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TDLS(Dark Love)-Bk 2. Imp note on Pg 93 (Page 60)

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**Chapter 8 updating tonight**...

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Great!!! I will comment first Smile
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Finally we're getting an updateWink.

Thanks GargiEmbarrassed.

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Chapter 8---

"I KILLED YOU!!" ..these three words rang in her ears and it burnt her heart and soul...Tears were flowing endlessly. Although Uday said so confidently her heart still would cling on to him.

"No he can't do that to me. I can see concern in his voice, in his eyes...That can't be fake. I know he loves me. But then why did he say such a harsh thing!...Why Uday why?...When i had just fallen for you, you said something which will not let me come near you so easily" Manyata wept for the whole night and she didn't know when she fell asleep.

Dadisahab for the first time was very upset. This is what she didn't want to happen. Her sweetest darling getting hurt. 

"Why is my innocent little one chosen for this heart-break and grief God?...What mistake did she commit?..Kya uski galti bas itni si hai ki usne us papi, dusht Raja Shaurya Pratap se pyar kiya ya fir yeh ki woh uski Rajya ki Mahrani bani jismei uska koi zor nahi tha. If you have to punish you should punish Shaurya who is born in the form of Yuvraaj Udayveer in this life. I know he will again try to ruin our reputation, take my Manyata away from us. But i won't let that happen. Pata nahi uski ismei kaun si chaal hai..satya batane ke piche kaun sa raaz hai ki usne Chandralekha ko maar dala?...But i will have to find out about him and specially how he is moving in our land and in our palace so easily...This time this is my war. A war to save my age old destroyed rajya which my ancestors with great difficulty could atleast save from being extinct."


"No..please don't leave me like this. I love you a lot Shaurya and i know you can't kill me. Tell me why you lied to me..No matter what you say i am not scared of you..samjhe?" Manyata cried hugging Uday tightly as if he would be lost somewhere the moment she leaves him...

Uday was calm and while freeing her grip on him he lifted her face up to get a view of it...

"Sweetheart..i just wanted to test see your feelings for me..How can i kill my love for whom i have taken another birth?...Have you ever heard about a lover killing his beloved?..." saying this he kisses her forehead and her wet cheeks to comfort her.

They were lost for hours in each other's arms. The cool breeze that blew around them made them enjoy the warmth and tenderness of each other's love.But suddenly the earth began to shook beneath them and the wind began blowing fiercely. The two of them broke the hug and looked around them worriedly. Suddenly a pair of hands dragged Manyata away from Uday. This made Udayveer run in the direction of Manyata but before he could save her she was far from sight. What could be heard was the cries of Manyata and the loud laughter of a male voice which seemed quite familiar. 

Manyata woke up taking Uday's name...she was completely iin sweat due to the horrible vision she just had, but one thing was sure from this nightmare.

"I won't give up on Uday. I need to confront him and find out the truth. There will be some way to get this truth out. If not him then someone else. But till then i won't believe that he killed Maharani Chandralekha."

Next morning Manyata sat at the breakfast table and had her breakfast calmly. she talked in her usual way which shocked Rajlakshmi, her Dadisahab.. She could smell something was not right, but did not know what.

Manyata packed her college bag and was about to leave when her DS came to her.

"Where are you going beta?..."

"I am going to college DS...We have exams in a few days...Need to prepare notes for it. Bye will see you in the evening..."

DS was again surprised as she thought Manayata will be in her room in a quiet manner but here she was talking about college and exams.

"Beta come home soon today. There is a party in the evening..." replied DS trying to sound normal.

"Ok DS..will try to come home soon"

Throughout her classes Manyata tried to concentrate on her theory books. But that did not help. Flashbacks of the visions kept on hovering her mind. It was hard for her to believe that Uday had no feelings for her or that he can think of harming her. 

"Something is fishy...But who would be able to help me on this matter?..even we are royals. May be DS will know something about his riyasat..."

Natasha was noticing Manyata for a while now and felt she was extraordinarily quiet the entire time. 

"Kya hua hai babes?... why do you seem to be so sad?...kuch problem hai to apni best friend to batake to dekho..May be i can help you..." Natasha tried to convince her but Manyata was in another world.

 Her mind completely diverted to the mysterious lands of Mayong, about Shaurya/Udayveer and about herself or about her previous birth. She tried hard to recall everything about her previous life but all in vain. She was shaken by Natasha and it was then that she looked at her best friend and the first thing that Manyata said was

"Can you tell me about anyone who can make me remember about my previous life?...May be someone who deals with Past life regression therapy...Can you help me with it?..."

Natasha's mouth was wide open and she started staring at Manyata till she closed natasha's mouth and was about to leave when Natasha stopped her..

"Hmm may be not, but we can at least find out about such a psychologist but why do you want that?..."

"I need to know about my past life. What i was, who were my most closest friends and most importantly how i died!"

Natasha's mouth was wide open with shock. She didn't know what was wrong with this dreamy princess that she was talking such weird stuff but she agreed to help her find the best psychiatrist. 


