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ArHi FF:6:The BEASTS and the BLEEDING ROSES Ch 175 (Page 53)

shakethebiscuit Goldie

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Posted: 26 May 2013 at 10:39pm | IP Logged
when r u coming lady?

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maverickmartin IF-Dazzler

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I am back!! And my river of comments shall now flow, unrestrained!! The euphoria at having finally finished a batch of month-long exams is simply uplifting! LOL


Chapter 157: The Loutra

Loutra - the ceremonial bath in holy water, to cleanse themselves, the purity of soul and mind giving the promise of a secure future together. It was a beautiful, almost mystic scene, to imagine the water being stirred by the Lady Mother, adding her own grand- motherly blessings to the water of the Temple. 
I found one thing quite striking. In our ceremonies, normally it is one of the groom's party that asks for the bride, who is invariably the latter one to arrive for the ceremony, even down the stairs, yet here Khushi, the bride's sister, asks for the groom! Interesting.

Linnie, may I suggest something? Please don't give in so many italics! I don't know about the others (readers), but the characters of The Beasts and The Bleeding Roses are so familiar to me, that I literally can hear them speak in my mind when I read their dialogues and they all have their own quirks. Italics - they just seem to get in the way. It's a crude way of putting it, but I had to say it. It's not that they're not needed, just too many, I suppose. I hope you didn't mind. *sheepish smile*

The conversation between Anjali and Khushi, how symbolic and significant. Anjali believes what her husband says her actions would be, but is told the truth by Khushi. Yet, she believes that he must have deviated from his path, as Khushi suggests. And again, it is Khushi who offers to find him and bring him to her, but Anjali refuses, her faith in her husband unwavering, but still she lets Khushi help her. This is why I love you, Linnielove, this is why. :)

Haha, Arnav is trying to escape his own family and their rituals, as always. *gasp* They fell into the lake! Gahahaha!!! Well, the lake isn't exactly holy (I might consider it to be so since Arnav just fell in it. ;)), Nani hasn't blessed it, but oh Anjali, you're right in your teasing! They just had a mock-loutra! :) I see Di's mind working the right way. LOL Send the wet just-had-loutra kids to the Rear Room. *ahem ahem*

Arnav's all gruff and annoyed at being sent off, but I'm sure man-hi-man laddoo phoot rahe hain (unconsciously, maybe). LOL I love how you work on the little things: like Khushi lifting her water-laden skirt to keep from stumbling. Reminded me of the day she turned the hose of water on the First Lord and Lady Lavanya and the latter's wobbling umbrella held high as she stomped off. ROFL

Woah, Lin, you're getting so much better at the "hot" scenes. And it is so, so good to see Arnav almost telling himself to remain gruff and angry and yell at her for silly reasons like before but not actually doing it - the beast is giving way to the man, slowly but surely. Anger, denial and reticence giving way to patience, compassion and trust. Slowly, but surely. I am actually happy they did not kiss, I don't know why. Oh, I instantly knew which scene I would be seeing played out in the Arhasian way the moment I read of ropes and lengths of white curtains. I adore the settings of your scenes! You make a dusty, dilapidated room look picturesque in my imagination!

Every bit, amazing!


Chapter 158 : The Unaviodable Challenge

Ooh! A lot of blue: Payal's gown, Arnav's shirt. Do you like blue, Linnielove? Oh, our First Lord is irked when the girl he was resisting to shout at a few moments ago did not deign to spare him glance as they dined. Tut, tut. Ah, the strings of the heart tug so for him!

Shyam, elusive as ever. Your General is even better at hiding and escaping, with plausible reasons and impeccable timing! LOL 

You should have seen the Cheshire grin on my face when I read of Khushi's plan! Goodness, I was truly confused with her abrupt need to go to HP for the milk! Especially after the Rear Room scene... But it seems Khushi Gupta is upto no good! Hee, this is going to be fun! Let me read further. ;)

Oh!!! I miss IPK after that replay in the Arhasian way!! Two chapters, back to back, makingme nostalgic about that wonderful show!!! I love you for this, Linnie!! The same "akroo" Arnav, the caring sister, the mischievous Khushi, the wholesome scenes - it's all there and SO much better!! 

