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ArHi FF:6:The BEASTS and the BLEEDING ROSES Ch 175 (Page 35)

kaur94 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 May 2013 at 3:15pm | IP Logged
Great update
Can't wait to see what arnav's teasing is like

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kushipugly IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 May 2013 at 5:15pm | IP Logged
My dearest Aquiline,
Congratulations on a brand new thread!!
May this ff see many more threads inshaAllah.
missed u a lot , missed all comrades n buddies & missed my arhasian arshi.
i have  to catchup a lot i narrations & cant wait to see whats happening in arhasia n in arshi's life.
will see u around soon.
take care.

ps: thankyou aura, shass, soul, hoopoe fo sending the pms for updates .

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neevankrish Senior Member

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Posted: 07 May 2013 at 1:31am | IP Logged
Great update!!!!

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aafreen48 Senior Member

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Posted: 07 May 2013 at 3:51am | IP Logged

Till then having fun with the old chapters!lolzz reading it from starting again!!Dancing
CAnt help it!LOL
I have fallen in love with it!Big smile
AN EPIC FF!!!!!Clap

ALL THW WORDS YOU USED,HOW you potrayed arnav and khushi and the role of nani!ITS SIMPLY OUTSTANDING!!!!!!

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Aura7 Senior Member

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Posted: 08 May 2013 at 9:35am | IP Logged

Rabbave Sweeties!

Chapter One Hundred Sixty Three: Teasing and Toying


Kushi busied herself with helping her mother and sister in the purchases and while they were at it, she was constantly aware of the presence of both the Lords in the surrounding. She didn't mind Lord Akash being there, as long as her parents never spotted him, but she was not so keen on having the other one loitering about, watching her every move.

And yet, she found herself wandering a little distance away from her mother and sister, trying to catch a glimpse of the man she was insisting on not coming across.

In the huge pavilion where the cutlery, utensils and other such things were kept for sale, Garima pointed out to plates and cups laid on the sales' shelf believing her daughter was paying attention but Payal's nods were absent-minded.  

Her eyes on Lord Akash who was lifting up a porcelain bowl, and bringing it close to his ear. He smiled at her as he did this and then he moved the bowl towards his face and Payal saw his mouth move as though he were whispering words into the bowl. And then, his eyes still on Payal, he placed the bowl back on the shelf but upside down with its open side on the shelf top.

Then he moved away.

As her mother moved along the aisles, Payal followed her until she was standing right next to the shelf where the bowl picked by him was kept.

Payal looked at her mother and saw that the latter was pre-occupied in her enquiries with the salesperson.

Gently, Payal picked up the bowl from the shelf and brought its mouth nearer to her ear, her eyes closing on instinct. The wind inside the hollow bowl whispered into her ear, as a familiar voice spoke into her other ear, "I love you'''."

Payal smiled and when she opened her eyes, she looked to her side but he was not there. She looked at the bowl in her hand and, blushing, she placed it down, the right-side up this time.

And then she moved back to her mother, that slight blush still on her cheeks, the sight of which made the heart of her stalking lover feel light.


In the meantime, Kushi was walking past the aisles where the glass vessels and the crystals were kept. As she walked by, she brushed her fingers lightly at the glass chimes kept at one end of the aisle. The tinkling music rang gently in the air, and she looked to her side with a smile when she realized that he was walking by on the other side of the aisle, watching her as she moved along, step by step with her pace.

She looked away, her head high, as though unbothered by his presence but he could see that her cheeks were slightly rosier than before.

She stopped before a glass plate and was studying the intricate carving at its rim when, from the corner of her eye, she caught him leaning against the shelf beside the one she was standing in front of. And then, to her amazement, having caught her attention, he causally slid a hand towards the nearest wineglass on the shelf that stood among the other wineglasses for sale.

And before she knew what he was going to do, with a smirk and an evil glint in his eyes as he watched her curious expression, he ran a tempting finger down the curvy side of the wine glass, and Kushi felt involuntary shivers run down her sides.

She hiccupped in panic, her cheeks reddening and in the sudden movement to look away from his pinning gaze, she knocked her knee at the nearest shelf, sending a glass bowl crashing to the floor.

"KUSHI?" her mother's warning voice questioned from the distance.

