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ArHi FF:6:The BEASTS and the BLEEDING ROSES Ch 175 (Page 61)

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Foremost, I want to thank and love each one of you in my special way. I have not pressed the "like" on all the comments, but I assure you I have EACH AND EVERY COMMENT in this Thread. There are many readers of mine who are absent but I pray that they may have atleast read the chapters for the reading is more important than the commenting. Because I write this story to make me feel happy, to make others feel happy and, technically, to make a perfect plot that will complete the incompleteness that lingered after they pulled the plug off the show. By "pulling the plug" I do not essentially mean the abrupt ending of the show but the puncturing of the original storyline and the subsequent weakening of all the characters.

1.       First, I would like to give special thanks to shakethebiscuit whom I prefer to callSTB. Though she rarely comments, I am well aware of her ardent dedication to my FF and how she likes to "sweep" about and silently monitor matters in my absence. I am grateful that she pointed out the error in the Title on the First Thread which I was unaware of and clearly cannot see how I could have been so careless. But nevertheless, here I am and I have rectified it first thing I came to IF. Thank you dear STB.

2.       Meg (crazy4ArnavSR): After the surprise on your birthday and your wonderful reactions to it, I must say I am glad you felt happy all that day. Your joy was obvious despite the lack of your usual colour and pics in your post. I am so happy for you! And thankyou dear for bringing your friend, Jahnvi along to visit the Inn! I also want to thank you for sending me a PM regarding the title of the FF and presently, noting your curious absence, I want to say I sorely miss you, my dear.

3.       Dingle: Finally! Even when basking in the glowof your motherly pride, you managed to make time to read the chapters and be up to date? This is wonderful! I didn't expect this at all! Comes by as a surprise indeed! A happy, pleasing surprise!

4.       Zonera: Hope you are doing well. I am glad you loved the most awaited "sorry from Arnav" chapter and I am humbled that you look forward to more chapters that will make you happy. Thank you very much, dear Zonera. Hope all is well with you and with your family...

5.       Bablio: Your letters (yes, they practically are addressed that way!) to your dear aquiLINe make my young heart flutter. Thank you very much for being there for me, dear Bablio. Your A.S.H. really work up their heads marvelously but your "S" is too busy to do interpretations anymore though I know if she bothers to read a chapter, pointers will rush into her head! How is the climate and family in Kuwait, Bablio? Hoping all is well with you!

6.       Angeldream: Hey there dear! How is your story going so far? Sorry I don't read anymore. I don't have time for anything but my story now. I see that you a red rockers now! Congrats! I missed the party. But we could celebrate now...

7.       Riti: I know you are often busy with the awesome load of dedicated work that Team Sobtians are presently up to and yet you find time to come leave your caring mark upon my little treasure. Thank you very much. I know the "spiced" milk chapter undid our accurate understanding of the character but I could think of no other way in which my words would write a Lordy 'ridden annoyed' by Kushi, making him feel things he had never felt before in the darkness of the Rear Room in the Castle, angered that she was avoiding him at the family feast and then to find her having made him, a Lord, drink something as demented as a spiced milk. Everything seemed to rub on his senses and made him harsh upon her. I could have been wrong but even if I try again, I don't know if I can write it any other way. Besides, the huge difference that Lord Arnav was in the beginning of the tale andwill be at the end is explicitly presented in that one chapter. One moment's cruelty dropping down to dire humility and the legendary "sorry."

8.       Varshapan: I am happy that you liked my break in the break chapters. Always want to keep you content, dear varsha. Looking forward to seeing you again at the Inn!

9.       Annie: Thank you dear Annie for loving my chapters.

10.   BublyKushi: You are another reader of mine who rarely comments but I know very well to love my tale so much that sometimes your excitement shows even when you give only a line or two on the comment. Thank you dear, for loving this FF.

11.   Keerthi: Ah! Keerthi dear! You seem to be always too occupied or busy these days! I hope all is well with you and you are happy and healthy as you should be. Hope the tale will always make you happier like the way it used to. You own a sweet heart, Keerthi, and I am glad I am a friend of that heart!

12.   Vrinda: I always look forward to your comments, not because I want to know what you think of the chapter or if you read it, but the presence of words from you are always like blessings upon my gift of writing that still needs immense polishing. Thank you for always being there to support me, dear Vrinda.

13.   Sweetintu: Your "wow" made my heart burst with joy! I am so happy that you are being brave enough to tell me that you love the chapters and not be silent. Your comments show me how much you are willing to love the tale that you have come to admire! Thankyou very much dear!

14.   Shijina: Ah! My dear! Long time no see! Well...actually I was the one who went on a break but I feel like everyone took a break from me. How are you dear? How is the sister? And the fiance? And your mother? And everyone else? Is it raining there? It's raining down here massively resulting in considerable power cuts. I always love your reactions to "Arhilicious" updates!*wink* Ah, and you became Dazzzler too! This is wonderful! So many lovely greens among us now!

15.   Vaishiksg: How are you dear? I am glad to know you are reading and art well acquainted with the tale. Do make sure you read even if you can't comment because I know it will make you happy.