"Feel the pain, then!" he said, his eyes cold, and she frowned at his blue shirt, "That is nothing new for I feel nothing but pain every time I am around you!"

Each of them are so wrong to say those things. Arnav has changed, but only a little, a very little, and only in his demeanor, not his temperament. Khushi is hurt time and again, yes, but they have had their moments too, isn't it? Stubborn mules, these two, pardon my language.

But... what is she punishing him for? For leaving her wanting and embroiled in the storm of her emotions? For trying to "steal" her first kiss?

Goodness! Why? Why did Arnav try to make her drink that? I'm telling you, he needs either a good spanking or a good talking-to. Anger management issues! And his reasoning when it comes to Khushi... masha-Allah! Seriously! LOL

Something shone inside his darkness.

Love, love, love!! Oh, I love that one line! Oh, this Arnav of yours will be the death of me! I can feel his anger when he is irrational with Khushi, the effect and desire that rises in him with her innocent touches, the concern that pours at one teardrop. It is so, so...fulfilling, somehow! *sighs*

She had kissed him.

Though forced, yet she had kissed him.

And her smile...the way she addressed him 'my lord'...

He grinned satisfactorily.

He felt different inside.

He had never felt this way before and he didn't know what it was.

But he liked feeling this way. 

Yes! Yes, she did! And how! I mean, something as innocent as her kisses created a scene so pure and warm in self-realizations and sorrys-that-choked-but-finally-came-out and oh oh oh... It was just beautiful to read of! You capture thoughts and emotions so wonderfully, Linnie! It is as if we are inside their minds!

"My lord". I could just feel myself melt even more (after Arnav telling her to "take it all away", which had me do puppy-faces at the screen LOL)... I could feel Khushi's little moment of realization and Arnav's warm elation. *sighs* This is just too good!

I like feeling this euphoric after a chapter like that, too. I like it when stubborn mules inevitably end up doing things I want to hug and squeeze them till they can't breathe!! LOL


Chapter 159: Trying To Make Things Aright

Errm, Linnie, did you mean "aright" or "alright"? Because, both would work. I think you meant "aright". ANYWAY, moving on.

I love how you describe Fortune and his little movements. I can just imagine him in my head, nibbling his feathers in confusion and cocking his head at Nani's words. I love the conversation he tries to hold with Nani, futilely wishing that she would just fall asleep. Fortune is a lucky bird, isn't he? He knows all that goes on in the mind of the Cleverest Grandmother There Is. ;)

She noticed the change in his breathing. Was he angry or annoyed that she had brought it up? Or simply not in the mood to listen?

Anjali is so attuned to her husband, it shows. After reading this, I do not think it possible that she would not put two and two together, i.e., her husband's timed absences which surprisingly occur so that Khushi never gets to meet him and all the other signs. I somehow think that Lady Anjali would not need Mamiji to affirm the fact that there was something wrong between her husband and Khushi. And, I am sure she will not try to sweep all that she sees and observes under the metaphorical carpet in her mind.

Anjali is eager to help him, but the General is gruff to her, unlike himself usually. Yet, we see Anjali persevere to get something out of him, some clue, to make things alright.

Anjali is persistent, Shyam is evasive. She is hopeful, he is discouraging. She worries about him, he merely tells her to take care of herself (as if she is above his woes and should not bother herself about them). You know, Shyam might be cursed, in need of Khushi, lying to his wife sometimes, but there is one thing that I truly admire about him: he knows the value of relationships. Atleast, it seems so. If not the value, he knows how to continue to keep one, even if his heart is not in it. He is still an exemplary husband, he does not evade his duties.

I just wish Fate and Circumstances had not been so unfair to him. 

