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Ovi is too much DT note pg19 (Page 14)

rayadallie IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 April 2013 at 8:39am | IP Logged
Originally posted by soapwatcher1

Originally posted by hillydee

It would be nice to have at least one Female on the forum, whose Mother was not in their life, and then when they finally meet their Mother, she has a daughter close to her age, who she has brought up all that time, she was without a Mother.
An adopted daughter who her Mother has blatantly stated that she is
more special to her. An adopted daughter who she lost her fiancee, the love her life to.
What should have been the two most important persons in her life, loves this girl more than her.

This person I believe would be able to give a true understanding of what Ovi is going through.

I believe my heart is big enough to forgive over time, but I know initially I would be hurt and insecure. I would be especially jealous where my Mother was concerned, because it was not my fault I grew up without her.

I guess you would have to shed some tears in your life, and understand human emotions, to understand Ovi's Point of View and not wish so much bad for her, worse the death of her baby.

I don't think anyone here is wishing the death of Ovi's baby, that would be inhumane and cruel.

Yes, while we may conjecture and analyze Ovi's character and find sufficient reason for her motives, as you indicated in your post, her insecurities stem from jealousy, jealousy of the girl loved and raised by her mother and the girl for whom she, Ovi herself was spurned. While this may provide a clue into the workings of Ovi's brain, pray what fault is it of the innocent girl who was adopted as a baby and who fell in love with a man she knew not was previously bespoken? Ovi might have enough excuses to explain her behavior but how unfair that Purvi has to face the brunt of Ovi's insecurities.

Ovi should be taking it out on Savita for separating her from her Aai instead of bombarding Purvi with her hate.

Lovely post once again.

 I myself dont understand why people are getting so emotional in this forum that they are misinterpreting people comments to the extent of judging one's real life personality base on their comments in the forum about a fictional character in a fictional serial.

I was tempted to reply just as you did but when I read yours there was no need for me to clarify. Thank you so much for great post as always

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Tiyali IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 April 2013 at 8:48am | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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Hillylove IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 April 2013 at 9:02am | IP Logged

No matter how there is denial for Purvi's behaviour, it is plain as day that she messed up big time and on many occasions.  Since Purvi has graced PR, she has not made One sensible decision.

Purvi never even had half the obstacles Archana had. Purvi only had own villain against her, Punni which she created all by herself and Punni is the lamest bad girl in PR.

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Kalapi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 April 2013 at 9:15am | IP Logged

Since now many have said that Ovi got what she deserved, right. Jaise karni waise barni…So, her equation is done and as some put it, a dead baby is more than justice done to her for a mere deal, right?

If that is true, shouldn't Purvi have justice done too – shouldn't she get the taste of her own medicineBig smile? She did act God and ruined Ovi's happiness and her right to mourn her baby. Shouldn't she gets her dues – at least in the form of a few slaps and be ostracized from the family??? When will get justice be meted out to her, for emotionally blackmailing Arjun and ruining both Arjun and Ovi's life?? When will justice be meted out to her for ruining the reputation of a good Doctor and taking him for granted? When will justice be meted out to her for her pack of lies??  I ask when???? When?????

I ask when justice be meted to Onir for playing with his profession and patient doctor confidentiality?? When???

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k-kimya Senior Member

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Posted: 11 April 2013 at 9:30am | IP Logged
Originally posted by rayadallie

Everyone must sympathize with ovi for loosing her child despite her own negligence but no one should sympathize with the mother who decide against abortion and kept her child out of wedlock and give it away to the mother who lost her child so that she could be happy and not be devastated. talk about society and discrimination.
Very well said, I was thinking of the right words to say and you took the words out of my mouth. Yes It is true that we should sylmpathize with Ovi for loosing her child but at the same time applaud Purvi for not aborting the child.  No one would have known that Purvi had a child if Ovi would not have had complications with her pregnancy and had taken care of herself.  All this has come because of Ovi.  Purvi could have kept the child and let Onir tell Arjun and Ovi that their child die but she did not do that because at that time she thought she was doing the right thing.  If there is anybody to blame in this whole fiasco it is PUNNI who would do anything even murder her own mother in order to get what she wants.  So the whole bashing of Ovi and Purvi should actually be stopped and Punni should be bashed if at all.
Please note: This is my point of view, anybody can agree to disagree

