Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2


Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2
Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2

Musings over Mystifying Mysteries of Monuland-33 (Page 6)

devilsadvocate IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 April 2013 at 9:56pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by purplelolo

HAhaha. Baingani sounds fun. :P

I confession here, I dont think I remember watching any of the epis as much as I did this one.
And yeah cant complain it was perfectly executed. 

And the tear Mohan had shed while on the sofa was because he was hurt for what she said last night. And that he craved for her. For the love. So it was a cocktail of emotions.

You know one thing that I absolutely love about this show is the portrayal of Nanhi and Mohans relationship. The love is inexplicable. I think every girl would want her husband to love their daughter that way. The sunna and chavanii came back. Awesome awesome.
One thing that gets me going is that Mohan cannot trust a wrong person. And He cannot, absolutely cannot trust someone bad with Nanhi of all the people.

Baingani it is Big smile
I do remember watching and rewatching the scene where Mohan recollects the visit to Rashmis farmhouse to Guru...It was my hands down favorite scene from the last was th creme of Mohan's love and longing for belonging *sigh*
About Mohan trusting Beera...
I have a theory...I think Mohan didnt trusted Beera because of Beera...He trusted Beera because of what Beera represented...He represented someone who was estranged from his family, who was rejected and hated...a victim of circumstances...Something very similar had happened to Mohan...No One was their to save Mohan from the despair...No one was their who could understand how much it hurts when the people you love the most cant stand the sight of you...and how much you hate yourself for not seeing the signs...for assuming the guilt of whatever has happened...He had to save Beera...Give Beera another chance...A Chance that Mohan never head...he had to drown himself in alcohol, burned himself from within and then rise to a semblance of living in these twelve years...he needed RimJhim to connect back with his own self-esteem a little...He couldnt imagine another person going through this...Not even a person who would turn out to be a betrayer...It doesnt matter to him what Beera's intentions might be...even if there is 1% chance of Beera being sincere...Mohan has to save Beera, Save himself from this deep dark hole of despair...because he owes it to himself...

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purplelolo Senior Member

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Posted: 10 April 2013 at 10:04pm | IP Logged
I dont even remember watching it. 
Send link?

Yeah. Agreed. But it does mean trust. Lets see.

Now for the breakfast part. The scene where RJ doesnt want to eat the porridge and the way Megha handles her, was shown in regards of Addu and Mohan's scene where the rift started. The color pencil and blackmail scene. The look on Mohans face. All knowing. All understanding. A little hurt. 

Jab ap kisi se pyaar kartay hain toh usske liye sab kuch acha chahtay hain. This dialogue made it clear that Megha and Mohan are on the same page regarding bringing children up. Just that Megha isnt aware of Addus situation. And if it were Megha in Mohans place she wouldve done the same.

The face off was amazing. Ah. mazing. They poured their entire being in it. All the hurt, the regret and doubt. The expressions were spot on. You could feel it tugging at your heart.

The truth made megha numb. Numb-sad, and numb-happy. 

Guru bhaiyya ap great ho. Thank you for confessing!!

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asmi279 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 April 2013 at 10:07pm | IP Logged
Meera!! Hug You are here and so is our Monuland!! Yay!! Party

I was waiting for your post ever since the episode was aired..needed to gush..

An amazing, brilliant, poetic episode..heart-warming instead of the usual heart-wrenching..simple, pure, panning cameras or loud BG audience for this confrontation..just the two of them - and their pure and genuine feelings and love..

Loved each and every bit of the episode..Every scene was pure perfection..

Monu's lone tear and glancing at Megha's retreating figure..

MN's convo...Hayee..loved how they effortlessly got back into their comfort zone with each other..

The Tota-Maina story - masterpiece..Megha's confession - Maina bhi Tote se bohot pyaar karti thi..

Monu's unflinching resolution to fulfill his promise - kahani abhi puri nahi hui..Tota bhi baby Maina sa bohot pyaar karta tha..

RJ's koot expressions - "Mujhe yeh kahani nahi sunani" - translation: What ARE you guys talking about??! Confused

And then the actual confrontation...speechless..

And to top it all, Guru confessed Dancing

And how can I forget, apna nanha Munna - a special thanks to him for giving up his stalker tendencies for the day..I was almost scared that he will interrupt the magic..but he didn't Approve

Okay..I am done..I think..feeling lighter now Smile

I am so glad I have a holiday gonna watch every repeat of this episode..just can't get enough of it Day Dreaming

Happy Gudi Padwa!! Big smile

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devilsadvocate IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 April 2013 at 10:08pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Leesan

 Hovering,hovering, rough landing ...but I'm here , all beamed in and still beaming and glowing from today's show! What a dream of a show today! Clap  Exceptional and exquisite on all counts! And I'm only counting  MM scenes here today!  They stole the show, and my heart as well! Sigh,what a cracking performance from Kunal and AK!  And to the screenplay writers and director, bravo!!  So simply and effortlessly orchestrated but so emotionally fulfilling! That's the word  I want to use for today's epi...fulfilling!!! 
Hey Lee Hug It was everything I had hoped for and more...It was simple yet so effective...I concur it was fulfilling!

