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ArHi FF:6:The BEASTS and the BLEEDING ROSES Ch 175 (Page 18)

shreelakshan Newbie

Joined: 15 May 2012
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Posted: 13 April 2013 at 10:30pm | IP Logged
Lin!!!!You came back to wish us goodbye???That is so sweet of you!!! Thank you so much dear...
Actually, i am completely amiable with your idea of giving us a non-arshi chapter...makes the farewell "seem" less painful...Am going to miss you a lot dear...waiting for your return...

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hatelove_1 Goldie

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Posted: 13 April 2013 at 10:48pm | IP Logged
nyc one

come soon

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zonera1 Goldie

Joined: 14 December 2011
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Posted: 13 April 2013 at 11:29pm | IP Logged
Hi Lin!I just read your 3 updates in a row!They were brilliant!
Thanx a lot for paying us a visit whenever u have time and narrating your brilliant story!
The first 2 updates were lethally hot!Loved Kushi accepting the challenge and kissing Arnav and our Lord saying Sorry after realizing that she was crying.Oh how much i wanted him to say Sorry to her!mazaa a gaya!
On the other hand u r rite about giving us a non Arhi update in the end makes the grief of your break more tolerable oherwise I cant wait to know what happens next!Thank u for coming whenever u have time!
O and Congrats for turning green!

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darya20 Goldie

Joined: 17 March 2012
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Posted: 14 April 2013 at 2:58am | IP Logged
We all will miss u so much muah

Update was superb now nani will play cupiod lol
Will be waiting for ur break to finish love u bye

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A_Soul IF-Rockerz

Joined: 18 August 2012
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Posted: 14 April 2013 at 6:46am | IP Logged

Chapter 156: The Engyesis of Payal and Lord Akash

Chapter 157: The Loutra

This ceremony was a kind of bath ritual, where the water from a temple lake was poured into a huge bathbasin and perfumed. The groom was the first have a ceremonial bath in it. And then the bride had to take bath in the same scented water. The bath was to symbolize the end of their youth and their choice to dip into the promise of their matrimonial life.

Hey.. we have same ritual too..but the other way round it is... Groom bath with the bathed water of Bride..! Usually take place after haldi and just before marriage..!

Only Fortune, the white parrot perched on Nani's shoulder, suspiciously eyed the door through which the General had gone.

Ohhh Fortune 007.. all alert!!!!  

"Oh," Lady Anjali frowned thoughtfully, "He said he was heading for the stable..."

What is cooking Gen? Dimag ki batti jalao Lady Anjali!!!

"I will!" Kushi said cheerily and then set out to find Lady Anjali's husband whose appearance she did not know. But she was sure she would recognize him for it was easy to spot a Soldier or a Lord in the Castle grounds that was scoured by servants.

Ohhh Khushi, her innocence and her happy to help nature' isse kehte hain 'khud ke pair pe kuhadi marna"...

He was turning the bend just then when he clashed into someone coming from the other side of the wall bend, probably heading for the stable, and he caught a whiff of the village flower scent as the head of the person collided with his chest.

His hands reached out and held her from not losing balance and soft uncertain fingers frantically reached out to his arms and gripped him.

But in their attempt to not fall over, they lost balance and fell to the side, right into the lake with a loud splash.

Oyyeee hooyeee... Kya encounter hain yaar!!

..suddenly looking into the face of Lord Arnav, standing before her, his wet shirt sticking to his chest and waist, and the hair over his forehead with tiny droplets at the end of each strand.

Life will be fulfilled if this could be last sight of my life..

They stared at each other disbelievingly when a voice intruded, "Oh my! And I thought it was the loutra ceremony of Miss Payal and Akash!"

Ha ha ha ha... Wow what a punch line!!

.."Don't make me wait for you to follow me. I've better things to do than this!"

Let her wait dear... I am here following you everywhere, every second.. hmmm

Lord Arnav paused for an impatient moment and then stepped into the storeroom, closing the door behind him so that the cold outside would not kill the fire he was intending to make in the fireplace. He stepped before the fireplace and began throwing random firewood into it.

