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ArHi FF:6:The BEASTS and the BLEEDING ROSES Ch 175 (Page 113)

ShrutiPandey Groupbie

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Posted: 18 June 2013 at 8:41am | IP Logged
OMG Aquuaaa! How can you be sooo good at it! IPKKND was always this exciting but lets face it..It had so many loopholes! and you're simply doing ammendments! Wink haha! Big smile

Okay! so now the sudden marriage will take place because Lordy's going to be 'ek haath aage' from the General! and that reminds me.. this General is so disgusting! Angry His audacity to talk to our Lordy like that! but he's silly too.. mentioning all his plans to him.. lol Tongue General, you simply dont know how fast our Lord is to take decisionsWink LOL That actually helped! Tongue *making funny faces at you*  

when's the next update dear? I simply cannot wait for the big day! Smile
I just hope he wont be very evil to Kushi! Confused

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-DobByDoDgeR- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 June 2013 at 9:00am | IP Logged
Such an awesome update
I hate shyam...yet again...
Please let nothing happen to khushi...
Looks like arnav doesnt blame khushi anymore...
Loved the update, however it was a little short...

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flowers4u IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 June 2013 at 10:15am | IP Logged
awesome update the face off was brilliant , the general is totally evil...hope the first lords plan works...continue soon

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A_Soul IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 June 2013 at 10:50am | IP Logged

Chapter 172: When Time Becomes Threat

FABULOUS title…. 'Bull's eye'!!
It's a enraging conversation…I simply LOVED it…!

In whole conversation..somewhere I feel Lordy is weak then Gen. Weak in terms of arguing n terms of controlling his rage…


"That one," Lord Arnav pointed out to a gold ring from the selection that was arrayed before him where he leaned against the wooden counter of the jewel shop in the South Village market.

Start of your update and Smile of my lips..goes hand in hand..!

"No, just hand them to me," said Lord Arnav, taking out from the pocket of his suit, a tiny bag that jingled with coins.

Hay ram..MeraLordy 'Chiller' rakhatahain… naaah… Gold coin honge..!Wink

So that meant he had exactly 24 hours to proceed and complete the rest of the rituals before next night's wedding. But first, he would have to break the news of his decision to Lady Deviyani and Lady Anjali and, though they would refute, he would have to make them willing.

Lordy, first thing should be to ask khushi..don't you think so.?

"Very clever, Master Menace," a drawling voice opined from the darkness, and the First Lord's fists clenched while still holding the reins.

OoO… Now this is so much like watching a 'Thriller Movie'..!!
Girl… I can hear him..!!

The black horse sniffed disgustedly at the white horse who in turn bared her teeth in anger at the black one.

Yeah lo… abyehbhishuru ho gaye..Jaise MASTER wisa HORSE!

… General laughed, "I should have guessed when I saw you slip out of the stable with Shadow something was out for a catch."

Jio Linny Jaan… Kiya dialogue hain..!

The General leaned forward and whispered, "You will not get her."

I just love the way he shows his confidence….
Is he thinking, Lordy is in hurry to get her for his (lordy's) own cure…?

Lord Arnav was still angry but the General read the confusion in his eyes.

Somewhere I like this line… He reads his confusion..sounds good!

General Shyam explained, "You know the truth and she knows it too. It's too risky to stay here anymore if I need to execute my plans...All that matters to me now is that village girl."

My Brain flooding with so many thoughts… still the output is NOTHING…!
You are playing with my tiny brain, Gen!

"I cannot," said the General smiled innocently, "I need her and, by the looks of it, you cannot STOP me." He grinned at him cunningly, "I know Kushi better than you know her. She was too trusting that she spoke all about her to me through the many letters we shared. Infact, if I remember right, she even mentioned a million times how much she hated you. Detested you. Yes, that was the word she used. Beginning from her days at the Industry under you. You should have read her letters…...dripping with disgust for you, Master Menace. You were cruel to her...uttery!"

"I speak the truth," said the General

Though I don't remember much about letters, but I think he is speaking truth or I should say a coated truth. Again it was a past..truth of that time!

