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TDLS(Dark Love)-Bk 2. Imp note on Pg 93 (Page 75)

-Kritika- Goldie

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Posted: 15 January 2014 at 7:25am | IP Logged
ya we will wait don't worry take ur time ... 

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andy.a IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 January 2014 at 7:54am | IP Logged
Hi gargi,
am extremelly sorry for the late reply. My sem exams and other things delayed the comment.
The update was just awesome. The journey to the past was very thrilling.
Was shocked to knw manyata was a part witch, that explains some of her powers.
Manyata is yet to knw her full past story,
eagerly waiting for the past to fully unfold.
Thanks for the pm,
and once again sorry abt the late reply

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...navina... IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 January 2014 at 9:00am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sweet_gargi

Hey friends i hope all of you are doing great!..Smile Coming to a serious note...

Firstly Sorry Friends.. I was about to post my next chapter yesterday as promised for 14th Jan. But my cousin met with an accident and I had to take care of also I have some pending urgent work so won't be able to update. I will however update tomorrow for sure..Till then do cooperate with me

Looking forward to tomorrow's update GargiDay Dreaming.
And ...  hope your cousin get's well soonBig smile.

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perfection IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 January 2014 at 7:45pm | IP Logged
 ok will problem...ur doing a great jobClapClap thnx for giving uis such a interesting stryTongue

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sweet_gargi IF-Dazzler

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Note: The first part of the Chapter is dedicated to the readers  who had requested since long time to give a romantic scene between ManVeer. I made an attempt. Hope you all like it.Smile

Chapter 11... Haunting is sweeter if its you who haunts me 

Udayveer had started day dreaming about Manyata and this was becoming a daily affair after coming back to London for his business. He tried to keep himself completely engaged with work but when he was free in the evening, Manyata's smile, her voice her figure had started haunting him, tormenting him. He knew his mind was playing this dirty game, the game of love for which may be his mind and heart have united to fight against him. He had explained himself a thousand times that spending some time in England was important for his business as his employees had taken work lightly, expecting their boss not to return soon. Its only because of his most dear friend Avinash, who was also his secretary, who called up his boss and told him to come back urgently as the rivals of Shaurya Group of Hotels was getting stronger and it was sensed that someone was passing the confidential information to their competitors. This was a crucial time for his company and Udayveer was a person for whom his work was the primary identity and he could not let the image of Shaurya group of Hotels been weakened by just any trivial person. He also wanted to give Manyata some time to think seriously about their relation, whether she really felt the sparks between them or it was just fake. 

It was quite cold with harsh winds blowing violently and battling with the window panes. Udayveer closed the windows as the room was getting colder, when suddenly two soft hands curled his arms from back. Uday closed his eyes as he felt his dreams hovering over him again. But this time he felt like those hands were real that were touching his body so passionately. He touched them and felt like those hands were really there. He closed his eyes to feel them. A smile crept his lips and instantly his voice uttered..


He turned to the front to witness his princess as he could not believe that she was actually in front of him. Manyata smiled at him like an angel and came closer to him slowly, but steadily and planted a soft kiss on his cheeks. That feeling which Uday had experienced that time, was enough to give birth to roses in the deserts of his long lived lonely life. 

Manyata had played a soft and slow romantic number to lighten up Uday's mood and she smiled realizing she was successful. She took his hands in her's and gestured for a dance. Uday gave a soft nod expressing with an eye blink and their hands intertwined in each other's and the magic of love grew in the air. Their bodies moved in the same rhythm, erasing the distance between them.
"I have been watching you for such a long time. Why were you avoiding me love? Why don't you come back to me?. We can love happily ever after, if you wish so"  Manyata whispered in his ears. Uday smiled and replied back with equal love evident in his eyes.

"Because I want to give you time to miss me and love me more princess. Don't you want to love me more when I come back to you? "

"Liar..." Manyata smirked, " You are here for your business deals, you give more importance to your business than me. Isn't that so?.." Manyata looked to another side and remarked with fake disappointment in her voice and face. 