"It's nothing, Amma!" yelled Kushi in utter panic, wishing her mother would just get on with whatever she was doing and not come toinspect.

It was natural of her mother to do so; if a cow cried or a curtain caught fire or glass crashed, it was always Kushi up to her no-good mischiefs.

Thankfully, her mother proceeded with the work believing her daughter's words and Kushi turned to the broken vase, not seeing one of the sales' boys angrily rush to where Kushi stood. But he had barely neared the aisle, before a hard hand slapped a currency note onto his chest and the boy looked up to see Lord Arnav standing there, his eyes on Kushi but his hand pressing on the boy's chest, insisting that the latter take the money and silently make no scene.

Bowing humbly, the boy took the currency note, and before Kushi had crouched down to begin picking up the pieces, the boy had scarped them up into the little basket he was carrying.

Kushi stood up and stared at the boy who sheepishly smiled and bowed at someone behind her before he left.

Kushi looked over her shoulder and found herself looking into the amused eyes of Lord Arnav.

She frowned. If this was his way of teasing her, then she was going to well steer away from being in his territory. Her fists clenched because, by the look of it, he seemed to be enjoying it and would do it again if given the opportunity.

Well, she was not going to let him have it, and with that, she strutted off proudly towards where her mother was, knowing well that his watchful eyes were noting her every move, never leaving her.



Next, the mother took the girls to the large crowded pavilion where all the edible items, fruits, vegetables, sweets and drinks were sold.

While the mother busied herself in the examination and purchase of the grains and seeds, the two girls ventured towards the stalls where the sweets and fruits were being sold.

It was too crowded for anyone to notice the person next to them so no one paid any attention to what was happening.

Payal had been asked by her mother to purchase a few strawberries for the preserves and the cakes they were to make for the wedding.

Being the careful one, to make sure the strawberries were of the right sweetness, Payal picked one up and bit off its half. As she chewed with her eyebrows lowered in contemplation, she decided it was not bad and would have gone for another bite to make sure but, unseen by anyone, a hand had nicked the bitten strawberry off her hold.

She looked over her shoulder, and saw Lord Akash wink at her as he put the remaining strawberry into his mouth and chewed happily on it, and she smiled and turned to purchase a box of the doubly affirmed strawberries.

Meanwhile, slipping through the crowd, Kushi beamed when she found herself standing before the sweet shop.

"Do you sell chocolate liquor?" she asked.

"Sorry, we have very little stock of it since the mill closed," said the man and he proceeded to cater to the other costumers.

Kushi's grin fell and she wistfully looked around at the sweets within the containers but she had lost the appetite for anything sweet being reminded of the mill's closure. She turned around and made her way through the crowd to find her sister but she forgot the way and kept moving through the crowd but everyone was pushing around so much as they walked about that Kushi finally stepped out to find herself outside the foodstuff pavilion.

She looked over shoulder and decided not to brave through the merciless crowd again. The pavilion was situated closer to the line of trees that marked the beginning of the forest and since it was silent there and not crowded at all, she walked towards one of the medium-sized rocks there and sat up on, watching the crowd in the pavilion while waiting for her mother or sister to return after their purchasing.

As she sat there, she saw a boy struggle out of the pavilion crowd and look around until his eyes fell on Kushi.

Grinning, he rushed towards her and she saw that he held a tiny bowl in his hand.

He held out the bowl to Kushi and she looked confusedly from the boy's face and into the bowl.

She gasped. There was chocolate liquor in it.

"Where did you-?" she began, and then stared at the boy, "Is this for me?"

The boy nodded, "He said I was to give this to you."

"Who did?" Kushi looked over his shoulder as the boy answered, "The First Lord," and saw him standing outside the crowded pavilion, watching them with his hands in his pockets.

The boy pressed the bowl into her hands that were on her lap and then raced back into the crowd to his other errands.

Kushi felt the bowl grow in its weight with each step the First Lord took towards her.

She gulped nervously and sat stiffly on the rock, not daring to look up when he had come to stand right before her, his towering shadow on her seated form.

"Aren't you going to eat it?"

Kushi frowned at the bowl, "Why are you doing this?"

"Because I was bored."

