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ArHi FF:6:The BEASTS and the BLEEDING ROSES Ch 175 (Page 133)

shass IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 1:03pm | IP Logged
Dear HP...  though i have also been a believer of the theory you previously made on the curses.. but there's something else too thats clouding my judgement..n i want to write it down only to explore this possibility n get a clearer view of things...

the first time it occurred to me when i read...

  • his eyes fell on the footprint in the mud. 
    Not the one made by the beast in him but by another of which he was familiar...
    It was not a fresh print but he was certain the print was made quite recently.

he was still standing by the lake side.. when he spotted the foot prints.. made me think what if he came to the lake for the same purpose as the Gen did...

then the last night chp.. it blew me away... n made me think a little more over lordy's curse..

so hp.. although this thought is deficient in many ways n i haven't been able to connect all dots properly.. i wanted to suggest.. what if both the beasts are Dragons??? there are various types of dragons right?? each having their own reasons to be cursed.. their own strengths n their own reign.. n powers... 

you are right that the idea of thinking about a dragon does seem far fetched..but then in greek mythology you do find their own special place.. just not that but almost every culture supports such myths..

last night's kiss was too shocking for me.. when she called it ''cursed''.. she was only angry to say so.. but it actually was cursed.. have you noticed hp... how his tongue is always scorching.. it always left marks on her skin.. his hands are always hot.. n its not to normal extent coz we always find khushi ''staggered n shocked'' to find it so.. not just that his hunger is insatiable, a vague point but it still applies.. just coz he bounded on four.. doesn't mean he can be exempted from the dragon category, coz there have been dragons having two to four legs.. remember the night of dungeon?? he could bring warmth to her against her coldness.. he's been now referred to ''fire'', though it could only mean a referral to his fiery nature.. but what if?? what if the heat he emancipates actually runs in his blood.. whenever he is enraged n in pain the beast's we have been seeing at nights,post his nightmares regarding his past memories.. but he fights to control it n the only time he can't he needs to cool it off by using water to turn back into a human.. now we also know that the ''ghost-girl'' also haunts the Gen. n may be his anger too leads to same scenario, esp on the night of shashi encounter..

  • Her consciousness was stricken blind and fire erupted in her. Tears streamed down her face, not because she was angry or hurt, but because she was in pain. Excruciating pain of a kind she had never known. His cruel tongue was so hot that she was certain it had scorched her mouth.

  • Her throat was on fire and she felt her head reeling from the power on the tongue's heat. She felt the heat seep down to her insides, numbing her heart and she gasped in an attempt to retrieve her waning breath.

it was interesting to see that this very kiss not only took away khushi's strength n put her life into danger.. it also restored her  back to her normal self..

though it could be indicating how this kiss could be related to some kind of sacrifice or something (still vague)..

if really khushi is the cure for the two beasts then may be the beasts are also of the same kind.. i was thinking hp..what if the author of this tale was exploring two different aspects of the same curse??

may be she is only showing the physical strength n abilities of the beast from the General's POV.. n the pain n suffering associated with it from Lordy's POV..

so that, may be some day we can see lordy fly n be as powerful as the Gen is.. n the Gen shown to go through just as much pain as lordy does,during transformations..

no matter what it is hp..but i can't help think..

that these two may be as much of the beasts as they can..but the heart is only of the ''man''... its the sole driving force for them both.. n what if the key to curse (khushi), can only unlock what lies with in these hearts.. n the real cure only lies within their hearts.. if you know what i mean..Embarrassed

btw, i liked how khushi n lordy have been referred to ''fire n ice''..WinkTongue..she did soothed him n his unquenchable desire.. but at what cost?? that part was super interesting!! Smile

ps; am waiting for the white scarf decoding too.. coz i don't think i got it right..

pps; you space n respecting your silence!! so no queries from you, though i would love to hear your voice once again..Smile

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Jo_Pinchy Goldie

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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 2:43pm | IP Logged
Lin I had tried adding this in my previous post but then the message was not posted, saying it contained irrelevant words. So I thought i would break down the word and let you know, what I wanted to say with the Marriage chapter 174 and here it goes...
Super- Cali- Fragilistic- Expiali- DociousWinkClapClap 

I simply want to say, your work is commendable dear.

