Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2


Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2
Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2

Musings over Mystifying Mysteries of Monuland-33

devilsadvocate IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 April 2013 at 3:50pm | IP Logged
Hello people Smile
Song of the Day
I wanted to find an apt poem praise the build up, the writting, the confession and mostly the confrontation...But I find that I am kind of short of words...which is a new one for me...but still I will try...
The Pathos:
        we start with the new day, Megha awakens to a new day with her RJ. The child which she has fallen in love, for a moment there she is content. The world is right, but the moment is over and then she realizes where she is. She goes out to check on him, to see the morning perhaps...She has had an eventful, painful one at that...Maybe she wanted to see if he got any peace...she spies him sleeping haphazardly, as if he was fighting with his Demons in his sleep as well...She sees his unruly posture, his ruffled hair and she senses his agitation...she knows the reason for it, and she feels the pain within him and a lone tear comes unbidden to her eyes...She comes close to him, so she can try to observe him closely, perhaps feel him near her, this is the only time she can be close to him without the fear that he will know her deepest feelings...she gently touches him, takes his hand and sort of collects him into his being...Make him a little comfortable and then she leaves...coz this is the only thing she can give right now...her tired drained heart cannot muster she anymore...
Unbeknowest to her, He is awake. he feels her tender ministrations, but he stays still...frozen in place...startled, surprised...Takes what he can get, puzzled by this kindness yet yearning for it nonetheless...his own helplessness and pain brings an answering tear to his eye too...and the only thing he can do is Sigh...
The Phone Calls:
  Spidey Chavanni *sigh* I love these two Big smile So the phone call  to the Nanster...*Sigh*...I love these little out reality exchanges between Spidey and Chavanni Big smile I loved he kept being the overprotective daddy and she being the belligerent independent daughter...and Guess what papa of the 21st century is doin?? LOLLOLLOLLOL  Ghor Kalyug!!!!ShockedLOL Telling her to take boy toy along with her LOLLOLLOLLOL Wah wah 21st century ke are awesome! WinkLOL Do you teach classes by any chanceWinkLOL
Eureka Times:
Wink LOL
Guru= Heyaa Bhaiyaa darling!!!!  WinkBlushing wanna hear a secret
Monu= Say whaa??Shocked  So early in the morning TongueBig smileBlushing
Guru= Yea Ahh...I think Villian lady is Alseep...We can Do a Kaali Kaali Ankhein in the Backyard Wink
Monu= No Re Ouch She is awake...she will put a chashma on our efforts Ouch
Guru= Damnit!!!! Angry  Anyway...Got you a Thumchu WinkBig smile
Monu= whats dat?Confused
Guru= Its a Circuit Plug Dumba$$ Pinch
Monu= Not sure what that means ConfusedEmbarrassed But I have pretty hair!! Tongue Gonna pout at you
Guru= Adorable Idiot!!!
Well looks like Monu and Guru have Phinally found the elusive beauty called enlightment...May Aslan keep them on this path!! Amen!
At Dino City:
 Awesome 3D Jurassic Park Gif3D glasses are sooo prehistoric.
The entry of Mr wormstache LOL
this. <3
Mu= Dadda dadda...Lookie Dont I look Pweety Embarrassed
Daddasaurus= Nom Nom Nom...BONESS!!!!!Eating drumstick animated emoticon
Mu= Dadda Look at me!!!! I got my Butt Done!!! DOnt it look Hawt!!! Big smile
Dadda= Nope Stern Smile
Mu= Ouch did you want me to get a Grungey look like her *shows Nanhi's Picture* Ouch
Dadda= YES!!!TongueTongueTongueTongue Dadda like Grungey...Dadda eat Grunjiii...Make her Ganjiii...Bring her
Mu= Broken Heart Angry Fudge you A$$**le!! Do It Yourself!!!AngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngry
Dadda= Confusion animated emoticon
Coming up...Ignorezivoi of Aarti Renu LOL Wink
and riding Past in full speed Big smile Laters Aarti Renu...Have Phun with wind chimes Wink
  We start with RJ's emotional blackmail of Megha...Just like she does to Mohan...but with Megha, everything is different...her love and her approval is very important to RJ for some reason...Just like her Dad, she is willing to do things she never would have tried before just for Megha...RJ agrees to Megha's commands any request, which Stuns daddy dearest because she has been making him dance to her tunes since she was a little girl and today this little girl has transformed so much that she is willing to listen to another person...go against her own wishes to please her...He must be thinking, what is it that Megha has, that demands such devotion...From his little monster and from him? Why is she someone who brings out the best in everyone surrounding her, including him? What is it about her that demands that people present their absolute best to her...
For ladies who are keeping count...Mohan has just falling further 3 feet down the rabbit holeWinkLOL
Side Note: SONAL I LOVE YOU!!!!Hug *Very very Inappropriate kisses to you* I only give special people inappropriate kisses so its an honor ok...dont be offendedEmbarrassed
So Back Again...Big smile FInally *sigh*
So Megha starts the Kahani...She narrates her whole life story to RJ...Gently, slowly, soothingly this fairytale starts...we meet the Mommy Nightingale, the Baby Nightingale and the Little Nightingale...she talks about their small little world, confined to each other...maybe not complete but content...their love, their support each other is all roses in hindsight...those days were remembered with such beauty and mention of how hard it was to fight there circumstances...I guess its everything is Rosy in Hindsight *sigh*
She continues with the story, where a new character comes...a Parrot this time...Both and Mohan and RJ are captured by the story...Megha meets Mohan's eyes and sees the surprise and a pleasant shock she finally admits that not only him, she loved him with everything in her being and Mohan cannot believe it...cant believe his good luck...He is holding himself still...Bracing for the incoming impact...and it happens...she pours out her dread and hurt over the abandonment...the Abandonment of her family, her feelings...Her small little world that he left incomplete...she and her family is incomplete because of him...without him and his promise...
The Barbs hit their mark...and Mohan is all eyes and ears now...the accusations come and they bleed him and he cant hold himself still any despite himself he starts his side of the story...the new resolution of not providing a character certificate goes out the window and both of them launch into their fight...maybe this is the only way they both can air out their issues without hurting each other beyond the presence of a third party,where RJ can be used as a they both say there parts...let the wounds bleed hurt them again...worry the scabs, and torture themselves with wounded eyes and double edged swords of words...they are left bleeding but they are not done yet...
The blood is now drowning reason, it has finally come to a head...Finally they cant hold themselves back...if once the gate of despair are open...the let the blood flow and run them dry...Mohan cant it anymore...No More Silence, no more round about conversations...He says it plain and simple...ITS NOT OVER!!! Never from Him!!! It will never be over him! No matter what she thinks...this is not over, because its incomplete...He is incomplete...she is incomplete...and unless they both fill in each other to give each other the will never be over.
So She finally, finally says what has been festering within...YOU LEFT ME!!! You left us!!  YOU LEFT! 12 years ago...12 years...but this time he is ready with the answer...It was she who pushed him away...she was the one who couldnt stand being near was her who felt like she was betraying her son by being happy with him...accepting his comfort...She could have asked him to stay...she could have stopped him...but she didnt...she wanted to punish herself...she chose this sentence for both of them...and all these years he has been bearing it silently...alone...all by himself...
Dont bring my son into this, she son has nothing to do with your are the one who left me...Alone, she says? You were Alone? you found someone betrayed found someone else to heal your is only me, who is left bleeding...from where I am are not bleeding the same wounds as I have a different wound now...Your other wife's missing from your heart...where I should have been...You gave my place to someone else...How Dare you??
How dare he?? How dare She? How dare ever think he would think of anyone but her...when he worships the ground that she walks on...How dare she thinks that he would ever even think of another when her thoughts never give him peace...How dare she think there would be someone else in his heart when its overflowing with her?? How dare she doubt him and his love for her...Cant she herself when she looks in his eyes...Cant she see his soul, broken beaten but still yearning for her...what would it take for her to believe?
And Megha is again thrown into the depths of this whirlpool of confusion
Thank you Holy Mother of Aslan's Pants...I am soo relieved *SIGH* 
So very curious if there will be a hubby wifey fight inbetween Guru Monu Big smileLOL No Kantaanps plej...Even though he deserves it...I wuv him too much for the abuse...Just Give him the Silent treatment...You Know the Kyun Na bole Mose Mohan type stuffLOLLOLLOLLOL'
Precap: dont care Big smile
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you guys...I am sooo elated...I am still looking for a perfect Poem...But i am finally done soo happy...
Tomorrow is my day off Big smile So Hopefully I will get a chance to do this earlier *sigh*
Be kind to me okay...Embarrassed
P.S. Incase you are wondering!!! DONEZO!!!
EDIT:  Song number 2, coz I absolutely cannot resist Big smile

