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ArHi FF:6:The BEASTS and the BLEEDING ROSES Ch 175 (Page 86)

dingle Senior Member

Joined: 18 February 2006
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Posted: 11 June 2013 at 10:18am | IP Logged
dum dum dummm
Finally!  his truth is out.  What is she going to do I wonder?

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A_Soul IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 June 2013 at 11:49am | IP Logged

Chapter 168: Turning the Corner

Its really feel like i am watching an Epi on TV... all special effects were on my mind.. all that 'Dha dhan.. Dha dhan.. dha dhan' , teasing, happiness, sadness, worry, mystery... everything in one update... Fab one!!

"Don't be daft, Di," muttered her brother, with a frown, "It's a perfectly usual evening with nothing out of the extraordinary happening."

Ohhh really…!!

He paused and his eyes were curious, "You doWho?"

Look at the change in lordy… usually who just ignore the question, is now want to know about whom her sister is talking about?...Kya baat hain!!!

"Of course and it is good you are not that interested," said his sister, watching him slowly climb the steps, "Because that girl deserves a man who will sincerely love her and since you claim yourself heartless, I don't see how I will be helping her fulfill HER dreams. Nonetheless, I am certain after her sister is wedded off, her parents will immediately set out to seek a worthy man for her."

Wow… Jio Anjali jio… Kya danna dala hain… naam nai liya aur phir bhi bata diya…
I Just loved the scene.. 

Her eyes spotted the man standing tall and thoughtful beside the lake, his hands in his pockets and his gaze trained towards the sky.

Nice vision..!

The General glanced at the trees in the garden, "Well, I can't see the beauty in the trees in the night. We'll have to wait for tomorrow morning."

Hooopoe…. What else you could read here?? Tell me…! There is something..!!

Lady Anjali beamed, "And how different tomorrow morning will be! A new sister for me is coming to the Castle!"

Lin..shouldn't your 'A' be 'italic' here?

"Quiet right!" the General winked, "In fact, I think you look your best when you are in tears."

Ha ha… Nice one..!!

"Then why is your….…." she began, but paused and found the courage say, "I have been noticing it for quite a while now, my love. It seems you are not…...happy about us having-"

Linny… I can feel her pain of worry over what worry her husband has..
He hate FATHERS..and he himself is going to be father.. the worry is related to past n the curse.. that's for sure!

He looked at her, "And you know why."

But WE DON'T KNOW WHY?? Tell us NOW!

Lady Anjali paled, "You don't think………." She breathed in, tears welling in her eyes, "No. No, my love. You mustn't fear. Why do you fear so? I assure you, this child will not bring you pain. She will teach you to forget."

How lady Anjali so sure, that the child is she & not he?

"I am willing to be cured," he said abstractedly, "But the cure will take some time to be willing to heal me."

NOW THAT A WHISTLE *podu* DIALOGUE…. FAB ONE LINNY…!! Come here, let me HUG YOU..!! ClapClapClapClapClap
But man..he is so sure that khushi, later, but willingly cure him… Fadu confidence hain boss!

Thanking the butler, Kushi turned on her heels and headed for the garden, cold winds blowing wildly as the land of Arhasia prepared for the approaching winter.

Linny… you have best friendship with weather of arhasia..don't you! It always helps you to what you wanna convey to your readers indirectly..!


The hem of her beautiful white gown slid over the cold grass as she cheerily made way through the garden of the Castle.


And then the man lifted his face from his wife's, the shadow over his face sliding away as the moonlight shone down on his countenance,

I visualized, above everything, in slow motion… 
And then..

Kushi's smile froze.

Happy realization of Love & Shocking reality of Life…Khushi..!

For the storm in winds of Arhasia... 

Jaane Hai Kya Sitaron Mein 
Gardish Si Hai Isharo Main 
Patjhahd Si Hai Baharo Main
Toofan Sa Hai Kinaro Mein 
Dastak Si Hai, Kya Yeh Hardam
Aahat Si Hai, Kya Yeh Hardam,
Kaisa Yeh Raaz Hai.., Jo Ke Khulta Nahi..

