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ArHi FF:6:The BEASTS and the BLEEDING ROSES Ch 175 (Page 61)

-Farwa_Ibrahim- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 June 2013 at 8:49am | IP Logged
Originally posted by hoopoe

Sansu... about the second part of your question...
"was the death of khushi's parents on the same night as the lordy's tragedy a transition towards a future / destiny or is there anything more?..."
I suppose, the death of khushi and Lord arnav's parents was inevitable... its sort of predetermined by the decree of fate... But, there has to be a reason behind, for the lady in the dark hood chose only these two out of all to be her favourite children... she sort of became their Godmother after the incidents on that fateful night... She always kept an eye on them and has guided them through their dreams...
I guess, apart from the superficial reasons of khushi, to be his cure and Lord Arnav, to be her protector, I feel there is a greater reason behind all these happenings... These two contrasting personalities, have their own strengths and weaknesses, natural endowments... but still, they are not complete... They have a piece missing in them and a void waiting to be filled and I believe that missing part is with each other... Only these two can complete each other, can enhance each others strength and overcome each others weaknesses... can fill up the void in each others heart... and touch each others soul...The very qualities of perfect life-partners... perfect soul-mates... Quite similar to...The Yin - Yang.


About the underline one I agree but I want to ask one question why Khushi's father was in such a hurry to be out of town at such an hour of night? has he something to do with the murders? May be he witnessed the murders and then the murdered threatened him and asked him to leave the town. Any thoughts on it?

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-Farwa_Ibrahim- IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by hoopoe

Originally posted by shass

She gasped: the juice of the grapes crushed in her trembling fingers was pasted on his neck. She lifted her hand to wipe it off, but he slid her to the ground, her feet touching the ground,
Shass, did you notice... both are stained here!!!

Does it means that even Khushi will be at fault even how small it is?

she dropped the crushed remains to the ground and found her hands to be extremely stained.
Its her dignity that's extremely marred...

Kushi looked up when his fingers circled around her wristand then he was pulling her to him.
See, she is within the safe protection of him and interestingly, its he who pulls her to be under his protection...
Even now when he will take tht hasty step he will unknowingly be pulling her in his protection
he had already held her stained hands in his and dipped them in the cold water that filled the trough. Violet mist swirled from her hands and spread out with the ripples
to fade into the transparent water.
He willingly holds her even in her tainted state and helps her in getting rid off her stain...

And then, standing behind her, his head looking into the trough from over her shoulder, he began rubbing his hands on hers, scrubbing gently at the stains with his hard fingers. Kushi felt like a child, having done a naughty deed, now being cleaned of her mischief. 
See, its him who cleanses her from her stains...
yup it will b him who will clean her stains or accusations on her

..."Feel clean?" he asked ..."I'm next," he said casually, and then with his hand clutching the back of her one hand, he lifted it from the water and brought it over her shoulder. She couldn't see what he was about to do with her hand. She stood there, one hand in the trough held by him, and his chest pressing on her back. Her other hand was held above her shoulder, reaching back towards something.
Only after cleansing her off her stain and relieving her from her distress, he intends to get himself cleanse off his curse and misfortune...
Clap Nicely put

Feeling Kushi lean her head backwards against his shoulder, he felt his senses falter and to reawaken in himself a sense of control, he clenched his hand that was in the waterforgetting that he held her hand in that hand. Pressing hard on her hand.
In one desirous moment, when khushi unknowingly gives in, the beast in him awakens... and in his attempt to control the beast in him, he unknowingly hurts khushi...
His attempts in fear that he might melt down the cold walls built around his own heart which he thinks as his safety from getting hurt

He read the confusion in her expression though her eyes were closed and he felt helpless. He brought her hand from his neck and dipped it back in the water and Kushi opened her eyes, the spell fading in her mind.
She is oblivious to his curse and struggle within... and he doesn't want to involve her in his misfortunes and make her a victim. Hence, he gradually distance himself away from her and maintain her stance as pure as water... But only, when he moves away from him, khushi opens her eyes and  learns the truth of his misfortune...
So in future will he try to distant himself from her in his haste to save herself from his curse and because he will do something like this she would come to know abt his curse?

He looked at her, expressionlessly, "I know how much you despise my touch and I meant to execute it as punishment for dirtying me, messing with Lavanya's head and wrecking my Orchard."
He simply states that the reason behind the close proximity they shared was a means of him punishing her for messing up with his/di's life and it means nothing to him...
 kehnay do kehnay sy kya hota hai

...and then he released her hands and moved away, leaving Kushi before the trough, her hands dipped in the water.
Though he is aware that they perfectly compliment each other... and she is his perfect match... still he moves away from her... relieving her of any bond that bounds her to him. Though he is vaguely aware of her healing effects on his curse, he wilfully free her from him... without taking any advantage of her or letting her know about his curse...