16.   Leena: Yay! Leena!! I feel joyous when I see your comments but *pouts* where are the lil' fellas? Why do you not bring them to the Inn anymore? *sniff* Nevertheless, I adore your admiration for the chapters written and thanks a million for the wishes and prayer for our exams. Hope you are happy and well, my dearest Leena. And yes, I have come to learn how to refer to you only by your name and not use the "Arushi" tag anymore in reference to your first username. Took some time for the learning, didn't it?

17.   Memorable: Thank you dear for loving the chapters and the "softy softy ASR".

18.   March: You are quite happy by the ArShi chapters, I am aware. I am glad my dear! Looking forward to making you happy in the future too...

19.   Bea_rom: Hey there Bea! How are you? The ceremonies do exist but I have manipulated and twisted and added to the technicalities of the ceremonies to suit our dear tale!

20.   Saomom: Your pleasing and piquing of my chapters do make me laugh heartily! Thank you for being a joy in my life, even behind the virtual screen, oh great lover of RA who keeps shifting between images and sounds of said character and BS while reading this tale! *wink*

21.   Hatelove: Thankyou dear! I am glad you loved my chapters!

22.   Flowers4u: So glad to know you find the chapters super sweet to keep coming and reading more! Thank you dear, for being part of this tale...

23.   Shreelakshan: I think next time onwards, I must give a declaimer reading like, "Shree, you better make sure your family is not around so that they won't catch you blushing and grinning at the screen and think weirdly" *chuckle* You are real sweet one, Shree! And thankyou especially for loving ALL my characters and not just ArShi!! It means a lot to me when a heart understands the value of every other character in the tale!

24.   Mavs: After Farwa, it was your disappearing acts that unsettled me. I was afraid you might also be caught up with all the things at home and in your studies but I am doubly, triply relieved to see you here, again! Like a burst of sunshine!!How are you, dear? How were your exams and what-nots that kept you from the Forum? I am glad everyone is taking time to focus on life and studies and not merely indulging in sweet little pleasures. Oh and I am so relieved someone reminded me about the italics. I don't know what went into me when I re-edited my chapters lately. I shall revert back to my sanity; now that my exams are over, so will my italics, I presume. You see, they multiplied in number with nervousness of the nearing nemesis. But they are better now, I am certain. I am all settled and calmer and alert than what I was before. I meant "aright" and not "alright". You see, I give a lot of importance to the way a word 'sounds' with other words as well. And thanks dear, for assuring me about the mistake in one of the Prakash brother's naming. Will rectify it soon...  

25.   207shikha: Hey there dear shikha! I know you have been busy with your studies and all? How did it go? I hope you are happy as always, dear. Miss talking to you. I am happy to know that you got time to get your fill of this tale's magic. Well, it's magic to those who love it. I feel it when I write it or think the story out in my head. I presume, hence, that my readers feel the magic when they read it too...I could be exaggerating.

26.   NiksAngel: Glad to know you could keep yourself acquainted with the tale, dear, despite my absence!   

27.   Rockpirncess123: I am elated! Overjoyed! Super-duper happy whenever I see your comments or PMs, dear M. How are you, dear? Hope all is well with you. Do you know what makes my chapters flawless for you? Your own eyes that see what I write in the perfection you expect it to be. I do nothing, my dear, but you see it as beautiful. And it is beautiful for you. And when it is beautiful for you, it is beautiful for me. I love that you stated putting pictures up as well. I immensely love the pictures you choose to put for they make me feel happier to see some of the IPK scene-snaps that you are reminded of when you read a chapter, Thank you my darling!

28.   Mxk3444: Hey there Mxk, how are you dear? Hope you are doing well and everything is wonderful in your life! I missed you too, dear. But I am here now. And I will do everything I can to give you chapters that will not make you miss me anymore!

29.   Zainza: I know you love my chapter a lot, dear. I was surprised when I came across a post where you had recommended to the post maker that my FF was worth trying. It means a lot to know you found this FF worthy enough of public mention. Thank you my dear zainza for loving my tale so much. I am indebted.

30.   Sariarshi: I am captivated by the line that you wrote in one of my comments, "it finally feels like home". You wrote it for an ArShi chapter but I was so moved by that one single line that I had to pause for a moment and let it fade into my heart to give way for newer sentences to be read. Really, sariarshi, you shook my heart with that one sentence! Indeed, IPK in Arhasia is Home. For ArShi. For me. For you. And for all those who love and in the future will.

31.   MithilaTorr: Oh wait! Are you my Torr? Did you change your name, dear? It's nice to know all the things that are new in the land I love. You are right about the context thing with regard to the usage of "star-crossed lovers." But though we put the words into a favorable context, the real meaning of the phrase cannot be overlooked. It was the IPK Makers who fed the phrase to us. I am making myself believe that they were not planning to kill one of the lovers from the beginning and that the planned death of Arnav was a sudden decision. But I also know that the Four Lions are not idiots. They know what they are doing when they write "star-crossed" on the official site of Star Plus.

32.   Yush-Swt: How are you, dearest Yush? I miss talking to you but I really hope you are doing well, my dear. Loved all your sweet comments and missed you even more when I read the PM from you that you had written thinking I would read it before I left for the break...thank you for everything, dear.