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207shikha IF-Rockerz

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it was lovely reading your chapters after such a long time.!

felt good. thanks for writing. :)

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sree_dey IF-Dazzler

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Helo...waitng 4 acqui nd aqua

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sree_dey IF-Dazzler

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intezaar intezaar intezaar

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NiksAngel Senior Member

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waiting...Day Dreaming

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hoopoe IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 May 2013 at 9:33am | IP Logged
Originally posted by A_Soul

Originally posted by hoopoe

Rabba ve all...
Extract from the prologue...
"Mother!" he screamed, as he ran to the spot. But just then a loud shot of gunfire echoed in the air, and the noise from the within the house stopped in wonderment. As he raced to the rose garden, the boy tripped on a flowerpot and fell flat on his face. Without thinking, the lady in the hood had reached her hand out to the boy who was too far for her to reach, but realizing her folly, withdrew her hand and stepped a little more into the shadows. The boy was gathering himself to his feet when a loud thump was heard and another cry pierced the night. "No!" The boy screamed out and ran to the rosebush, not seeing where he was going and crashing right into the third man who now emerged from the bush.

"Its alright, boy," said the man, one bloodied hand caressing the boy's hair,  and the other hand holding the boy rooted to where he was and not allowing him to run to the rosebush, "Your father won't hurt you anymore. Destiny has punished him for all the wrongs he has done to you and your mother."


My question... who was this "third man"? He appeared quite confident and at ease. He didn't run away from the crime scene even after being witnessed by the boy Arnav... He even tried to comfort Arnav through his words and gestures... and even tried to justify the reason behind his crime. What do you guys think?... Can he be related to the "Raizadas" or  "khushi" or "Gen.Shyam"... or just a complete stranger?!!!!

To Start with, it has been said, never wait for right time... Hoopoe, This is the 1st thing highlighed in my notes... and see before i come you are here with it !!!

to add to more to what you have already highlighted... 

to all, this is form prologue and here she or her means LH!!

"...Her focus was on a particular spot in the huge gardens encircling the house. The place where the tall rose bushes grew. She heard the sounds of raised voices from among them, and then she saw a third person enter the garden stealthily. More voices were raised and verbal fights ensued..." 

"...With her ears trained on the fight within the rose bush, her eyes followed the teenage boy who had now emerged out of the door and looked into the garden, searching for someone."

Whoever be the third person, he was reason (directly/indirectly) behind the fight and due to whom voices are raised. Also storyteller has mentioned third person is he...!

Now the question is fight between whom? Lordy's Mother and Father? Yes i think so.
1st gunshot is heard when lordy came to search for someone (whom is still not clear, could be other than her mother) and with this we can say his mother has been shot (by his father (may be by mistake)??? or herself??)

and another one...

"...The boy was gathering himself to his feet when a loud thump was heard and another cry pierced the night..."

A loud thump... here when his father died. But he is hit by whom? (himself? (in guilt) or by someone else/third person)

If i look as per the show (which i dont want to) this is easy, suicide by both the parents. But the main thing remains who is the third person? where he is right now? is he already within us (i mean introduce) or he is yet to come?
But i don't know somewhere i am having feeling, there is a Murder!!
A very detailed description and analysis of the crime scene dear soul... Clap
I have never thought about that incident in this angle. I thought three persons were quarrelling seriously, when Arnav's mom got shot accidentally. Seeing this, the third person, killed Arnav's dad to punish him. I somehow always felt that the third person was defending on behalf of Arnav's mom.
He told Arnav that destiny has punished his father for his wrong deeds. But the Lady in hood smirked after listening his words. So I thought he's basically a well wisher of Arnav's mom but somehow ended up in misunderstanding Arnav's dad and thought him guilty. Over that, when he saw Arnav's mom getting shot, in a fit of momentary rage, he shot Arnav's dad to punish him.
This is how I perceived that incident. But now, I guess I need to re-think and try to see things from a different angle. Anyways, lets see what other readers think about this incident...

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hoopoe IF-Dazzler

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As Sansu and Soul pointed out in their earlier comments, I notice one thing in common. Both  Khushi's and Lord Arnav's parents were quarrelling among themselves before they meet their respective fates through unexpected accidents on that fateful night...
Khushi's parents were quarrelling in the cart before they met with an accident. Lord Arnav's parents were quarrelling in the Garden before they got shot. Can there be a connection between the reasons behind both quarrels?!!!

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