...she could still feel the memory of his warm fingers over her palm and fingers, studying them, and even after wiping his hand on his handkerchief, and walking away with his hands in his pocket, he still felt her hands in his, completing the emptiness in his hold.
But, with her given space and time, his memories pulls her back to him, make her realize the worth and depth of their relationship... make her understand him... make her work on their relationship and help him out of his misfortunes... once and forever...

Shass... we were always hinted about the upcoming storm... so its kind of expected and inevitable... With Gen.Jha playing safely and cleverly, its sure Khushi'll be blamed, her reputation will be questioned, her dignity will be tainted... But what matters is Lord Arnav's presence beside her throughout all these unfortunate happenings. I believe his heart more than his mind. I believe, even in his hastiness to hurt and punish khushi, he'll end up building a protective wall around her, unknowingly... His love for her will guide him, to take safe decisions for her, even though the method which he use for it may be crude...

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-Farwa_Ibrahim- IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by A_Soul

Originally posted by hoopoe

Rabba ve all...
I was just going through the previous chapters and found the interesting letters which General Jha writes to Lady Anjali and khushi from the war ground... The letters gave a deep insight to his character and revealed a part of his thoughts behind his mysterious behaviour... Hope it help you all in refreshing your memories and get a better understanding about the emotional bond he shares with his wife and khushi...
Dearest Miss Kushi,

I am most troubled by the way things are proceeding here on the battleground. It seems as though I can have peace no more. The only comfort I have are your letters which arrive here once every week. Do you know what is a most guilty datum: to be helpless and unable to save a man who died defending you. Being a General, I have many soldiers under my command and they are, all, most dedicated to not just my battalion and the land, but also to their leader. To me. However, I will tell you one thing, Miss Kushi. The world is a cold place and I believed that there was no redemption until an angel was sent in the form of a young girl to save one's mind from becoming insane with one's curses and fears. You are that angel for me, Miss Kushi. I survive because you show me what it is like to feel warm in one's heart again and thus find the strength to face all the torments of my days and nights. I will return to the village only after three weeks or around. Until then, we shall have to keep conversing through letters. Hope you are having a safe and happy stay at the Castle you mentioned in your last letter. From what you say, Lord Arnav sounds like a harassing Master but I'm glad you found friendship in the Ladies who live there''.'

With regards and affection,

General Shyam Manohar Jha.

Such a tormented soul he is...
On one hand, he states that he misses the warmth of home and his wife...
On the other hand, he states that he survives only due to the re-kindled warmth in his heart by a stranger...
I wonder whether he was being honest with his words or was he trying to be treacherous with his words to use both the ladies for his own selfish reasons?!!!...
Dear fellow readers and comrades... do share your views about this mysterious character and his probable thoughtline...

In my opinion, he is honest in his words in both the letters... He need khushi's warmth to come out from his curse and give equal warmth to Lady Anjali that he feels and cherish... 
To give love and care to one (what she deserves, and he wants to give it too) for whole life he wants other for small time...

@underlined: is that stated line related to battleground only?

I agree with u soul that he loves Anjali and his words to her were true but he is not faithful to Khushi but again his words are true but in other meaning The world is a cold place and I believed that there was no redemption until an angel was sent in the form of a young girl to save one's mind from becoming insane with one's curses and fears. You are that angel for me, Miss Kushi. I survive because you show me what it is like to feel warm in one's heart again in his way I think it points towards the warmth and liveliness he will feel after he gets rid of the curse so he is again not lying but his meanings are different. but my question is does he married Anjali thinking her to be cure of his curse?

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Originally posted by hoopoe

Rabba ve all...
Extract from the prologue...
"Mother!" he screamed, as he ran to the spot. But just then a loud shot of gunfire echoed in the air, and the noise from the within the house stopped in wonderment. As he raced to the rose garden, the boy tripped on a flowerpot and fell flat on his face. Without thinking, the lady in the hood had reached her hand out to the boy who was too far for her to reach, but realizing her folly, withdrew her hand and stepped a little more into the shadows. The boy was gathering himself to his feet when a loud thump was heard and another cry pierced the night. "No!" The boy screamed out and ran to the rosebush, not seeing where he was going and crashing right into the third man who now emerged from the bush.

"Its alright, boy," said the man, one bloodied hand caressing the boy's hair,  and the other hand holding the boy rooted to where he was and not allowing him to run to the rosebush, "Your father won't hurt you anymore. Destiny has punished him for all the wrongs he has done to you and your mother."


