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10/4 Dragon Club: Snakebites and Sorries (Page 24)

pickachu IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 April 2013 at 2:05pm | IP Logged
Minu2201: Yeah hug was very cute and also the next scene where aarya talked in whisper and yash winked at aarti

I guess the romantic sequence spoiler we got is huge gift for aarti from yashWinkBlushing

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jikky_84 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 April 2013 at 2:06pm | IP Logged
Nice symbolism Meena Clap 

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 April 2013 at 2:07pm | IP Logged
@Jyo: Yup, that is what I was saying in my take. A new dawn has arrived in Scindia House and things are going to be different from now on. Gayatri had a different way of ruling because of her background; she would treat someone badly, depending on her first impression, and if they measured up then she would swear her loyalty forever, as it happened with Aarti.

While someone like Aarti could adjust because of the sacrifices she was willing to make and her own background, Paridhi suffocated under Gayatri's regime where the first rule was that men were more important than women. She went from being a caring, fun-loving young woman to a bitter, resigned and self-serving housewife. Radha is in a better place to help and understand Paridhi than Gayatri was simply because of the experiences of independence she was thrust into in her life. This might mean a whole new life for Paridhi who has become an old lady before her time. 

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pickachu IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 April 2013 at 2:08pm | IP Logged
@ anonee:

Wonderful post!
Plzz post it on main forum tooEmbarrassed

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anonee IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 April 2013 at 2:14pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by pickachu

@ anonee:

Wonderful post!
Plzz post it on main forum tooEmbarrassed
Picky that is an old DC post.  I think I had posted part of it earlier!  Do you think it is OK to re-post older material?

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 10 April 2013 at 2:16pm | IP Logged
A good Episode where we finally see everyone smiling in the end after ages Embarrassed

A new Beginning in Scindia mansion Cool

Today we see a new Vidhi in action who takes the charge in her hand and makes a decision on her own to support SP-Radha's PV even if she has to go against her husband's wish which is I guess is the first for her in Scindia mansion which is again an indication that with this PV of SP-Radha , the air of Scindia mansion too is changing where there wont b anymore hitler role with only one man making decisions but men and women both will hv equal share and power in decision making Approve...

SP himself confessed that so far I was the decision maker while rest were followers but today let me be the follower while u guys b the decision maker ... So in a way SP today gives that freedom to his Sons as well as Bahus to take their own decision ...

A refreshing change and a new era begins in SM from here onwards ... Vidhi standing up for Radha-SP PV on her own was the start I feel ...Thumbs Up

Radha's dealing with whole snake-bite lie was matured and sensible Clap

 I liked the way Radha dealt with the whole Snake bite lie very sensibly without really lecturing them or shouting at AarYa-Vedika about right and wrong but directly apologising on behalf of them in front of Vidhi to indirectly make AarYa and Vedika realise that u can never solve any problem with lies or deceit Thumbs Up...

No wonder Vidhi was all impressed with Radha maa's honesty LOL... She realised that today it was a golden opportunity for her to take advantage of the whole lie and become a mother figure in front of them but she dint do that and this is what impressed Vidhi ...

I just hope she gives proper discipline and parenting guidance to Akash as well along with SP post this punarvivah Ermm

Will Akash demand leadership rights from Radha in return of her Apology acceptance if tomorrow we hv Radha-Akash confrontation post Akash's stealing fiasco ?? Ermm

Radha I guess might stop Akash from committing this sin of stealing Jewelleries  and then Mahabharat's Bhishma pratigya might actually happen Ermm ... Radha might ask Yash to give his leadership to Akash in this house and only then she will say yes for the punarvivah because that will b Radha's true prayashchit Smile... We all kept saying about Radha's apology to Akash na ... I guess the apology is coming now in the form of Radha asknig Yash to give his part of leadership to AKash so that AKash no more feels insecure or a loner in this house Smile

Today itself in the last scene Radha wanted to stop Akash na  and then Akash told to himself that now I will use Radha maa's emotions to get my share from this house OuchOuch... Like I said Akash has no emotions ... Even if Radha asks for an apology to Akash , in return AKash will use that same apology of Radha to get his leadership power in the house .. He actually wants to b the ruler of this house in place of Yash Scindia and now I see AKash using Radha maa for it since today we already saw Radha starting to melt towards AKash OuchOuch... So now AKash will use Radha maa to get the leadership power in his hands Ouch

This explains why in the promo that mask man which is AKash stops Ishita who is the mask woman from destroying the wedding because Akash knows only if the wedding happens  , then he can get hold of that leadership seat by emotionally blackmailing Radha maa and  she too will give in out of guilt because today we actually saw a Radha maa who feels the guilt of snatching away Scindia family's son for her own revenge and this guilt of Radha maa will b misused by AKash now OuchOuch

