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ArHi FF:6:The BEASTS and the BLEEDING ROSES Ch 175 (Page 130)

hoopoe IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 June 2013 at 8:27am | IP Logged

Rabba ve,

Lord Arnav and Khushi...

"There is nothing like wounded affection for giving poignancy to anger."
                                                               ... Elizabeth Gaskell, Wives and Daughters

Keeping aside, that one is a "Cold beast" and the other is a "Green heart"... both are two tender hearts who are in love and realised their strong feelings towards the other, only hours before. Their hearts were overwhelmed with their new found realisations, when the unexpected cruel lightning struck their life leaving them numb with shock... So they both were in a very vulnerable position, with their defences at its lowest... the dazed moments when you keep aside all the warnings from your rational mind and decide to blindly trust your heart's wish. But when that very trust gets brutally shatterred, its natural for any human to initially feel hurt and betrayed, and once your defence is back in position, cover your hurt with contempt, hatred and disgust.
Khushi... she want to share her shock, betrayal and distress with him. She want him to provide solace and strength to her weakened heart. But in turn, she receives a "cold proposal" from him. His coldness is what that disgusts her. She is used to his, "Sadda haq" attitude towards her. So its not surprising for her to get an "untimely proposal" from him. But its the "coldness" in his words that hurts her. Its not betrayal or disgust she feels at the moment, but HURT... by a man who didnt TRUST her enough to share his reasons behind taking such an important decision of THEIR LIFE.
Lord Arnav... He initially feels shocked and betrayed by General as well as Khushi. After his breakdown in the forest, he collects himself to face the impending storm in both his as well as his di's life. He cleverly plan his tactics and stratergy to win this battle. Though his mind was doing calculations to protect his Di from the cruel truth, his heart keeps on analysing the past incidents and encounters with her to prove her innocence to his rational mind. He keeps fighting a battle within while his mind is planning his next move. His meeting with Master. Shashi did help him in that. But the big help for him came in the form of General.
In his overconfidence, General. Jha unknowingly blurted out some essential points in Khushi's favour.

"You know the truth and she knows it too. It's too risky to stay here anymore if I need to execute my plans..."

She was too trusting that she spoke all about her to me through the many letters we shared.
"Sadly, the letters are all burnt. I regret burning them now... I should have let you read them and know the taste of her fresh hatred first-hand...instead of giving in to my initial rage and burning them all up."


Though he is not completely convinced, it did help in reducing his bitterness towards khushi. He could have confronted khushi and cleared all his doubts immediately. But "time is essential" at the moment. He need to make his next move swiftly without the General's knowledge. So he made up his mind, to proceed with the BIG DECISION of his life. Anyways, he has already marked her as his. So marrying her now or later, marrying her secretly or publicly is not going make any difference for him. He was always protective and possesive about his loved ones. Now instead of just di its "Di" and "khushi"... Ofcourse, he feels betrayed and disgusted towards Khushi but deep inside, its his HURT and ANGER that makes him feel so. A girl whom he entrusted his Di's safety hours ago didnt even bother to inform about her acquaintance with the General... Ofcourse, he is bound to be angry and hurt... afterall he is such a sensitive and possesive lover.

At present, its their muddled mind thats working and taking decisions. Once they settle down, after the night's events and start listening to what their heart says, they'll soon realise and understand the hurt and righteous anger behind the veil of their hatred and disgust. Hope, it happens very soon... I can only conclude that,

"Some things just couldn't be protected from storms. Some things simply needed to be broken off...Once old thing were broken off, amazingly beautiful thing could grow in their place."                                                                                ... Denise Hildreth Jones

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maverickmartin IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 June 2013 at 9:30am | IP Logged
First, of all, the quote from Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening by Robert Frost - love. I have a soft corner for that poet, don't ask me why, ever since I read The Road Not Taken. We did the former poem in our Alternative English paper this past Semester so it's still fresh in my mind. :)

Chapter 169:

Oh no. I had a bad feeling as I read of her walking to the General to confront him. Poor Khushi, betrayed, lost a "friend", worried about one who she was entrusted with - no wonder she wished for her father.

He paused. Was his sister really talking about Kushi? Or did he think that she was talking about Kushi because HE was thinking about Kushi? 
He clenched his fists: his sister SO loved tweaking his sane senses! 

No, Arnav dear. You sister just knows you too well. For your own good.

Oh God. Shyam, you're brilliant. I have never ever seen anyone parry accusations so swiftly, so suavely, without flinching for a moment. At the moment, I am astounded. I suppose the disgust I should be feeling for him as I place myself in Khushi's place will come later. But, wow, that man knows his game and plays it too well. Too well.