..closing the door behind him so that the cold outside would not kill the fire WITHIN HIM!!!

"For Kushi, of course," Lady Anjali rolled her eyes, and then she took his wet shirt that had been draped on his bare shoulder, "She is wet and she will catch a cold if she doesn't get a warmer gown to dress into. Now go and hand her the gown before you storm back to your room."

Reason, why we like fairyland then reality, in real life aisi kaun si behen hain, jo khud ek ladki ke liye kapda na le ja kar, apne bhai ko bheje, vo bhi itne crucial moment pe? Tell tell!!

Lord Arnav gritted his teeth, "I'm not your servant to do your bidding, beggar!" He clenched his fists and then asked, "Where are these...stupid laces?"

Ohh Ma.. my cutie pie Lordy... What a dialogue... stupid laces and WHERE ARE THEY? Ofcourse it is at back, why would she suffer if it is in front..
Oh good you cracked me linny..!

They didn't know what happened the next moment but suddenly she gasped, sensing his face press into her hair.

both under do-know-what activation mode.. lol!!

"Not even if I do this."

Others do get affected dear Lordy... please stop it!!

She didn't know why he was doing all this but she could not let him mar the sacredness of the first kiss on her lips, and she frowned at the wall beside them, while he clenched his fists, angry over the way he was being affected while he reminded himself: No, not the lips... never the lips.

?????????! the para is mysterious still it is not!!

Chapter 158: The Unavoidable Challenge

...Kushi hastily cut red hot chilies and dropped their seeds into the glass.

Khushi... what are you up to? Mischievous girl!!

.. She had barely tiptoed it to the stairs when the door behind her opened and Lord Arnav stood there, frowning at her, "Inside. Now."

I so love the way he orders her...

"Feel the pain, then!" he said, his eyes cold, and she frowned at his blue shirt, "That is nothingnew for I feel nothing but pain every time I am around you!"

"Feel the pain"... oh its so wonderful to hear these words from you lordy!

"And yet you seem to learn nothing of respecting the Lord of your land," said Lord Arnav hotly, pulling at her hand and leading her to the window of his room.

Ohh.. is he again thinking to drop her?? No no no!

He took the half-drunk glass of sweetened milk from the table nearby and shoved it before her, "Drink this."

Yes yes yes, I am getting good in reading your mind linny.. the time you mentioned he was still holding that glass while returning to room, I got the idea of this..!! Nice move!

"So it makes us equals and rightful competitors in this challenge," he replied cleverly, his gaze turning from cold to roguish.

Come on lordy.. what a meaningless argument it is...!

A mischievous glint flashed in his eyes and he smirked, weakening Kushi's courage, "No, Kushi Kumari Gupta," he said in a low whisper, "If you don't do it, I will do it for you."

Ok, so in any case readers will be on tortured haan..!

"Again," he whispered, with a slight moan.

Aaahhh... you greedy man!!!

"Please," she tried again but he interrupted, "If you don't then you will stay in my arms like this until someone in your family comes searching for you."

You smart blackmailer... But I still LOVE YOU!

"Why?" he asked her, his hands caressing her cheeks, wiping away her tears.

Ee lo...  ramayan puri ho gayi aur puchte hain sita koun thi?

One tear slid from her eye and down her cheek, and the word in his throat broke free in an awkward whisper, "Sorry."

Readers go and help the poor villagers... its an earthquake in Arhasia.. Lordy said SORRY!!!

She couldn't stop herself from smiling, and then to her surprise and his, she whispered uncertainly, "I believe I don't want to."

Ooo... Whistle podu dialogue... *Loud Whistle*

He smirked but remained where he was, not wanting to risk nearing her with all the things he was feeling inside, "I will admit you are clever, beggar."

She gasped. "I am not a beggar!" she flared angrily.

Aaahhh.. and here starts the famous tom and jerry fight!!!