"Refuge?" snorted the General, glancing around casually before looking at the seething First Lord, "I needed no refuge, Master Menace. I only needed a pawn beside whose shadow I could get on with my life...but folly be mine for I let my pawn become my prisonIn fact, if your sister had not been so keen on wanting me, I would be free to run away with that village girl." are breaking my belief, my instinct… I am in dilemma now..!
In last (Gen) chaper Hoopoe was preparing herself to think from other side.. Now you are pushing me to think other way round…!
But I want to wait.. I really WANT TO WAIT!! (saying this more to myself then you Confused)


"You simply can't be serious!" the General replied in amazement, "I thought it was just a fantasy of your sister and your grandmother to get you two together. Its sad, really, because I am certain she doesn't like you-"

I so happily say.. YOU ARE WRONG…!

"I will," whispered the confident General, "I know you are planning to leave me disabled by marrying her yourself. When did you tell that old man that you were going to marry her? Tomorrow?" the General laughed, "Well, before sundown tomorrow, I will have disappeared with her. I am just waiting for everyone to lose themselves in the festive joy of tonight's marriage."


"Shadow," Lord Arnav said at last, as he picked up the reins once again, "We cannot battle against that foul being's plans when time is of essence. Brace yourself, friend: we'll have to do things my way."

Ha ha … So He will not wait for tomorrow to come… he will merry her tonight with completing ritual 'HIS WAY'… is it..?

P.S. May i borrow some praising adjectives from your ocean of words?? if yes plz PM me...!

Gajar Ne Kiya Hai Ishara
Ghadi Bhar Ka Hai Khel Saara
Tamashayi Ban Jayenge Khud Tamasha
Badal Jaayega Yeh Nazaraa...


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-Farwa_Ibrahim- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 June 2013 at 11:34am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sansu




DATE : 09-04-2013                                                                    TIME : whenever you enter

VENUE : THE 5TH ROOM OF THE INN                                             MARKS : 100


SECTION 1 'Answer all questions



1. Who is known as "green heart"?

Khushi and myself LOL Wink
2.  What is the full name of the general?
General Shyam Manohar Jha the snake

 3.  What animal does nani have as a pet?...laxmiji / fortune

tough one I don't think I can guess laking phir bhi errm its Fortune
 4.  Name the land in which the mysterious story is placed.

 5.  Who is ur favourite?...general/ lordy

yeh bhi koi sawal hai pochnay wala off course Lordy


LIST ANY TWO  (5 marks)                 

       6.  Who are dear to happyji

Madhumatiji and Khushi
       7.  The skills trained by the gupta girls
kerchief making

       8.  Instances of lordy's horse ride

cant get it
       9.  Favourite rabba vey (between any pair)
Rabba vey is only between Arhi mine is the grapes scene and the riverside scene where Khushi dried Lordy's hair and the where Lordy cleaned her hands

       10.  Favourite fight (between anyone)



       11.  Beasts of lordy and general

Lordy's beast form:- one who belongs to earth I mean who cant fly
Gen's Beast form:- one who belongs to sky
Lordy's beast is tamed with touch or presence of Khushi while Gen's beast awakes
       12.  Lady lavanya and lady Anjali
Lady Lavanaya one who can see the absence of love in others eyes and Lady Anjali is the one who finds good in everything

       13.  gupta and raizada families

Gupta family too much understanding, brave, fighters and trusty and friendly... Raizada family loving and quite frndly as compared to their status but not understanding and very fragile in its basis I cant put it in right words now
       14.  aman and akash (in their relationship with lordy)
Aman a faithful and loyal employee one who do whatever is asked for but one who can see behind the mask of his employer too much understanding
Akash a loving brother who trust his brother a lot

       15.  Rahim chacha and JP




JUSTIFY (10 marks)

       16.  Is the general evil?...why?

I had always believed that but it will b too soon to call him an evil but he is not good that I can say for sure
       17.  Who will realize love first?...lordy or khushi?
heheh ab kya kahon its been revealed already but main nay waisay bhi Khushi kehna tha

       18.  Who is ur favourite character?...why?

my fav characters r Master Shashi for his immense love and trust on his daughters 
Lordy for being lordy
Khushi coz she is courageous , loving, kind, one who never runs from facing the difficult situations and more 
       19.  Ur favourite pair other than the lead pair
La and Aman

