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TDLS(Dark Love)-Bk 2. Imp note on Pg 93 (Page 46)

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Chapter 5----

The palace of Naugard was set like a beautiful bride, all with beautiful diyas, elegant pandals and with different jewels and monuments. Women were dancing and singing to the marriage folk songs that were played by the older women. Hundreds of selected prince from various states were called for the swayambar. It was not an ordinary ocassion but the swayambar of the only princess of Naugarh; Rajkumari Chandralekha.

Maharaj Rajendra Singh, his Maharani and Chandralekha assembled in the open field where everyone was waiting for the ceremony to start. 


Kurwaki: Aise mat kariye rajkumari, ap Maharaj Shaurya ko krodhit kar rahi hai. Apka vivah unse ho chuka hai.

(Please don't do this princess, maharaj Shaurya will become very angry. You are already married to him.)

Chandralekha: Nahi, kabhi nahi. Unhone, apne vivah ke bare mei na batake humare saath vishwasghat kiya hai. Ab hum kisi aur se vivah kar ke unhe sabak sikhayenge. (Never. He lied to me, and didn't tell me about his marriage. By getting married to someone else ill teach him a lesson)

Saying this Chandralekha walks out of the room in anger, leaving Kurwaki alone 

"Kash ap samajh pati ki prem ko sabak sikhane jayengi to chot ap hi ko lagegi. Prem pana bhagya ki baat hai"..( I wish you could understand, that if you try to teach your love a lesson, its only you who will be hurt. You have to be really lucky, to get true love)

All the kings waited with great anxiety and excitment to win the heart of the most beautiful Rajputana princess. Chandralekha's name was very well known for her valour, and beauty. She had poise, elegance, grace and yet was fierce when dealing with enemies, and shrewd when it came to competitions, and this was not an ordinary competition, but one of her wedding. Where the man who wins the sword fight will be declared her husband and the son-in-law of Naugard riyasat.

Among the hundreds of prince and kings who came to seek Chandralekha's hand in marriage, only three were left who were quite witty and intelligent and had cleared the previous rounds and won over the rest of the competitors. 

An announcement was made that all the three men that had won the previous rounds will have to compete in a sword fight with each other and the one who wins in it will have the final round with the princess herself!...The prince and kings were stunned. They didn't expect such a challenge. It would indeed be a big shame if the ultimate challenger didn't won with the princess. He would not be able to return back his homeland. He had to anyway win the competition. 

The three kings, Raja Keshav Singh, Rajkumar Surya Kamal and Raja Rishikesh were fighting fiercely with ech other, almost hurting one another, to impress the princess and the Maharaj of Naugard, when a bit far in the crowd of people a cry was heard. The fight was immediately haulted and every attention went to the one from which these cries were coming from. Some soldiers rushed towards the spot and Maharaj Rajendra Singh immediately went along with his ministers to see what was the matter. Within seconds the sounds rose and many people fell on the ground injured. Everyone became scared and cried helplessly which led to a chaos. 

Maharaj Shaurya and his army came galloping on their horses, and seeing this Mahraj of Naugarh got terrified and angry.

Maharaj of Naugar: "Tum yaha kya kar rahe ho neech khookhar raja!...Shatru ke rajya mei is tarha ghus ane ka anjaam bohot bura hoga tumhare liye. tumne humarei itne sainik aur masoom logo ki hatya kar di. Tum jaisa paapi raja humne kabhi nahi dekha Shaurya Pratap.."  (What are you dong here you low horrible king?..You have done a wrong thing by entering the enemy's kingdom. You have killed so many of our innocent men. I have never seen a more ruthless king than you Shaurya Pratap.)

Shaurya laughed out loudly like a hysteric which further shocked everyone. Chandralekha felt like she had seen a ghost..She knew her secret marriage was about to be revealed now, and that too in front of everyone. She remembered Kurwaki's words..If she thinks of hurting him, he will hurt her instead. He anger rose more now.

"Woh humara kuch nahi bigar sakta. Humne humesha apne pitashri ki bat maani hai. Jo bhi hua humarei aur Shaurya paratp ke beech, woh humari nadaani thi. Woh humei zaroor shama kar denge. Humne Maharah Shaurya se prem kiya, parantu usne humarei saath chal kiya hai. Ab hume unse koi moh nahi hai. Hum ek adarshwadi rajkumari hai. Humei chal aur kapat se sakht ghin hai.."