But outside his room, she paused to let the red of her blushing cheeks gentle down and she had to frown hard to stop the stupid smile from creeping on her face.

From the stupid laces to the stupid smile' wow I loved the progress!!

But he liked feeling this way. 

All new n improved lordy.. MY LORDY..!! *Muuuhaaa*

I think, this is the 1st update where your message (those violet font) is missing after the end of update... Hmm'cant able to speak/write a word!!...effect of ur own update..haan??

While fight with glass was on (drink it n I wont drink an all) I thought anyhow glass will get floored and the milk will be all over on Lordy, and then Lordy will ask her to lick it and complete his challenge'. But I like your vision too linny'!

BG for last two episodes.. [one of my fav, an one of the option i thought to post for ch. 141] 

Khushi & Lordy: 
Lakh roka par rukana
Ishq yeh sar zor hai
Apni chahat aur kuch hai
Ishq ki kuch aur hai
Tera mere basme kya hai
Ho raha hai jo likha hai
Is lamhein ki khwahishon mein
Zindagaani ki raza hai

Yun hi re yun hi re mile rahe hum
Tujhi me tujhi me range rahe hum

Na gawara tha mujhe jo
Dil ko woh manzoor hai
Tujhse milke dil yeh jaane
Kis nashe mein choor hai

Oho Saath dil ke dil se tere
Ho gaya hun bakhuda mein
Teri qurbat se bhi kaise
Rah sakungi ab juda mein

Khushi & Lordy
Tere nigahoon ki baho mein rahun mein
Chahat ke humesha rahun mein rahun mein

Yun hi re yun hi re
Tujhi mein tujhi mein
Yun hi re yun hi re mile rahe hum
Tujhi me tujhi me range rahe hum

Chapter One 159: Trying to Make Things Aright

"You know what, Fortune?" Nani began, "I think our Chotey has finally found his girl."

'Anteryaami' Lady Mother ki jay ho'!!

..I can't handle the romances of two couples at a time."

We can Lady Mother' we are actually' so bring it on more!!

She waited a few seconds more and then felt the weight of his presence on the bed beside her.

Aaah.. beautifully crafted line...Lin!!

"What must you actually do to get cured?" asked Lady Anjali hopefully, "Is it something you have to do? Some words you must utter?" She paused, "Or someone you must meet?"

Aah.. there you go.. Someone!!
While reading it again.. I think finally cure will be combination of all three things.. *wink*

"Then take care of yourself," said the General, "And stop worrying about me."

Take care of yourself... As I might not be here with you in future..!! Is that what you mean Gen? *raising eyebrows*

But he had had a troublesome night and was fast asleep.

I demand an answer, where were we to not the witness his troublesome night' you have been transformed again? Or did that little girl come again? Or you witnessed what we did? Ohh there are so many troubles in your life...

I am always eager to hear room conversations.. whether it is of Gen-Anjali, Manorama-Manohar or Fortune-Nani or our lordy-khushi... Nice Update..!!

Last few episodes are like where mysteries, symbolism, connections nothing matters or cross my mind... what matters is those words, that world and the feelings... created by you! My half self is always lives in world called Arhasia with holding a hand of yours...!!

Whenever you come back... you will find me here, right here waiting for you...

Take Care!!

Edited by A_Soul - 15 April 2013 at 2:31am

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hellgirl Senior Member

Joined: 02 July 2011
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Posted: 14 April 2013 at 7:27am | IP Logged
Rabba ve aqua...
That was a plesent surprise and i loved this surprise
what an update it is...
Every thing is awesome every scene was my favourite...

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henamani IF-Dazzler

Joined: 17 February 2012
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Posted: 14 April 2013 at 11:18am | IP Logged
rabba ve

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vidya.sanjay Goldie

Joined: 09 February 2011
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Posted: 14 April 2013 at 10:51pm | IP Logged
Thanks for coming in between and making us happy.You do deserve a break.
All the best:)

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