The promo becomes even more clear .. AKash will b the main player and a villian .. well the Actor wanted to play out and out negative role in the show and CVs simply fulfilled his wish LOLErmm

So in the end Yash will become the real Bhishma , who will sacrifice his leadership seat to AKash so that Radha finally agrees for this punarvivah with SP Smile

Having said that I hope CVs dont repeat the same thing where Yash sacrifices it all for Akash just to make sure SP-Radha PV takes place .. Enough of mahaan AarYa OuchOuch...This is Kalyug which CVs need to remember and so Mahabharat logic might fail here with general viewers Stern Smile

Instead Akash can b shown hoping to get leadership post this PV as promised by Radha but the twist in the tale will b Radha actually refusing to give him any leadership until and unless he proves his worth with some good deeds for the family and in the process making sure AKash eventally has a change of heart Tongue

So the 1 month debate was actually showed in the episode too ... a real proof of how we r stalked ShockedLOLLOL

CVs proved that they indeed stalk us because the most common question which we keep asking about why SP's marriage is given in 1 months time only  was actually asked by Akash LOLLOL .. So Akash was actually the voice of viewers in a way LOLLOL

Whether we agree or not with Aarti-Yash's reply is a different debate but I m glad that the question about 1 month time span was indeed raised in the show itself and mayb CVs r trying to indicate that we viewers too r behaving like Akash by again and again cribbing about the 1 month time span LOL but we  r not really questioning other things like how right after a month Akash is celebrating holi with his friends with alcohol in the house or  how he is being insensitive towards his mother's death too and remembers his Gayatri maa only when he wants to create chaos or divide in the house OuchOuch,... So CVs played a smart game here Wink...

Coming to AarYa reply about the 1 month time span , hmm I dont fully agree with them that SP was so lonely that he could not even wait for few more months to do this punarvivah Stern Smile but then if I look at it from AarYa's POV , it makes sense because they wanted to stabilise the ship which was almost drowning post Gayatri's death since the captain of the ship that is SP , was almost sinking in depression because of this sudden death of his wife Ouch and mayb AarYa felt at such an old age these r dangerous signs and so the whole rush for this PV especially when they actually had a readymade bride available in Radha maa LOL who was none other than Yash's motherr too Smile

What I loved in the scene was Yash's confidence with which he told Akash to leave if he wants LOLbecause by now Yash fully realised that AKash is all talk and no action LOL... Yash also knows that AKash really has no emotions for any of his mother ..He only knows how to use his relations to get the power in his hand .. thats it Approve... He wanted to stop this punarvivah not because he feels SP-Radha r doing any sin , but because he wanted divide and rule in the house so that Yash can b removed from leader's seat Ouch but now like I said , if Akash emotionally blackmails Radha and if she agrees to give that same leadership to Akash by taking it away from Yash post her PV with SP , then I can bet Akash will b the first person to stand in support of this punarvivah  LOLOuchOuch

In short CVs actually proved that no matter how much we defend Akash but his character will remain the same greedy heartless and powerhungry fellow who will support his relationships as per his own gains Smile...

Radha too knows it  , reason why she never approached AKash after entering Scindia mansion because she knows that Akash is power hungry Ouch...Today Radha actually confessed that lack of proper parenting results in a child going the wrong path and here I feel she meant it for Akash who never got proper parenting since he never got that guidance of a father and now its too late .,.. Akash wont understand even if they try Smile... He will now only look for materialistic gains out of relationships rather than love unless Radha-SP gives him a very strict discipline as parents  Smile

AkShita ... two opposite sides of coin .. but in the end AarYa suffers Ermm

Ishita actually does not want power or money .. she only wants destruction of AarYa and so she wants this PV to go kaput  because she cannot see AarYa's victory at any cost whereas Akash only wants money and power both but at present he has money but not the power .. so if he gets that power post this PV of SP-Radha , he will b fine with this PV and will make sure Ishita does not stop it which is what the new promo too indicates Ermm

But in the end AarYa will b at loss because in both cases , AarYa will hv to suffer OuchOuch

AarYa moment was cute and natural EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

I loved that little AarYa moment too Embarrassed... that hug of Aarti out of excitement was just so natural .. poor Yash could see all his brothers trying to look elsewhere while Aarti was not ready to leave him LOLLOL .. awww Aarti is such a kid ..Embarrassed... I guess tomorrow Mr and Mrs Scindia will find their private moment in kids room finally LOLTongue

Post this PV , I hope CVs  give a proper AarYa centric track related to Aarti's pregnency , AarYa relationship and mayb Ishita angle to spice it up Tongue...AarYa=trps which is what CVs got to remember ,.. They can run several parallel tracks on all characters , but AarYa got to b the center of focus Approve

Bua and her verbal diarrhea LOLLOL

Bua proved that she is a born dalbadlu and can change sides wherever the majority is LOLLOLLOL... She was hilarious with her verbal diarrhea today when she suddenly changed parties and spoke in favour of Radha-SP PV after Pankaj too went on other side of the fence LOLLOL.../Poor Akash should not hv trusted Bua there LOLLOLLOL...

