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10/4 Dragon Club: Snakebites and Sorries (Page 27)

InduG64 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 April 2013 at 9:56pm | IP Logged
It feels so good to be on familiar grounds again. It's as if the broken, shiny, individual glass pieces of the kaleidoscope are finally aligning themselves and coming together to the still-fresh splendor of our show...seemingly far-fetched scenarios pulled right back up by some plausible explanations and justifications.

If the essence of my being has made me appoint myself the guardian of your solitude, then in living I have made my mark...

It's the dawn of a new era in the Scindia Mansion, even as democracy entered without so much as a preamble...just like that...in the garb of lessons of life, once again bringing in the message that nothing is constant in life. Change is the only constant...just as today is tomorrow's yesterday. This acceptance is what was missing thus far. Finally SP realized that tradition is a guide and not a jailer that you become prisoner of its rigid norms, but tradition simply means that we need to end what began well and continue what is worth continuing.

Radha's advent has brought the change in collective psyche of this family, not because she was a miracle worker but because she was honest and she did not hesitate to tell the truth. It would have been so easy for her to be a healer to the false snake venom and gather the glory...but, in that case, she would have been a quack, a pseudo-healer, and not the cleanser of heart as a mother is. Her coming clean with the truth and, more importantly, Vidhi, as the present first lady of the family, recognizing the sincerity behind the act meant honesty was back in business in the family. In one stroke Radha collected all goodwill and Ishita, for the first time, found herself checkmated...put down on the mat by the woman whom she wronged clandestinely. Even Maya understood the drift of the wind and knew she had to float along with it...if only to survive. Ishita's downtime has begun...because the pieces on the other side of the board are once again whole. (On an aside: This reminded me of the "mere paas Ma hai" dialogue of Deewar.Tongue One can have all the wealth in the world, but you are nothing if you don't have your mother with you).

In all this Pankaj tried to hang on to the tail of the redundant belief and threatened his wife with a break up...but Vidhi knows her husband. She didn't flinch even once while calling his bluff and sticking to her stand. Inadvertently, Radha has already empowered the womenfolk with her honesty and forthrightness. Vidhi who had learnt to be a blind follower of the menfolk...lessons she got from Gaytari who had an irreversibly traditional mindset...stood up for what is right and that too so vocally, so steadfastly, and so resolutely. Vedika was a proud daughter today. There was a reason that the teenager felt closer to Aarti and Radha: It was not because they encouraged her to rebel against her parents; it was because in them she found the fearlessness to not only recognize the right thing but also to follow through with the right thing. She is young...she wants to see her parents practice in reality what they are so quick to verbally defend.

Suraj Pratap is enjoying this sense of freedom he is experiencing with the new awakening. Once he understood his folly and once he put words of acceptance and apology to the misdeeds done, it was if floodgates had opened and all the stagnant values that he was harboring all his life just flew out, allowing new springs of knowledge and understanding to spout. With Gayatri he had to be the controller and the master, but in Radha he sees an equal. Radha is independent...Radha doesn't need a crutch to walk...Radha is principled...Radha is honest. These were the very qualities that had once awaken pride and affection in SP...but that time these feelings were aroused by one lady who turned out to  be the harbinger of change in the family...his bahu Aarti. Radha and Aarti are very similar...in their attitude as well as their life choices. SP is able to appreciate Radha more because he found himself a broken man after his wife's sudden demise. He found he couldn't function anymore...and his entire existence was attacked with quakes. Under similar circumstances, Radha had held together not only herself but also Aakash for thirty long years...without breaking down and without looking around for crutches. He also acknowledged how like a silent shadow Radha took care of his needs as well his family's post Gayatri's death. He was all set to go to an Old Age Home...not even his sons's incessant pleas deterred him, but one gentle pointer by Radha regarding his importance gave him back his place in the eyes of his family, which he thought he had lost...and he changed his decision. SP was right when he said that a man will always need a woman for survival and to recognize his footing. By bowing to Radha's rationale and changing his decision, SP silently acquiesced to the remarriage.