She looked up, strangely feeling hurt, "Is that all?"

"Why? Would there be any other reason why I would buy it?"

Kushi was clever, "Well, if you are really THAT bored, you would buy for everyone and not just for one person, especially if that one person happens to be someone you find distasteful."

He gritted his teeth, "Are you going to keep granting me smart advices or are you going to finish this up?"

"Are you in a hurry?" her teasing began to tread on dangerous waters, "Do you want me to drink it quick so you can hand back the bowl?"

He leaned down and his eyes glinted menacingly, "I dare you, Kushi Kumari Gupta," he threatened in a whisper, "I dare you to try and anger me like you are doing now."

Kushi gulped. They were in a secluded place and if anything were to happen to her, no one would be able to rescue her in time. It was just him and her alone. She had to play safe.

She sighed and looked at the bowl, her heart longing for the familiar liquid in the bowl. Her father was the one who had made them'''.Once.

And that was when she realized that it was not chocolate liquor in the bowl, but chocolate syrup.

"Oh," she blinked at the bowl, "I can't drink it."

He felt his nerves seething, "Why not?"

She looked up innocently, "It can't be drunk. Its chocolate syrup and I need a spoon if I am to have it."

He would have rolled his eyes if he was the rolling kind but he only stood there, frowning in annoyance at her, "Just drink it without spoon for now!"

"I can't."


Kushi's courage jumped at his command, and she obediently dipped her fore finger into it.

He stared at her, "What are you doing?"

Kushi blinked, "I don't know. I can't drink it from the bowl because it is thick and since I have no spoon, I have no choice but to use my finger."

He sighed and then frowned, "You're impossible, Kushi Kumari Gupta!"

She grumbled, "You are the one making things more impossible for me."

But thankfully, he had not heard it for he was too engrossed watching her finger lift itself off the thick concoction of the bowl, the thick brown long syrup dripping from her finger as it moved towards her open mouth.

He didn't know his jaw had fallen open as he stared at the progress of the finger. Her luscious lips closed around the thickly chocolate-coated finger and she remained with the finger in her mouth, her eyes closed as she lost herself in the magical taste of the chocolate.

She opened her eyes suddenly, catching his open-mouthed expression.

Snapping back to reality, he closed his mouth and frowned at her, but said not a word.

And then there was a clever glint in her eyes as she realized she had found a way to pay him back for the wineglass torture he had administered upon her minutes ago.

She dipped the same finger, now cleaned of its initial coating, into the bowl and after swirling it in the syrup for some time, she lifted her finger and, with her cunning eyes on him, she dipped the finger slowly into her mouth and sucked the chocolate tastefully.

That did it.

"Get up," he barked stiffly.

She stared at him wide-eyed, her finger still in her mouth.

"I said GET UP!"

She shot up, taking her finger out and gulping down the syrup that was in her mouth to ask, "What now?"

Before she could react, he looked at the crowd in the pavilion, noting that no one was watching, and then proceeded to seat himself on the rock that was slightly warm from her long sitting.

And then to her astonishment, his hands reached out and pulled her towards him and her knees pressed against his, her gown unable to douse the warmth seeping in from the nearness of his legs.

"What are you-?" she was aghast.

"Dip your finger into the bowl," he said simply, his hands at her hips, locking her in his hold with no escape.

She was so shocked by what was happening, she could only stand and stare at him, "What-?"

"Dip. Your finger. Into the bowl," he warned her impatiently.

Feeling weak in her legs because she could feel the heat from his hands making her blood swoon, she obligingly dipped a trembling finger into the bowl.

And then came the ultimate shocker: he opened his mouth slightly, waiting, his eyes threateningly on her prettified expression.

She braved her hand to lift from the bowl and move forward and before she knew it, she was dipping her finger into his mouth, squeezing her eyes shut and murmuring prayers as she waited for his mouth to clap around her finger.

Right into the lion's mouth, his fangs ready to bite''.

But she had not expected what really followed.

She gasped and her legs felt rubbery when warmth swirled around her finger and a burning snake flitted around her chocolate-finger and almost scorched her skin.

Whimpering, she withdrew her finger and stared at it as he happily gulped down the chocolate in his mouth.

