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SidYushaAT#12: Kuch Dooriyan, Nazdikiyan (Page 10)

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Originally posted by nniks

wow lily awesome start...plz continue...its been so long since I read or wrote SY FF...I miss them :-(

Like it... it's not SY story, but Shiv story...wrote it whileee back, but haven't finished it.  I wanted to write something different.  Still want the next chapter Wink

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Such great talent... the eyes tell all.  That's what I like the most about them, speaking without words.  Star

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Neha - I am sure u will like them...they r sweet. :)...sply their confession epi on 10 was simple yet vry beautiful.

Lily - u shud complete this...its amazing.gave me the feel of the iconic "the notebook"...a man cherishing his journey with his soulmate Embarrassed

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Originally posted by Malika

Neha - I am sure u will like them...they r sweet. :)...sply their confession epi on 10 was simple yet vry beautiful.

Lily - u shud complete this...its amazing.gave me the feel of the iconic "the notebook"...a man cherishing his journey with his soulmate.

Thanks Malika... i"ll post next chapter...see if it still feels like a Notebook...Wink

BTW, it is my first piece... 

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Shiv FF/SS ' Circle Of Life (continued)

Twenty-three years ago'

Chapter 1: Strange Day


Shiv, while standing next to Anandi at the temple thought to himself: She looks so beautiful and happy with her eyes closed and hands faithfully put together in a peaceful prayerNow that I have found Jagya and returned him to the family, I hope the days filled with sadness and tears are finally behind Anandi. I hope she can leave her worries about the Singhs and spend more time with me.  Those precious moments alone were few and far between but what he lived off patiently waiting for the next one to come to feed his hunger for her. 


Anandi finished with the prayer and looked up to see him smiling at her. Her wide open soulful brown eyes were silently asking what? He shook his head a bit as if saying nothing and gestured towards the exit.  They walked towards the car preoccupied in their thoughts.


Anandi:  Collector Sahib thank you for taking the trouble to find Jagya and convincing him to come back home.  But most of all thank you for bringing back the happiness to everyone in my family, who have been longing to see their son return.  Thank you for being you, thoughtful and carrying'

Shiv interrupting:  No, no need to thank me'

Anandi:  Sure there is'

Shiv:  If so, then I should thank you, too.

Anandi:  For what?

Shiv:  For your patience, thoughtfulness and love you have showed to my family.  Especially in Sanchi's case' you change your saris just to please her'

Anandi: Your family?  Aren't they now my family, too?

Shiv:  Oh, so sorry'my bad.

Anandi:  Besides, I genuinely love everyone in the family.

Shiv: Everyone?  Anandi nods her head in approval.

Shiv:  You sure?

Anandi:  Positive!

Shiv:  You love ChotiMa even though she didn't like you and gave you trouble in the beginning?

Anandi:  That's past' I love ChotiMa very much and...

Shiv interrupting:  And' you love Daddu?

Anandi:  Very, very much he is very dear to me and'

Shiv interrupting:  What about Papa and Mama

Anandi: I love both of them very much, too, they'

Shiv interrupting:  And Sanchi' You can't tell me you love HER since'

Anandi interrupting and walking ahead:  I do, I really do, and if you must know I love Mahi'

Shiv interrupting:  And Shiv?

Anandi: Yes, love very much indeed' Stopping in her tracks realizing what she has just said, feeling the heat wave go up and down her body, she whispered to herself Oh God!


Shiv with a smirk of satisfaction on his face catches up to her stops and looks at her with a big smile and says "good to know" and walks pass her.  Looking at him walking towards the jeep, Anandi struggle to breathe thinking now what and started fidgeting and adjusting her clothes as if the fabric got a life of its own and is squeezing the air out of her body.


Shiv got in the jeep and looked at Anandi walking to her side of the car nervously adjusting her sari.  She looks like she just blurb out a big secret in a matter of national security he thought and tried to hold his laugh. As she took her seat, he turned the key and said with the devilish look in his eyes: "I am wondering though' How much do you love me, exactly?"  Anandi's eyes popped wide, she opened her mouth to take in the air thinking what' how much'love'when Shiv's cell went off.  "Saved by the bell," Shiv said and answered the phone.


"Hi Ashi!  You better be calling to tell me that you are coming soon, as you promised. Aha' really'you are not pulling my leg'Great' Can't wait to see you and talk to you face to face.  Aha'.I see'No, no problem' Ashi, stop it.  I will always have time for you, OK?  See you soon!  Bye!"  Shiv was concentrating on driving not saying anything about the call. 


Ashi is here.  This is my chance to talk to her and make sure everything is OK between us.  Even though she was eminent about it that Anandi was all wrong to say she was in love with him, the way she excused herself from attending the wedding is bugging me, I have to get to the bottom of it, he thought to himself, I must make sure we are OK' we have been friends for a long time to let things slide.


Finally feeling able to breathe normal again, Anandi broke the silence slowly letting out the words: "Is Ashima coming soon?"  "She's here; she and her parents just arrived in Udaipur," said Shiv pulling up in front of the house. "Anandi, I'm going to take a shower.  Will you please make some halwa for me?"  Halwa'he wants halwa!  What happened to how much do you love me, exactly'isn't that more important? Anandi started fuming as she entered the kitchen. Apparently not, one word from Ashima and love is out the window' Love'did she love him? Loud sound jerked Anandi back from her thoughts. Her favorite tea mug was on the floor blown to million pieces.  "Great job Anandi"she yelled out in anger and got down to clean up the mess she made.