There has been a lot of criticism of Radha regarding her lack of empathy for Aakash and her failure to approach him in order to correct him. I am going to give her the benefit of the doubt. We have heard what Aakash had to say regarding the baby swap...He cannot forgive her for the kidnapping that deprived him of his rightful life. Given what he feels about her, and given how Gayatri took over the mantle of being Aakash's mother, Radha's guilt and the fact that she must have felt that she has no rights on Aakash anymore would have caused her to distance herself from Aakash. When Gayatri was alive, neither Aakash nor Gayatri would have entertained Radha trying to rein in Aakash. After Gayatri died, Aakash became too drunk with his new-found wealth, which caused him to probably deride Radha more for what she had done. After all he missed having all this because of her. The more his disappointment grew in Radha, the more Ishita pushed him against her with her clever maneuvers, till a time came when he spewed filth against the mother he had known all his life. He needs her...no doubt...but a hapless, cornered Radha was no help to him. This marriage will empower her as well as make her guide a lost father that SP is at the moment. Now that SP has underwent a change of perceptions, he will be able to take charge of his errant son with Radha's help. Radha may have been gently pulling up Yash and Aarti for their truancy today but when she mentioned the importance of a father and how his lack can cause the children to go astray, she may have had Aakash in mind.

I simply love how the CVs have woven the logic and reasoning in favor of this marriage so soon after Gayatri's demise, especially when both are at the twilight of their ages.

That's it friends. Oho...one more thing...Maya's reaction: Priceless!!!Big smile

Have a nice day.Smile

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Zetter IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 April 2013 at 10:25pm | IP Logged
@Indu: Marvelous Analysis Pal Clap Clap Clap...Like Samana and Jyo said in their takes as well as you "It is a new dawn" indeed in the SM, Vidhi made her daughter proud last night when she stood her ground and didn't let Pankaj sway her decision Thumbs Up Big smile

Aakash doesn't know that without one's mother's blessings that person isn't anything, he can't forgive Radha for what she did years ago and it's understandable but to disrespect her the way he does that's not done plus he has proven once again that he doesn't understand a mother's love Ouch

I can't get over how SP was ready to walk away despite his sons' plead but the moment radha told him about how much his children needed his guidance and love no matter how grown up they might be, he gave in and decided to stay Tongue Embarrassed

@Saf: Fantastic take my friend and thank you Clap Hug

@Meena: LOL Poor Aakash he should have never trusted Boa Tongue ROFL

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kgphal Groupbie

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Posted: 10 April 2013 at 10:36pm | IP Logged
Guys pls rd through KS interview with DNA paper on main forum posted by Armueva she's one fabulous gorgeous witty fun loving girl lady

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InduG64 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 April 2013 at 10:37pm | IP Logged
@Zet: Hi there pal...Forget the crazies...you go and have a great Thursday. Hold the smiles and spread the cheers...Hug

Thanks. And you pat yourself for me will ya? For the wonderful analysis...and for the fabulous quotes. You write the analyses with so much love and honesty...and it shows in the final result. Bravo!!  I loved it in its entirety.  Clap

@Saf: Sigh...even your pointers are so neatly you. Nice...very nice!!Clap

@Jyo: Early morning laughs are always good for health. You provided just that with the A/R. There's none like you...you are a true follower of Isaac Newtonji!!!Tongue

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Alamelu IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 April 2013 at 10:46pm | IP Logged
Just watched the episode...loved it from all angles...

-- loved bua and her self talk

-- so loved ishita being squashed by radha

-- so glad to see vidhi finally standing up for what she believes in and great to see the look of approval by her daughter

-- loved the way radha handled the snake scheme by arya and vedika

-- still shocked that arya used vedika as a means to get their end considering that yash so hates lies, and that too blatantly lying to a mom/dad about the health of their child ( I still believe end does not justify the means)

-- so we finally see SP bending down and accepting how his family has always followed whatever rules/regulations he has laid down

-- radha when she was convincing SP not to go reminded me of Arti.  They seem to have similar personalities, strong woman who have no problem standing up and taking care of themselves.  SP always appreciated arti for her truth, and honest effort in making things work and he sees that in radha too...

