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Hola amigos...

I am back with my bakwas...

I was a bit happy today and wanted to write something...

It's a complete rambling from my side...

I must thank Beatrice for giving me this wonderful idea... I was supposed to pen down this before 9 days but silly me. Did not have time...


I thank all those who encouraged me to write, by giving their lovely comments on all my previous work...

Dil se dhanyawad...


and all my silent readers... I know you read and appreciate, but I would really be happy if you hit like button or comment...

I am taking time from my studies and writing...i don't think it will take more than two minutes to hit like and comment if you like my work you know...

But yes I will not force anyone... its completely your choice...


Oki... now read the story and lemme know how it is...




"shayad aaj raute laut aayega..."

"sir..." piped in Shree...

"kya hua Shree...????"

"mujhe na aap logon se kuch kehna hai... wo aaj..."

Sameer, Shree, Aisha, chotu and liza discussed something in sameer's cabin.

"wont this be too much????" asked Aisha

"nahin yaar Aisha...dekh, mauka bhi hai... reason bhi... chal na..."

"lekin Shree..."

"team... its final. We ll do this... o there she comes. Mrs.Akdu Sadu Raute..."

"sir yun kahiye ki mrs.hitler..."



"hi Shree, chotu, Aisha and liza... good morning sir..."

"good morning riya... tumhari tabiyat kaisi hai?"

"theek hun sir.. bus thodi si thakaan hai bus... Arjun aagaye kya?"

"nope ri... you should be knowing it right?" Shree raised his eyebrow...

"he had called me and told he would come here directly..."

"ae lo... tumne mujhe yaad kiya and I am here..."


Everyone turned to the voice and found arjun standing at the cabin door with his bag with a huge smile on his face..


Yes, he was back after a tiresome mission. He was all alone, in a place far away from them, much to add into riya's worries and team's amusement. He was away for about a month now and his arrival was refreshing for them.


Shree in a hushed voice said to Aisha and liza next to them

"ab dekho Aisha, seedha ayenge and drop the bag on that table, say aaj kya sooraj pashchim se ug aaya hai Rathod ki you are not yelling here..."

"no ways.. he will first go to riya"

"lagi shart?! 500 from me Aisha.."

"I am in. 5 ka bhav. He ll go to riya" said liza

"sochlo. Haarne ke baad ye mat kehna ki I wont give specky sen" Shree mocked her.

They were interrupted by a faint thud voice. They turned to Arjun who had just dropped the bag on the table. Shree smirked at this and waited for Arjun to speak

"aaj kya sooraj pashchim se ug aaya hai Rathod ki you are not yelling here??? Ya humari team tumhari har baat maan ne lagi hai??"Arjun asked Rathod with a smirk on his face. Riya shook her head at his words.


"kaha than a maine??? Mikalo mere paise..."Shree said to liza with a victorious smile. She huffed and took money out of her purse and gave him.

"ye mat sochna specky ki tum jeet gaye. Aaje mujhe bhi mauke milege..."

"dekhenge... but now be ready oki..."



Shree looked at sameer who nodded his head.


Arjun then went towards riya who stood smiling at him and hugged her.

"I missed you so much darling"

"me too arjun..."


"arre riya, you should not be standing much right... please apna khayal rakha karo..." Shree said as if he was very much concerned about her.

Arjun immediately turned to her and cupped her face

"kya hua tumhe??? Theek to ho na riya?"

"Arjun wo main..."

"wo theek hai sir... bus aise haalat mein thakna common hai na... isiliye..."

Shree smiled sweetly at him.


Seeing Arjun turning towards riya again, sameer piped in and asked him to go and freshen up immediately.

Arjun glared at him and went to the rooms at the end of corridor.

He was out in half n hour, completely fresh. He placed his bag in the closet and came to conference room.

He saw liza bringing a big glass of juice and wondered for whom it was.

"ri... tum yahan baitho. And ye lo juice peelo. Don't give me that look. Ab tumhe apna zyada khayal rakhna hoga na...aisi laaparwaahi nahin chalegi. Lizz usse juice do."

"Shree I am fine. Mujhe kuch nahin hua hai... I don't want that juice... I want papaya juice.. I like it..."

"papaya???! Are you mad???!! Iss haalat mein you ll have papaya juice? No way... have this. Its good for you. I don't want to hear no from you."

"mujhe nahin peena Shree..."

"riya..." came voice from end of the table. She looked up only to find sameer Rathod glaring her

"chup chap peelo. I want you to finish it in 5 minutes. Warns main raute se kahunga..."