(He can't do any harm to me.I have always listened to my father. Whatever happened between me and Shaurya Pratap was just my childishness. Father will definitely forgive me. I loved Shaurya, but he lied to me, betrayed me. Now i have no attraction for him. I am a woman of principles, and will never tolerate a person who lives on lies and betrayal. I hate such acts.)

Chandralekha tried to convince herself as she saw Shaurya Pratap approaching the swayambar ground, while his eyes fixed on her, and he ignorant of any soldiers or her father's continuous scorns and verbal attacks.

Just then one of the kings Raja Keshav Singh, who was earlier fighting in the sword competition, stopped Shaurya from further moving forward. He held his sword at his neck and warned him with great rage

"Chale jao dusht raja, isse pehle ki humari talwaar tumhe tumhare mrityu ke ghaat utaar de, yaha pe Rajkumari Chandralekha ka swayambar ho raha hai. Aise shubh ghari pe koi yudh nahi karna chahta. Tum yaha amantrit nahi ho"

(Go away you evil king, before my sword kills you. Here all are gathered for princess Chandralkeha's wedding ceremony. No one wants to fight with you in such an auspicious occasion, and you are not invited for this wedding.)

Shaurya Pratap Singh gave one look to him, smiled crookedly and then even before anyone could realize Shaurya's sword had blown away the king's head and it fell on the ground. 

Everyone was terrified and screamed while the other kings and prince ran from the place and decided not to come in between the mad king of Chunargar, Raja Shaurya Pratap and Raja Rajendra Singh of Naugar. Chandralekha was already taken aback. She could not believe, the man who had always been a lover for her, could kill people in fraction of second, without even thinking once about them.

Mahraj Rajendra could not control anymore and raised his sword.

"Bas bohot ho gaya. Kya chahiye tumhe. Tumne humarei atithi ko maut ke ghat utaar diya. Tumhari itni himmat " (Enough, what do you want?..You have killed my guest. How dare you?) He was about to fight but Shaurya was faster. He stopped the king with his sword and pushed him backwards. Shaurya was madly in a rage by now, and was getting uncontrollable..

The old king fell to the ground, and he was highly embarrassed as even his people were watching the entire scene. Chandralekha could not stand anymore and she ran to her father's rescue. Half of the soldiers were already dead by now and even the ministers decided that it would be better not to start violence as there were many women and children in the field who came to attend the ceremony.

"Pitashri...apko chot to nahi lagi...Sharuya Pratap tumhari himmat kaise hui. Humare pitashri ko haat lagane ki. Hum tumhe iske liye kabhi shama nahi karenge.." (Father, are you alright?..are you hurt? How did you dare to hurt my father Shaurya Pratap?.. Ill never forgive you for this)

Her father looked at her with questions. She talked with Shaurya Pratap Singh like she knew him from before, but before her father could ask her something Shaurya finally spoke..

"To aap aa hi gayi maidan mei. Humei to laga ap ayengi hi nahi..Dusra vivah karne ke liye itni anadit hogi ki apne shringaar mei apne pitashri aur rajya ki sewa bhul jayengi.." (So you finally came. I thought you would be so excited and happy for your second marriage that to dress up for that, you will forget your state and your father!"

Chandralekha was stunned and didn't know hat to say further. Kurwaki closed her eyes, as she knew she could do nothing to save her friend's honor and reputation now.

"Kya?...Dusra vivah? kya bol rahe ho tum?...humari putri ka vyah aj hone wala tha jo tumne nasht kar diya. uspar tum aise inzaam nahi laga sakte"...shouted raja Rajendra

(What?..second marriage?...what rubbish are you speaking?...My daughter's wedding was supposed to be held today, which you ruined by all means. how dare you spoil my daughter's name like this!)

