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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

OS- Hospital Ne Bana Di Jodi

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HeartOS- Hospital Ne Bana Di JodiHeart

Idea Credit- Preet [HK90]...  Hug

"Oh No... Damn. I am going to miss my Bus today." Khushi exclaimed while running on the pavement as if Her total life depended on it.

It was 7:32 and there were just 3 minutes left for Her Bus to arrive on the bus stop.

Khushi huffed while coming to a stand still.

The Bus stop was practically empty except for a few people standing and a few sitting on the stands.

To Khushi's surprise, A husky voice declared from behind, "It Just Left."

Khushi turned around to see a Guy sitting on the bench and reading a book.

"Oh.. Did You miss it too?" Khushi said while sinking in the end of the seat.

He raised his head, smiled up to his piercing caramel eyes and said, "Yeah. Sort Of. Does not matter."

"Oh... But I have to be there on time. I have an appointment." Khushi whined.

"Appointment?? Where??" The stranger questioned.

"I have an appointment at The City Square Hospital." Khushi said while craning Her neck to check for the next Bus.

"Oh... Our Destinations are the same too." The stranger exclaimed.

"You are going to the Hospital ??" Khushi looked at the Man with wide eyes.

"Yes. Any special reason for Your visit??" The Guy quizzed.

"Umm... Actu- Actually, I have an appointment with Dr. Arnav Singh Raizada." Khushi hesitated.

"Dr. Arnav Singh Raizada?? Is He a Good Doctor?" The stranger questioned.

"Umm... I don't know. I have not yet met Him." Khushi hesitated while fingering Her wrist watch.

"And I hope I never meet Him again." Khushi whispered.

"Sorry, I did not catch the last part." The Guy questioned.

"No... Nothing. Actually, Dr. Arnav's Sister had
met Me and My Mother at some Wedding and She had asked for My hand in marriage. I am surprised that My Mom is very much happy with alliance without even consulting Me. How outrageous!" Khushi blabbered without even considering that Her audience was a Stranger.

"Certainly Outrageous! So, You are going to reject Him as soon as you meet Him now??" The stranger questioned.

"No! Since My Parents and Family are so excited about this alliance, I am going there to consider this so-called-Doctor." Khushi explained.

"Hmm... So what are Your considerations? Smart? Good Looking? Intelligent??" The stranger mused.

"As far as I have heard about Him... I am expecting a scruff old Man with large spectacles on his nose and scary eyes." Khushi mused and giggled at the imaginary doctor in Her mind.

The stranger found himself smiling at Khushi's musings.

When there was no reply from the stranger, Khushi turned and found herself arrested in the soft eyes of the stranger.

"By the way, I am Khushi." Khushi said breaking the awkward silence.

"No doubt on this thought." The stranger confirmed while smiling at Her.

"Thank You. And You are?" Khushi questioned.

"I am Arn-..." The strangers introduction was cut off by a shrill ringing phone.

"Oopps... Sorry! It's My phone... Excuse Me." Khushi said while flipping the phone to receive the call.

"Hey, A!" Khushi sighed loudly.

"Khushi?? Where are You?? Are You at the hospital yet?? Did You meet Him already? Are
You saying Yes to this alliance??" Aakash rained questions as soon as Khushi finished Her

"Will You Relax? I am still at the Bus Stop! Will reach there in another 15 minutes. And dont let Your hopes touch the ceiling. The Guy You described is definitely not my type... I might even reject this one." Khushi said in an agitated tone.

"Oh, Okay. Yeah. Right. See You with a smiling nod of Yes." Aakash teased while Khushi rolled Her eyes.

"Hey... Our Bus has pulled over." The stranger signalled with His eyes towards the Bus approaching the Bus stop.

"My Bus is here. Bye, A!" Khushi sighed and kept the phone back in Her bag.

When the Bus stopped in front of The City Square Hospital, The stranger turned and smirked, "See You around, Khushi." 

Khushi was feeling extremely nervous but still managed to smile and before she could respond  the stranger walked away from Her and entered the Hospital.

Khushi composed Herself and entered the Hospital's lobby and approached the reception desk.

