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ArHi FF:6:The BEASTS and the BLEEDING ROSES Ch 175 (Page 76)

zonera1 Goldie

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Posted: 08 June 2013 at 3:28am | IP Logged
Aha!What a brilliant narration of Arnav rescuing Kushi!
Wow! Lin U rre enacted tha Post Havan scene beautifully and even more beautiful was Arnav complementing Khushi on the colour of her dress!
Thank U for re enacting all the beautiful scenes of IPK n perfecting them when the show went haywire!
Engagement done in Pure Lordy style n I loved it!
Waiting for the marriage to take place!But even if U dont get them married with Payash even them I am happy!
Waiting for your next update!

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shijinareneesh IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 June 2013 at 4:25am | IP Logged
Rabba vey Aqua... WELCOME BACK...its been two months...can't believe it... Do I need to tell ,we all missed u n ur narration?????we did more than we can explain through we are more than happy that u r here eventhough ur schedules are hectic...
Now about me, I am good dear,yes I did walk through a difficult path n became too weak emitionally for more than two weeks...but I am good now...agan life is in smooth road... My sis doing well,her expecting date is 21st June n we are waiting to welcome our lil one... I'll become a maassi officially,hahaha... And he is crazily busy with his too doing well...

Chapter 166:

When Khushi got all the appreciation for her appearance I was imagining Sanaya in white gown,the wax doll that she is ,she looked breathtakingly beautiful in my vision...
When listening buaji n master Shashi's conversation,one thought stuck in my mind,buaji mentioning about Khushi's marriage not happening 'TONIGHT'itself...why why those dilogues,are you hinting something to us,about whats coming tonight other than Payash marriage...bolo bolo... I'll more than welcome it,but not in the way it hpnd in the show... So Khushi is off to castle to bewitch n blind some eyes...or for certain some one's eye...fool your buaji,not us Goddess of mischief...

And here comes the typical Arnav Singh Raizada whi doesn believe in rituals n fussing over a dress which he doesn like ti bai ki shaadi hai yaar...there is a vision in down stairs man,go n see ur foul mood wii vanish...

Why why he caged Anjali for long,from what or from whom?waiting for the answer through the narration...
And off course I am waiting for that day to come when Lord Arnav will love the certain village girl just like he do love his sister,i hope the day is not so far...
Akash making bouquet fir his love,how sweet...Lordy seekh lo kuch apne bai se...
Oh how much khushi may felt dissappointed when she didn find Lordy,especially when she wore the dress with his choice...don worry my lil pari,he will see you soon,circumstance may differ neverthe less he definitly will see you...

Mixed emotions on Lordy at the mention of Khushi's name...i wonder what he felt at that time, anger that she came to the castle n gone without meeting him?or dissapointment that he couldn't get to see her?or was that a desparation to see a glimpse of her...and I knw I'll never get an answer from Lordy*sigh*

Oh no!!!! that was carelessness Khushi...but why fears when Lordy is here,he will ever let happen anything to you,so I amhopeful...but be prepare for his wrath,thats coming in your off to read 167...c ya soon...

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Jammy- IF-Dazzler

Joined: 16 May 2012
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Posted: 08 June 2013 at 4:33am | IP Logged
Man I read the chapter twice! It was that astonishing!

Arnav is one weird Lord. He practically confessed that all these things mean so much to him... if only he could just let himself believe that he can be happy too, that he deserves this happiness too! *sigh* 

Khushi, hesitated but yet she gave in... such is the power of love... she might still not have accepted fully the extent of her feelings but she is aware as to what this means! Engagement. Khushi and Arnav are engaged!!! ;)

Man, I love how he just came in and crushed her against his chest! The relief he must'v felt when he spotted her! *sigh*

Too much sighing because I am feeling the love... now only these arrogant fools would see how they feel *Sigh*

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storytellerm IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 June 2013 at 5:09am | IP Logged
loved it
o god
the lordy lord requesting khushi
loved it

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shijinareneesh IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 June 2013 at 5:23am | IP Logged
Chapter 167:

Rabba vey again dear,
    Definitly lady,there is something wrong..its not ur thought anymore...
It was scary the cart ride,definitly a scary one...but I am relieved nothing happen to her gown...oh yeah n her too,other than a small injury in her knee...
Awww he was worried,damn too worried about can we imagine in any other place we are awwwing n wowwwing when a person get worried about another will only happen in our Arshi crazyly we are in love with these characters that everything,each lil things they are doing each other is aww n woww for us...mad people that we are...