"hahaha...apki putri ka apmaan ho raha hai?..apki putri ka koi maan nahi hai. Jo stri vivah ke pashchyat apne pita ke ghar vaas karti ho uska koi maan kaise ho sakta hai..Hum to aj aapki putri ko maan dene aye hai..Use use pati ke ghar lejake uska aur apke rajya ka samman barhane aye hai."(hahaha...What your daughter's reputation?..Your daughter has no reputation. Any woman who stays in her father's house even after her marriage, can never have any shame and honor left. I have infact come here to save your daughter and your state from further shame by taking your daughter to her husband's house.)

Everyone started talking and the kings who had come for the ceremony had already started blaming Naugard for betraying them, by arranging a false wedding ceremony of their daughter..

seeing the mess created by Shaurya, the ministers came running to attack Shaurya Pratap, but was only thrown in the air, which Chandralekha could not take any further...

"Bas karo Shaurya Pratap..Tum humare sath aisa karoge humne kabi apne sapne mei bhi nahi socha tha..Tum sabke samne humara apmaan kar rahe ho.." (Stop it Sharuya Pratap. How can you do this to me?..i never thought even in my dreams that you would humiliate me like this in front of everyone..How can you do this to me?.."

He father was shocked and stunned. He was speechless. He had no idea what was going on

"Ohh..Hum apmaan kare to apmaan, aur tum jo ye vivah karke humare vivah ka apmaan kar rahi thi?..Humare prem ka apmaan kar rahi thi woh kya tha Chandralekha?..Itne din hum tumhare liye swami the, aur aj hum kewal ek maharaj ho gaye?..Waah Rajkumari waah!" ( Ohh my insulting you is an insult. And your deciding for a second marriage?..wasn't that an insult on our mariage and my love for you Chandralekha?.. So many days i was your Lord(swaami) for you and today i am just a king to you?..Waah rajkumari waah!)

She was more furious now, but before she could say something her father shouted..

"Ye kya keh raha hai Chandralekha?...tumhara aur inka vivah? ye kaise ho sakta hai?..aise shant mat rahiye..Humei uttar dijiye.."(What is he saying Chandralekha?..Your and his marriage?..How can this happen?...don't be quite..Please give me an answer) her father pleaded.

"Bataiye Rajkumari..Ap to satya hi bolengi na...batayiye humari prem kahani ke barei mei?..kaise ap humei nadi ke kinare milne ati thi, kaise Mayong ki gufao mei aapne kaise apne senapati ke humpe akraman karne ke pashchat humara din raat sewa kiya tha..Humari prem katha sabko sunni chahiye rajkumari.." (tell him rajkumari. You will always speak the truth right..tell him about our love story, how you used to meet me secretly, near the river and beside the waterfalls. Tell him how you took care of me day and night in the caves of Mayong after your minister attacked me with his men..Everyone would love to hear our great love story)

"Nahi ye satya nahi hai...Tumhe humla humari sena ne akele nahi balki tumhare chote bhrata Akshay ne kiya tha...Tumhe pata hai ki tumhe marne ki saazish usne kiya tha humare rajya ne nahi..."( No its not the truth...Our minister didn't attack you alone. Instead it was actually your younger brother Akshay who tried to kill you. You know it that It was his plan and not of my state...)

Shaurya gave a smirk...He had won half the battle. Chandralekha unknowingly let out a lot about them in front of everyone which Chandralekha realized after she committed the blunder.

She was speechless and looked towards the ground. Maharani Krishnakshi, was almost about to lose her consciousness. She could not believe what was happening in front of her. A few maids took her back to the mahal and made her rest. Tears fell uncontrollably from Chandralekha's eyes.. But her father was more than angry at her, but somehow he controlled in front of everyone...

Everyone left the place. Naugard's reputation had been completely destroyed in front of all the rajputana states, and the sole reason was the princess. Chandralekha felt like drowning herself for being the cause of disgrace to her state. She hated Shaurya Pratap, he hatred grew more now, after what he did, and she promised never to forgive him for this. 

After looking at a distant for a long time, without any expression, Raja Rajendra Singh looked at Maharaj Shaurya Pratap Singh...

"Humare mahal pradhariye. Humei aapse ekant mei baat karni hai" (Please come to my palace. I have to talk to you alone)

Maharaj Shaurya Pratap Singh put his sword back in its place and folded his hands like a great king..