For Lady Anjali's heart...

Hota Hai Jo Sawaalo Mein 
Milta Nahi Jawabon Mein 
Rehta Hai Jo Khayalo Mein 
Ab Tak Hai Woh Hijabo Mein..
Hai Dil Ka Yeh, Kaisa Mausam 
Na Dhoop Hai, Na Hai Shabnam, 
Kaisa Yeh Raaz Hai.., Jo Ke Khulta Nahi..

[Lyrics from movie Raaz 2]


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Peda Senior Member

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Posted: 11 June 2013 at 2:02pm | IP Logged

I've been wondering what to comment on your last two updates...because how do you comment on perfection.

Dissecting your work for me will make it lose its magic.

I just love reading this story.I feel transported to the wonderful land of Arshia, and the scenes unfolding in my mind as I hear you narrate the update.

I am eagerly awaiting the next installment of this beautiful tale.

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kushipugly IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 June 2013 at 4:36pm | IP Logged
before i joined IF i was such an old fashioned woman, internet limited for just emails, FB, ebay etc.
IPK addiction led me to IF where i find TBR & my addiction for this ff led me to learn how to upload pics for this ff  which aquiline taught meHeart, then shass taught me cut n copy paste  as i wanted to qoute some comments in TBR  n now an unimaginable thing happened!!!
Before, i could have never imagined myself using internet on mobile, i used it  once when barun announced quit & now today as i cant keep myself away from this ff anymore & my laptop is crashed...

Dear aquiline, these incidents maybe little for you but they are big for me & its because of you it happened to me...
my eldest son got the shock of his life & took my pic when i was reading chapter 151-155on mobileLOLLOL

i love you dammit!!!Heart

Chapter 151:
Lavanya farewell:
 lo kar lo baat isay khatay hain farewell Clap(masterchef histyle)Embarrassed
a very emotionl update...
this is all what female heat is all about. Thy forgive n forget their loved onces without holding any grudges n always wish the best for them...
Arshi lovestory is rare no doubt but lavanya broken heart story is common...
A very realistic update from a girl's POV & written perfectly...

Chapter 152:
noctornal return: 
i m sorry to say i was extremley distracted in this update so dont really know what actually happenedEmbarrassed
as soon as i read shyam standing under the shower without clothes & then being taken to the bed, my I-F(GM) mind  blasted completelyBlushing
ASR n Shyam jha are 2 characters of ipk n TBR that when such scenes come, i loose control of whats actually happeningBlushing

on a serious note, just after lavanya story n her farewell, here comes another xample of a woman heart who is willing to love n stand by her beloved no matter what...

@what is shyam uptoConfused

Chapter 153:
shasi dosnt remember the incidentConfused what kind of stroke is this, never heard of a stroke where only a precise moment is wiped out from memoryConfused
now is that anything to do with shyam bastly powers where he can hypnotize or something like thatConfused

Chapter 154:
beautiful update mixture of all emotions...
aksah is a gentleman n payal is a lucky girl to have found a man who is willing to stand beside her always & promising to give her not just love but respect too. 
loved the screen space of mr mnohar raizada too. Being a gentlman h dosnt snap at his wifee  like normal man do but respectfully & tactfuly deal with the situation...

ASR challenged khushi to kiss him backShocked
cant waitEmbarrassed

Chapter 155: NK leaving so soonDisapprove
proud of him though that he wants to prove himself first worthy of lavanya & then will go to her for marriage..
& NK hinted khushi, its not fury which asr possess for khushi but something else...
will miss NKDisapprove

hope ASR will find a good trusting man just like aman ...
but this will mean a new entry in arhasia!!

u can bring anyone if u decide to bring one as ASR right hand man but plz no maanavOuch


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A_Soul IF-Rockerz

Joined: 18 August 2012
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Posted: 12 June 2013 at 12:15am | IP Logged
Originally posted by aparnav