Manyata was quite tired after the hectic day and all she wanted was a good massage and sound sleep. She lay on her bed and ordered a servant to bring some energy drinks. 

"Inko ache se tayaar kar dijiye. After all aj inke liye bohot hi bara din hai..." replied a smiling DS

"Manyata suddenly got up from her bed and looked at her grandmother.

"Bara din Dadi Sahab?...Why? what is so special about today?" asked a curious Manyata

"That you will get to know soon beta, first get ready for the party. I want my granddaughter to look the most beautiful of all the princess that will be there for the party tonight!...Take a massage, face pack, and whatever else you require you can just tell me, i will arrange for you. But only wear this dress that i brought for you and also these ancestral jewelry which i had kept aside only for you my darling."

Manyata had no idea what was going on and she got annoyed...

"Ok...What is the party all about DS?...i am already so tired..Is it not enough for Bro and Sangeeta and the entire family to be present DS?...Its just another party. isn't it?..."

"Darling this party is specially for you, and there are some hidden surprise. So if you want to end your curiosity you have to be there in another two hours from now. So hurry up.." replied DS with a very calm and controlled smile on her face

"I will take your leave for now Manyata. See you at the party." and just when DS was about to leave...

"Wait DS, i have to ask you something. I mean i know this isn't the right time, but may be not a massage or a face pack can actually ease or heal my headache or anxiety. Its only this question whose answer i need to know..." Manyata completed everything in one breath which made her DS stop.

"And what is that question?..."

"Our family is supposed to be one of the oldest and Devgarh has ties and friendly relations with so many other kingdoms, my question is have you ever come across the names of kingdoms like Chunargarh and Naugarh?...Why is this places not mentioned in history books?...Do we have any connection to these places?.."

DS's smile suddenly faded and her face became stern...

"You have no idea what you are talking about Manyata. Who put these names into your head?..I will sue that College dean for designing such curriculum which talks about such stupid and useless states that has only brought shame to our motherland. Thos eplaces are cursed and anyone who talks about them is cursed too!...So erase everything that you know about these places and just get ready for tonight's party. Do you understand?..." 

Rajmata Rajlakshmi's roaring voice made Manyata go cold and numb...Words like cursed started playing in her mind and she didn't know whom to believe. But nevertheless she became more obsessed to find the truth about the kingdoms now.

"But DS there will be a reason behind the cursed thing right?...why was it cursed?..." Manyata tried to sound more convincing but DS could not tolerate anymore.

"Are you given any project on those cursed places that you are annoying me so much with your questions?...Please just get ready for the party. That will be the best for you and all of us Manyata."

She didn't listen anymore and just walked off the doorway.

Manyata was disappointed with DS's answer but she felt somewhere DS was lying or could be possible that she knew more than she said, but wanted to hide from her grand-daughter. But why?...that was the question which was making her more troubled. As she did not find any other option but listen to her DS at that moment, she got ready for the party.

 She was dressed in a beautiful maroon and green anarkali and hair neatly done in a french bun. The ancestral jwellery indeed gave an elegant look to her look. She almost looked like a fairy coming down from heaven as she descended down the stairs. Rajkumari Sangeeta got jealous the minute she saw him, and after knowing the reason as in why the party was thrown she wanted badly to ruin the party to make everyone hate Manyata

"Good evening everyone!...its a pleasure to meet all of you after a long time. I know its very rare that our family throws such grand parties, but there is no enjoyment without a special reason isn't it?..." Started Rajmata Rajlakshmi who was looking all the more graceful today in her Queen avtaar. Indeed for the people of Mumbai she was a rich but quite intelligent and wise aristocrat but for the royal families she held the status of a powerful queen who was preserving the name of a age old princely state Devgarh, who only gave birth to Martyrs. Tying the knot with such a family would not be just profitable but it would bring more fame and power to the other royal states.    

Sangeeta gave a cunning smile to one of her friends as she knew what exactly had to be done...


Maharaj Shaurya Pratap was on the battlefield as some of his neighboring states had revolted with the help of his few ruled states chiefs...It was necessary to stop the revolt before the rebels became too powerful...Maharani Chandralkeha was lying in her kaksh(room) while the daasi(servant girl) was oiling her hair as it was on of those days when she would find herself lonely and distress as her husband was out in the war field. Although she believed in Shaurya's strength and knew he would always win, she didn't like the idea of being away from him for too long...Those were the times when she would prefer to soothe her inner pain and turmoil with a good head and body massage.

"mmm...tumhare ungliyo mei koi to jadoo hai champa...humari saari pareshaniya ye maalish door kar deti hai" (mmm..your fingers have some magic in them Champa...All my worries are healed with this massage)

Just then a knock is heard on the door and another daasi comes to maharani and announces that Rajkumar Akshay wants to meet her. Chandralekha is surprised but as she felt it rude to reject her brother-in-law from seeing her, she ordered the servant to let him in, although not very willingly.

"Maharani Chandralekha ko Rajkumar Akshay ka pranam"...(he greeted the queen) Bohot din ho gaye humari bhabi saa ke darshan nahi hue, to socha unse mil kar aye...(Its ben a long time that i have not got the time to meet you i thought to see you once..)