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Why hello there,

Been waiting. Your post doesn't seem to have the usual energy to it.
Update soon, so that I can read to my hearts content. And reply. LOL

*Sending some energy down *

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Leesan IF-Rockerz

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Waiting eagerly on today's musings!! Wink  Hovering over Monuland! So...take your time! I can wait, even if I get a bit queasy ! LOL  Steady, Scottie! She's not quite ready yet! Wink

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swavai2 Goldie

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Very apt describtion so far Meera. Update, take your time, inhale those feelings and let them sink in.

I could not sleep properly the range of emotions shown in one MM scene, so powerful.

I loved, loved the entire epi.HHairo's Zulfe in the morning, his Sunna to chawanni and a lonely tear while he woke up (you have described so far till this tear)

ll see you here later.

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Samilicious.. IF-Dazzler

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Res *waiting anxiously for analysis* Smile

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_Rini_ IF-Dazzler

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Ahh! Today, the feelings of Megha were so conspicuous!
During that discourse of Tota-Maina story, Mohan was indeed so hurt to see the tenacious belief of Megha, that Mohan did nothing to find Addu. It seemed to be piercing his heart.Cry
That mirror scene! Wow! So well executed, I must say. The chagrin in Megha's eyes, her disappointment at her failure to understand Mohan correctly, was superbly depicted. Their eyes spoke volumes, besides their words. Yes, I am overjoyed that they finally spoke their heart out, (though not completely yet, but I am ready to waitLOL) especially through that Tota-Maina story. I loved how blandly and suavely Mohan told her about the truth regarding his remarriage. *sigh* The way he held her face, so lovingly indeed! I am touched.
And now, Guru, its your turn to confess about the mammoth lie!Ouch
And do update it soon. Will comment once again when whole of the post is up.Big smileBig smile

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Sah1 IF-Dazzler

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Eagerly waiting for ur post n searching for it

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I am eagarly waiting for an yet another dramatic post from you. Awesome post buddy. 

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