Hey,aquiline! My dear,u are an amazing narrator.i came across this ff just a week back!i finished the whole thing in a go jst now! Can u believe it! I have been a silent reader in IF fr almost an year now. .and this is my 1st time comenting,or rather replying. .your story nd narration forced me to come out f my exile! Thankyou so much for this wonderful ff! Looking forward to your 2nd climax!!and ofcourse,the whole story

Rabba Vey New Reader...
I, Soul, on behalf of all readers and comrades Welcomes you to the world of Arhasia.. where mystery continues..!
Feel free to pour your thoughts on FF and comments of others..
Make your self comfortable in INN.., InnKeeper Bhaiya.. Hot chocolate for the lady plz..!
Enjoy your visits

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-memorable- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 June 2013 at 3:15am | IP Logged
phew ! finanly caught up

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hoopoe IF-Dazzler

Joined: 10 January 2012
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Posted: 12 June 2013 at 3:21am | IP Logged

Rabba ve dear Aquiline...

Let me scream first... Yaaay!!! You have planned for atleast 400 chapters?!!!... Thank you dear for this awesome news. Love you...Heart
Coming to the chapter, it was very thrilling. Loved it. BTW, if Lord Akash and Payal's marriage will be happening in South temple, will Lord Arnav and Khushi's marriage will happen in North temple with the only the Lady in Dark hood witnessing their ceremony?!!!... Wink
The star character of this chapter... General. Jha...
(Im going to comment in Soul's style as I don't find any way suitable to comment on each line of Gen. Jha and Lady's intriguing conversation)

She stopped near the rose bush but without giving it a glance, looked to her right and her left, as though searching for someone.

Hmmm... interesting!!!
Lady Anjali slid her arm around his and leaned her head against his strong shoulder, "I love it when it nears the winter. Do you see how beautiful the leaves look when autumn visits Arhasia?"

The General glanced at the trees in the garden, "Well, I can't see the beauty in the trees in the night. We'll have to wait for tomorrow morning."

So true... due to the darkness in his life, he is unable to appreciate the beauty and take part in the happiness of the beautiful fruit bearing tree standing in front of him in the form of Lady Anjali. Only when it dawns in his life, only when he get free from his gloomy curse, he'll be able to appreciate her.
Lady Anjali beamed, "And how different tomorrow morning will be! A new sister for me is coming to the Castle!"

The General nodded, watching her face, "You look beautiful when you smile."

Is it a genuine thought from his heart or is he simply trying to divert her attention from the topic which she was talking a moment ago by casually praising her beauty?!!!... LOL  
"You would find me beautiful in my every expression," remarked Lady Anjali, bashfully.

"Quiet right!" the General winked, "In fact, I think you look your best when you are in tears."

He chuckled when Lady Anjali playfully slapped his shoulder, "How you like to tease me so!"

"I have only you to tease," said the General and he kissed her cheek.

Is he flattering her to keep her excitement about the upcoming marriage at its bay? Is he scared that she may again come up with the thoughts of pairing up her brother and khushi together...Embarrassed

"Maybe once the child is born the torments will end," suggested Lady Anjali hopefully, wanting her husband to love their unborn child, "Maybe the child is the one who will cure you."

She is expecting a girl-child?!!! That's interesting. So did he share his apparition details with her? Is she already aware of the little girl haunting him at nights?!!!...
He frowned at her, as though she had uttered something idiotic, "This child is not the one who will cure me."
"I am willing to be cured," he said abstractedly, "But the cure will take some time to be willing to heal me."


Yes, we know who he think as his cure and it seems, as expected she need to be "willing to heal him"... That's very tough. Khushi will be willing, but only for the beast she loves very dearly. I can think of only one person who can be willing to do anything for General... his wife, Lady Anjali... Wink Embarrassed

P.S. How is the General so cool and relaxed when the procession is about to begin? Don't he have any fear of being spotted and identified by Khushi or Madhumathiji at the marriage ceremony?!!!...

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Swaatii Goldie

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Posted: 12 June 2013 at 4:37am | IP Logged
Waiting waiting and waiting

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