"Hello. My Name is Khushi Gupta. I have an appointment with Dr Arnav Singh Raizada.."

"Sure. Have a seat. The doctor has reported right now. He will call You in 5 minutes."

Khushi settled on one of the couches and looked around the lobby searching for the stranger that She had met  at the Bus Stop.

"Khushi Gupta."  The lady at the reception called out intervening Her thoughts.

"Yes. That's Me." Khushi said and walked towards the Doctor's cabin.

Taking a deep breath, She knocked twice on the double doors of the cabin.

"Come in."

Khushi was surprised to hear the voice which had the same husk as that of the stranger.

Swiping Her wavering thoughts away, Khushi took a deep breath and pushed the double doors open.

The interiors of the cabin were done tastefully in shades of red and oak browns.

Khushi looked directly at the tall and well built man standing in front of the glass table.

A gasp left Khushi's mouth as Her eyes got arrested in the soft yet piercing caramel eyes again.

"Arnav Singh Raizada." Khushi whispered.

"Khushi Gupta." Arnav smirked.

"You are the Doctor??" Khushi said while assessing Him again.

Exceedingly Handsome with perfect soft eyes. The smirk adorning His lips made His face look sharper.

The Doctors coat was always a thing that Khushi detested but now it made the person standing in front of Her strike an aura around Him which was so perfect.

Oops...No scruffy old man with scary eyes and large glasses.

Khushi mentally smacked Herself for blabbering so much to a total stranger.

Arnav, on the other hand, was watching Khushi fight Her own self with an amused expression.

"Wont You take a seat??" Arnav said trying not to laugh at Her expression of surprise.

"Umm.. OK. Why didn't You tell Me that You were Dr. Arnav Singh Raizada??" Khushi inquired while settling down in one of the seats in front of the glass table.

"Khushi, You can call Me Arnav." Arnav smiled and continued, "I wanted to know You impromptu without any pressure on either of Us."

"Arnav... You knew I was coming here to assess You??" Khushi questioned curiously.

Arnav liked the way Khushi spoke His Name. It
sounded Melodious to the ear.

"Hmmm... So, Did You consider the so-called Doctor? Is He perfect for You??" Arnav teased.

Khushi could feel the warm blood rush on Her cheeks.

"Are You okay with this marriage alliance??" Khushi questioned because She was someone who could not keep quiet for long.

She was here to 'reject' Him and She was the first person to talk about marriage.

"Umm..Yes but What about Your 'right type of Guy'?" Arnav smirked.

"You are Perfect for Me." Khushi accepted.

"But You never ever wanted to see Me again???" Arnav inquired raising his left eyebrow.

"I would love to see You all My life." Khushi replied not quiet meeting His eyes.

"So that means its a Yes?" Arnav inquired making Khushi look at Him.

"Yes!" Khushi replied.

"Khushi, Would You like to spend the rest of the day with Me??"

"But what about the Appointments and the patien-??" Khushi was cut off by Arnav.

"That can wait... This cant." Arnav said and kissed Khushi's forehead entwining their hands in the process.

Perfect Beginning to Arnav and Khushi's Life of togetherness.Heart

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Yayyy... Me First... Big smile

Reserved for a long comment.. Embarrassed

As of now! *DANCING* Dancing



Ohkay! This is what I call Rab ne... Nah! Hospital ne Bana di Jodi!

The co-incidental meeting at the Bus Stop.. Though it wasn't a co-incident! LOL
It was really cute the way Arnav kept questioning about "THE DOCTOR" and Khushi frankly replying! Embarrassed

Hahahahaha... I can clearly imagine Khushi's Expression! LOL



"Are You okay with this marriage alliance??" Khushi questioned because She was someone who could not keep quiet for long.

"Umm..Yes but What about Your 'right type of Guy'?" Arnav smirked.

"You are Perfect for Me." Khushi accepted.

"But You never ever wanted to see Me again???" Arnav inquired raising his left eyebrow.

"I would love to see You all My life."
Khushi replied not quiet meeting His eyes.

