is happy  and contentin  staying in the environment  monuva is staying and choice of  song was great
I like Meghas battle of heart and mind...woman and mother...keeps the conflict handy

well  potatohead  and dadasauraus meeting nothing to  write about  so lets move on

now this tota  maina story was really awesome      and  a big thanks to writers they poured their heart out to  each other   in their normal indirect way if sometimes it is through guru today it was through   and   the acting and story telling was top class and  both  made their points   in their own  way wrong or right  it does not matter
It was incredible...I gushed and gushed...I loved this indirectly direct approach to start the confrontation...they didnt just jumped into...they build it up.

mohan   nanhji  convo was so  great it had all the casualness   and   fun associated with   father daughter   duo  and ya monuva is kalyug ka  baap   sending    prospective   sil whose intentions are not clear with daughter   abd on a separate note  meghas surprise at  nanhis eagerness to  talk to  boss was nicely done
Spidey-Chavanni together are just adorable...throw in Flashbacks of Ashnoor and you are golden. Megha still doesnt know who the boss is LOL LOL

finally  the confrontatino was beautiful  and all the points which were  made to  be told  were made  and yes  mirror scene was     great   and to top it  all   guru  confessed  so  hopefully  this latest   mu is cleared   hoping ofor better things to  come

i know  that  the   addu   is yet to  be found and  rj  and    nanhi are not aware of each other  and possible  bomb blast coming  up  our way but i  hope   mohan  and megha  can be on good terms  atleast  and we have good scenes 
I think it is a start of their truce...Maybe they wont be together fully...but they wont be as angry and hurt over things going forward...I am assuming its the start of Lighter moments between Mirchi and Monu...but this Stabbing of Nanster is hanging on our heads...It would be hilarious if megha sends a blistering email to Nanhi's boss only to find out its Mohan LOL

on a separate note 

mohan was  classified as    tota because of his long nose
awww I love his Tota nose Day Dreaming

megha sigh looks beautiful in open hair   

Aakanksha was gorgeous...even in the neon yellow saree she looked greatEmbarrassed

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devilsadvocate IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 April 2013 at 9:45am | IP Logged
Originally posted by 1973anu

first of all I admire the talent u guys have.. u explained why  Mohan was sleeping the  way he did and what megha would have felt at that time... it was just a 10 - 15 seconds scene and am surprised with the talent u have... that's why I like the forum,... u and many others here do us mortals a big favor by  explaining.. to such depth... otherwise I for one would not have thought so deep...

Thank you for each and every thing u guys write... for me NBT is nothing without this forum...

P S: no other serials forum has such talent really... i do visit them and they are just pankhas 
Thank you Anu Embarrassed you are very sweet Big smile

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Posted: 11 April 2013 at 9:51am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -lightinfested-

@meera ..yup even i m worried abt the same thing ...tht is if they bring in some other stupid track wuld be annoying ... bt i guess season2 has a deadline ...i guesss... it was even mentioned in sumbodies intv b4 airing tht it will have a start and a end ... so i guess nbt will end soon ...probably with dignity without any gimmicks ... unlike others .i ll be happy if it ends with dignity... its better to have short but storng story then to watch a stretched usless ... hair pulling story... Smile

hair pulling reminds me mohans hair while he was sleeping ...he looks cute in short hair ...o my heart Day Dreaming
Wow you graduated from being a Beam to Infested with Light over night...Congrats dude
Mee too...I have no qualms with having an end date, granted if its done in a good fashion...make it worth our while...The fans, the actors, the technicians, the writers and the directors they all deserve the doesnt have to stretched needlessly...If they have a fixed amount of time, then so be it...just resolved the ongoing tracks properly...let Monu and Meggie fall in love with each other all over again...Find a girl for Guru, resolve Nanhi's issues, RJ's issues and Mostly Addus issues...Make him fall in love with his life and family all over again...
Hair-o and his hair...its a web of Spidery threads nahi LOL

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devilsadvocate IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by RiniRocks

