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Ovi is too much DT note pg19 (Page 13)

shalininaik Senior Member

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Posted: 11 April 2013 at 7:41am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Huma-

Originally posted by iqbalslover

Ovi is now getting taste of her own medicine


Wht goes around comes awl the way back around!

I agree with you

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Ruchikaarvilove IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 April 2013 at 7:42am | IP Logged
Hhhahaha LOL Agreee to the Topic Maker completely! Ovi is mad! After doing such great "dhokhas" with Arvi, she expects all the good in her side and all the cryings and sadness in Arvi's side! What a great woman she is !!!! LOL

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rayadallie IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 April 2013 at 8:01am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sowmya_jairam

Originally posted by soapwatcher1

Originally posted by rayadallie

Everyone must sympathize with ovi for loosing her child despite her own negligence but no one should sympathize with the mother who decide against abortion and kept her child out of wedlock and give it away to the mother who lost her child so that she could be happy and not be devastated. talk about society and discrimination.

Bravo!!! Well said!

Oh gosh! Can we please look at the character progression when we talk. Nobody's denying that Ovi drank during pregnancy or that she made that dratted deal, or that they were both very, very wrong. But Ovi didn't lost the child because of her negligence, the baby was well and healthy before the accident. And Ovi knew that she had neglected the baby due to her own issues, and acknowledged that to purvi and onir, and apologized to arjun. In fact, the reason she wanted to go to the temple that fateful night was to thank Bappa for keeping her baby safe through all of that, and giving her a chance to experience motherhood. If she had known then that her baby had died in the accident, she would have probably blamed herself that she initially didn't want the baby so Bappa took him/her away from her when she'd started loving the child. Or she may have blamed arjun or onir or purvi or some random person, how does it matter? Ovi should have known the truth and should have been allowed to deal with it in her own way. This time she had the support of her aai and rest of her family who were all on her side unlike the wedding which divided the family.

Even if Ovi had then begged purvi on bended knee for Pari, purvi should not have given her up. Just contributing to the genetic pool does not make one a mother, the real part comes once the baby is born. That purvi kept the baby instead of aborting and loved her from the start is moot point because she gave her up as soon as she was born. If Ovi had begged her or she decided that Ovi needed pari more than her and she wanted to give up pari; she should have offered her openly and legally for adoption,and then be content with being pari's maasi. Her character has steadily gone downhill, whereas Ovi's has steadily gone uphill. She has done mistakes, she has learnt from them and repented for them. She has grown as a person, whereas purvi and arjun have become liars/cheats/wimps from strong characters who constantly keep making mistakes after mistakes. 

Why play God when you're mere human? How can she decide and take control of anyone else's life? Why should Ovi not be allowed to mourn her baby and decide for herself if she wanted to adopt pari or some other baby? Her first responsibility as a mother is to her baby alone, everyone else should come after. She had and has no right to decide what will make someone happy and when; people are not puppets that she can pull their strings whenever and however she wants even if she wants their "bhalaai". Her double-standards, her hypocrisy, her sab-ki-bhalaai nonsense sicken me to the core. If these are actions done with good intentions, I intend not to have good intentions for anyone nor let anyone with good intentions anywhere near me. 

I hope that we are both looking at the same serial. Ovi developed problems in her pregnancy way before the accident. As a result of the complications, dr. Onir came into the picture and helped Ovi to get over her drinking problems. So for me, it was not teh accident only that contributed to Ovi's lost of her child although I would have been happy if she had her baby and purvi also kept hers and for arjun to find out about both of his children and to see what his reaction would have been. but sadly, the CV was thinking along those lines.

I sometimes read some post here and no one is even considering that fact that purvi gave her baby to both arjun and ovi. That is a mere fact not an assumption so I dont understand why persons are just pointing out that purvi gave baby to ovi and make it seem as though arjun is not even part of the picture and arjun is even the baby's biological father.

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AsYa_fan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 April 2013 at 8:05am | IP Logged
Ovi deserves this after all she blackmailed Arvi into seperating At first I felt bad cause she lost her baby,but when she said that Arjun gave her doka I dont feel bad for her cause she deserves it! She ruined 2 lives and she is ruining her own life!!