My question... who was this "third man"? He appeared quite confident and at ease. He didn't run away from the crime scene even after being witnessed by the boy Arnav... He even tried to comfort Arnav through his words and gestures... and even tried to justify the reason behind his crime. What do you guys think?... Can he be related to the "Raizadas" or  "khushi" or "Gen.Shyam"... or just a complete stranger?!!!!

ok I have one more question I have as I dont have answer to ur questions and my question is what does he meant by saying
"Your father won't hurt you anymore. Destiny has punished him for all the wrongs he has done to you and your mother."
does his father punishes him in his childhood?
P.S. I am sorry that I posted two comments by mistake on thread 5

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Peda Senior Member

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me again...with another confession
I follow quite a few ffs and I'm not on any of the writers' pm or buddy lists.

I bookmark and then follow. Sometimes the author mentions the date of the next update and I make a mental note to visit the ff when I have time.

However for this ff I feel that Wednesday cannot come fast enough for me...because I seriously am addicted to this story. I feel so excited that there is going to be an update tomorrow ( which is a very new feeling for me).

I find myself reading all your wonderful comments to help me get through my withdrawal symptom.

I just love the atmosphere on this thread.

So this post is to thank the author for writing a truly brilliant story and for the wonderful readers who comment adding to the brilliance.

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-afsha- IF-Sizzlerz

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Loved all the chaps

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hoopoe IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by -Farwa_Ibrahim-

Originally posted by A_Soul

Originally posted by Peda


I have a confession to make...EmbarrassedI was "one of those forum readers" who stayed away from this particular ff because I found the title off putting.

However last night I finally succumbed and decided to give a few chapters a try. Well I read the whole of last night and today to finally catch up to the current chapter.
 I was totally hooked.

I cannot explain how captivated I was by your story that even my bathroom breaks had to be dire  emergencies.

I now see that you couldn't have given your ff a more apt title.

I really can't  wait to read more and I sincerely pray that other forum members give this a try because it really is worthy of more readers.

I am usually a silent reader but I can honestly say that there were quite a few chapters where I could see myself commenting.
I really like the way you engage the reader in your style of story telling.

looking forward to future updates

ps Welcome back
Rabba Vey Peda... (I hope I can call you that)
I feel so good that in spite of not liking the title, the question of 'why this title' brings you her and you came to give it a try... n see its worth it, right?
On behalf of COC, I soul, welcome you in WORLD of ARHASIA.. where the mystery continues..!!
Make your self comfortable in INN and feel free to interact with all of us..!!
Soon you will get your welcome msg from storyteller herself... till that time, Innkeeperbhaiya - take care of our new reader-mate!
P.S - @Bold: Hai na, hai ha... Hi-5 for that... I wish the same.. they don't know what they are missing..!
P.S.S. your username reminds me of one of the Guajarati sweet.. (plz don't mind)
Enjoy ur ride

Though Soul has welcomed u on behalf of us,the comrades, but I want to say u r so right this tale is worth of thousands of likes and readers its just too amazing...and it proves the saying "Never judge a book by its title."
Welcome to Arhasia, dear Peda... Tongue
@ underlined... Wink 

Edited by hoopoe - 04 June 2013 at 6:22pm

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Originally posted by -Farwa_Ibrahim-

I was wondering that there is some powers in necklace like some magic that whoever wound it to others neck will be bound to him/her and it might be its magical powers tht can heal Arnav's curse coz as u pointed that the dark lady pointed towards it but one more thing in the dream Khushi is shown as dead so will it be like when Lordy will found out the key to curse Khushi would have died not physically but emotionally and then he will bring her back to life like he brought her back from dungeon right after dream... I know that it might have pointed towards the approaching danger to Khushi in dungeon but still
@ Magical power of the necklace... possible dear. But we also need to keep in mind that his tale is not only about supernatural things but also about human psyche... their thoughts, beliefs, behaviours... I feel that each and every incident of this tale is layered... which at first glance may look supernatural but indepth it has a proper logical reason behind it.
Farwa... you are looking at the former possibility but im looking at the latter... Wink    In either way, the key for his cure lies in khushi's necklace. So lets wait and see to know what special powers does the necklace holds!!!...  
@ Lordy's dream... I don't know anything about interpreting dreams. I may be wrong... still, I feel that Khushi lying unconscious may refer to Khushi, in some grave danger. May be when he'll realise that his cure is with her, she may be caught in a life threatening situation... may be both physically and mentally... May be he'll be asked to choose between his cure and her life... May be its his CHOICE that's going to make the difference. Just wild assumptions... Lets wait and see... Embarrassed

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