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ArHi FF:6:The BEASTS and the BLEEDING ROSES Ch 175 (Page 79)

maverickmartin IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 June 2013 at 7:12am | IP Logged
Originally posted by hoopoe

Rabba ve dear Aquiline & COCs...

This is what i felt after reading Lyraa's comment...
Originally posted by Lyraa99

I had been catching up on this story and once again I must say, this is the only FF that has captured the magic of ipkknd.


Some characters in this world are blessed by destiny to shape up bigger than life size, break the restricting boundaries of mundane human life and attain the state of "immortals"... There is something charismatic and magical about them that makes them special and stand apart from others...Day Dreaming Their "life story" gets told and retold, time to time in various periods by various narrators in various versions, though with slight modifications... The different narrators, adding their own personal touch to those immortal characters... making them sound like a simple folklore or an epic legendary tale depending upon their talent of creativity and narrating style... Smile

I feel this is whats happening with the characters of Arnav and Khushi in India Forums through these numerous ArHi fanfictions where these two characters along with other characters of IPK are made legendary... (A hearty thanks to all those writers who keep IPK and Arnav-Khushi alive through their stories)... Heart
I haven't read many great Arhi FFs suggested by Farwa, Mav or Kushipugly... but still as far as i have read, i'll can confidently say that this is the only version of Arnav and khushi where they are more than close to the original character version of IPK... (No offence intended to other FF writers. Mav & Farwa... sorry, its just my personal view and i admit, i haven't read most of the brilliant works by many famous writers of this forum. Embarrassed)
Coming back to TBTBR, this is how IPK was till the day of their hate marriage... the story of Arnav & Khushi, all intense and passionate... the story of Shyam & Anjali... all mysterious and inquisitive... the story of Akaash & Payal, so sweet and serene... But after that day everything changed in the land of IPK. The storyline started deteriorating, characters got tampered and plot ruined... OuchThough they took corrective measures to rectify them now and then, they were all short lived and IPK never became the same like the pre-marriage days... ie, with a tight screenplay and a gripping plot... Disapprove
Since, TBTBR is all about perfecting the story of Arnav-Khushi and IPK, I feel your actual work starts from this day (the day of marriage)... to perfect the storyline... to explore the psyche of the characters and reveal their true strengths... to unfold the mysteries of their past life connections... Im sure it's going to be one memorable journey for all of us here... Thank you for giving us Arhasia... and making us a part of this unforgettable journey. All the very best... Thumbs Up Hug

I second you, hoopoe. It's true, what Lyraa said - this story is by far as close to the perfection that IPK never managed to reach, though it had every chance to. Almost every important scene that held the magic of IPKKND has been re-written wit magic and beauty and you can feel the characters close to you, like the show managed to make us feel.

And about the underlined - I absolutely agree. Linnie's always managed to take what we loved in IPKKND and given it a whole new perspective with a stroke and this "Second Climax" and its consequences are going to be so, so interesting. I really want to see how they turn out to be! I'm sure Linnie will work her magic and move and captivate us, like always! Good luck, dear, from me too! :)


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gmsk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 June 2013 at 7:53am | IP Logged
Its MONDAY * both arms in the air & spinning* ...
never felt so excited for a monday..
its just the same feeling i felt last year during  starting of Feb 
i loved MONDAYS at tht time *winks* 
 that same feeling of curiosity , excitement ,pinch of worry and lots and lots of eagerness to know more is eating me up :P 


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sree_dey IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 June 2013 at 8:27am | IP Logged
HELLO HI BYE BYE UPDATIYA TIME NANDkisore hum baiting karat hai...[/B]

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Aquiline IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 June 2013 at 8:50am | IP Logged

Newest reader of Arhasia who contacted Aura in Aquiline's absence and may remain a silent reader...



Joined: 02 June 2012

Posted: 13 May 2013 at 10:59pm

CC: Aura7

Im shahin. actually i m new to this forum and i heard from my frnds that here are wonderful fictions. thats y how i came here.i heard these fictions are based on a daily soap.i  really dont know anything  about the serial.but i never thought that people write excellent fictions here.

And this tale of arhasia is really something which i cant describe by words.amazing ,marvellous fantastic, unique,i really dont know whether these words would do justice in describing wat the tale actually is. and aquiline she's really  amazing. I mean the language is perfect. i gained a lot of knowledge also came across new terms. The characters are really unique.this tale s a perfect blend of all the possible parameters required for a perfect fairytale. Whether it be joy,despair,sorrow,love,romance aquiline has really an unique and a specific way of portraying them using the right choice of words. at times i go in search of a dictionary to find the meaning of certain words. Read this story in one go. it took me 4days to complete reading all the now i m a new visitor of the inn. Will you join me also in the comrades while having the cup of coffee in the inn.i need to hear aquiline narrating the tale of arhasia.since aquiline s on a break i m sending this pm to you. 