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aathya IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 April 2013 at 8:10am | IP Logged
i knw ovi is in bad position right now but there is one saying in hindi  jaisa karo waisa bharo.. it exactly suits ovi's current situation... before marrge only she knew arjun purvi loved each other but she didnt want to accept the truth but after marrge entire eqution had changed she started suspecting arjun purvi.. had she been seen their love before her maage she shouldnt have been in this position  today.. ..  and she lost her baby coz of her carelessness during her pregnancy but sadly when she startd caring about her baby she lost it...

ps- iam not supporting arvi but ovi should also be blamed for her position today along with arvi. she is the one came up with this stupid deal so now she should face the consequences ... its better to face the consequences rather than just blaming others 

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Roses_ZaYa Senior Member

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Posted: 11 April 2013 at 8:17am | IP Logged
Ovi is a spoilt who has no consideration to others feelings. End of story.

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muhinaA HUGE FANrayadallieManoshonocrazygirl4RD

rayadallie IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 April 2013 at 8:23am | IP Logged
Originally posted by soapwatcher1

Really what has Ovi suffered at all in these past few months?  Yes, she gave birth to a still born but up until then, the girl has made sure to get everything she wants with scant regard as to how it affects anyone else, her mother, her father, Arjun, Purvi, matters not whose happiness is at stake so long as her little heart has what it desires. 

Ovi wanted Arjun, Ovi got Arjun; she wanted Purvi out of the picture, Purvi skipped town; she wanted Onir to come to Mumbai to treat her, Onir did;  she wanted Purvi to leave her mykaye when she was in an advanced stage of pregnancy, Purvi did; she blamed theft on Purvi the day of the puja, Purvi silently agreed; even on the day of the godh barai, the spoilt girl instead of being happy with what her mother had gifted her, was discontentedly eyeing what Purvi was given and made the distasteful comment to Arjun that Purvi was lucky & always got what she wanted.  Deluded for sure especially when Ovi has made sure to snatch everything that could make Purvi even remotely happy.  

Purvi had an easy pregnancy?  perhaps Ovi would have had an easier pregnancy if she had not meddled with nature by boozing away.  Yes, she had a still born because of the accident but her womb was already compromised, and if earlier she had taken care of herself and the baby well, maybe, just maybe, the baby would have survived.

I cannot understand how anyone could think Purvi did not suffer. Anyway, why should Purvi suffer while Ovi basks in ill-gotten happiness?  Is there an unwritten rule that for Ovi to be happy, Purvi should wallow in misery? Purvi gave up her love the day before her marriage, that must have broken her heart, she found out she was pregnant by the man who was her sister's husband, imagine the mental torture and anguish of the girl.  

Inspite of that, Purvi advised Arjun to move on with his life with Ovi. Nothing could have been accomplished by disclosing her pregnancy to the family at that juncture, Arjun is all talk most of the time so he would have stuck by Ovi and Purvi would have been left in the lurch. Hats off to her for moving to Kolkata and deciding to raise the baby on her own.  Someone pointed out that she suffered for one month before she met Onir.  Well, one day or one month, she did suffer and the suffering was caused by Ovi snatching away her fiance.  If we are going to measure the length of suffering, how long has Ovi suffered? One might be tempted to say that poor Ovi has suffered from day one because Arjun decided to dump her and get engaged to her sister. Purvi has endured the same pangs of seeing her loved one with another.  

Please do remember, Purvi did not come to Mumbai on her own, both Manav and Archana put pressure on her to bring Onir to Mumbai to treat Ovi.  She had no choice but to force Onir to come to Mumbai. And please do not contemplate that she should have sent Onir alone and stayed back in Kolkata.  She was pregnant herself and why should she be the one to give up the company of her famed gyn husband just because, and only because, her brat sister could not stand her.  Her sister could reap the benefit of her husband's skills but she the wife should have sat in a corner in Kolkata and waited patiently until her cosseted sister was done throwing her tantrums of "I do love the baby, I do not love the baby" game.  I should add " will drink today, I will not drink today, I will take my meds today, I will not take my meds today".  There is a limit to being selfish and self-centered and even childish if one is indulgent enough to pass it off as the last.