Well that was expected the bone crushing embrace n the yell,eventhough it was showing his caring nature...and the ever loving classic dialogue in our wonder land...'don't you dare scare me like that again...with lil bit of modification,of crse...
Khushi silent,when he was yelling at her,what,how..wowww...there come again...
Foolish girl!!!!hahaha yeah thats she is,but only with you I guess...
And that Ring he took it with him?????but he just denied it giving to her in the castle infront of Anjali,drama King...
Lordy it is easy to give her ,why bothering to put in her fingers,so much for nit giving the ring to her drama,hun????they are engaged...
Good definition for beggar Lordy...begging attention from you..God...and what hapnd before n after that I don want to say anything I just want to feel much to tell,but Aqua u narrated it beautifully nd I didn want to destroy its beauty with my heart still in dhak dhak mode...
I loved it when he trusted her to take care of his come so...don knw but I loved it...i hope it will remain there when he knw about Gen n Khushi's interactions...
Aqua I puta pic in cottage,just like how you taught...look I am gud student teacher...

Edited by shijinareneesh - 08 June 2013 at 5:26am

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A_Soul IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 June 2013 at 5:53am | IP Logged


It is assured now, i wait for prenotes more than updates... It feels so lovely to hear you darling... I love how you not only observe/remember all minute things but also mention it in your magical, full of emotional words... I LOVE IT DAMNIT!!!


Chapter One 166: The Day of the Marriage

There was neither an answering response nor any visible signs of the said person.

Nice sentence formation..  (I mention it after long time, isn't it?)

Kushi stood up straight, her childish smile directed at her mother, "Amma! Did you hear? These children were telling me they like my new experiment on tendered wine."

Wine and children? Can wine be a without alcohol…?

Kushi defended her ground, "But Jiji's already dressed up and the women who were helping her out drove me away because they said I was unsettling Jiji, making her laugh and cry too much."

That's nice one… I like it… Khushi will be khushi..!

Kushi was confused, and she looked at the glasses on the salver and then at her mother, "But Amma, the procession doesn't start until its nearly dusk. Why must I go there now?"

Kyun ki wo jo intezar kar raha hain, uss ka intezar khatm ho…!

She waited for a moment with her back pressed to the door, watching how the afternoon sunlight was dancing through the leaves of the outside tree and making golden patches on her pure white gown that was laid out on the bed, waiting to be put on her.

Ohh Girl… How one cannot fall for you writing….!
That one thing I told you earlier, that is going to be true.. I tell you, vo mar mitega, fida ho jayega..ok I STOP here!! 


The young girl was too preoccupied with thoughts of catching Ram's cart before it left for the North Village, that she didn't notice the murmur of appreciation and the look of awe that the crowd of women in the living room cast upon her as she raced past them and towards the open front door, looking as elegant as a bride though this one was considerably flighty.

Tooo good Para…!

Kushi chuckled, "No, it's my great-great-grandmother's ghost." And then she added hastily, "Bless her soul whoever she was!"

Ohh this dialogue has two feelings together.. one the lighter n funny, where at the same time by blessing the soul, it conveys that she don't even know about them due to death of her parents…! Aha Beauty!

"Gown and all!"Buaji studied her in amazement, head to foot, "It's hard to believe this beautiful young lady is the most wanted miscreant of Arhasia!"

Mischief is always beautiful buaji..!

…."Then make way for me to pass, Buaji, for I am off to the Castle to bewitch and blind some eyes!"

Not some eyes baby.. Someone's eyes..!


"It certainly is my little princess," Shashi Gupta said, watching the horse cart ride off with Kushi and Ram seated at the front, "And it breaks my heart this very moment with the thought that, one day, not too late, I will have to part with her as well."

Lin, You haven't use Italic for 'Not too late' so should I assume that is time and wont be sudden married of those two..!!

… "It's not like she's being wedded away tonight itself! You have ample days to make memories of her childish ways until you are exhausted and exclaim that she be wedded away!"

Aahaa..see here you are with you italic 'TONIGHT'..! above words taken back


…. the bride was taken to the groom's chambers where the promises made at engyesis would be made lawful through consummation.