Wait. Sorry. Correction. Linnie, YOU are brilliant. 

Arnav saw them. Oh, I hate Shyam. No, I don't hate him. I mean I want to, but I can't! He just sounds so sincere. Ugh! Like he does not need anything from Khushi but her help. But is that the only thing? Oh, how clever of him to try to lead Khushi into another illusion when the first one breaks. God, this is maddening! I'm just praying that this fight that Arnav witnessed will not get twisted and come to him with an entirely different meaning.

Oh. It is that. He just wants to use Khushi to get rid of the curse. Doesn't harbor any strong emotion for her? Some saving grace.
And he just got more dangerous.

Nooo!!!! Please, Arnav, please, don't misunderstand her! Please, please, please! I just feel the same helplessness while watching IPK go through this phase. It's going to be painful to watch it happen all over again. *sobs* Please, Arnav. Not again.

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maverickmartin IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 June 2013 at 10:07am | IP Logged
I am sniffing (and I don't have a cold) before I even begin reading. What with the last chapter and then your announcement of being gone for a month and those pictures of poor Arnav... Nothing is fair!!

Chapter 170

Oh, oh the poor dear. With trembling fingers and a broken heart, he seeks the company of Shadow, his reflection... And, oh no. The curse worsened.

That was terrifying. The transformation. The heightened senses, the bestial mind. I cannot even begin to imagine what Arnav must have gone through. A broken heart did finally break his bounds. *sigh* I just feel so so sorry for him. Betrayed, broken, alone, cursed. 

Oh no. No no no no. Everything is misread when the only thought on your mind is that the one you loved turned out to be a traitor. Pain clouds judgement. And it gets harder to read. 

Okay, I know this has all happened before, but I'm still in tears. Really. I'll continue reading later. Can't now.

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Peda Senior Member

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Posted: 21 June 2013 at 11:16am | IP Logged
Hi Aqualine

The one thing about ASRs' personality in IPK that used to really irk me was that he was always portrayed as very sharp minded who could read people really well, yet he always failed miserably with Kushi.

It was therefor very welcoming to see Lord Arnav trying to connect the dots in the forest. I earnestly pray that he does not stop there even though time is of the essence.

I wonder will he analyze his encounter with the General and connect more dots...that Master Gupta is indeed correct in his feelings of being watched. Also will he recall the Generals and Kushis heated argument at the lake.

Eagerly awaiting to read more.

Have a lovely weekend

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A_Soul IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 June 2013 at 11:18am | IP Logged

Chapter 173: A Bitter Proposal

"What took you so long?" Kushi asked anxiously, rushing towards him, and Ram paused in wonderment, on seeing how shaken she looked, as though she'd seen a ghost. 

Ram, the one you are referring as ghost here, he himself is having a 'ghost' as companion.
Fab equation between Ram &Khushi… Loved it! LOL

"I said COME WITH ME!" he said in a low mincing voice and both Kushi and Ram were taken aback by his tone.

Hayee kya aawaz pai hain, yeh bande ne….!
Lordy, 'tum jo gussa bhi karo to mujhe pyaar lagta hain, jane kyun?' 

Lord Arnav turned about and walked towards the side of the castle where the shadow of the wall fell upon him and concealed him from everyone's view as he waited. His eyes were trained on the procession, keeping particular watch over a certain person whom he had to take care to avoid for a while

Who? Shyam..  Yeah Right….!

The wind died.  
Or Kushi thought it did. 
In fact, it was her own breath that had been held back as the insane words coldly echoed with the heartless wind.

Ohhh.. I loved it… From very start you explain human's feeling with use of nature so well… lovely!

Kushi felt her legs get weak. She was certain she would throw up if she stood there any longer listening to what this strange apparition spoke to her of. Go away, nightmare, haunt me some other night….
"While the procession makes for the Temple, we need to take the other road," said thevoice from the nightmare and Kushi opened her eyes. 

Lovely scripting….!

With her back pressed to the door, she stared at the silent Library she was in, the room lit by a single candle propped on the table candlestick.

I so knew this, that the main conversation will be done at library… In our take Library is very important just like poolside in show!!

…but she found herself walking to the candle, hoping it will give her the strength to rise from the darkness that was beginning to full her insides.

SUPERB…! She is searching ray of hope to lighten sudden appearance of darkness in her life.. FAB!

.. Mayhap, when they were halfway to wherever he was planning to take her, he would stop and laugh and tell her he was only teasing with her.

Ohhh…  poorkhushi.. (just thinking how delighted moment it could be if her thought is true Wink)

His smirk was cold before he turned confidently towards his horse, his back to her, "I saw your father before coming here and warned him that my brother will hesitate to marry if I am not present."