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rajvta Senior Member

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Posted: 11 April 2013 at 9:38am | IP Logged
Originally posted by soapwatcher1

Really what has Ovi suffered at all in these past few months?  Yes, she gave birth to a still born but up until then, the girl has made sure to get everything she wants with scant regard as to how it affects anyone else, her mother, her father, Arjun, Purvi, matters not whose happiness is at stake so long as her little heart has what it desires. 

Ovi wanted Arjun, Ovi got Arjun; she wanted Purvi out of the picture, Purvi skipped town; she wanted Onir to come to Mumbai to treat her, Onir did;  she wanted Purvi to leave her mykaye when she was in an advanced stage of pregnancy, Purvi did; she blamed theft on Purvi the day of the puja, Purvi silently agreed; even on the day of the godh barai, the spoilt girl instead of being happy with what her mother had gifted her, was discontentedly eyeing what Purvi was given and made the distasteful comment to Arjun that Purvi was lucky & always got what she wanted.  Deluded for sure especially when Ovi has made sure to snatch everything that could make Purvi even remotely happy.  

Purvi had an easy pregnancy?  perhaps Ovi would have had an easier pregnancy if she had not meddled with nature by boozing away.  Yes, she had a still born because of the accident but her womb was already compromised, and if earlier she had taken care of herself and the baby well, maybe, just maybe, the baby would have survived.

I cannot understand how anyone could think Purvi did not suffer. Anyway, why should Purvi suffer while Ovi basks in ill-gotten happiness?  Is there an unwritten rule that for Ovi to be happy, Purvi should wallow in misery? Purvi gave up her love the day before her marriage, that must have broken her heart, she found out she was pregnant by the man who was her sister's husband, imagine the mental torture and anguish of the girl.  

Inspite of that, Purvi advised Arjun to move on with his life with Ovi. Nothing could have been accomplished by disclosing her pregnancy to the family at that juncture, Arjun is all talk most of the time so he would have stuck by Ovi and Purvi would have been left in the lurch. Hats off to her for moving to Kolkata and deciding to raise the baby on her own.  Someone pointed out that she suffered for one month before she met Onir.  Well, one day or one month, she did suffer and the suffering was caused by Ovi snatching away her fiance.  If we are going to measure the length of suffering, how long has Ovi suffered? One might be tempted to say that poor Ovi has suffered from day one because Arjun decided to dump her and get engaged to her sister. Purvi has endured the same pangs of seeing her loved one with another.  

Please do remember, Purvi did not come to Mumbai on her own, both Manav and Archana put pressure on her to bring Onir to Mumbai to treat Ovi.  She had no choice but to force Onir to come to Mumbai. And please do not contemplate that she should have sent Onir alone and stayed back in Kolkata.  She was pregnant herself and why should she be the one to give up the company of her famed gyn husband just because, and only because, her brat sister could not stand her.  Her sister could reap the benefit of her husband's skills but she the wife should have sat in a corner in Kolkata and waited patiently until her cosseted sister was done throwing her tantrums of "I do love the baby, I do not love the baby" game.  I should add " will drink today, I will not drink today, I will take my meds today, I will not take my meds today".  There is a limit to being selfish and self-centered and even childish if one is indulgent enough to pass it off as the last.

Yes, the decision to give Pari to Ovi was a rash decision and taken at a feeble moment, I fault Onir here for not only telling Purvi that Ovi had delivered a stillborn but for agreeing and exchanging the babies.  Purvi was in no state to make a conscious decision.