Yeah! Those were one of the most beautiful scenes of this season till now. I toh simply loved it.
Me too Big smile
Seriously! I was myself laughing out loud! I mean, seriously, he wants a boy to accompany her for her safety but can't the boy turn out to be nefarious?? As far as Beera is concerned, I doubt him highly and he is surely up to something. Don't be so credulous, Monu. You still don't know him!! After all he's Daddasauras' pota!
I explained why I think Mohan trust Beera at this reply to cant really blame him...but sending a Boy Toy along with her thats some modern indian dad LOL 
@bold: She said to Megha that if she really loves her, she would not force RJ to eat the daliya. This threat kinda thingy was so so similar to the one that Addu gave to Mohan (in reference to that color box incident). But the beautiful way in which Megha handles her was commendable.
agreed...Ironic how thats the exact same thing Mohan was sent to the gallows for *sigh*
You have indeed said it all. Now, I have nothing else to say here except that you have explained even the tiniest of emotions so beautifully that I am admiring you and your writing right now. Simply loved this part of the episode, and your post as well. Big smileBig smileKeep writing.
My replies in purple.Embarrassed
Thank you Rini Embarrassed you are being too kind...please not too much praise I have a difficult time dealing with Compliments...The Baboons Butt wants to come out in awkwardness...So Imma end it here...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed 

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Leesan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 April 2013 at 10:02am | IP Logged
By Meera:  "The blood is now drowning reason, it has finally come to a head...Finally they cant hold themselves back...if once the gate of despair are open...the let the blood flow and run them dry...Mohan cant it anymore...No More Silence, no more round about conversations...He says it plain and simple...ITS NOT OVER!!! Never from Him!!! It will never be over him! No matter what she thinks...this is not over, because its incomplete...He is incomplete...she is incomplete...and unless they both fill in each other to give each other the will never be over."

Oh Meera just so beautifully expressed here! Thumbs Up  I forgot to include this last night, just re read it and it stirred me up all over again! Sigh! What is it about some couples that no matter the hardships they have to endure they just can't be whole without each other? Their existence is just that ...existing and going along with the flow of life ...but never really being complete without the other ?  Mohan and Megha ,who had to endure so much to be together finally, are now back to where they almost started! Trying to find a way back to each other amidst all the pain,tragedy and devastation. But in spite of it all, all the mistakes and misunderstanding, harsh words and stupid decisions, when everything else is stripped away and discarded , one thing strong and steadfast as ever ...Love!!  And one thing we can be sure of is that they both still love each other, with all of themselves ,and in the only way they know how!  Lets hope that in the fullness of time, their love conquers all! 

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devilsadvocate IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by blmadhuri

Hi Meera Fantastic Analysis as alwaysClapThumbs Up..
Thank you Madhu Embarrassed

Loved every bit of the episode..MM morning sceneDay DreamingCry

MN's convo..So sweet and so cuteBig smileLOL

MG detective giriWink

Tota-Maina Kahani Cry..Loved RJ's confused expressions during that convo..It was so cuteBig smile.
It was a great episode...I am cant stop gushingEmbarrassed LOL

MM confrontation  with Beautiful BG songClapCryDay Dreaming..Ahh finally Guru opened his mouth ..Hope he doesnt get any Kantaap from both of themLOLWink

Finally Guru came through *sigh* Now its Kantaanp they say Karma is a bitch...Usually for good people Ouch LOL So yea...he is definitely getting a kantaap...if not physically, then verbally OuchLOL


Sterdays episode is a Masterpiece!!I am speechless and still dreaming about it Day Dreaming..
Kunal.Akansha,CVs every one did a Fantabulous JobClapClap..
Yes they did...For a Moment their I forgot that there are no Mohan Megha in real life...They were that gd!!Clap

Cant wait for tonights episodeDay Dreaming

Couldnt write much as i am occupied with so much of work from past two days..I will get back once i am free..Keep Writing n TC

Awww its ok...write a flowery speech, when you get the time okay...I will hold you to it Big smile
devilsadvocate IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 April 2013 at 10:19am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sumiswap

I wish I could have called you Mohan ki Meera but thats been taken by Bidzie so will have to settle with just Meera  LOLLOL...Hug
You can call me Mohan ki Imaginary Meera Big smile Guru ki Meera...Megha ki Meera Big smileLOLLOLLOL I will take all of the above Wink LOL I am easy like that Wink

Hiya Sumi Hug

The episode gave me such a high that I was jumping all over last night! LOL...There was nothing happy in the episode but just the sheer quality of writing was mind blowing!! The quality of acting, potography, screenplay, dialogues and even the BG score was just perfect...Clap...and just like you wanted to inappropriately kiss Sonal, I wanted to too ROFL...
It was awesome!!! and Sonal does deserve the inappropriate kisses from us, even though it might traumatize her...she deserves something extraordinary for penning such subtle simple explosion of emotions Big smile

The episode started beautifully with Megha finding Addu's picture being put together...she feels guilty about lashing out at him for the torn picture. Then she finds him sleeping. All her love for him pours out at that is love coupled with guilt at that moment. Her lone tear is about how she missed being with him in all these years, its also about how helpless she has been because of her own guilt of losing her son. Her guilt does not allow her to be with this man she loves so deeply. For those few seconds it was just about her love for Mohan.