Edited by serialaddict12 - 23 June 2013 at 2:43pm

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karsvinu Goldie

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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 11:15pm | IP Logged
Hi! Lin, It become an addiction, i keeping coming on this link to see any update!Embarrassed...i wonder y there are not too many readers for such wonderfully written story...i have read read lamest of stories with more that 400 likes with no good English...i remember coming across your story long time ago i started reading said lord arnav..n lady anjali...master gupta...i thought it was funny how indian names connected with english i guess i just passed bad...i missed precious thing coz of my limited imaginationCry...thought i liked title of your story. Well i think i have corrected it now by changing my perception about your story...

Thank you very much for giving us such a good story. It covers all the loopholes that the original serial has. Plus giving it  your touch.. it has turned out miraculously outstanding. I'm not good with words but i should say your the one of the best writers i have come across on IF. Smile

Waiting for the next one plz!Big smile


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hoopoe IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 June 2013 at 12:31am | IP Logged
Rabba ve Shass, I cant reply to your post in a single comment, so will give it in parts.
@ the first half of your post... Whether Lordy could be a dragon? Can they both be two different forms of the same beast?
I dont think so dear. From the beginning of the tale, we were hinted about their poles apart nature. If one is "shadow", the other is "lightning". If one's forte is "flying", the other's "chasing", if one rules the "sky", the other "earth"... Both are like "king of beasts"... but in their own territory. I'll post here my earlier comment where I summed up all the given hints about Lordy's transformation. Have a glance and tell me what you think...
Originally posted by hoopoe

The beastly transformation...
Lord Arnav... Though we didn't witness his transformation so far in this tale, we were given a few hints about his possible non human transformation. His aversion for noise, the texture of his palm as hard and smooth as pebbles, a very sharp eyesight even to look through the darkness, his desire to taste blood (& flesh probably) of a living creature in his transformed state, his predatory body language and tactics, his exceptional skill in running and chasing, with his forte being "chasing"... ruling "the earth"... and Khushi reciting the poem, "The Tyger" to Lady La... What do you guys think? What can be the possible "transformed figure" of the beastly Arnav?!!!
To me all these hints point towards the possibility of tiger. Also. Lin has answered to Mav's query at the cottage that Lordy doesn't fly during his transformation.
Originally posted by Aquiline

Mavs, Me love your Questioner Mode. And as to the query presented: No, he does not sport wings in his cursed avatar. 

Its actually funny how no one did any deep searching into the already given clues of what the beasts are. The Chinese Princess was the best bait and its left still hanging there. Oh well, someone is bound to come up with the prize!
From the beginning I suspected Lordy's beast to be a tiger and that's how I concluded that General can be a dragon since both are just the opposite qualities (representing west and east) in Chinese mythology. So I strongly feel that both are different kind of beasts... sort of "rivals" even in their transformed form.
P.S. Will add points on the latter half of your post after some time.

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hoopoe IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 June 2013 at 1:16am | IP Logged
@ "what if the heat he emancipates actually runs in his blood.. whenever he is enraged n in pain the beast's awake.. but he fights to control it n the only time he can't he needs to cool it off by using water to turn back into a human.."
That's exactly dear... the cursed heat runs in his blood... its nature is pain, rage, hunger, bitterness, hatred, helplessness, etc. Its these qualities that bring out the beast in him. When these emotions runs high and uncontrollable, the beast in him wakes up and acts as a means for venting out these emotions... satiating his hunger... When these negative vibes in him drain away, he return backs to his human form. However once his energy is drained, I guess the human conscious in him awakes and to further clear his sane mind off the beastly desires and to cool himself of the mad onslaught of emotions over him moments before... I guess he drowns himself in the cool water of the lake... just to cool him. And I think, this helps him in regain his human form.
Have you ever noticed shass?!!! Unlike Lordy, the General never feels this pain or conflict within him during his transformations. I may be overthinking, but I still feel like he enjoys those transformations. I mean, the difference in their approach to both their transformations...

One transforms, when he becomes emotionally weak, emotionally unstable, emotionally vulnerable... when he feels extreme bitterness, pain, helplessness in him. Its more like venting out the pain and frustration in him. Its more of a defence to combat the pain within him or giving into the darkness within him so as to act blind to the pain inflicted upon him. Its more of a compulsion for him... Unhappy

The other one transforms at times when he is emotionally strong, emotionally stable and to be precise, whenever he feels powerful. (Eg. his first tranformation near his warground, his normal nocturnal flights into the forests-the day he met khushi and Lordy at the Hermit's place, the day when Master Shashi saw him transform) Its looks more like a causual urge to vent out his power... boast upon his viguor... It doesnt look like any distressing compulsion for him... Confused 
P.S. I know, im thinking too much... Embarrassed I bet, when Lin has started with this tale she might never thought that her tale and characters will be dissected to such extent... LOL

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hoopoe IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 June 2013 at 2:27am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shass

last night's kiss was too shocking for me.. when she called it ''cursed''.. she was only angry to say so.. but it actually was cursed..