33.   Music: S!!!! I am so happy to see your comment on the Thread. Warmth eddies in my young heart. The warmth of being loved by a tender-coconut sister. *wink* It's quite rainy here in our motherland and I must say every time I see your name, I am reminded of the little gift that you had brought along with you from your vacation...Muah for that!

34.   ShrutiPandey: Ah, there you are! I was wondering where you must be wandering to and when you will come and catch up with the surprises I left for you! You are one excited reader. Always have been and always will be! How is life, dear? Hope all is well and sweet. And stop being a sulk-pot dear for I am back. And so are the narrations!

35.   Smartgirl9009: Hey there dear! How are you? I am happy you liked the last chapters and I know how hard it is for you to be patient. But I am hoping I didn't wear you out a lot.

36.   Jammykins: I am still waiting to hear from you about your nite with watching the IPK team in the Dubai Play. Two weeks back, when I passed by the Sheikh Rashid Auditorium, I was overcome by emotion, I don't know why. And I was instantly reminded of you, for you are the only one I know among those who must have gone to see the show. On the personal side, how is your life and family and everything else, dear? Hope you are doing well and everything is good.

37.   Dimishra: I am telling you. Your comments are so sweet that they make me smile with pride that I have a reader like you. I only pray that I will keep you happy and contented with my chapters in the future as well. Being late is not a matter. What is important is that you came and you are here!

38.   Sarahehsan: Goodness! I did not expect to see your comment, my dear. I know you must be busy and I know you also have slight inhibitions to posting publically but really whenever you make a comment that others can read too, you make methe happiest! I am always happy when my readers can be bold enough to tell the whole world what they feel. I like listening, my dear, but I also love watching otherslisten. But like I told you once before, don't reserve to comment later. Just comment whenever you get the time on whatever page the thread may be. It's easier to find you that way than having to go all the way back to where you must have reserved a box. You do understand, dear? And Oh my! I never saw it that way!Heroic humility!! You said it wonderfully my dear! Even his humility (if he really exhibits a real one) is heroic! I love that you felt the love of the Gupta family! You are a sweet one to tell all that you felt to me...really, not everyone can take their time and patience to tell it all openly. Only a few can trust to speak their heart...especially if it is to their Narrator Sahiba! *wink*Yay!! You loved how I let Mami succumb to the wise kind Shashi's words!! My darling Sarah, your comments are a beauty to behold!

39.   Hoopoe: Congrats on being Goldie and wow! Thankyou for gifting Arhasia your 1000th post. I loved your 1000th post!!! Immensely!! All the love that you pour from the heart of yours which I remember to be reluctant to love. And yet, look how far you have come. You have come to love and linger a lot in our hearts...thankyou Hoopoe for coming in our lives. And it's interesting how you take your interpretations to heart. I think it's because your read the chapters with that tender organ of yours that you seem to make such outstanding interpretations that are often close to the truth. More than often. I am so excited for the story to roll out to its final narration so you can see for yourself how your marvelous theories work or do not work.

40.   Shas: Are you kidding me? You actually came to the Inn and Cottage when I was not here? Okay, wait, I read somewhere that you had a few days off. But still *pouts* not fair! Love you my soul-pal. And miss you like anything!

41.   Soul: What words shall I offer you, my lovely Heta! You know what makes you stand out among everyone else in this place for me? Your trust is me. It's not easy to trust a person you can't see. I find it difficult often but I was someone who used to easily trust real people around me until life taught me otherwise. But you are one who stands apart them. Because by trusting me, you strength my trust in you. Answering a question you asked me: how am I paying attention in studies while writing slightly sensual updates: all the chapters updated via Aura were written way before my break. My break was completely IF-free, IPK-free and TBTBR-free. But goodness Soul!! The way you linger on the Lordy descriptions, especially if he's shirtless, sweating or wet...*sighs exasperatedly* What shall I do with you, darling?? And goodness, your comments have begun to be bolder than before. Especially in your reactions to Lordy's dialogues! But really Heta, I loved the way you told me that you will waiting for me...that picture of you before the shore...I really felt the wind against my face with your words flowing over me...

42.   Sib_12: Thank you dear for loving my chapters!

43.   Hellgirl: Hey there dear! You are one person who will ardently use the "Rabbe Ve Aqua" like a ritual you adore! How are you dear? Hope you are having a wonderful time...

44.   Hiahmed: Ah, if the Prakash brother had seen Kushi and Shyam conversing, the cat would have been forced out of the bag and the story would have to end in a few chapters. Keep that trust strong, dear. The tale may take a somersault ride but it will not disappoint you.

45.   Siamesecat: Hi there, dear! It's nice to know you are still in love with the tale and that you are up to date with all that is happening in Arhasia.

46.   SuryaRavi and moonlight: Thank you dear SuryaRavi and moonlight for loving the chapters I wrote. It means a lot to know what I wrote is worth appreciating!

47.   Prabha75: Glad you loved the tale, dear. You haven't commented much but I am glad to know you are connected with the tale and always keeping a watch out. Thankyou dear!