I loved this line..the way you have connected meanings of promises-lawful-consummation, its gives the meaning of word call 'MARRIAGE'.


Upstairs, Lord Arnav stood before his bed, grumbling, for he was being forced to wear a tuxedo.

Aree wah..Shervani ban gai tuxedo.. U r great linny..u have all you substitute ready to fit the tale in specific period.

"After many years of confinement, tonight I am finally letting you venture out of the Castle," he said, cupping her face in his hands, "You do understand why I never let you go out?"

Oh yaaa..yeh to main bhool hi gaithi… See Sanu, & u were praising my memory..!
another secrete..uff!
I told you, jawab dhundh ne main sawal bhool jaungi…


Next moment, his right hand unconsciously dropping what it held into his pocket, Lord Arnav was rushing out through the Castle doors, over the garden and up the stable, where he barged through the huge barn doors yelling, "Shadow!"

Oye Hoye my Hero…..Go Man go… save her..!!
Hay kya kya hoga… intezaar nai ho raha…!!


Chapter 167: Closer 

Quite descriptive beging.. easy to visualize how Khushi caught in to accident  

Next moment, he had released her but before she could calm her racing heartbeat, his warm manly hands were cupping her face and she stared into his wild eyes, "Don't you DARE scare me like that again! UNDERSTAND?"

Haaye…. I so love him..!!

But instead of placing the ring on her waiting palm, he coolly turned her hand over and began to put the ring on her ring finger.

Ohhh… how sweet n smart… I can so visualize his facial expression, while doing this!

Cold ropes snapped free inside of him and he breathed out, "You think so?" he frowned, "You think I keep letting you mess around with me and annoy me for nothing?"

Aaye haaye… Hero aaj kya dialogue pe dialogue mar raha hain..

He paused in his steps and then a smirk broke on his face, "Exactly!" he neared her, "Can you dare deny, Kushi, that in everything you do and say, you are trying to beg attention from me...?"

Ab yeh galat baat hain lordy… kuch bhi kar ne ka 'EGO' hurt nai karne ka!


"If it harms you, I will not."

Kushi's lips parted in astonishment, "Why do you speak so? I don't understand what you are intending by these words of yours..."

Ohhh I like the way and where conversation leading….

Before withdrawing his hand, he ran his thumb possessively down the ring finger and then looked at her with a wild light in his eyes.

Fab line linny… Lovely

His chest was pressed to her back and her fear of being on horseback vanished.

Aaaha… wah wah…Protected!!

He leaned close to her ear and whispered, "Interestingly...this gown doesn't look bad on you. Your choice is quite impressive."

I m blushing, giggling… for any lady How her men is praising is more important then just praising…!

She closed her eyes, doused in the moment, until his voice made her open her eyes again, "Kushi, will you do something for me?"


"Will you give her company, then, never leaving her side?"

Now this is very interesting linny… & I am having feeling this one somehow going to be reason why he will pressurize her to get married with him..!

…Shadow speeding through the forest and towards the Castle while the sun slowly set and the winter winds blew to welcome the cold night.

Beautiful… ending again…!!

So the 2nd climax is coming… hmmm..!!

Waiting waiting..!

What i missed, wha i expected.. lordy's inner emotion when he give her 1st glance, that she looked so beautiful... may be you have planed in next chap..
But i cant wait...

So my BG is for you Khushi.. (as they are words from Lordy's heart)


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LeenaRocks IF-Dazzler

Joined: 25 December 2011
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Posted: 08 June 2013 at 5:54am | IP Logged
And Leena is back!! and this time with the return of her lill fellas! Monkey Icons Cici Offcourse now that our story teller is back!! so in the light of this a celebration is a must ... and when there is a celebration how can my lill fellas be missed?Monkey Emoticon

Quite an arrogance that wa ... wasn't it? ufff! i was joking!!! :)
They are still the same lill naughty cuddly ones that you all were fond of!! Icon Monkey Yoyo

Okie lets get to the recapitulations that they have for the chapters now! :) 

Chap 168

Lin!! you are really something i must say!
what was that? you call it an Author's Note? Monkey Icons Cici
Girl ... if you ever decide to make a paperbook in life!! the publishing book will charge you instead for writing the acknowledgement page or pages in your case! Monkey Emoticons Cici
Just kidding! But seriously ... that was lengthier than the chap itself! And that also speaks volumes of just how many fangirls you have gained in the past few months!! Monkey Emoticon Cici
Way to go Lin!! Monkey Emoticons

Khushi...Dressing up for someone in particular!??Monkey Icon ouuuw!! look at youuu!! stop blushing gal! 