Uday smiled at her expressions..."That's not true my love. You know that I miss you everyday. If that wasn't so, then I would not have been dreaming about you at this moment. Don't you think so?..." Uday tugged a lock of her hair behind her ears lovingly and waited for her answer. 

Manyata grew impatient and suddenly took his lips into her's and started kissing intensely. Uday was a bit taken aback but as long as his mind played good games like this he didn't want it to be disturbed. He too reciprocated the kiss and both were wildly pulling each other's hair to encourage the kiss to continue. Udayveer was afraid to open his eyes, as he feared that the beautiful dream may get over!.. But then Manyata broke the kiss and Uday dreaded that she would soon disappear leaving him all alone in the room. He slowly opened his eyes to be surprised, that she was still present in front of him.

Manyata smiled seeing his condition. She ran her fingers across his face, touched his eyes, his lips and then his chin.

"Tch tch tch...See how worried you are that I will go away from you, come back to me before I go away from you forever Uday. What if, the time that you are giving me to realize your love, fades away from my heart. What if I forget you and fall in love with someone else? What if its too late for you to come back to me and I reject you if you even come? "..

Uday's expressions changed from softer to harder. He instantly held her by her waist and pulled her closer to him. With her face almost an inch apart from his face due to his harshly pulling of her hair with his hands, he spoke his words very clearly and firmly.

"Don't you ever do the mistake of forgetting me princess. I will never let any other men come near you. Whoever come in between us will suffer the fate of death in my hands. I have lost you once, but won't repeat the same mistake again".. 

Uday eyes still bore the anger and seriousness but Manyata gave a smile to him and slowly disappeared in the darkness of the cold room. 

When Uday realized that he was again cheated by his mind, he banged on the wall with his fist..
"Damn..What is happening to me? I was never this weak until now. What if she really forgets my love for her. Her family doesn't want me to be her life partner. That grandmother of her's is very cunning. She will try in every way to separate us with her devious tricks. I will have to do something before its too late. I have to get my work completed here and be off to India before its too late." 

Uday was determined of his thoughts this time. After laying still for a few minutes he headed off  to take a shower which he badly needed due to the perspiration caused by the ongoing tensions.  


"Can you hear me Manyata? Answer me please?..." the doctor softly replied to her to which Manyata gave a weak nod. The doctor felt relieved, as she got the confirmation that Manyata still could feel them and she was not totally lost in her past world.

"Tell me Manyata how can you say that you know that man?..How did you take his name?..Have you seen him in this birth? " the doctor tied to get the answers.

"hmm..." was all she could utter. 

"What is his name and how does he look? doctor inquired

"He is very handsome and has so much royalty in him. His name is Shaurya Pratap Singh, the king of Chunargarh." Manyata spoke in a weak but clear voice and the doctor made a note of the name and description given.

"Alright Manyata, go more ahead, try to know why you are there and what is going on. You need to know now how you will meet him. "

"Yess, am going ahead...He is very tensed as he has no heir to his throne. Ohhh my Godd!!..That is his brother..I know him too!!" Manyata got restless after seeing Shaurya's brother. There was sweat all over her face. This made the doctor very curious but before she could ask Manyata again replied

" His brother is trying to convince him to give his queen another chance as bringing of an heir to the throne is very important. He says that his people are laughing at the king that he can't have a child, but some are really worried for the future of Chunargarh. They want to know who will reign after Shaurya Pratap"...

The psychiatrist decided to let her speak and interrupt only when there was a long interval of silence from Manyata. After a few minutes she again spoke

"Shauyra Pratap is very angry and doesn't want to give his queen another chance as he thinks her not to be worthy of it. He suspects she cheated on him for someone, but doesn't know the person. He is determined to find out the identity of that man and kill him!" Manyata gets a bit scared saying that as its visible on her face.