48.   Subiscs: I was wondering where you had gone, subiscs. You doing well I hope. Thankyou, dear, for being there.

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50.   Subi.dhanabala: Sorry about the title of the Thread, dear. But it could not be changed because of my absence and since I was the one who commenced the Thread. But I am glad you received notification through PMs or your own stalking. And really happy that you loved the chapters too!

51.   Rini_kat: Thank you very much rinikat for your kind appreciation and your presence in the Inn!

52.   Cheval: miss you too, dear cheval. But I am glad to know you read the chapters that were updated in my absence and that you loved them!

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57.   Saga_twilight: Oh, you missed the chapters. Well, at least you are updated now! I am glad, dear. How is life and everything else? And looks like your prediction about the one to realize love is coming true. Though if it will, you must wait and see...

58.   Rockingsoni: Your wish for a "bonus" chapter did find itself in nearly five chapters in my absence. Missed you too, dear soni.

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61.   Sanjana Yadav, 123 vava: Thankyou for loving the updates!

62.   Mouktika: I understand what you felt when reading the chapter of Lordy and the messed up milk. I like the way you read into the ArShi relationships and find your heart trying to connect the reason for their reactions. It's lovely to see your thoughts always, Mouktika. I always look forward to them!

63.   TrueLovels4ever: Oh dear! You cried, my dear, reminded of IPK by the chapters? Wish I was there so I could have given you a virtual hug. You see, even I go through such moments where after being drained completely off any IPK-ness suddenly I accidently confront something that reminds me of it and then I find my eyes blurring. I don't know what IPK had in it to make even the strongest at heart so weak. I believe it was magic and magic never dies. I am trying to resurrect that magic here so we can love IPK more in missing it...

64.   Gmsk: Dearest gmsk! You might not know how overjoyed and emotional I had become on getting your first comment in the FF Thread. Your love for the tale that had come surprisingly into your life and your narration of how you spent your hours delving in the tale made me feel so happy that I wished I could reach out and hug you to give meaning to the nameless joy I was feeling. And then, you would come every day to hear the narration when you found time and left words for me that always resonates your love for the words I gift you. Thank you dear! For your love and for your happy wishes!

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80.   Farwa: My dearest green-heart! I was so worried and sad when I never found your light green after your birthday and I always hoped that I would see you once at least before going. However, I assured myself that you must be busy or caught up in something and I just prayed that you will be there when I return and voila! I come to find the Inn filled with your green smiles and with lovely pictures and reactions from you. And to top it all, I had welcome gifts from you in the form of testimonials and I must tell you, I loved them and I embraced them close to my heart though they are behind a computer screen! Thank you my dear darling for loving me so much!

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Welcoming new readers, to the Inn in Arhasia, on behalf of all my readers and Comrades...

1.       Kaur94: Hello dear! Nice to know you loved the chapters a lot. Looking forward to seeing you more often whenever time permits you...

2.       COMRADE Jahnvi.luvs.ASR: When I met you at Meg's birthday thread, I did not know you were reading my tale simultaneously. It really surprised me hen Aura sent me a mail with your long green comment on it. I was so moved by your honest admission of what you experienced before while and after reading. And goodness! So many questions? *chuckle* I think the amount of questions that pile up in every comment that has been posted in the six threads will itself make a separate thread in itself! I know, it's all very confusing but it will be settled in time, dear. I am glad you took the Comrades Oath too. Will add your name onto the parchment soon!

3.       Arshiyana: "Unforgettable, classic tale?" Goodness! You have me blushing beetroot here, arshiyana! This is too grand a definition to refer to my tale. But really, I am moved to know you feel like watching IPK 2 when reading the tale. You see, I know there are many missing IPK and I want them to feel happy and excited again like the way they felt when watching IPK.  

4.       Zayana123: hello dear zayana! Glad to meet you here at the Inn, dear! Hope you loved the tale and found joy in the many chapters that waited to find you...

5.       Someoneipk: Oh my! I am in love with your comment, dear someoneipk. This is really a delight! I would love to inform you about the future updates, but you will need to BUDDY REQUEST me in that case. Looking forward to seeing you at the Inn, dear someoneipk.

6.       Hot.cakes: I do not know if you have commented before but I am seeing your username for the first time as a comment. Thankyou for caring to come by to share in my humble tale...

7.       Hushniya: Hello there, dear hushniya! I was surprised to find your comments, being a new member in the Forum or a silent one and don't you worry, dear, I won't go anywhere for long. Welcome to Arhasia, dear!

8.       Peda: And now, to the latest and most honest reader. It was after Farwa told me that the title triggered a reluctant reaction in a prospective reader that I realized why I had less readers (adding also to the fact that I am nto well known in the Forum as the other writers are and also because I do not specialize in ArShi scenes alone). But your admission of the title's unfriendly aura adds to the undeniable truth and I can't help wondering. However, the title has its own significance. But I will consider, for future, if there is a possible better, worthier title for my tale though my heart has come to embrace the prevailing title as something of a birthright. Thank you my dear Peda, for giving me the honor of having a wonderful reader like you. I look forward to the day when we I can meet you at the Inn or Cottage!