In one of the posts someone asked why Purvi initially said she was doing this for Arjun's & Ovi's marriage and then changed her stance to say she was doing it for Ovi's sake as she feared Ovi would break down and go into depression.  The two are intertwined, the marriage would have been irreparable if Ovi had lost her bearings (not that she ever had them, it has always been a precarious balance) and had treated Arjun the way she was wont to treat him earlier.

Even now, Ovi is bemoaning the fact that Arjun is meeting Purvi chupke chupke, Ovi is the one who invited Arjun to dinner, use some sense, Ovi, he could not have planned the meeting, hopefully Arjun is not that dumb as to invite his ex-love to a dinner with his suspicious wife.

The only betrayal Ovi should be crying her eyes out for is that the news of her still born was kept from her, everything else, Arjun sleeping with Purvi should be water under the bridge, she should have guessed, known that Arjun and Purvi might have had physical relations.  Just because Arjun was a cold fish around her, for her to wrongly assume Arjun could never be passionately engaged by any other girl was erroneous. 

What goes around comes around, you reap what you sow, tit for tat, an eye for an eye.  No, this is not about Ovi's still born but her being made aware that Arjun and Purvi share a bond, a bond of parenthood that she, Ovi can never break or take away from either one of them.  Ovi can never erase the memory of Arjun's & Purvi's love or belittle or pretend that it never existed, Pari is living proof of the love her parents shared.  Bitter pill to swallow but events have come full circle, nemesis has dealt Ovi her just desserts. 
Master summation of the last six months. Agree 100%.    

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pari87 Goldie

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Posted: 11 April 2013 at 9:57am | IP Logged

I would love for you to answer this. I have time and again always blamed Ovi for that deal. I do not justify it ever, whether it is abandonment issues or desperation, or plain denail, whatever it was, I do not see it as justifiable in my eyes. I have laid full blame on her for putting forth the deal. 

Same way, justifying Purvi accepting the deal because of some kind of debt on her head for being adopted is not cool either. When we do not accept justifications for Ovi wanting to barter a man for mother, how is it kosher for Purvi to barter this same man for mother? If we consider some unconscious feelings of Purvi's debtful attitude in this, one can easily give same yard stick to Ovi and say that she had serious abandonment issues and none of the family helped the poor girl so she drove to the point of desperation. Purvi was desperate to get her mother happiness, Ovi as desperate to get the man she loves. At this point, you guys will say, oh but Purvi wanted it for someone else and Ovi was being selfish. Ok, I give that. Like I said, I have never unnecessarily put Ovi on some pedestal when she had made mistakes. And this one is her biggest one, so no cover up from my side for her. But then what about Mr. Kirloskar? He owed nothing to Archana, so him backing out for Purvi;s sake from their marriage is understandable, but marrying Ovi fully well that he can never give her love, what was that about? At this point, he did not know that Ovi had made the deal in the first place. He found out once they got hom from the wedding. So how did he not spare a thought for his so called childhood friend? He was being selfish too then, just to prove to purvi how much he loves her, he decided to put his childhood friend to hell knowing that he could never do justice to this marriage. But I guess, Arjun and Purvi are amar premis so all is justifiable.

Fine, so that one month when she was being royally ignored by the husband, her existence was next to nothing for him, she had to watch the eye locks between husband and sister, the constant reminders of their past shoved in her face and then her crankyness about it, got no sympathy from me. I also felt, that she knew what she was getting inot, she had to face this. Ok. 

Now at that party, where the whole thing was laid bare to all, the facade Arjun-Ovi were following, the unconsummated status and even Arjun's undying love for Purvi. Ovi declared for one and all to hear that she was tired of this, could not take it anymore and wanted to move on. SO that was her first step towards making this right. Maybe, she did not say it so that Arjun-Purvi could reunite, but she did say it so that both her and arjun could be free from this marriage. 

Now, I understand Purvi not being able to say it out loud that she is pregnant to the family. She is too much of a "sanskaari" girl ( although everything she does screams opposite). So I won't point fingers here at her being unable to get her dirty secret out. But Arjun, he knew he did not love Ovi. at this point, he also KNEW she was ready to move on. He knew the deal fair and sqaure too. So nothing was hidden or underhand anymore. It was public news. So why the hell did he come back for a second chance? When Ovi was ready to move on, why does she deserve this now? 