Leesan:  excellent description Meera! Once more you dive deep and emerge with huge glistening pearls of wisdom !  I just relished the way these two  finally communicated with each other and in such a novel yet effective way. RJ who would bring them both to this place and point ,who was the perceived reason for Megha's present heartache ,would also be used as a tool to tell each version of their story ...and in the form of a story itself! How ingenious was that?!  A gentle sweet story at the onset that progressed to a most tragic heart wrenching one. Wounds opened and reopened, blood letting and flowing, hearts bleeding and breaking,  but there was still aways to go! 
Thank you Embarrassed  I loved the whole round about way of letting it all out...RJ in the middle and both of them surrounding by their parts of a broken can only be whole when they tell it...SONAL I LOVE YOU!!!Embarrassed


Leesan: This part was so moving ,accompanied by the gut wrenching FBs of that fateful night, but it made me so sad for them both. So many years lost to this failure to decide to stick it out,support each other and work together to find their lost son. One lost  little boy and two lost  parents in the process! Both feeling let down and disappointed by the other,yet not finding the courage in all those years to find their way back to each other,even if they couldn't find their lost son. It happens,I should know! But it's still so sad! 
If only they had stayed with each other...its not just the child who is lost to them...its themselves too...they are as lost without Addu and without each other as addu is withou them Broken Heart 

The Betrayal: at last! Megha lashes out in full force, everything that she's been bottling up inside those days under Mohan's roof, finally bursts out into the open!  The second marriage so soon after Mohan leaving Indore judging from RJ's age, making a new life for himself whilst abandoning them, finding happiness leaving her to live drowned in her sorrow! It's all out there now, no holding back! But Mohan s stunned, shocked, in a state of disbelief! He reacts angrily grabbing and shaking her, hurting her because he is so hurt by these baseless accusations! How could she ever dare to believe that he could ever replace her in his heart ,and in his life? She who invades his every thought , she whom he loves so much till it hurts every fiber of his being , she who completes him in every way! Yet she challenges him to deny it all, that which is not even  true ! Say it isn't so then, once and for all!  And for that one moment he looks at her so lovingly yet so sadly, before he collects himself and pulls her towards the reflection of truth, herself is her ,Megha! And only her all this while, every tale every description has been of her alone! The eyes,the hair ,the love ...only Megha can ever be the mother to his child!  I love the depth of emotions Mohan demonstrated here, the wiping of his tears, the deep thick aching with love voice! The cupping of Megha's face, the gentle wiping of her tears, the gentle question at the  end!  So beautifully enacted, just perfect! 
Oh Lee *sigh* so beautifully put ...I didnt even try to go into the reflection part...I couldnt have done justice to it...but I loved how he finally equated his hurt to her pain...the cry of pain was so raw, that he is hurt as was like he really wanted her to finally see how much he has been hurting all these years...just dont be so callous in insulting his feelings like this...It was perfect!!!

Thank God, Guru came through and admitted his fault in all of this. At least Mohan now knows Megha had good reason to think what she did. It's a start , a good one ,lets see what tomorrow brings! But today, I'm elated that the MU has cleared and MM can move forward on the road,however long it takes,  to forgiveness ,healing and reconciliation. 
Finally he did *sigh* now Monu can play the Mad wifey with him...give him the silent treatment LOL I dunno what will tomorrow bring...but today I just wanna bask in the glory pathos and reflections *sigh*

Great musings Megha, well worth the wait! Thank you! 

I know Megha is everywhere...but Meera will accept this on her behalf Wink LOL You are welcome Cool

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Leesan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 April 2013 at 10:14pm | IP Logged
By Meera:"I know Megha is everywhere...but Meera will accept this on her behalf Wink LOL You are welcome"

Lol! My bad, sorry babes! But as of today Meera is no more and has been replaced by Megha ...again! Wink  Subliminal thinking on my part! LOL

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devilsadvocate IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 April 2013 at 10:18pm | IP Logged is the scene

Starts from 6:12...Its tres beautiful *sigh*

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purplelolo Senior Member

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Posted: 10 April 2013 at 10:29pm | IP Logged
That was lovely.

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_SilentSoul_ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 April 2013 at 10:30pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by devilsadvocate is the scene

Starts from 6:12...Its tres beautiful *sigh*
I watched the scene after ages, and I swear I ended up crying, having shivers and goosebumps running down my spine, and my heart fluttering in LOVE!*sigh*Day Dreaming 

His voice modulation was so pure, so serene, so full of love and sighhh...I actually had my hand placed near my heart! This much effect his voice does on me!Blushing I even tweeted him long back that I'm love in his voice and the way he modulates it to portray Mohan's emotions, and he sweetly replied a 'thank you!' as well!Embarrassed

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