9.       ShahinChaudri: This is a special reader of mine. A very specially dear one. I will tell you why as soon as I get her permission to post her PM here or until she comments herself. You have touched my heart and made me weep, dearest Shahin. Thankyou for loving me and my tale so much! And thankyou to the friend who led you to me...

10.    Shirley_sarun: Really honoured to have on board, dear shirely. So happy to know you loved the FF and I look forward, too, to the day we can meet at the Inn when I come for my next narration!


Special thanks to Siaa: Sia! I know you are always reading my tale though you never comment. I am glad to see your "likes", assuring me of your support and presence. You know how important you are to this tale. You were the one who stepped into this ship first! And you will always belong here!


Finally! *phew* read through all the pages of the Thread and my PMs as well. But it didn't seem a huge task when compared to the joy and love I felt mounting in my heart as I voyaged through each page, reading the words of each heart that had shared their love with me... I miss a lot of my readers, though. A lot of them who are dear to my heart and who are absent becoz of the pressing responsibilities of life and because anything that reminds them of IPK is hurtful...I miss them all gravely. But I always have them in my heart, waiting and hoping that one day, they might come to just say they remember...

Thanks to Hoopoe, Soul, Shass and Farwa and whoever else was involved in sending PMs to the lovers of Arhasia when Aura was updating the tale. And yes, that brings us to AURA herself. Her laptop is disabled and hence she cannot make it to the Inn or Cottage for a while but I am certain she is giving back her love though her thoughts to all those Arhasians who love her! To Aura, my dear Dickinson, I thank GOD that though you, He let me see the wonderful in me so that I could learn to be confident in my own reluctant skills. Thankyou for being the friend I needed at the crucial point of my life. And here, endeth my thankyou speech.


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Late. Connection Problems. But I am here, as promised.

Rabba Ve, everyone!!

Oh it feels wonderful barging through the Inn doors, yelling the delightful Arhasian greeting!!


Four weeks ago, when I was at the Departure Gate at Cochin International Airport, waiting for the flight to arrive to take me to my parents, I was strolling aimlessly past the book stalls situated in the lobby when my eyes fell on the familiar cover page of a magazine. My heart stilled and my feet disobeyed my orders to stand still. The PEOPLE's Magazine was in my hands and my eyes filled as I flipped the pages to the article about Barun. I didn't even bother to sneak-peak if the salesman was watching me reading. I just engrossed my next few minutes in reading the glossy pages, feeling the brightly coloured images under my shivering fingers...No, I am not a fan of Barun. Or of Sanaya. But I am a fan of IPKKND. And for me IPKKND is everything that reminds me of IPKKND. Barun's article is an echo of IPKKND for me. And IPKKND's echo is now the Voice and Music of my FF.  


Alrighty, enough of my bantering. Let me get myself that coffee Zainza said was brewing...and get to the storytelling...


Chapter One Hundred Sixty Six: The Day of the Marriage

"Kushi!" yelled her mother aloud, over the noise in the kitchen.

There was neither an answering response nor any visible signs of the said person.

Frowning, Garima made her way through the crowd of women in the kitchen and stood in the equally crowded living room, scanning the faces and forms for her youngest daughter.

Her eyes fell on the grey-gowned figure bent over a crowd of children who were being served beverages.

Sighing exasperatedly, Garima walked up to her, "Kushibitiya!"

Kushi stood up straight, her childish smile directed at her mother, "Amma! Did you hear? These children were telling me they like my new experiment on tendered wine."

Garima didn't reply but dragged Kushi by her elbow, away from the crowd, and Kushi anxiously tried to keep the glasses balanced on the salver as her mother purposefully pulled her to the side of the stairs which was the only crowd-free corner that promised privacy.

"What is it, Amma?" Kushi looked at her mother, "Didn't you like my tendered wine?"

Garima sighed, "What are you doing, Kushibitiya? You are still acting hostess here! What do you think your mother and aunt are here for, then?"

Kushi defended her ground, "But Jiji's already dressed up and the women who were helping her out drove me away because they said I was unsettling Jiji, making her laugh and cry too much."

"YOU, Kushi! You!!" Garima pointed to her, "Why on earth are YOU not ready yet? Still wearing that grim gray gown like you are mourning!"

"I wore it for fear that I might mess my gown with all the serving and helping around!"

"That you would!" Garima nodded to herself, and then she took the salver from Kushi, ordering calmly, "Listen carefully, bitiya. I want you to leave the hosting to us and go getchanged. I heard Ram is going to the North Village in a few minutes on an urgent errand. If you are quick enough, you can get a ride with him to the Castle."

Kushi was confused, and she looked at the glasses on the salver and then at her mother, "But Amma, the procession doesn't start until its nearly dusk. Why must I go there now?"

Garima's free hand knocked at the side of Kushi's head and Kushi pouted at her mother playfully.

"You are very forgetful these days, Kushi. I wonder what's gotten into you!" Garima eyed her daughter for a moment, waiting for her daughter to remember but Kushi's silent pondering made the mother impatient and she exclaimed, "The bouquet, bitiya! Go get the bouquet from the groom's family!"