Her finger was not hurt but she could feel the burning very strongly. She stared at him apprehensively and he nodded seriously to the bowl, "This time, coat it more thickly and don't keep your finger in my mouth for more than 3-4 seconds."

She was confused but she didn't know what else to do.

Reluctantly, she dipped her finger into the bowl again, swirling it about and trying to make the chocolate coating around her finger thickert han before so that she wouldn't harm it when it was in his horribly heated mouth.

Then when she was ready, she looked at him and his lips parted enough to let her finger enter and then the torture was repeated but this time she withdrew her finger quicker than before.

She was about to dip it again when he said, "Wait."

Feeling relieved and scared, she waited as she watched one of his hands moved from its hold on her hip towards her wrist.

He looked at her as he moved her hand towards the bowl and then, instead of dipping her usual forefinger into it, he dipped her four fingers into the bowl, except her thumb, earning her shocked gasp.

She went red in the face as each second passed.

He lifted her hand off the bowl and then began sucking the coating off each of her fingers, slowly, tenderly, his eyes on her face.

She gasped and moaned inwardly and felt fire rage on her fingers but tried to remain steady to not let him see that he was weakening her.

"Why are you doing this?" she whispered brokenly, her eyes beginning to fill as his mouth sucked at her third finger.

"Because you teased me with that finger in your mouth."

"You're punishing me?" she was dismayed, "But I don't punish you for teasing me?"

"Don't you?" he cocked an eyebrow at her as his mouth moved towards the fourth finger.

She moaned as he sucked and licked her little finger and she frowned at him, "You cannot do this."

"I am the Lord of this land," he stated prudishly, "I can do anything I want."

And he dipped the four fingers into the bowl again.

She mumbled angry curses under her breath but suddenly stopped when he stood up, his hand still holding her fingers dipped in the bowl.

Now what? She worried.

He was standing so close to her that if he moved one step closer, she was certain the bowl would crush between them.

"Let's finish the syrup together," he stated cunningly, his eyes eagerly glinting, and then he lifted her hand to the height of their faces, the thick syrup dripping down her arm.

He slid her forefinger into her gaping mouth and himself put her ring finger into his mouth.

And then, not knowing what she was doing but watching him and mirroring his move, her mouth closed around her chocolate-coated forefinger and sucked it out clean at the same time he did her ring finger.

They were both affected by what had happened. It was more arousing than if they had done it separately. To do it together, with each one's gazes on the other, was as though they were''.

"I must go," said Kushi hastily, dropping the bowl down and stepping away as he stared at her, lost in his own fumbling aftermath of what had happened.

He blinked, recovering slowly from the spell, but she had already rushed away towards the crowd, her eyes filling with embarrassed tears.

He smirked. Even if she tried to wash off the chocolate and his scent from her fingers, the memory of what had ensued would always be on her fingers'..'

And with a sinking heart, as Kushi scrubbed her hands hard at the hand pump near the pavilion, she too knew this.


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momoahmd IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 May 2013 at 9:54am | IP Logged
such a sensual n hot chapter ...u hv left me craving 4 more...
thnxxx a lot 4 writing this amaxnggg update aquiline n aura 4 posting it...

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yush-swt Senior Member

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Posted: 08 May 2013 at 10:36am | IP Logged
wow...and that as just too hot...loved it...gonna comment later...linny you are killing chocolate and strawberries wouldnt be the same...

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LeenaRocks IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 May 2013 at 10:38am | IP Logged
whoa!! that was hot!! 
sensuous to the hilt! *blush*

Its back ... it back... his hormones are back at play! *wink*
and the damsel in her innocent ways is leaving no stone unturned in playing havoc with his already aroused hormones! *giggle*
1st grapes then strawberries and now chocolate... *sigh* they shall never be now looked upon as mere eatables... courtesy! linny pie! *chuckle*
Who could have thought of sucha chocolaty update?!
and what a way to put the syrup into use ... Arnav!! *dazed* man i am salivating now! *grunt* stop ur raunchy thoughts you teady bears! i obviously was meaning for the chocolate syrup here *wink*

Love you Lin! you are simply too good! missing u tons darling!

and hoope - i now pronounce u as the official Rabba Ve Convenor !! :D
Thanks a lot sweethearts !:)

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