The lovers could have re-united na? you guys still want it to happen anyway, after 2 weddings and 2 bacchas, so why not then when it was easier? Why did Arjun not stand up to Purvi and say, enough I am not ruining Ovi's life and my life anymore because none of us are happy in this marriage. I cannot love her. Purvi, when she knew she was pregnant, why did she not think Arjun had the right to know. After all, suddenly her claims that the family ka haq hai to know that pari is their daughter, why did she not think of this haq that time? When it was easier to come out with the truth than it is now. why did she not think of child's bhalai that time? That her child will grow up with bio dad? Why did this not occur to her that time? But instead, one more pyaar ki kasam and she says go please consummate with your wife. Did she not think of repurcussions? One man, who is already the father of her child, being father of Ovi's child too? Please don't tell me Purvi was childish and she thought of sab ki bhalai. Clearly that sab ki bhalai isn't in the picture now, so pray, it wasn't even then. She simply ran away toa avoid humiliation and all the name calling she would have recieved. But now it is called sab ki bhalai, and forget sab ki it is called ovi ki bhalai. who is she to decide what arjun-ovi's marriage is supposed to be like? And that too, by giving her pyaar ki kasams to Arjun. Quite an ego centric person who knows she rules over this guy. Not the pure-vi in my head. After that one month declaration and the pathetic decision by the lovers, one to hide her pregnancy from him, other to listen to her bs and consummate with his wife instead of divorcing her, since then, it has been dhokha to ovi. She has sufffered constantly in this marriage, with a pathetic excuse of a husband and ghost of her sister's past always controlling this husband. 

Once ovi came clean on that day a month later, it has only been Arjun-Purvi;s mistakes and that is why it is dhoka. Explain and enlighten me on why Purvi hid her pregnancy to Arjun and why Arjun did not divorce ovi after she was ready to move on? Were they playing a revenge game on her for that deal? So then what is the difference between all 3? And if you tell me Purvi thought of bhalai, that is really not kosher. She did not think of her child growing up withotu a bio dad, she did not think of Arjun's misery in this marriage, she did not think of her family who would be devastated by finding out an ugly truth when 2 babies are in question, and she definitely did not think of Ovi who she knew had to suffer a loveless marriage, because Arjun could only provide as a husband but could never love her. ( i don't deride her for not looking out for Ovi, cuz she had no reason to, but then she should not blame ovi ' insecurities for her bs reasons for hiding face and running away and nor she should say ovi ki bhalai, cuz usually she doesn't do anything taht results in her bhaalai)

After 7-9 months, she comes back and then all this new buckwaas comes up in her head about swapping babies, only to finally come out with the ugly truth. Assuming that Ovi should forgive them and family to accept this, because it is family ka haq now. When was that haq in that one month party may i know?  Purvi does as is convenient to her and there is no bhalai in anything she does. She is an egocentric person who cloaks her BS in the name of bhalai and mahaanta. 

And as much as we would disagree on this, I can lay my blame on Ovi when she is wrong, but it seems like Purvi will be defended even if she goes ahead and murders Ovi simply because of that one deal. 

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Anjli2010 Goldie

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Posted: 11 April 2013 at 9:57am | IP Logged
Originally posted by india

oh come on.. first she takes away Arjun from Purvi and then now Purvi gave her kid to her, she is saying that "Dhoka" hua hai?
so selfish she is..

Ovi is selfish????  I hope this is a big joke something.
Ovi is suffering greatly having found out that the
baby she nurtured belongs to Purvi.   Now Purvi
says the truth had to come out and she is going to
tell the family... huhConfused  Why did she not think
of that before??  Sorry but Purvi is the selfish one here.
If Purvi really wanted to give up her baby, then she
should have left with Onir and moved to another
This whole thing is a big mess... and Purvi is to
blame.  My 2 cents.

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