Yes, it is cursed, but he has already claimed her as "his"... Wink So far he restrained himself from making her as his, because he knew for sure that her life will be in danger with a beast like him around. He simply doesn't trust the beast inside him. But now, he has to take this decision for his Di... and subconsciously, for khushi too... for both their safety. He heard what General said about fixing his target on Khushi... so he need to protect her from the General first than him. Its true, he broke her heart by his rash decision, but unconsciously he has given her a safe abode... his beastly protection... his cursed love...
though it could be indicating how this kiss could be related to some kind of sacrifice or something (still vague)..
You thought that kiss could be the sacrifice or cure?!!!... Do you think its that simple?... If then, General might have tried this months ago, by forcing himself upon Khushi. I feel that there is more to the cure part of the curse... Two things hinted so far about the cure... Khushi should be willing to take part in the beast's cure... it'll surely put her life in danger or atleast will be immensely painful for her... Lets see...


i was thinking hp..what if the author of this tale was exploring two different aspects of the same curse??

Possible... Even I think the same. Though there are some contrasting features in their curse, I cant deny the fact that there are some similarities too...Though its vague as of now, I still feel, there is some logical connection between the two curses...

that these two may be as much of the beasts as they can..but the heart is only of the ''man''... its the sole driving force for them both.. n what if the key to curse (khushi), can only unlock what lies with in these hearts.. n the real cure only lies within their hearts.. if you know what i mean..Embarrassed

That was a BRILLIANT thought dear. Clap... Will think about it.
btw, i liked how khushi n lordy have been referred to ''fire n ice''..WinkTongue..she did soothed him n his unquenchable desire.. but at what cost?? that part was super interesting!! Smile
Yep! Fire and Ice!!!... The fire will be doused by the ice, but for that ice has to "melt" or at times need to "vaporise"!!!... Disapprove But luckily the vapour can condense back to its original state when the fire gets cooled off... so lets have hope...Smile

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riti4u IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 24 June 2013 at 2:45am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shass

Dearest Lin.. i loved this chapter for everything it had.. have told you this a million times n will still tell you a million times..

 YOU ARE A GENIUS !!ClapClapClap

somehow i looked at this chapter in a different wayEmbarrassed.. strange way of looking at things but i can't help it *shrugs*..human mind is a complex thing..n don't even ask about mine,as its more twisted than any other..EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

the way you described this chapter was breath taking.. it all seemed so real.. i felt i stood right there watching over arhasia as the ''third perspective''.. the wind did feel colder n aggressive.. the night a little darker.. the forest silent like never before..the two hearts that were in pain.. their bleeding love.. n the Temple !!

yes..the Temple... the mysterious Temple..

10 years ago...

this ''abandoned'' temple came to life coz Arhasia was hit by an evil, potent enough to wake the Divine Forces that ruled it.. we saw the Goddess Mother of the temple.. i always considered her to be the Lady in the Hood (LH as souly n i have come to call her).. since then she has not rested.. coz perhaps the injustice done that night to many innocent lives.. made her spread her blessings to those who were left alone..
perhaps, that Temple n its Divinity was followed by some one else too.. may be it held n who knows, but still may have some prayers bound to the ''wish tree''..the tree of life. may be a desperate heart that fateful night called upon the Divinity to help n protect... .n she took the two orphans..arnav n khushi under her wings..n since then she has never rested n patiently watched over them n waited for the right time,for the right events to bring justice(wont go in details of it right now)..meanwhile all this time protecting them.. she became their guardian.. their Mother.. n the bells in temple kept ringing..

10 years later..

their destiny thats been bound by her.. makes them cross paths.. therefore, years later they enter the same temple,togather.. the wind blows n her white scarf finds its way to lord arnav... pointing him of what is really his.. he feels the serenity associated with it but fails to notice the message.. she finds it n runs away without realizing who had it.. after all its not time yet.. but LH's children have come togather for Her blessings in her home.. n she watches silently..
both make wishes..


''Your wish, Di..''

n that wish was..