"So that means its a Yes?" Arnav inquired making Khushi look at Him.

"Yes!" Khushi replied.

"Khushi, Would You like to spend the rest of the day with Me??" 

"But what about the Appointments and the pati-??" Khushi was cut off by Arnav.

"That can wait... This cant." Arnav said and kissed Khushi's forehead entwining their hands in the process.

Awww... Such an adorable way to propose... Blushing

Please can I have this Arnav to myself... Blushing Day Dreaming

Loved it to bits my love...

Love you itnnaaa saaaraaa Sabz.. Heart

Blow Kiss Blow Kiss Blow Kiss Blow Kiss

Minu... rose

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aww.. I so want to blabber Di... 
par will save it for some other Time.. :P 

aww... their destination was meant to be same ..:* 

Freak.. I have a family doc .. n we always do to him.. n looks the same Di... Khdoos. with scary eyes n bade bade specs.. I swear half of the time I m also scared to tell him ki prob kya hai DI..:P 
aww.. par lucky Khushi... she had a total ahem ahem Doctor Di.. ;) 

I told Minu DI is its gona be bada bang boom Di,,, n tada.. jab Khushi came to know .. I was like .. beechari kaha fas gayi .. :D

jab Khushi says U Perfect for me .. I was so awwing Di... 

n jab She saya I wanna see all my life .. bas .. I was too totally Ghayal Di.. tab was my time to go to hospital DI.. par ek condition ke sath .. KI mujhe bhi same doc chahiye ..:P 
par I will just see n approve him for Minu Di..:P Minu DI ki RING waiting nah ..:P :P 
p.s: Minu Di if u read dis .. do tell me will he wrong ?? ENGAGEMENT paaki ?? ;) 

aww.. it was so cute Di n adorable ... n without injections n med Di..:P 

btw Di.. seriously .. is wali ki kya inspiration hai ?? the cute doc Di ?? ;) 

LOVED IT DI... <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

P>S: Khush khbari.. I saw Minu Di has approved yeh wala Arnav .. toh sorry Khushi .. we kidnapping him for minu Di.. keep the RING ready Di.. ;) :* 

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i promise that tomorrow you will find all my comment edited Wink
today i'm feeling to low 
jus read it anf i lready loved it a better comment tomorrow 
nice why to make them meet 
i always thinked that Arnav in white look so hotEmbarrassed


finally i'm here what to say i simply love it yaar 
it was super duper amazing, fantastic 
and truly writte very vey beautifully 
i was danm sure that the man at the bus station was none other ther the sexy Raizada Embarrassed she tald him everything that she was thinking about him, only Khushi can do thi LOL 
she was thinking that he was old and not handsome LOL but jab mile to shock lag gaya because he met the stanger and found out that he is Arnav, i loved when he asked if she was ready to spend the rest of her life with him it was so romantic simply amazing 
loved it too the core Heart
Thanks you too too much for writing on my suggetion even thonght all the credit goes to you because you wrote and portryed it really in a amazing way. 

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Abi.Na IF-Dazzler

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Awww... This is such a cute OS!
Love it so much...
chavvi16 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 April 2013 at 5:14pm | IP Logged
Well it had to be him only right
Man that was hilarious
Poor thing didn't know she was talking about him only to him
Hawww bata nahin sakte the that you are the doctor
But in the end it didn't matter right
I just love your this series of os dear
Cheers for pm
happygolucky234 Senior Member

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aww adorable
arnav would look so handsome in a dotor's coat Heart
Sweta... Goldie

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Awhhh I had a feeling it was arnav at the bus stop and it was good reading about him being a doctor rather than shrewd businessman for once lol amazing how khushi actually spoke so much to a stranger like whole situation little did she know it was her future pati lol because no was not on the cards for arnav :) hahahaha amazing :) and the way he signalled the bus came with his eyes was cute :) and when she Mae in and was like ASR and he's like khushi Gupta and then smiles knowing she's kickin herself and fighting with herself from within like amazing :) great :) loved it :) and the fact arnav asked her is she'd considered him was plain sweet :) great Os :) thnaks for the pm :)

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