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ArHi FF:6:The BEASTS and the BLEEDING ROSES Ch 175 (Page 21)

hoopoe IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 April 2013 at 7:42am | IP Logged
Rabba ve all...
Extract from chapter 157

The storeroom appeared to be lavishly wide and immensely dark and it was certain that not many visits were conducted to this eerie place for it looked abandoned and mostly empty. A cold fireplace waited to begin burning and there were ropes everywhere, tied from wall to wall and corner to corner with long white curtains hanging on them, probably put to dry after a wash and then forgotten.

Now, why do i feel that this "Rear room" of the castle resembles more of "Lord Arnav's Heart" to me?!!! The description of the room... "lavish, dark and cold"... "abandoned and almost empty"... it obviously reminds me of his heart.
magnanimous heart deliberately made to take a rear side... making it difficult to approach or access... (His ruthless attitude making him quite repulsive in the eyes of the world...) A beautiful heart mercilessly abandoned to drown in the darkness and let the coldness seep in... making it appear all eerie and mysterious... The strong cords of lingering memories (of past) compelling him to conceal his true self behind the veils of various masks (Haughty, Arrogant, Ruthless, Insensitive, Impassive)... to seclude himself from the harsh bitterness of the real world!!!...

Some interesting points from this chapter:
Lady Anjali...
  • Its Lady Anjali who enlightens khushi about the existence of a "Rear room" in the castle and recommend her to use it.
  • Again, its Lady Anjali who persudes Lord Arnav to go back to khushi to hand over her old dress.
  • Upon entering the room, Khushi hesitates initially and distance herself from Lord Arnav by draping the white curtains further wider... though her aim is to make her conceal from his curious eyes, the veils at the same time  blinds her to see him or his disposition...
  • She comes out of her temporary shelter to feel the warmth of the fireplace only after he leaves the room.
Lord Arnav... 
  • In spite of his exasperation about khushi's provoking state and close proximity, he doesn't forget to kindle the warmth inside the room and even tauntingly invites her to take comfort by the warm fireplace... and even gives her, her personal space!!!
  • Lady Anjali handing over her old gown to khushi through Lord Arnav... Lady Anjali making khushi, sort of her equal... permitting khushi take over a place almost equal to her in Lord Arnav's life... and to top it all, Lord Arnav guiding khushi to make khushi fit in his sister's dress...

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sarahehsan Goldie

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Posted: 23 April 2013 at 11:03am | IP Logged
Edited :
This is from chapter 151 that I'm commenting on :
The suddenness that Arnav has shown and then later his heroic entry in front of La's carriage was impressive! Is there a single thing in this whole world which he does without seeming heroic! I know he doesn't intend to, its innate in him! *sigh*
Though I came for your love, I leave now feeling loved by worthier people."
This bit proves La's already on her way to move on in life, though it would be very difficult to, considering its ASR we're talking of, here! Still, she has taken the first step towards that and that without any regrets or illl-feelings towards Arnav or Khushi, which is why she's gained love of all the people of  the Cottage! Lavanya has to be the most courageous person here. It really is no easy to love someone, then let that loved one, love another and then accept it with a big heart without letting the feeling of injustice creep in! She's known it all the while that Arnav could never love her the way she wanted and still in her own words, 'she was too blind to accept the truth!' Ouch
And then, she's such a sweetheart to have left something for Khushi as well.. I'm glad ASR and La parted on a good note and as friends.. :)
Lady Anjali is so warm and a personality everything a husband would wish in a wife. We can really see  how she is all concerned and worried over her husband's issues. She does figure out that he's back to his 'turning into beast' ways and offers her warmth and comforting words to assure the General of her support through all the thick and thin! I really feel for Di at the mo, because she deserves so much more than a mere Beastwa! Ermm 
The bond that the Gupta family shares is so warm to read, it was a good captured scenario where the father is all taken care of by the women in his family. And the bit where Garima goes : 'You are as young as you've always been', oh, I can't express what I've felt here. So much love, so much warmth, so much of understanding for the other that I really wished to kiss Garima right there! LOL
You know the bit where Garima rushes to prepare all the 'cakes and jams' gives an innocent peek into their times! And its oh-so-adorable to have gotten a peek as such! Luv you for this, Narrator Sahiba! This, indeed is my favourite Arshi FF! :)
When I'd read everyone commenting, I was so wondering what gave them the idea of General's love and then the line they mentioned, I kept re-reading it to check if I've missed out on something and probably have had a mis-read. I was so sure it was Lady Anjali who had assured him of her love and then I saw ur note and was relieved.. Wink
Raheem Chacha is a wise old soul, innit? The way he let them in 'after he ensured Master Shashi was fine as a fiddle' shows how much he cares. :)
Oh, here comes Mamiji and her world famous jibes!  Tongue  I'm glad Manohor is playing the role what Naniji played in the show, admonishing her from hurting people with her talks! :P
Then come our favourite people, the Lords of the Castle, themselves!! Aah, some sight that was when Khushi was oh-so-suddenly interested in the floor designs and patterns, quite an escapade, eh? 