"no I ll have"

Se hurriedly drank the juice.

Sameer saw Arjun at the door confused at the scene infront of him. he saw every team member hovering around his wife as mother hens.

"arre raute!!! Tum aa gaye kya?? Chalo. We need to leave. Ek aur case hai... team lets move..."


Arjun wanted to speak to riya and so was she. But the team did not allow them any moment together.


"ri... tum na aaj office mein hi raho.. its not good for you to be in sun and work. Its not good for you in this condition."

"par chotu..."

"nahin riya... meri baat maano... agsr tum aisi haalat mein aayi and agar tumhe kuch hogaya to??? Naa baba na... tum yahin rehke aaraam karo. Bye... and yes don't stress yourself..."

"thik haii. Bye..."


Arjun saw this from far and also heard them.

He quietly went to SUV without speaking to her and sat in passenger seat.

"dammit... pehle we need to go to comm. Office and give him the file. I ll back in two..."

Sameer got off the suv and went to office. All other than Arjun saw each other and smiled.


Arjun leaned against his seat and closed his eyes. He was feeling a bit off all of a sudden.

Words spoken by his team was swirling in his mind creating havoc.

He thought-"what does all this mean???1 juice, no papaya... rest... kahin riya...????!!! no... agar aisa hota to she would have already told me... par..."

He was inturrepted by slamming of door by sameer.

"chale team???" he turned back and gave Shree a thumbs up. Then they sped towards comm. Office.



Few minutes earlier in hq

Sameer went to his cabin and took the file he had kept ready for the excuse. He then went to riya who was in Arjun's cabin. He kept a hand on her shoulder and asked her

"kya hua riya???"

"kuch nahin sir... bus aise hi..."

"you tell me riya... I am like your brother right..."

"wo...wo... Arjun did not even speak to me properly after he came. He never did this before... but aaj..."

"riya... he might be tired.."

"but he never did this in our one year of marriage. But aaj Achanak kyun?i picked a shirt from the spare dresses and had kept it ready but he did not bother to wear it. He wore something else..." she whined

Sameer in his mind"kaam aur bhi asaan ho gaya"

Then to riya- "shayad usse uss place main koi sundar draupadi ya susheel subhadra mil gayi hogi... aakhir Arjun jo hai..." he smiled inwardly at her horrified expression.

"nahin... it cant be..."

"why not?! See..think logically. He is not talking to you properly, which he never did before. He ignored you... may be he found someone..." he trailed and then left office smirking.




They went to comm. Office and while coming outside Shree started

"chotu, pata hai, maa bante waqt ladies ko special attention chahiye. Nahin to bohut zyada cranky bante hai..."

"haan Shree... pata hai. Taayi jab maa ban ne waali thi to maine dekha tha. And also they advise not to lift things, take stress etc."

"haan yaar... and always healthy food, fruits lena chahiye..."


Arjun was just two steps behind them. He heard their words and felt like they were referring to riya.

In his mind- "iska matlab riya sach mein maa ban ne waali hai? I need to speak to her..."


Suddenly his thoughts were broken by an over excited liza

"Shree, aaj kal na riya is glowing right??? I mean she is having a special aura around her..."

"yeah... I have seen... ye to hona hi chahiye na..." he glanced behind his shoulder and smiled.


Soon the case was solved and they all returned to ETF office.

Arjun was fuming that riya had not shared this news with him. after all he was soon to be dad...

He went and sat in his cabin and avoided riya. He did not speak a word to her.

Riya was beginning to believe sameer's words

"kahin sach main unki life main koi aur... I need to grab his attention.."


She started to move towards his cabin but was asked for some files by sameer. he saw a disappointed look on her face.

Riya went to get files from shelf which was very near to arjun's cabin. A the same time sameer entered Arjun's cabin asking her to bring the file there itself. Riya picked out the files which were asked by sameer and kept them on table one by one. After placing about 6 heavy files she went ahead to pick them.

"RIYA. Tumhe aise bhaari cheesein nahin uthani chahiye.. its not good for your health now.. lao.. I ll take these..."

Chotu came and picked all the files and entered the cabin. Riya followed him and saw an accusing glare shot to her from Arjun.

She was confused both at arjun's behavior and her team mates who were behaving like mother hens.

"knock some sense in then Durga maa... I just suffered from fever and not pregnant ki ye mat karo, wo mat karo...ufff..." she said in her mind. 


"Arjun..." she called her dearest hubby in the sweetest voice.

He just raised his eyebrow asking her what she wanted.