"Oh," Kushi smiled guiltily when she remembered the ceremonial bouquet that she had been told to get hours ago but her mother had already left.

Without a moment's delay, Kushi rushed upstairs to her room and shut the door behind her.

She waited for a moment with her back pressed to the door, watching how the afternoon sunlight was dancing through the leaves of the outside tree and making golden patches on her pure white gown that was laid out on the bed, waiting to be put on her.

She remembered the way he had looked at her when the gown had been held before her...



Minutes later, as soon as Kushi was dressed and her long hair was tied up in a neat bun with tiny white flowers on it, she rushed out of her room and down the stairs.

The young girl was too preoccupied with thoughts of catching Ram's cart before it left for the North Village, that she didn't notice the murmur of appreciation and the look of awe that the crowd of women in the living room cast upon her as she raced past them and towards the open front door, looking as elegant as a bride though this one was considerably flighty.

Emerging into the sunlit garden of her Buaji's garden, Kushi lifted the skirt of her gown, and was making for the tiny gate of the fence before her, when she noticed her aunt and her father standing at the gate, halted in their conversation when they saw her approach.

They were studying her in a most strange manner, and she stopped before them, looking at one face and then at the other, "What is it, Babuji? Is something wrong, Buaji? Why are you two looking at me so?"

"This is..." Buaji stared at her, "Is that you, Kushibitiya?"

Kushi chuckled, "No, it's my great-great-grandmother's ghost." And then she added hastily, "Bless her soul whoever she was!"

Babuji laughed at this and then looked at his daughter with tears of admiration in his eyes, "My beloved princess! I've never seen anything as magnificent as this in all my life!"

Kushi looked down at her gown and then at her father, "Oh, is it the gown?"

"Gown and all!" Buaji studied her in amazement, head to foot, "It's hard to believe this beautiful young lady is the most wanted miscreant of Arhasia!"

"Oh, it's her, alright!" Kushi nodded with a smile, "But I assure you, when you see the way they've gowned Jiji and done her hair, you will know what an angel looks like!"

"That she certainly will be! She's my niece and she's downright an angel where you are the minx incarnate!" Buaji nodded self-assuredly, "but you surprised me, bitiya! With that gown on and the coiffure you sport, you bewitch a beholder's eye!"

"Do I, now?" Kushi said sarcastically, more so to camouflage her own growing uneasiness with all the admiration, and she continued with playful boldness, "Then make way for me to pass, Buaji, for I am off to the Castle to bewitch and blind some eyes!"

"Ah, the bouquet," her father nodded, remembering, "The moment you receive it, return as soon as you can, bitiya, because you will need to go to the Castle a second time when it's time for the procession to commence from there."

"I will be back before you know I'm gone, Babuji," said Kushi and then, standing on tiptoe, she kissed her father and her aunt on their cheeks, before lifting the sides of her white gown again and racing out of the gate, towards the horse cart that was waiting on the dusty road, Ram's little head at the front turned to look at her in amazement.



Buaji sighed, "What a pretty sight she is, brother! I cannot simply believe that is our Kushibitya!"

"It certainly is my little princess," Shashi Gupta said, watching the horse cart ride off with Kushi and Ram seated at the front, "And it breaks my heart this very moment with the thought that, one day, not too late, I will have to part with her as well."

"Cheer up, brother!" Madhumati placed a hand on her brother's shoulder, her gaze sliding from her brother's faraway look to where the dust, caught in the wind, trailed from the cart that had sped away into the distance, "It's not like she's being wedded away tonight itself! You have ample days to make memories of her childish ways until you are exhausted and exclaim that she be wedded away!"

"That will not be so," her brother looked at her, smiling, "I can never tire of her childlike conduct."

"Neither can I," confessed Madhumati with a warm smile, "That Goddess of Mischief will always be a child in my eyes. Even if she were to marry and mother a dozen children!"

Master Shashi and Mistress Madhumati laughed at the image of Kushi, the future Mother, with a dozen kids pulling at the hem of her gown or climbing up her arms and legs to get her attention as she struggled to catch her breath and promised to continue playing with them after a moment's rest; and in their laughter at this thought, the elderly brother and sister felt their love for Kushi increase twofold.


Since most of you are not aware of the proceedings of an Arhasian wedding, I shall offer some insight into the manner of the wedding night ceremonies. The marriage was to be held in the Temple in the South Village and all the trees and the entire temple was lit up with decorated, already for the grand night wedding. The wedding procession was to begin from the groom's home and from there to the girl's house where the groom would be blessed by the bride's mother and then both the families would together head for the South Temple where the father of the bride would be waiting to receive the arriving procession.

The ceremony of the wedding would be conducted by a sage and this was followed immediately by the crowning ceremony after which the bride was taken to the groom's home where there was to be feasting and dancing after which all the families parted to their respective homes in happy spirits and the bride was taken to the groom's chambers where the promises made at engyesis would be made lawful through consummation.


It was still late afternoon, when Ram dropped Kushi at the Castle on his way to the North Village and before he left, she made him promise her that he would come to the Castle in time for the procession.