-- so good to see yash not scared but standing firm with akash and glad we finally got to see what akash thinks of radha. Now I understand why he had no problem talking ill of her and SP the other day. He showed us today that he is a user/and a greedy person

-- and finally so loved the small arya scene. it was so natural and cute, the two second conversation between them along with the wink and the smiles were heavenly!!!  this is what is always precious about them, even in any situation they make it a point to have a moment to themselves...good for them...i think the hug surprised yash along with everyone else, but it was such a natural thing to do tho'...i think rewatched that scene about 6 times already...so looks like the snake scheme was arti's idea!!!

-- still confused about one thing. SP agreed to stay back not to get married and radha also denied.  then how come everyone wants them to get married even now, the bride and groom have still not accepted.  Also was confused with radha's stance.  While arti was telling ishita that the wedding will be today itself, radha did not protest then too...so does this mean she agrees for the pv now????

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Alamelu IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 April 2013 at 10:59pm | IP Logged
@indu, @zet @samana @ jyo :  loved all your takes .

Have not read the entire DC yet will get to it soon...

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Zetter IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 April 2013 at 11:19pm | IP Logged
@Indu: Thanks Love, will do as long as you do the same Wink Hug

My pleasure Smile...Aww coming from you that means a lot to me plus you're gonna make this dusky skin woman blush Embarrassed thanku for those kind words.

@Alamelu: Thanks a lot Dear Big smile...Great take as well Clap Clap

Yup Aakash showed us that he is all about himself come what may Ouch

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ssroomani IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 April 2013 at 11:41pm | IP Logged

Thanks for the detailed update Zet!  Smile I read the DC at random (sorry, my like button is refusing to cooperate today, but pls take all posts as liked!)   and I am feeling out of my depth!  I will skip this episode for now because I didn't feel upbeat reading about the epi, yet most of the posts were praising it!  Confused

So Aakash is completely and almost irreversibly black.  Shocked Jyo mentioned that the actor wanted the role like that, so the CVs are obliging him?  Confused Surprising, because according to me, Aakash as shown earlier would not measure up that way!  I give up on Aakash character...it is big disappointment. Ouch  And I don't understand the precap at all...so will just wait for today's episode.  Confused

There were also posts on Radha disciplining Aakash as the next track...really?  Shocked If there is some transformation in Aakash, I would watch, but the way he is being portrayed now, it looks next to impossible.  A redemption track would be rather flat...it is best both Aakash and Ishita are ousted from SM.Dead

There were also posts on Radha succumbing to Aakash's blackmail and using her marriage to SP for his benefit.  Ouch If the track is going to be like this with Yash and Aarti sacrificing yet again, then it is bye bye to PV as far as I am concerned.  Cry I cannot take an AarYa sacrifice/mahaanta track anymore, had enough of that!

The CVs do seem to be taking feedback from here, that is why the explicit post above, so don't beat me saying negativity!  Embarrassed  They are extremely smart in turning around the feedback to their advantage.  They made Aakash of all people ask the question "why this PV within a month of Gayu's death"...Dead...the person who is least bothered about Gayu!  Angry  It didn't make sense to me...I may be the only one thinking this, but frankly that was a hit below the belt from the CVs to the viewers who asked the same question and we asked that because we loved G3!  Censored  I don't appreciate it at all...it should have come from the P's or Bua's mouth, not Aakash!  Thumbs Down

Have been pretty patient with this silly, hurried PV track which could have easily been handled much later in the show and with better sensitivity, but if they are going ahead with SkyShi nonsense, Radha being blackmailed, AarYa sacrifice, etc, after this, not even the tiny diabetes-inducing scenes sprinkled in between will keep me hooked!  Cry

This must be the longest day in PVland...Ermm...since Friday, it is the same day...so many things happened, but the sun has not yet set.  Shocked  And now the wedding is going to happen the same day?  Confused I am almost ready to believe that AarYa have some hidden agenda, some shady purpose behind their eagerness for the PV, though I know I am being silly!  Ouch Ouch

Sorry if spoiled the mood...Ouch...I promise not to make any more posts today!   I just had to let it out!  Smile

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