"Jo hukum Maharaj. Hum to apse baat karne ke liye kabse tayar hai" (Alright Maharaj. i have been ready from a long time to talk to you) he smiled and looked at his wife who was only giving him death glares, and while her father saw this, he boiled with anger..

"Rajkumari, aap apne kaksh mei jaye. Yaha pe aapka karya samapt hota hai. Jo bhi nirnay lena hai woh hum lenge" ( Rajkumari. you go to your room. whatever decision has to be taken, will be taken by me. Your work is done here...)

Chandralekha knew her father was very angry at her, but she was determined to make him understand everything, and every circumstance. She knew her father would take the right decision for her.

Alright friends, i am done with this chapter for today, since am very tired, and felt like it took ages for me to finish. I know i delayed it too much and this was because of my work and power cut...So kindly pardon me and do comment how it was...


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lol first to comment...

NICE update GARGI...AMAZINGLY written.loved it loads.enjoyed it.

OMG manyatas swayamvar and shaurya in angry mode.

bc of manyatas foolishness to take revenge for betraying her so many lost their lives.

shaurya is sooo intelligent.loved how he made manyata spit d truth.

now d whole world knows about manveer secret marriage.

wat manyatas father want to talk to shaurya.

wana to know more wat happened in d past.plz include d present also in d next chappy.

luking forward for next chappy.continue soon dear.

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Edited :
Fabulous update GargiClap
I had this whole image in my head of how the swayamvar would  be presented ...  and Guess What?  U WENT BEYOND MY EXPECTATION Thumbs Up . The entire scene was an absolute treat to read.  Poor Raja Keshav Singh ...  got beheadedLOL!  (BTW - I visualised his torso still standing upright with his head rolling away to 1 cornerROFL). Rajkumari  was tricked into revealing the truth by Shauraya ...  well, I'm not surprised - he is a geniusWink!  I wonder what the 2 kings would decide about Chandralekha's futureErmm?  It'll have to be something in favour of Shaurya Pratab  ...  or there'll be a massacre , I TELL YOU Evil Smile!
Desperate to read more ,
please continue soon,
thanks for the scrapSmile.

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Great and awsome update gargiClap
chand is so stubborn, i was surprised that she went for a second marriage just because she felt shaurya hid the truth fron herOuch
i agree with kurwaki, doing this hurt her more than than shaurya
saurya's entry was shockingShocked
it was brutal, he killed innocents
and when he beheaded that prince with his sword, i felt so shocked...i felt fear
sharya can be scary when he wants
but i feel it was chand who was responsible for bringing this crual side of shaurya
now she has to bear the brunt of her arrogence
wasn't the whole kingdom brought to shame because of her??
what decision will the her father take??
i dont think it will be anything positive...
looking forward for what happenes next
update soonBig smile

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i loved it maza aa gaya ... mai describe nhi kar sakti bhoth awesome tha i have no words yr !!! 

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Originally posted by ...anju...

lol first to comment...

NICE update GARGI...AMAZINGLY written.loved it loads.enjoyed it.

OMG manyatas swayamvar and shaurya in angry mode.

bc of manyatas foolishness to take revenge for betraying her so many lost their lives.

shaurya is sooo intelligent.loved how he made manyata spit d truth.

now d whole world knows about manveer secret marriage.

wat manyatas father want to talk to shaurya.

wana to know more wat happened in d past.plz include d present also in d next chappy.

luking forward for next chappy.continue soon dear.

Thanks anju for the grt comments...yes it was Chanda's foolishness for which she had to pay...She had to suffer the humiliation..well shaurya is always smart, but he did bad things by not being able to control his anger 
sweet_gargi IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by priyash..

i loved it maza aa gaya ... mai describe nhi kar sakti bhoth awesome tha i have no words yr !!! 

Thanks kritika...glad ki tujhe acha laga...ill read ur story soon...m back nowSmile

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Awesome update!Clap
Loved it loads!!
Chanda is really silly she she wanted to play stupid games.
Poor chanda's father had to be embarassed because of her foolishness.
Shaurya's anger is wow
Shaurya is really a charming prince, 
I wish could meet this prince charming.
Love the way.u potray his character and all other characters.
Beautifully written.
Do continue asap.

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