       20.  One scene that captures ur heart'.why?

there are many cant pick one.. the prologue, the third play,  the one in which lordy came to save Khushi when he asked to her to bring I guess two buckets of worms(correct me if I m wrong my mind is kind of absent I typed forget me intead of correct initially)
 when he locked her in dungeon, the fall from the rose bush, then the one in which Khushi slipped in river, the painting scene, the sword fight in Lordy's bedroom, the bee and the girl story, the scene where gen saw the girl, oh god will add all later



       21.  What do u think happened to shashi gupta? Will he regain memory?''

yes he will
       22.  Is khushi the cure for arnav's curse? 2 illustrations to support ur answer
yep she is 1- in jungle wen he felt his beast trying to cometo surface and he licked her neck he became stable,2- the most important the lady in hood pointed it out in Lordy's dream

       23.  Describe JP's flirty ways. What is he upto now?

       24.  Relationship between ram and khushi

like a elder sister would have with her younger brother loving kind but teasing at times
       25.  Describe arashia's beauty as you visualize it
no words can describe the cool and pleasant wind blowing there, a weather neither very chilling nor too hot, the pleasant smell u feel in the air that typical one of being in the land of Arhasia, the lush green fields, the colourful gardens... Arhasia is a very beautiful land but with a hint of some kind of mystery

       26.  Compare and contrast the difference between fortune and the bear that attacked lordy in the forest

       27.  Who's horse is your favourite?...lordy or general's

       28.  Doesn't the raizada castle and gupta house depict the characters of lordy and khushi?



will do later

       29.  Describe khushi's past, present and how do you see her future.

       30.  Will the general find the cure of his curse? Do you think he is evil

       31.  Has lordy realized his feelings for khushi?

       32.  Who loves Anjali more?...lordy or general?





                                                       _____ALL THE BEST______


 p.s. : im really sorry if this is spamming linny!!...someone plz tell me so that i can remove this post n add some real questions!!

this is dedicated to all readers who are caught by exams and for other readers who miss college days!!Wink

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19sayana Senior Member

Joined: 30 January 2012
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Posted: 18 June 2013 at 11:43am | IP Logged
FAB.. fab.. fab...

such a good scene, I can actually see it in front of me..
Not only Lord and scumbag but their horse hate each other to core...

Love u Lin ...Hug Hug

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riti4u IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 29 August 2010
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Posted: 18 June 2013 at 11:51am | IP Logged
Hey lin,
I am finally commenting on FF after so long.. so had a lot to catch up with...
first of all for the note in dont need to say sorry dear...i totally understood your need.. and thank u so much for lovely is great to be part of such enthusiastic people...who just love spreading happiness around...I may not be actively a participant here...but I do enjoy all your celebrations, gifs and exchanges ...
ok now I read just 2 chapters so following are comments for those 2...will try to follow up with rest soon...
Chapter 166
loved the way u described events at khushi's household..typical sanka devi..reaction of buaji and shashi on seeing khushi in that gown...
loved the small brother-sister scene...loved the way anjali understands his brother...n reason of him keeping  her in castle..
really loved the whole build up for another save by arnav... oh yes he is the protector...
Chapter 167

recreating ambulance scene of ipk lin..thats one of my all time fav...i really liked the way you depicted khushi's falling and being stranded in forest and then arnav's search for her..scene description was so much detailed..i cud imagine it right in front of me...loved the ring part..then conflicts you showed with arnav wants khushi to be with di...tat means khushi is the one he trusts  the most...and thus lending this responsibility...
take care

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sansu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 June 2013 at 12:41pm | IP Logged
chapter 171 : 

the general is really too self-confident!!...the man has got guts to just say what he's gonna do to lordy in such a manner...what is it that makes the general soo sure that he will be able to take khushi with him n the lord cannot stop him?...when have the beasts of these two men met?...n what happened then?...

i loved that the lord is all keen to keep the traditions...he chose the ring n set aside tym for rituals!!Clap...but, as it goes, now, the plans change n he gonna do it his way!!...this is far more exciting for me!!!!LOL...n he will give khushi a oppurtunity to dislike him...n what she will then do is another mystery...u know, u can never guess what she is upto!!!

n then again, i always love the convo between the lordy n the gen...their convo has got a special flavour all the tym...this one was more outspoken by both of them...

waiting for more!!!...especially lordy's way of doing things!!Wink

i loved it!!!HugHug

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