"A kind man, Master Gupta is. I'm relieved he is fine, though he didn't have to worry with bringing us gifts of any sort."

"There is no need for being too thankful to them," said his mother suddenly, "You are showing a little beyond gratitude to this family, I have come to notice."

"And you know the reason, mother," said Lord Akash, turning to his mother with a smile, "I love their daughter and I did make a proposal last night, if you recall?"

Way to go, Akash Bitwa, silence doesn't 'always' help 'all'! If you know what I mean! Approve

"You need the wisdom of your parents to help you when it comes to deciding your marriage, boy!" And then she frowned at her husband, "Well, wisdom of one of your parents, for it seems your father's senses have become ludicrous over this love-sickness of yours!"

She scowled at her son, almost roaring suddenly, "And don't you dare drink that wine on an empty stomach, Akash!"

Lord Akash moved away from the table obediently.

And this bit still proves the mother has the upper hand, after all! In this case, Mamiji! Tongue

"Mami," Lord Arnav's calm voice caught their attention and all turned to him, but he was looking at his aunt alone, "The people of Arhasia have always been loyal and looked upon us with great reverence and fear. As a lord of this land, Akash has every power to do what he chooses to be right and if the people find a reason to the deed being righteous, then their respect will not lower but only increase. Besides, I know my people. They respect me and they always will."

Oh, how I love this intervention of Lord Arnav's! Only the word, 'Mami' gives a good felling that he'll make things alright! And alright he did! Well, almost! Tongue

Shashi is clearly a man of pure wisdom. He has rightfully worded how they're actually different in terms of social echelons and that has earned him plus points in Mamiji's good books already, resulting in a not-so-expected approval from her side to Akash Bitwa and Payaliya's betrothal! Look, how the mighty falls at the words of the Most Wise (here, Shashi)! Though it was all after hearing Mamaji, Arnav and aakash, it was eventually Shashi who had gotten this approval from her! :)

And now Lavanya's letter, I am surely out of words for now because this Lady, Lavanya has truly earned a place in my heart, for good! I hope she actually realises her 'love' for Arnav as infatuation alone and falls in love 'actually' with Master Aman! I love how she puts her heart in her letter and is such a pure hearted soul! Will miss you dearly, Lady La! Smile

And the denial of the Lordy in accepting his defeat! C'mon! He did not just ask her to do that to him, did he! Khushi has rightfully given him the title of a Monster! Embarrassed

Do I have to mention again as to how much I hate the Beastwa, here! It is obvious already, isn't it? Angry

When Aman was asked to throw his contract parchment into the fire and was declared free, I was really not pleased with the idea! Aman, was after all, the right hand man for ASR! And their parting did leave a little bitter taste in my mouth, for I didn't really want Aman to go! Confused But he has to, for himslef and for Lady La, toh that's a little compensation.. 

The little emotional bit between Ram and Khushi was, 'adorable'!

Master Aman winked, "You always surprise him. In fact, if I remember right, you are theonly person he has let answer him back and LIVE !"

"But he lets his sister and his Nani talk hard to him," Kush tried to make her not appear too exceptional.

"Yes," said Master Aman, "But they are his family. I've been with him for many years and observed his every approach. He is quite a gentlemen, do you know? He never stands too close to a woman, never shakes the hand of a woman and always gives orders and messages to women-workers or women-clients from a distance or through me. However, from the day you first walked into the Industry, I have noticed, with great astonishment indeed, that he is quite free around you, not forcing himself to be a gentleman but who he really is."