Shashi... Madhu... Monkey IconsYes ppl! It is indeed your lill princess!! Isn't she lovely!!?
Yes daughters grow up even before you know it... i have one too! just like the Khushi you have ... and just as adorable as her! Monkey Emoticonsokie why am i bragging? cant help you know all mother do just as much when it comes to their prince and princess!  am i right mommies? Monkey Winks
Khushi.. yes yes off you go now!! Its your jiji's wedding gal!! Monkey Winks 

Anjali... whoa! what a customary observance!! "the unmarried brother of the groom must dress like him and the unmarried sister of the bride should dress like her"Monkey Winks Cici
 Well!! when this is all working in our favor who am i to talk against it! Monkey Emoticons

Arnav... hmmm  How cute! Monkey Emoticons   really? sire? There shall be no shall thing? Your Di is the only one who shall receive your Love!? haaa!! this is what i have to say for your profound statement Monkey Emoticon

Anjali... you are such a blessed thing in this story you know!? Monkey EmoticonsThis time your forgetfulness made us happy to no extent! Monkey Emoticons
OP... Good timing mate!! thanks for leaving the carriage unattended! Monkey Icons Yoyo

Arnav...Monkey Emoticonshee hee haa hha!! Whatever happened to the guy who just proclaimed AND-I-DONT-CARE-FOR-ANYONE-ELSE-EXCEPT-MY-DI! ya dude! we all believe you!! Monkey Icons 

Linny... That was a brilliant one to add to your list of superb chapters which by the is the whole tale! Monkey Emoticon

Chap 167

Khushi... You think there is something wrong? offcourse things will be wrong one way or the other! remember... Problem and you go hand in hand! Monkey Emoticon

Arnav ... He came to her with such force that the air in her lungs was knocked out in his crushing embrace and the bouquet fell to the ground.
And so did i fall! Monkey Winks Did he just hug her? *gasp* 

Arnav...  "Don't you DARE scare me like that again! UNDERSTAND?"again! whatever happened to the guy i knew was not scared of a friggin thing in life! Monkey Icons *sigh* so much for not caring for any other soul except his di! Monkey Icons

Arnav... "You think I keep letting you mess around with me and annoy me for nothing?"
well! thats what we all had an impression of!! umm sire!? Monkey Icon so if its not "nothing" then what is it ? wonder what it is!Monkey Emoticons

Arnav... Monkey Emoticondid you just call her a beggar?!? AGAIN?!? Monkey Winks

BTW!! if rituals means nothing... then why are you so interested in slipping that ring on her finger? why YOU?Monkey Icon
Khushi... "Why does my heart tell me this deed is not right...?"No baby!! Monkey Iconsthis is right ... nothing could be more right! trust us ... trust Lin! After all she told us she knows what it is! 

And then it happened! finally!Monkey Emoticon unlike the show!! Apna Arnav here could not take a No for an answer and did what is righteously his place to do!! Monkey Icons Cici

Arnav - Khushi... Monkey Emoticonsyes ride away fellas! you have just been plighted!! Monkey Icons
OHH!! Wait!! STOP!! STOP!! Monkey IconsKhushi!! Wait ... Monkey Emoticonyou dint get your answer yet!! Wait... 
Arnav!! You cheat... you promise to answer if she lets you slide the ring ... Monkey Winks
Damn Khushi! Monkey Iconshow could you forget sucha important thing! ... and now we will not know it too!! Monkey Icons
Lin!!! Honestly!! That was one sensualisation personified chapter! Monkey Icon
You can almost feel the current passing between the two just by reading the bit! Thats what your writing does Lin! Its impeccable! Monkey Icon

Thanks for the lovely chapters! I am gonna believe you Lin referring to your A/N... I shall wait with bated breath for the story to unfurl!! :)

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MysticRiver IF-Addictz

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Posted: 08 June 2013 at 6:35am | IP Logged
awesome update..really very good..the fanfic is progressing very well.. keep it up...please do update soon...waiting for the next update eagerly...Smile

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