Yes, the decision to give Pari to Ovi was a rash decision and taken at a feeble moment, I fault Onir here for not only telling Purvi that Ovi had delivered a stillborn but for agreeing and exchanging the babies.  Purvi was in no state to make a conscious decision.

In one of the posts someone asked why Purvi initially said she was doing this for Arjun's & Ovi's marriage and then changed her stance to say she was doing it for Ovi's sake as she feared Ovi would break down and go into depression.  The two are intertwined, the marriage would have been irreparable if Ovi had lost her bearings (not that she ever had them, it has always been a precarious balance) and had treated Arjun the way she was wont to treat him earlier.

Even now, Ovi is bemoaning the fact that Arjun is meeting Purvi chupke chupke, Ovi is the one who invited Arjun to dinner, use some sense, Ovi, he could not have planned the meeting, hopefully Arjun is not that dumb as to invite his ex-love to a dinner with his suspicious wife.

The only betrayal Ovi should be crying her eyes out for is that the news of her still born was kept from her, everything else, Arjun sleeping with Purvi should be water under the bridge, she should have guessed, known that Arjun and Purvi might have had physical relations.  Just because Arjun was a cold fish around her, for her to wrongly assume Arjun could never be passionately engaged by any other girl was erroneous. 

What goes around comes around, you reap what you sow, tit for tat, an eye for an eye.  No, this is not about Ovi's still born but her being made aware that Arjun and Purvi share a bond, a bond of parenthood that she, Ovi can never break or take away from either one of them.  Ovi can never erase the memory of Arjun's & Purvi's love or belittle or pretend that it never existed, Pari is living proof of the love her parents shared.  Bitter pill to swallow but events have come full circle, nemesis has dealt Ovi her just desserts. 
Clap I have nothing more to add here. You said it all. Excellent synopsis of events.

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soapwatcher1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 April 2013 at 8:23am | IP Logged
Originally posted by znursingh

Originally posted by soapwatcher1

Gosh! You wrote a LOT!

But I guess you HAVE to if the only way you can elevate and praise Purevi AND justify a reunionis by pulling down another EQUALLY FICTIONAL AND FLAWED character!!

What goes around comes around, you reap what you sow, tit for tat, an eye for an eye. No, this is not about Ovi's still born but her being made aware that Arjun and Purvi share a bond, a bond of parenthood that she, Ovi can never break or take away from either one of them. Ovi can never erase the memory of Arjun's & Purvi's love or belittle or pretend that it never existed, Pari is living proof of the love her parents shared. Bitter pill to swallow but events have come full circle, nemesis has dealt Ovi her just desserts.

I agree that Karma IS a b***h and will ultimately bite you in the a**e! Wonder when Purevi will feel its teeth on her hind quarters?!And BTW=Pari is proof only of Purevi's perfidy with her own child!!


My dear, if I wrote a lot , you wrote 3 times as much and 3 posts in response! I am sincerely flattered. I would please ask you to tone it down as far as personal remarks are concerned. You say we should discuss the conflicting POVs with wit and courtesy, I sensed direct attacks and jabs at me in your posts. Please do be mindful to avoid such remarks in the future.

And not at all, I did not dismiss Ovi giving birth to a still born in a cavalier fashion at all. I reiterated in that post as well as other posts that barring the loss of her child, excepting the opportunity lost to properly mourn her loss, etc, she has received just retribution. I have also written that the actress did such a remarkable job that she elicited quite a few tears from me.

From the tone of your posts, I can deduce you and I will never see eye to eye on this, so let me not waste my time writing treatises and your time reading and responding on this subject. Ovi's childhood sans a mother does not give her the right to behave high handedly with all and sundry. That said, I believe my prior posts address most of the questions you have raised in your posts. I will always believe Ovi was wrong and nothing she does in the future will nullify her past mistakes, that is not to say she should not be forgiven or that she cannot be a good person in the future. Agree with you on the karma bit.

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