On reaching the Castle, she saw that everyone was excited and there was a flurry of activity that no one paid much attention to her. All the guests and inhabitants of the Castle were dressed in their best and Kushi found the ballroom brilliantly decorated for the night long dancing and feasting.


Upstairs, Lord Arnav stood before his bed, grumbling, for he was being forced to wear a tuxedo.

"This is ridiculous, Di," he frowned at the tuxedo his sister had draped over his bed and which she was patting to check for creases, "You said only the groom will have to wear a tux." He narrowed his gaze annoyingly at her.

"Pray, settle your anger, Little One," said his sister, walking towards him. "You see, Chotey, the ritual requires that-"

"I don't believe in rituals, Di! I do not have to follow them!"

"I understand," smiled his sister, "But I know this one custom you can obey, for it doesn't ask you of anything but to be garbed like your brother. It is important that the unmarried brother of the groom must dress like him and the unmarried sister of the bride should dress like her. Consider it...if Miss Kushi can wear a white gown, devoid of the veil of course, why can't you wear a tuxedo, Chotey?"

He cocked an eyebrow, "Through this lame comparison, are you trying to inspire me to follow a village girl's tirade of senseless conformity to a dressing ritual?"

"I was merely indicating what we expect you to be attired in for tonight's occasion," said Lady Anjali, looking away, "If you didn't want to wear a tuxedo, you should have gotten yourself married off first and then set up Akash's wedding!"

Lord Arnav groaned, "Don't walk up that path, Di, not again," and he ambled off towards his window and stood fuming, his arms crossed before his chest, "I was hoping you had stopped making marriage for me after the failure with Lavanya. You know how much I despise this sort of talk! Why are you so keen to anger me so?"

Lady Anjali walked up to him and leaned her head against his cold shoulder, one hand caressing the long pale sleeve of his shirt,"Chotey?"

He didn't respond.

"Alright, don't wear it, then," she said, and looked up at him from behind his shoulder, "I don't want you attending your brother's wedding with this foul mood."

He looked at his sister and there was a twinkle in his eyes as he studied her face for a moment, "Tell me Di, are you happy?"

"Ofcourse I am, Chotey," she smiled up at him, confused in her gaze, "Why do you ask?"

"After many years of confinement, tonight I am finally letting you venture out of the Castle," he said, cupping her face in his hands, "You do understand why I never let you go out?"

The light in her eyes softened and she kissed the palm of his hand that was close to her cheek, "My dear Little One, you love me with all your life...I know everything you do is because of your love for me. My only wish is that you learn to love and attend to another like the way you-"

"Di!" He slipped his hands away and looked at the window, frowning, "There shall be no such thing. You are the only one I will let myself love." He closed his eyes, "If you promise to not say another word about loving another like I do you... I will willingly wear the tuxedo."

His sister sighed, "Very well, I won't talk of it. Besides, it's not as though 'talking' ever did any penetrating into your stubborn head!" And with that she turned and left the room.


When Lady Anjali walked into the living room, she saw Kushi there and, after offering enthusiastic appreciation for Kushi's attire, she asked how everything fared at the bride's house.

"All is prepared, my lady," said Kushi, smiling, "Except for the bride's bouquet, which the groom is supposed to have made for her."

Lady Anjali laughed, "It was indeed a sight having Akash make the bouquet for her in the morning. You should have seen how excited he was when I brought him the basket of flowers and told him to make it. But I had to help him a lot because his stiff manly fingers were a disaster on the knots...and the flowers kept falling off!"

"Men and flowers, my lady, never go together," supported Kushi, merrily, "It is good that there is such a wedding ritual that makes them acquainted with softer elements of Nature!"

"True," said Lady Anjali, "Now, if you could wait just a moment, Miss Kushi, I will go and get it for you."

Kushi nodded and watched Lady Anjali head in the direction of the ballroom. Kushi's eyes continued scanning the crowd of guests for signs of a certain person whose approval she sought with regard to the gown she wore upon his choosing.

A moment later Lady Anjali reappeared with a bouquet of white roses. Kushi smiled gratefully on receiving it and, after bidding farewell to Lady Anjali, and casting a final longing glance up the empty stairway, Kushi headed for the Castle doors.

She couldn't wait for Ram to come because it will be too late when he returned. Rahim Chacha advised her to borrow one of the carts or carriages in the Castle stable which she could return back when she came to the Castle at dusk in time for the procession.

And so thinking, she made for the stable, the afternoon sun shining down on her white form.

Luckily, she found an empty cart waiting outside the stable but there was no horse harnessed to it. So, she placed the bouquet safely in the cart, walked into the stable and brought out the first horse she found. She led the chestnut horse towards the cart and tied it to the cart's harness.

Then she sat atop the cart, taking care to not dirty her gown, and with a pull at the reins, she had the horse riding the cart along the path, out of the Castle gates and down the hill.

Since she couldn't risk losing time ridding over the long open path to the South Village, she decided to take the short cut through the forest, not riding too deep but along the periphery of the forest so that she could see the assuring sun flitting through the spaces between the trees as she raced on.