Hot water mixed with soap suds was gliding down Shiv's chiseled body as he stood in the shower.  Anandi's confused almost scared face was in his thoughts.  How can somebody be so afraid of love? I know she loves me deep down, otherwise she wouldn't have married me, but getting that out of her is going to be mission impossible' Patience Shiv, patience you've been married only for two months, you can't hurry love, first deal with Ashi, he thought.  He got out of shower and quickly got dressed, and before walking out of the room, he opened the drawer where Anandi kept her jewelry and touched the matching heart lockets placed in a small box. Lockets were his favorite present of all the presents they got when they got married. "One day," he whispered to himself.


Shiv sat down to eat.  Food was served.  In the middle of the table were jelebies; halwa was nowhere to be found.  Anandi joined at the table waiting for Shiv to say: "Did you make halwa?"  He didn't say anything eating his food quietly, preoccupied in his thoughts.  A little beep sounded off and Shiv picked up his cell. 

Ashima texting:  You won't believe who I just saw at the Sheraton Palace. 

Shiv texting back: Who?

Ashima:  Porcelain skin, long blond hair, green eyes, legs for miles' sounds familiar?

Shiv blushed having instant flash-backs of a pretty blond woman and texted:  No way! Sophia!

Ashima:  Way! Amazing how you knew instantly who it was.

Shiv:  How can I forget ' you never called her by name but Miss porcelain skin, long blond hair, green eyes, legs for miles'still jealous of her?

Ashima:  Yeah, I called her that but I used your words, remember.

Beep!  Shiv looked at the new text: "She wants to see you???" Blood rushed through his body at the speed of light as he read those words.  He texted: "Sophia wants to see me?" 


"Who is Sophia", Anandi said standing behind Shiv placing a bowl of halva in front of him and reading the screen.  "Just a friend from college," Shiv quickly said with unusually high pitch in his voice.  "Halwa, great," he said coughing and bringing his voice down to normal.  "Ashi ran into her at the hotel, apparently she is visiting India, too."  Anandi looked at her husband totally perplexed.  She knew nothing about his college days back in London.  Beep!  Great, another text, she thought with disgust. Is he ever going to put that damn thing down and look at me?


Shiv got up from the table and went to the living room while texting: Tomorrow morning?? Impossible!  Ashima: Possible! Chopper will pick you up at 8:00, complements of Miss porcelain skin, long blond hair, green eyes, legs for miles.  Coming??  Shiv paused for a moment and looked at his wife angrily clearing dishes.  "You have lot of friends from college? Are they all women?" Anandi finally spoke inquisitively. She is jealous, he thought and smiled.  "No and no," he simply said and then texted back: Yes'how can I refuse a chopper ride!


What else can he do'if he said no, Ashi would have been all over him with inquisitive questions'and that is one thing for sure he did not want'questions!  It's bad enough he will have to answer Anandi's questions. He almost dropped the phone surprised to see it ringing'Mahi!  Oh no, now what'


"Yes, Mahi," he answered.  "Hey Bro!  Do I have the news that will make your head spin or do I have the news..."   "What news?"  "Do you remember me telling you about the girl of my dreams?"  "What are you talking about," Shiv raised his eyebrow saying it.  "Remember' the Goddess! Well'believe it or not, I saw her today in the Mall and followed her to the Sheraton Palace.  She is staying at the hotel, so I got a room, too."  "What? Mahi have you lost your mind'are you sure you have the right girl?"  "Mahi has a girl," Anandi jumped in while putting tea on the coffee table.  Shiv gave her please-not-now look and she stormed back in the kitchen pouting her lips.  "Has the whole world decided to talk to my husband tonight," she mumbled. 


"Yes, I have the right girl, Bro, just need to bounce off some ideas on how to approach her'"  "Mahi, stop it.  I don't have time for this.  I'm meeting Ashima and another friend in Udaipur tomorrow'It happens to be at the Sheraton, so I'll talk to you when I see you, tomorrow.  Just, go to bed, and try not to do something stupid, OK?  "OK Bro, tomorrow it is'what time?"  "Call you and let you know when I get there," Shiv said and hung up. 


Well Collector Sahib, you sure you can handle this'this conundrum you have just created?  Emotional friend, possibly the most challenging women in the world and a crazy brother!  Aren't you playing with fire here?  Sophia and Ashi together'  All I need now is Mahi and his Goddess, a girl he saw at the wedding venue last summer.  Beep! Ashima text: We are having drinks and talking about you.  She hasn't changed a bit, very annoying' Shiv back: Enough Ashi!  See you in the morning.  Great!  Let the Shivraj Shekar inquisition games begin.


 "Anandi," Shiv called his wife to tell her he is leaving first thing in the morning and to give him an aspirin as all of sudden he had a throbbing headache.  What a day, he thought nervously rubbing his forehead.


Shiv swallowed the aspirin and went straight to bed laptop in his hands.  He searched for a folder marked SS.  As he clicked on it, a window with the message "enter password" popped up.  His hands stood still above the keyboard for a moment and then he hit the cancel button and put the laptop on the bed stand.  He needed not to look it at as his mind was already racing with images popping at the speed of light almost hypnotizing him.  As he started drifting asleep, two almond shaped green eyes lit up the gray horizon before darkness falling. 


By the time Anandi has finished cleaning the kitchen and finally made it to the bedroom, all ready to fire five thousand questions at her husband, Shiv was already asleep. How can he sleep when she has so many questions to ask? She noticed he was sleeping facing the window and not her half of the bed as usual.  She slowly slid under the covers telling herself: What a strange day!

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Ooh, so excited to read your story Lili! Big smile

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Originally posted by Siya_

Ooh, so excited to read your story Lili! Big smile

Thanks Tongue my first stab at writing... Blushing

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