.. But all she felt was a numbness, born of a disbelief of all that was said and was to be done.

Mere touch of bodies but so much difference in it between two incidents - the earlier one where he saved her and now… 


Who is this HE & SHE…. She I can guess, she is LH  but 'HE'?? Lady on Hood came with Man on Hood (is he her husband? I mean through their talk I find it so..typical husband-wife convo)

HE: "You really make the most startling entries, you know."
SHE: "Everything about me is a suprise."

This is so damn true…

"I think you to be quite daring," her voice replied, "I don't let many people talk to me so freely as I let you."

Such a ATTITUDE she has… LOVED IT!!

"I am a hermit," he pointed out, "Its one of my rightful privileges to be attuned to your demands."

WHAT!! HE is he talking to LH with his spiritual power.. hmmm!

He grunted, "Left without a goodbye, too!" 

So funny..this is..!! LOL!! Truly enjoyed the convo..!

And then he paused and looked up at the stars, ascertaining something from the way the constellation was spread over the dark sky, "Well, I knew from the moment they wandered into the premises of my hut that I was meant to bind them together. And look at me: Fullfiling just that!" are just breaking your own records of MINDBLOWING endings…. 
You turn whole incident into something else… Amazing, Fabulous, Fantastic, Thrilling, Exciting, Incredible and this n that… hhh…… I LOVE YOU!

Following are outstanding thoughts of yours to incorporate in tale & they hold so much significance…

         Ram being a partial witness

         Khushi pass a msgfor family

         Lordy thought to take Nani's permission

         AND the biggest that HE & SHE!!!



Bikhre Bikhre Hai Armaan, Saare Sapne Hai Toote
Kiya Jispe Bharosa, Wohi Dhaage Hai Toote

Dard Yeh Kaise Sahoon, oh oh oh oh
Chup Bhi Kaise Mein Rahoon, Yeh Nahin Baat Zara si

Jisko Apna Kiya Hai, Woh Hai Harjayee
Thoda Sa Pyar Hua Tha, Kuch Nahin Baki


Dil jala hoon bohot main, Saari duniya jaladun
Uski raahon ki saari, Roshni mai bujhadoon

Mujhko chahe zamana, Aur ussai ye dil chahe
Mujhko thukra ke kaise, Chain se woh rehpaye

Mujhe tanhayee daseoh oh oh oh
Mujhpe duniye ye hase, Pyar ki hai ruswayee

Maine aitebar kiya hai, Naa raha baaqi
Thoda sa pyar hua hai, Ab bhi hai baaki

[These lyrics are from very famous serial of that time 'Kahi to hoga', I so wish i could have find audio clip of it to make you guys hear (if you have not) its awesome...!
If you know the tune of song 'Thoda sa pyaar hua hain' then do read it with that in mind... You will enjoy it more..!]


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19sayana Senior Member

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Posted: 21 June 2013 at 1:31pm | IP Logged
Ohhh poor khushi..

it must be bad no worst feeling in the whole world to get such proposal from the man she is in love with..

m not blaming lord.. he is smart n quick planner than arnav.. but I love them both a lot..

n thanks for an honour for invite from lady in dark hood..

love I Lin..

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kushipugly IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 June 2013 at 5:35pm | IP Logged
Chapter 157:
enygesis & loutra ceremony, never ever have heard before but learnt it through aquiline & through arshi in arhsia.lovely update, thankyou Smile
 what the whate what the happend in the rear roomBlushing

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maverickmartin IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 June 2013 at 12:01am | IP Logged
Now that I'm refreshed and in better spirits, I begin reading the rest. :)

Chapter 171:

I can just sense it, you know, from your narration that Arnav has built a fresh, new, stronger wall of resolve and detachment around himself and his emotions. Like a shield to conceal his battered self. 

Oh, he actually asks for her hand. Oh. Oh my. And how respectfully. But, this is surprising! I never ever thought he would go about things with a level head! Linnie, I like this. LOL

Oh goodness, this is awesome!! I have fallen in love with this tale all over again! I mean, Arnav is being harsh, but he's actually trying to grasp at whatever clues are being thrown his way! AND Khushi's father is able to warn him, somewhat, something we were left yearning for for ages!! Muah!! Thank you for doing this right!!

"The Curse of Seeing a Beast Become"? Does this mean that what happened to Master Gupta was simply the repercussion of seeing the General transform? But... Shyam knew of this, didn't he? And he used that fact in his favour. Wow. I can see why you like your Shyam so much Linnie.

Awesome, super chapter. It's got me jumping up and down and rubbing my hands in glee. LOL

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