And the lone tear from Mohan's eyes! you know...this has to be the second best scene for me when Mohan cried...the first one was when he confessed his love to Megha during Rashmi's engagement...this one touched me the most after that scene. I somehow knew that he is awake and feeling the presence of Megha and her love...but what we got to see after she left was so heart breaking! Cry...his tears spoke about how he missed her tenderness, her love towards him, its also about how he reveled in her show of love for that moment...which came out as a lone tear and also because he is sad that she never shows her love to him when he is awake...its amazing how a simple gesture of love can evoke so many emotions in both of them...Sonal, take a bow!! Clap
Word!! to everything you does a simple gesture so many emotions? touches our hearts deeply? *sigh* its magic Day Dreaming

With such a beautiful start, the episode was bound to be a hit!

Renu-Aarti ki goodluck baax was also good LOLLOL.
Renu-Aarti are not as disappointing as I was expecting it to be...they are surprisingly very entertaining...they just dont stir the Fillings you know LOL

Tota and Maina ki amar prem kahani...oops did I just say Amar! Shocked LOL...well no pun intended! LOL
Awww I like the pun...Amar is Amar in all senses...he doesnt even need to be mentioned...he is a permanent fixture Embarrassed

Yeah so the way they started about this confrontation...where RJ mentions about the story her Papu told her...about Tota-Maina and Baby maina...for Megha it was Mohan-Meera and Rimjhim...she would have probably never confronted him if RJ had not started the Tota-Maina and Baby Maina story. Megha could not contain her anger any more and found a perfect opportunity and a perfect way to express everything she's been feeling about Mohan - love, anger, frustration, her insecurities, about her endless wait and finally betrayal. She started with her own version of Tota-Maina ki Kahani. Loved the expressions that AS and Kunal showed here...especially where Megha said that even Maina loved the Tota... for Mohan that was the moment he can capture and never to let it go...just hear from her that Megha loves him...he felt her love earlier, he heard her confess that she loves him...bande ko aur kya chahiye tha...but she hits him again with accusations and taunts of how Tota just flew away and created a whole new life in a far away land...for Mohan this was the last thing he wanted to hear...he sprang...he asked her if she was ready to accept him without Addu...but for Megha..her accusations at that moment was never about was about how Mohan betrayed her and Nanhi and settled into a new world with a new family..thats why she said 'Addu ko beech mein mat lao'. I guess she never forgot what she told Mohan that made him leave...she never will because she has been living with that fear of betraying Addu if she gets back with Mohan...for her all that mattered at that moment was that Mohan moved on...Mohan made it clear that Addu will always remain a bone of contention between them...and then everything that followed...was simply awesome!Day Dreaming

The way he modulated his voice when he said I have been telling your stories to Rimjhim...a voice that was so heavy with grief!! Superb!! Star
Oh Sumi...Dont stop...keep writting about it...Its awesome to keep reliving it in different perspective...feels like i am looking through a kaleidoscope *sigh* Kunal and AS were Amazing in this scene...the voice modulation, the wounded angry looks and the angst...even their body language was fantastic...Clap

If this show has a small life so be it...but let them show superlative episodes like this one and end it with a bang...but why do we need to think of its end...lets enjoy the episode without worrying about when it will end Embarrassed...

My longest post on your thread this one! LOL Sorry, I just had to gush! Big smile
Gush away...Monuland is a Gushing sort of a place...I come here so I can happily melt into puddles of sweet sickly sticky stuff over small little things, without judgement Embarrassed LOL

Oh yeah and special mention to Guru's perfect time to reveal it...just when it seemed like they are about to kiss he reveals his lie! D'oh saari duniya unke pyaar ki dushman LOLLOL...but no complains! Embarrassed
How can Guru let Monu and Meggie do hanky panky without him? But at least he fessed up!! FINALLY!!
BTW I had a Jealousy Song Planned for Guru, if he hadnt started the Guilt trip from Monday itself LOL
Featuring Guru as Evan McGregor
Monu as The Corpse of Nicole Kidman
and Megha as the Rapist LOL

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devilsadvocate IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by -MohanKiRaadha-

Guru= Yea Ahh...I think Villian lady is Alseep...We can Do a Kaali Kaali Ankhein in the Backyard Wink

ROFL ROFL ROFL i just love this line..sing full song tu ru ru ru ru ruLOL

wonderful MeeraDay Dreaming MM rocks yesterday...Heart
Thanks Ami LOLLOL 

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