I so have fallen for Aman, not really though.. The way he's given the gist of all that Khushi needs to know.. His insight regarding Arnav was something so perfect that I'm pleased! 

Okay, comimg to the Engyesis :

Payaliya and her bridal vows! C'mon Payal bitiya! You do know the Second Lord is floored with your beauty and heart and so you need not be so apprehensive of how beautiful you look! 

The Engyesis was carried out beautifully, I cannot, for the shortage of time now, describe how utterly beautiful the vows were made. 

The First Lord always has to rub on the wrong buttons to mae her pissed off and retort in anger! He irritates her way too much! And the way she called him, 'Lordy', uh-oh, he's heard that!! Shocked

A strange expression crossed his face for a fleeting second before it returned to his usual detachedness. But she had seen it pass: He had not realized it until she had said it that they would be brother and sister in law, by this union of their siblings. And withunknown delight, she had read in his quick expression that he didn't like it.

Good going, Sanka Devi, you really are a mind reader, aren't you? :P

Will try to better my next comment, I know this is al a crap! :P

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zainza IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 April 2013 at 2:55am | IP Logged
great updates.

you came and went away again.

missing you and your updates, hope you can come back soon.

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shakethebiscuit Goldie

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Posted: 25 April 2013 at 9:08pm | IP Logged
the tiltle in the first thread says basts and bleeding roses..please correct it.
thank you

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karsvinu Goldie

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Posted: 26 April 2013 at 9:15am | IP Logged
Hey when r u gonna be's likes ages nowDay Dreaming

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karsvinu Goldie

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Posted: 27 April 2013 at 3:10pm | IP Logged
I'm missing you alreadyDisapprove...when r u gonna be back...

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hoopoe IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 April 2013 at 1:23am | IP Logged
Originally posted by jahnvi.luvs.ASR

umm i dont know but the curses...Shyam's curse...we never saw him harm anyone...dangerously...i mean he always transformed...hurt Shashi i know but he dint harm anyone greatly...while Arnav's curse it lead him to harm others...a hunger for there curse is different with different repercussions??

and is there something like that i mean some prophecy kinda thing...i mean how shyam is so sure that If khushi was responsible for his curse to resurface again then she'll be the one to end it...
Dear Jahnvi...
@ your first query... I understand your genuine curiosity here, but we need to remember an important thing about their curses. If im right, their curse effects were not entirely revealed. We were so far shown only the transformation part of the curse of Gen. Jha and the suffering part of the curse of Lordy... Their other sides are yet to be revealed in the future chapters. Hence, we cant come to a conclusion... but, we can consider few options, based on how they handle their curses and its effect over them...
Personally, what matters more to me is, Lord Arnav fighting the beast in him, conflicting with his beastly hunger and struggling to keep his beastly urges under guard, remembering to stay away from his loved ones fearing that he may hurt them unintentionally under the curse effect. Whereas, Gen. Jha using his curse effects to his advantage (eg., Shashiji) and he was never shown to fight against his curse or unwilling to transform... That's what makes the difference for me. Anyhow, lets wait for the mysteries of their curses to be revealed completely...
@ your second query... I strongly suspect the prophecy part from the beginning of the tale, dear. Im unable to come up with any other proper explanation as to why the Gen. is so confident that khushi is his cure. But, as for now, we can only keep guessing... WinkSmile   

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hoopoe IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 April 2013 at 1:35am | IP Logged
Rabba ve dear Aquiline...
My thousandth post in this forum!!!...  Just thought of leaving an imprint here to mark this milestone through my journey in this forum... I cannot think of any other place to make this landmark post other than this place... this special place which inspired me, encouraged me and enlightened me... which made me think, analyse, comprehend and express my views without hesitation... I believe, this is its rightful place.
Thank you my dear Aquiline for making me a part of this wonderful world and giving me an opportunity to share my thoughts in this friendly atmosphere... I owe you.
Thank you Shass and Soul... for being such an understanding and honest friends... I still don't understand how you both read my mind so effortlessly, most of the times... Wink I feel incomplete in this place, without you both... Love you...
And, a "Big Thank You" to all the members of my virtual family.
Honestly, I never thought i'll come so far in this journey... I never thought i'll come out from my shell and open-up my mind with ease in a virtual world... But you all made it possible. Love you all... Hug

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