"wo... mujhe na... ice-cream khane ka mann hai... baahar chale??"

"riya you should not have..." sameer trailed off as he sensed two glares at him.


"no Riya. I am busy at the moment. Ask anyone else."

He resumed his work

"but Arjun I want to go out with you..."

Arjun stood up and banged his hands on the table starling both riya and sameer



Sameer saw this and felt their prank had pissed arjun

He quietly left them alone and went out to speak to his team but found no one..


In the cabin

Riya was in tears.

"I missed you all the week and you are back now. Why are you behaving like this and ignoring me Arjun?"

"tum mujh se itni badi baat chupa sakti ho cant I ignore you? Great logic mrs.Riya raute..."

"I did not want to worry you stating about my condition Arjun...i..."

"APRIL FOOL ARJUN SIR..."both Arjun and riya turned to see their team sans sameer at door with wide grins.

"what the... ye kya???"

"haan wo...RIYA..."

Arjun turned only to see riya falling to ground.

"riya... aankhen kholo..." Arjun sat on ground with her head on his lap. He panicked and patted her cheeks..

"chotu jaldi gaadi nikaal. Itna tez bukhar tha two days se usse and she did not even agree to take rest. Hogayi na aaj weakness se behosh. Sir chaliye aap..."

arjun picked her in his arms and went to hospital.



They were waiting n the corridor for doctor.

"ye sab kya tha Shree?? Care to explain me??"

"sir wo... aaj april 1st hai na... to hum sab logon ne socha ki..."

"kya? Kya socha?"

"I ll tell you raute. Shree ka plan tha ki we all will make you and riya april fools taking advantage of situations. We wanted you to think she was pregnant but... we are extremely sorry..."

"sameer sorry???!!!! Sorry se kya hoga??? You people were actually playing with our emotions dammit!!!! How could you..." he ran his fingers in his hair trying to stay calm. Team members hung their head down

"sorry sir... meri wajah se..."


At that time doc came and asked who was her husband

"its me doc. Arjun. Riya ka pati"

"well mr. Arjun... ab aapko riya ka poora khayal rakhna hoga.. she should not take any kind of stress, no lifting weights, have healthy food... keep her happy all the time."


Arjun asked confused. Rest of the team was waiting in anticipation

"Congradulations mr.arjun... you are going to be dad... she is 2 months pregnant... take good care of her"

She patted his arm.

"can i... can I meet her? And does she know?"

"yeah you can. And I did not tell her yet. You want me to???"

"no doc... I ll... thank you soo much"


Doctor smiled at him and left.

"Congratulations Arjun... aakhir papa ban ne waale ho..."

"thanks sam..."

Everyone congratulated him and then he went inside to meet riya.

"ye kaisi laaparwaahi hai riya? Apna khayal nahin rakh sakti ho kya tum??"

"Arjun wo..."

"agar tumhe ya meri princess ko kuch ho jaata to?? Mamma apna khayal rakhna seekho..."

He sat nest to her and pulled her to himself

"aap naaraaz nahin ho?"

"kyun?it was team who played prank on us mumma... take care of yourself"

She had not paid attention to his words first. Now it hit her

"wait... mamma?!!!!"

"yap meri jaan... in 7 months we ll have our baby in our arms... you are pregnant riya..." he hugged her.

Tears of happiness made their way from her eyes. She slowly kept her hand on her belly where their child was growing.

"main...main maa ban ne waali hun?? Kahin ye sapna to nahin hai na arjun??"

"no riya.. we are going to be parents..." he cleared her tears and kissed her forehead. She hugged him tight and kept her head above his heart...


The entire team saw this from outside and had happy tears in their eyes.





can you suggest me title???!please... nothing flashed in my mind

I know it was long and a crappy piece. Bear me.

I ll be waiting for your likes and comments (if you find it worth, then please do like and comment)



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Just loved this story...
Prank kafi had tak accha thha...
Arjun aur Riya parents banne wale hai...
Loved the ending a lot...
It was really sweet and a Lovely OS...
Thanks for the pm,dear.

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Totally good..
love it..

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Awesome os dear

Thanks for the pm

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nice OS ,, they are going to be parents
Love it

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WOW!!! first the team plays a prank... and then it becomes true!!! Nyc 1!!

It's name should be something like: "The True Lie"

Edited by dashequalsd3 - 10 April 2013 at 2:14pm

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Wooww awesome !!
loved it

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wow awesome os
they are going to be parentsEmbarrassed lovely
hehe team's prank became trueLOLROFL
just loved it

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