"He decides to marry once again but before that meet Chunni Bai. Shaurya's brother argues at his remark of marrying again saying that it is not necessary, but Shaurya has decided and tells his brother to leave."

Manyata was quiet for a long time and this made Dr Veena intervene. 

"Manyata who is this brother of Shaurya Pratap?...Do you know him?..What is his name?.."

"Hmm..He is Rajkumar Akshay, who hates Shaurya Pratap. DS has fixed my engagement with him." Tears ran down her eyes while saying so.

The doctor again notes down each point carefully and tries to connect the missing dots of past and present.

"Go ahead dear..Find out about that queen of Shaurya Pratap and if you know her personally." she instructed

"Noo..I have not seen her before. " Manyata replied confidently. She suddenly gave a stern and shocked expression.

"The man who Shaurya Pratap suspects to be his queen's lover is non other than his own brother!.."


Back in London...

Uday lay in the bath tub with his much needed whiskey to calm himself, but how much he didn't want to close his eyes, as the images of the past flashed in front of him. The place where he was looked so much similar except for the fact that it was his Manyata with him in the form of Chandralekha.


Shaurya and his Chanda were bathing together in the royal bathtub of Shaurya kaksh(room). There was a pool of milk and roses and some vessels full of steam to condition the hair with sweet fragrance. Both the naked bodies of the king and queen were glued to each other as the cold of the season made them chose the warmth of the bathtub to be in for several hours.

Shaurya fingers played with Chanda's body as he poured more milk on her. He rubbed her hair and massaged it and suck on her neck erotically. 

"Ummm...Ahhh swaami..." Chanda moaned a bit longer as Shaurya bit on her neck and pressed her nipples hardly. 

Chanda was lying on his lap with her back facing him when her moans increased making Sharuya turn on more. 

"Aap janti hai na ki apki ye angraiya humei aur bhi pagal bana deti hai.." (You do realize right that your moaning only makes me more wilder towards you" he whispered in a seductive way.

" He immediately turned her towards him and held her long hair with his left hand to life her face up to him and started kissing her to avoid her moans from growing louder, while his right hand was engaged in playing with her body. When he felt that Chanda was deeply involved in the kiss he continued playing with her tits, till he had enough of them and then ran his fingers in the rest of her body, before uniting completely with her and enjoying the rest of the night in soulful bliss.

That's all for the Chapter...

I hope it was long this time as it took me much time to write...Friends the Liked nowadays are really decreasing and if you all promise me tp provide at least 35 likes this time then I assure you to give a Promo soon for the next chapter. The promo can be within a week or less than that. But for that I need the LikesEmbarrassed..New readers please hit on Like. I won't eat you up if you do thatConfused


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Manveerangel Groupbie

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Posted: 16 January 2014 at 1:33pm | IP Logged
It was amazing 
Ummn so it was uday's dream or manyatha's 
newly discovered witch power?
The whole part was sooo nice loved it 
do continue soon 

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perfection IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 January 2014 at 3:55am | IP Logged
 you are doing a really geat job...but u r delaying to update...loving this story more  and more ...
loved the dream of uday sweet dream...can you guive some real romance between manveer ????

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Oh Gargi ,
that was too beautifulEmbarrassed!
How I wish that Manyata really was in the room with him,
and it wasn't Uday's imagination running wildLOL!
I guess Uday will return home soonWink!
The title of the chapter is superb! Very apt Thumbs Up
Manyata has discovered a lot about her past life ... I'm glad she  found out about Shaurya's first wife and Prince Akshay.  I'm also happy that she figured out Akshay is the person, DS has fixed her marriage with!
OMG - the last part was utterly HOTTT! Blushing  Now why didn't Manyata remember THAT SCENEWink
Amazing update, as usual , Gargi.
thoroughly enjoyed itBig smile.
I hope u get your LIKES ...
...  u deserve a hell of a lot more than 35!
Do continue soon!

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