"A wish I make every year, unchanging it remains: for you, a wife, my Little One, I pray to heal you and teach you to love again."

n Hers...

''I want Jiji to get a wonderful husband who will keep her and our parents happy throughout their life.''


they come again to the same Temple.. it had to be this place... where it all began.. to their home.. where their Mother Goddess/LH could bind them in a sacred union for life time... she even sends her ardent follower to complete the rituals.. so that no law of man or of God can ever challenge this union.

n the bells of the temple again chime after ages... the path is wrong but the destination is right.

Khushi's plight is the predominant of the two.. her grief must have no boundaries.. from a dear friend's betrayal to the man she love's cruelty... there's only injustice done to her.. her very being toyed n reduced to nothingness.. her desperation, her helplessness, her pain...just became unbearable..n she ran.. deeper into the temple.. the house of her refuge since the days,she was left alone in this world.. i loved how she stepped into the sacred fountain water.. for refuge. n how lord arnav followed her into it.. he may not be too favorite of LH but he got just as much of Her blessings as khushi did.. he followed her into her ''beliefs''.. sealed the sacred bond right under Wish Tree, which has never failed to grant what it has been asked of..n tonight another such wish is made near it.. the wish to be bound for all eternity.. loved how when he regains his senses n walks out of the water.. she follows his very steps..following into the path he showed her.. right into his world,his heart.. n the two locks fall..
the words echoing..

''And I bind it to the heart of this lock'''."Remain here, wish, until Destiny fulfills you'."

both their wishes are fulfilled.. along with the new one..
until destiny clears the fog from their hearts n mind... they are one..they were always meant to be one.

loved how on this night that same white scarf..her symbol of purity.. was taken by lordy n put back on her n cover her.. putting it on the bride by her father may be the way it goes.. but here he put it on her.. not only saying she was pure (he does believe in it somewhere deep down..he's just not letting that feeling surface n give a chance to her).. but also signed it to be her dignity's protector.. her oak tree... i also loved how the scarf touched the holy if her dignity is now blessed to be safe from all evil..

for their bond there's only one thing that came to my mind...


Originally posted by shass

there's no turning back fr them from now onwards.. coz i believe, sum relationships r born in love n care..sum born in understanding..sum in respect..sum in need.. but there are sum other, dat r born in madness!! they start from dislike n hatred ..encouraged by disbelief n denial.. flourished by one's goodness.. they achieve what most relationships cant.. people traveling da path forget how far they have closer they got,when at a certain time they look bk n realize where they r standing.. while other relationships have da potential to deteriorate..these never do coz they have seen all da darkness n misery.. there's only one destination fr them..LOVE !!Wink

really loved the way you described wish tree significance here...Smile and especially the part of arnav putting that scarf on khushi 's head... i was lost in that moment again...beautifully described..meaning of it...

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A_Soul IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 June 2013 at 3:37am | IP Logged

Chapter 174: Binding Promises

Shadow grunted and stared up at the dim, empty North Temple looming before him, and he watched the two figures climbing up the many steps to the Temple platform. One being helplessly dragged by a relentless other…..…

Oh linny how you think all this… vision from shadows eyes.. ooo so…. *Silence*

…. he leaned towards her, her petrified countenance reading the cunning glint in his clever eyes, "You will not dare stray away from my radius for fear of violating the rituals you believe in."

Now this is too harsh but still too smart..!

The hermit stroked his long grey beard and thought aloud, "Yes, what AM I doing here, I wonder…..."
"Careful!" warned the hermit in a calm voice, "We don't want any broken wrists lying about in the Temple now, do we?"

Lol… This hermit I tell you.. a gem person!

"Tch-tch," the hermit stood apart and watched them. "Fire and Ice," he mumbled to himself, "Will the Fire melt the Ice or the Ice douse the Fire?"

How many claps do you want linny???

"I've been holding the ring for ages already!" said the infuriated Lord Arnav.

Superb… Lordy and his attitude.. I can never stop loving him..!

Her lips parted in a terrified gasp of disbelief and, using that moment to his advantage, he leaned down and claimed her lips.

Linny, Do I need to say anything? 

The moment he pressed himself and his lips against hers, two silver locks hanging by ribbons on the branches of the Wish Tree, loosened their hold on the ribbons and slipped down, falling with a gentle plop into the fountain water, among the other rusted locks, and coming to rest in the bottom of the fountain one slightly on top of the other.