Chandralekha had worn her dress quickly as she heard the prince coming to her room, but she wasn't happy with his meeting her. She never liked Akshay. Something was mysterious about this man, and although she never mentioned this to Shaurya, she felt that the prince had some strange liking towards her. She found him a womanizer as a few times she by mistake happened to find Akshay and Shaurya's first queen too cozy with each other. When she tried saying this to Shaurya he ignored her words by mentioning his queen and Akshay as great friends...

"Dhanyabad rajkumar par ye humare vishraam ka samay hai..Is samay ane ka koi khaas kaaran?" (Thank you prince but this is my rest time. Is there any special reson of your coming here?)

The prince's smile faded and he came closer to her...

"Maharani..Hum shama chahte hai apke vishraam mei badha dalne ke liye...parantu vhrata shree humei keh kar gaye the ki apni bhabi saa ka dhyan rakhna aur humne apko bohot chup chaap aur dukhi dekha to yaha a gaye..socha apka thora man behlayenge apse baat karke...Hum agya lete hai" (Maharani forgive me for disturbing you from your rest, but brother had told me to take care of you and i had seen you very quiet and sad from a while and so thought to come here and talk to you...I am leaving now...)

Rajkumar Akshay turned to leave when Chandralekha stopped him. She felt it was good to stop him, as he might have found it too rude and may complain later to Shaurya who might not understand the situation.

"Rukiye Rajkumar..humei shama kar dijiye...humara matlab apko yaha se jane ko bolna nahi tha...ayiye hum bageeche mei chalte hai.." (Wait prince...forgive me, i didn't mean to let you go from here. Come let us go to the garden..."

"Bageeche mei jake kya karenge...aap vishraam karna chahti thi na, aap vishraam kariye aur hum apke nirmal chehre ko dekh ke anand lenge..." (What will we do in the wanted to rest, so you rest and i will have a look at you calm face and take an interest in it..) the prince said seductively...

Chandralekha was shocked to hear these words from him for her...She got a bit nervous and replied shakily...

"Kya matlab?...hum kuch samje nahi..."(What do you mean?...i didn't understand)

"ohh bhabi saa...Aap kitni sundar, kitni bholi ho...humare bhratashri ko aapko is tarha akele chorke nahi jana chahiye...Dekhiye sundar se komal chehre pe kitne dukh aur pareshaniyo ka akaar a chuka hai...Yudh pe woh jate hai, aur yaha unki priye mahaarni dukhi ho jate hai..."

Chandralekha was really furious to hear this...

"Apki himmat kaise hui aisi batei karne ki?...ap humare maharaj ke bhrata hai isiliye shama karte hai..Ayinda yaha ane ki joorrat bhi mat kijiyega..." (How dare you speak such words?...You are my King's brother and so i forgive you...Next time don't ever think of coming here...) 

Akshay felt insulted but how could he give up...He had to teach her a lesson...He caught hold of her hand tightly and brought her closer to him, which shocked Chandralekha..She didn't expect such an act from him at all.

"Kya hua bhabi sa...bhai lag raha hai humse?...Ohh kya abhi bhi ap humse krodhit hoke bat karenge?...Kisko bulayenge ab?...Daasi ko ya humarei pyarei Bhrata ko jo abhi yaha hai hi nahi?...aur bulake aap bolenege kya?...aapki bobhot apmaan ho jayegi daasiyo ke samne...hahahaha" (What happened bhabi sa?...Feeling scared of me?...Ohh are you still angry on me?..whom will you call now?...Your servants or my dearest elder brother who is not here at the moment?...and what will you say after calling him or the servants?..Its only you who will be humiliated in front of them...hahaha...)

Akshay began to laugh wickedly at the helpless queen who tried to cover her half covered shoulder with her chunni. Tears rolled her eyes as she felt very humiliated and angry at the same time...Her eyes suddenly sparked fire in them and his tight grip got loosen as he felt his fingers burning to the extent that he began screaming...

"Ahhh...humei kya ho raha hai tumne kya kiya hai...dayein ho tum...ahhh..."

The fire in her eyes continued to glow like some golden hue until the prince ran from the place as fast as he could till he was far away from her sight.


That's all for now...thanks friends for bearing with my age old updates...


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Nice update..Clap

Manyata's dream scene was nicely written...Thumbs Up

So DS is aware about all which happening with Manyata..

Was Shaurya really testing his Queen's love??? Shocked

Sometime he acts like male Chauvinist.. I tell you han!!Angry

Manyata's bravery is admiring..she is attempting classes going for exams when she had lots of tensions in her life and many lots are pending...

But DS is throwing party when Manyata had exam!! Shocked

What a coool DS Big smile

Sleep tight Gargi..I'll  add more lines to my comment after you complete updating just send me a pm okay!!

I too am going to bed..good night Smile
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Frenz i am not staying at my home for a few problems going on. So m not able to update soon as promised to you all. Thus updating in bits and parts...

Do bear with me.

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Its ok gargi, take ur time. We can wait.

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