On chapter 166:

very nice chapter.i enjoyed a lot and its really very sweet to have this ritual of making a bouquet by the groom  for his  bride.i sense some comparison of  the flowers they use for the rituals to women who are about to get married.i guess since the groom as a man  till date would not have got used to handling soft and sensible things in his daily life.we all know how a man's life s when compared to is said only women have greater endurance,patience,tolerance,the greater intuition and insight too whereas men lack these most of the times.woman can be compared to flowers in many ways especially they are the one who spread fragrance and spread colors of happiness in the life of their family members and when it comes to the bride she s the one who is gonna spread light n the grooms i guess this ritual is one of the first step in which he himself learns how to deal with delicate things with lot of patience and utter tenderness as he needs it so that he would get acclimatize himself  in the extremely new environment he s gonna live with a girl who is no less than a budding flower.and what could be the best  example of tenderness and softness other than flowers?this is how i understood about the purpose of such a ritual.sorry if i m wrong.i am really u know very happy and excited as if some wedding is gonna happen n my home.and wats the reason lady anjali is not allowed outside the castle(i have to use my SHERLOCK HOLMES BRAIN IS IT ANTHYING RELATED TO HIS CURSE?)very cute to see the lordy one scrunching his eyes and making faces for wearing the tux.and i am wondering here if all the other people whoever come across khushi go ga ga all over her then wat would the lordy's reaction on seeing the beauty.i m sure someone s gonna be bowled over by his so called beggar girl(evil grin).ohh now wat will happen since khushi has taken that broken its destiny which made her go in that carriage so that the lordy lord goes in search of her and gifts her the one which is meant to be given to the bride's sister by the groom's bro.if khushi had not taken that carriage then this lordy's ego would have never allowed him to go and give it to its all planned by the almighty and when will this lordy lord understand that always  things cant be brought under his  control and there is something called DESTINY?.mujhe bohot chakkar aa raha hai thinking about arnav.Smile

On chapter 167:

a very warm light hearted seeing the title closer i thought for a sec did he propose her or did they share a kiss and then i thought oh here with the lordy lord and his stauchness such things are merely impossible for now as he will not confess that they got engaged again its the destiny which made him wear that ring on her.when khushi blamed herself saying she cant dream of something which actually has nothing in it he questioned her in such a way that his question had so much of intensity and depth in he really aware of his love for her or he hasnt realised yet?and now i found whenever his emotions overrule his mind and his heart wins he keeps back all of them by wearing his cold mask and insulting her calling her a beggar and changing the entire the lordy one is very smart more than wat i thought.for the first time i m seeing him cupping her face and i m seeing the fear of him losing her.the next moment he masked it.with the way the story is progressing i think happiness lies a little far for the two of them.this has a very long way to go.his curse,the general's eyes on khushi,khushi knowing about both the curses and especially arnav's curse and wat will happen wen the lordy finds general s after khushi again will ther be a misunderstanding.i dont know the actual serial so i done even have a single knowledge about the actors or the actual plot of serial.but one thing i suspect this as a calm before storm.lets see what happens?wat i loved today is two things the first one is his care and concern for her and their engagement without their awareness been planned by the almighty.the second one is how he requested her sweetly for the frst time ever and his firm faith in her that she would take care of his sister.

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Aquiline IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 June 2013 at 9:11am | IP Logged


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LeenaRocks IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 June 2013 at 9:25am | IP Logged

WHAT!?!? I am the 1st?!? 
sorry Lin! i nicked it from your post! *sheepish grin*

Alrighty!! Time for recapitulate Monkey Winks Yoyo

Second Climax!? Whoa Lin! that did raise the hair behind my neck! Monkey Icon

Anjali... You are such a tease i tell ya! You sure know when to pull a particular string!Monkey Winks Cici

Arnav... Really? you possibly are not solemnly interested in knowing who that girl  could be? aren't u? Monkey Emoticon

Anjali... Yes My Lady ... the girl does deserve a suitable match .. and offcourse it will be her turn next to get wedded after all! Monkey Icons Yoyo
Arnav... Dude! why the lost look!?eh?Monkey Icon Cici 
Ha! so much for ' I couldn't possibly be interested' Yeah! Right!Monkey Icon Yoyo

Shyam... Really what are you?Monkey Icon I really really aren't sure if you are a negative character or a positive one! Monkey Icons I mean i know you trying to pursue another woman is wrong... but at the same time i feel its a desperate effort to get rid of the curse ... Monkey Emoticons .. but again ... oww! i am confused... i'll let some more time to pass until the story unrolls itself! there is just so much my pea brain could come up with! Monkey Emoticons

Anjali... Ouh! dear! my heart goes out to a pure soul like you! being a simple one amidst curses! Monkey Icons

Khushi... Monkey IconsAh ouh! yeah baby! you need to believe your eyes! But the real thing is whats next?Monkey Winks  Lin!!??  Monkey Icons Yoyo

Lin... Yes ... i am nervous too... nevertheless all set to receive the next chap with equal fervor!Monkey Winks
Bring it on sweetie! I know you will do just good with your actual track! Monkey Emoticon
Wow! cant wait! 

Edited by LeenaRocks - 10 June 2013 at 10:01am

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-Farwa_Ibrahim- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 June 2013 at 9:27am | IP Logged
I Want so much to be 1st to grab the throne
but how much hard I try its always gone!
I want to pull my hair
this is not something I can bear
I will try harder next time
fighting for it is no way a crime
now the update... Good I loved it... Loved the way Anjali teased Arnav n played the card so well. Autumn wind is nice always. So gen is fearing tht the child might have curse too. Oh Rahim Chacha is so right tht Lordy is too protective for Anjali n he had ample amount of trust on Khushi. Finally she confessed to herself that she loved Arnav. Oh she saw his face I was all the time saying Mud mud Gen. Mud(means turn ur face) and now u r so right I want to read the next update right at the moment... Hai wednesday seems so farrr... Love it Lin cant wait for wednesday

Edited by -Farwa_Ibrahim- - 10 June 2013 at 10:12am

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penrith Senior Member

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Posted: 10 June 2013 at 9:28am | IP Logged
wow. wow. wow.. shyam is exposed. love this ff...

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