Ooouuufff… hay maar dala linny…!
I m so happy atleast I got one symbolism.. two locks of that north temple festival..
Finally Anjali's wish is fulfilled

However, no sooner had he pressed his lips to hers than he lost all sense of what he was doing. He kissed her like he owned her and, without thinking, he delved deeper into the kiss. Suddenly, he felt revived, drowning his senses in her gentle warmth that around his burning tongue. Her soothing insides calming his fire…...

She is taking his fire, and he is getting her warmth…
She is dying and he is feeling alive…!

Without a moment's lax, he pressed her to the tree, dug his fingers painfully into the hard tree trunk to keep him conscious of the pain so that his mind wouldn't wander and then leaned down and kissed her again.
But this time, he was gentle upon her, using only his lips.

A kiss that hurt, A kiss that heal…. How cool it that!!

His gaze was gentle upon her as though his entire life depended on what he was doing to her.

Very interesting line..

She could feel him in his kiss. His warm, caressing kiss…...she could feel his longing, his desire to want her…..……
Tears streamed down her face. He loved her. He really loved her. His kiss was nothing but love.


Getting married to him this way had been wrong and she knew she was in immense trouble for falling into this maniacal trap, but she could not dream of belonging to any other man than him.
She faltered for a moment, sitting on the horse, not because she was on the back of a live horse but because she realized she was fooling herself.
He doesn't love me. I read his kiss wrong. I wanted there to be love and thought he loved me but he really doesn't.

I was so keen to hear these confused thoughts of her… thank you linny!!

He sat detached from her and with a sinking realization, she knew: He hates me.

A third different feeling of same scenario... This couple is MADE & MAD for each other..!!

The cold winter wind blew over the land as they rode in the direction of the South Temple on the black horse, the shadowy witness of their conflicting emotions
Jiyo linny Jiyo….!!

There are many amazing 'scripting' points but I was so engrossed in epi that I missed many… few are here which just left me speechless…!! JUST LOVED them

         trapped by her own weapons. By her own weaknesses

         Running away from the man who had once been her strength……...

         "The woman who is kissed by you shall never know love!!"

         her gentle footprints pressing upon his wet bootprints

You were right linny, there are so many symbolism, vine crepper, Oak tree in middle of temple.. and many more, but I didn't get any..!

P.S Linny, if I am not wrong isn't it right hand of Man and LEFT hand of Woman!!!?

I just love this song.. n I think some what it fits here..!
main hoon shab tu subah
dono jud ke judaa
main hoon labh tu dua
dono jud ke judaa
kayi khwaab dil tujhko le kar sajaaye
par khauf yeh bhi kahin par sataaye
gar yeh bhi tootey toh phir hoga kya re
mujhe raas aati hai khushiyaan kahan re

kyon dil ko dukhana bewajah saajna ve

tu hi to har pal bandha hai
lamhon ki inn zanjeeron mein
tu hi to har dum raha hai
khwaabon ki har taabeeron mein
tu hi to har din dikha hai
dhundli ujli tasveeron mein
tere hi to hai khusboo mujh mein haan saajnaa ve
haan tera saaya toh main hoon
par sang tere naa reh sakun
haan iss safar mein toh main hoon
par sang tere naa ruk sakun

main hoon shab tu subah
dono jud ke judaa
main hoon labh tu dua
dono jud ke judaa
Hoopoe & Shass: I have not read any discussion post yet, and I think before I read & comment, linny will come with her answers for you... (if not by then, then I will comment what I feel about it) else plz excuse me this time.
Hoopoe: I read your post over 'West - East, North-South' Chinese mythology... Some what I agree with your choice of picking west n east, but only question my is why not North & south.. I try to google about north but didn't find answer of either why not or why it should consider. (Search for south is pending yet).
With the choice of Tiger as Lordy.. one thing don't fit well in my mind is about tongue, rest everything is just perfect with lordy's personality and cursedly chars. With his tongue description till now gives me feel of something like a tongue Snake (or animal of its spices) have. For Gen your choice is perfect too, it just by look (especially wings) of animal represent 'South' suits him more.
If this search of yours is correct then that engraving can not be anything else..!
For the effort Hats off and Standing ovation to you HOOPOE! ClapClapClap
Mavi was right, in on of your post it should be only 'Hoopoe' then 'readers'!!!!
Shassy is right too, you are the only one who can give tough time to linny! And I envy you for that..WinkSmile

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