Precisely at this moment, Lord Arnav walked out of his room, dressed in his majestic tuxedo and headed for the ballroom but suddenly his sister came to him, her expression disconcerted, "How could I have been so forgetful..."

"What is it, Di?" he asked, "Is it something important?"

"There are so many rituals to follow and I forget them so quickly. It was only now when Nani asked me that I remembered," Lady Anjali pressed something in her brother's hand, "We were supposed to gift the sister of the bride a token of our joy in the family bonding. It's a ritual and the token must be handed to the sibling of the bride by the sibling of the groom. Miss Kushi was here a moment ago but I forgot to give it her. Since I can't possibly catch up with her, if you could-"

At the mention of Kushi's name, mixed emotions raced into Lord Arnav's demeanor.

His nostrils flared in anger, "Another of those unrealistic rituals! Is there no end to them? Won't she come back for the procession? It be enough you give it to her then, being both believers of this madness!"

He was about to hand back the object she had given him when OmPrakash rushed in panting, "Master, the cart you had asked to be mended..."

"Yes?" he looked at him expressionlessly, his hand hovering in the air where it was stretched towards his sister, who was also looking at OmPrakash's petrified expression.

"It is not there, sire," said OmPrakash.

"That's alright," said Lord Arnav coolly, "One of the other servants must have moved it to somewhere safer."

"I've searched everywhere in possibility, sire," said OmPrakash, "It is not in the Castle premises. I am afraid...someone has taken it off for a ride."

Just then, beside Lord Arnav, Lady Anjali gasped and her brother looked at her, "What is it, Di?"

"Kushiji..." Lady Anjali stared palely at the space before her, "She wanted a ride home..."


Next moment, his right hand unconsciously dropping what it held into his pocket, Lord Arnav was rushing out through the Castle doors, over the garden and up the stable, where he barged through the huge barn doors yelling, "Shadow!"


Some things I wanted to tell you all. I am presently more occupied than before. Juggling both my college Project as well as the new job I was offered three days ago to teach at my college itself. Thank you for all your prayers and wishes on behalf of my exams and Aura's. My daily schedule is heavily packed and since the rain is heavy in this place, there are problems with the internet connection too. So you see, overall, everything in the universe is interested in filling my time with Captain Responsibility's taunting. But I assure you, I will do everything I can in my willpower to come here every week and narrate to you the tale you have come to love...Keep a lookout for the Index always.

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So i decide to peep in the inn n cottage.n i see the throne all empty..

well,usually i don't care.. but then old memories flashed..n enmity revived.. its time for REVENGE!!!!

n then my hands started to itch,thinking about everyone's possible reactions.. n Hell yeah..i want this.


Fari,sanu,shiji,mav,kp,hp,leafs.babi, love you all...


oh wait a second.. my jaani dushman is still sleeping...


look who's here???



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~First edit~
Firstly again

Ah Shassy beats me to be the 1st but hey I m 2nd YEAAA *PARTY* *BEATING DRUMS*


But I am sure most will be very happy for u shassy for making it to 1st as Happy as this

But all time it took to open I was praying may I be the 1st anyways A VERY HAPPY 2ND IPKKND ANNIVERSARY TO ALL WILL READ N COMMENT ON UPDATE LATER...
~~~~EDIT TWO~~~~~

Lin For the update and mentioning me. I am feeling overwhelmed

And once again

for making u worried...
ok now the update oh god so finally its the day. Loved the way she was so preoccupied with the tasks in hand that she forgot to change her cloths. The appreciation she received from bauji and buaji was cute and I loved the way she told them in response to the appreciation that its no where near how beautiful Payal is looking. Sister love Smile.

"Then make way for me to pass, Buaji, for I am off to the Castle to bewitch and blind some eyes!"
Khushi tell me honestly is it some eyes or someone's eyes I m sure the latter.Its sad that Sashi's words are going to be true this very day and her princess will be married in circumstances even she wont approve off. I wish buaji that ur words were true and Khushi indeed was to be married off after some time but...oh the scene with dozen of children around Khushi was indeed hilarious .Thank u for providing with details about how the marriage will proceed and I love they way it will. So Lordy has to wear  a tux nice... I love this ritual where groom is to made the bride's bouquet...aww Khushi wanted to see Lordy's reaction... Shocked She took the on the cart which was to be mended and now she headed towards the forest and now what oh god I think she will meet gen. in forest and Lordy will saw them I m just guessing my heart is beating so fast hai what will happen next.
P.S:- About name the name is very very very good and catchy Dear Lin there was just one word u know what I mean otherwise its just perfect for this tale too good.
P.P.S:- I love u a lot

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Welcome Back Dear. (: Missed You and Your Stories. (:

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Welcome back dear Aquiline.So once again he is off to save her.Very much eager to know what happens next.

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M reading it again... currently on chap 156.. Tongue 
i'll be back after reading it till 166...thought to celebrate 2nd anniversary with NEW VERSION of IPK... Embarrassed
i'll b welcoming u acche se once i read it whole again Big smile

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Khushi n problems go hand in hand
Again she is in prob n our hero who acts more as villian will go to save her n give her long bhashan also hhehehehe
Waiting for it

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