But actress playing bua's role did a brilliant job here ... ClapClapClap

Overall a good positive episode with a positive change in mindset Thumbs Up

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pickachu IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 26 October 2009
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Posted: 10 April 2013 at 2:25pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by anonee

Originally posted by pickachu

@ anonee:

Wonderful post!
Plzz post it on main forum tooEmbarrassed
Picky that is an old DC post.  I think I had posted part of it earlier!  Do you think it is OK to re-post older material?

Yeah u can post it againEmbarrassed!

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Zetter IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 April 2013 at 2:33pm | IP Logged
A very good episode Clap Clap Clap

It starts with everyone in Vedika's room, Vidhi is crying and patting the latter when Radha comes in...Vidhi pleads with her to save Vedika and she replies that nothing won't happen to her and asks her not to worry, Aarti asks everyone to go outside while she stays back with Radha and Vedika...Radha applies the paste on Vedika's leg and tells her that she will be alright all she has to do is stay conscious, Radha calls out to her while Aarti is looking on and Vedika starts to smile...Radha is shocked, she says that she didn't even apply the medicine correctly to which Vedika tells her that she is fine, she hugs her and tells her that AarYa and herself came up with this drama to bring her back to SM so they can get her Punar Vivaah done...Radha looks at Aarti meanwhile she devil is outside stalking when she says in self thought that she will spoil their drama, she smiles and goes away...haha poor Radha the look on her face when she saw Vedika smiling and he didn't even apply the paste the correct way for it to have an effect so fast was like what the bleep, she thought that she had a magic paste in hand Tongue LOL...Awww Vedika really looks Radha and vice versa, you could see the fear and panic in Radha's face when she came into the room and while she was applying the paste Cry...I'm happy that Vedika was honest with her! Please can't Ishita do anything else than stalk the other side of the house??? she should go the the library or order "How to be a better criminal for dummies 101" ROFL 

Everyone is waiting outside the room, Ishita comes and joins them on her side of the house...Vedika, Aarti & Radha comes out the room when Vidhi runs to Vedika, hugs her and asks her if she is okay Aarti replies that she doesn't need to worry as Radha has healed her. Vidhi goes to Radha and tells her that she is sorry and thanks her, she goes on to say that to say thank you are not words enough to express what how she feels...Pankaj tells her that they have said so many things about her and asks her to consider them as kids and to please forgive them meanwhile stalker she devil Ishita says in self talk that all this drama is for nothings and that she will say it all that Radha maa is in cahoots with Aarti and Yash...I liked that Vidhi and Pankaj apologized to Radha even though they were under the impression that she saved Vedika's life...I was great to see/hear Pankaj saying to consider them as kids cause in a way we all act like kids sometimes and throw tantrums Ouch Embarrassed 

Vidhi goes on to tell Radha that she didn't think twice in coming there despite the way they all have treated her, she tells her that such big heart can only be a mothers'...the former proceeds to tell the latter that she is the mother is their house and they judged her wrong, Ishita thinks that now it's the moment to tell them all what she knows just then Radha tells not to use such big words as she hasn't done anything. Radha goes on to tell Vidhi that she didn't heal Vedika and that a snake never bit her, she says that she didn't do any magic and that AarYa and Vedika created this whole drama in order for them to accept her leaving everyone shocked especially stalker she devil Ishita...Radha goes on to tell her that for someone to be accepted the heart has to allow it and that no relations can't be built on lies, she apologizes on AarYa & Vedika's behalves...Way to go Radha the look on stalker she devil Ishita was priceless LOL LOL...I'm glad that Radha told them the truth and she is right no good can come from lies cause sooner or later they come out and I'm glad that she told them upfront Clap 

Radha turns to leave when Vidhi stops her, the latter tells the former that Aarti and Yash were not wrong they just wanted them to realize the truth...she continues to say that maybe Radha didn't save Vedika but they saw that her heart is pure and if she wanted she could have taking advantage of the situation and stay quiet and she didn't do that and that means a lot to her as today she has finally seen her as a mother, that empty space that they felt after Gayatri's death..she tells her that she is with AarYa regarding her Punar Vivaah with Suraj Pratap leaving everyone shocked again while AarYa, Vedika and SP smile...An angry Pankaj tells Vidhi is she joins force with AarYa know that their relationship will be over, she tells him even though they break up she will support AarYa in their quest to get SP-Radha married...Vidhi turns to SP folds her hands and tells him and Radha that they are younger than them and have made many mistakes but want to rectify them and asks them to please consider the PV....Woohoo I knew that something drastic had to done for Vidhi to accept Radha and I'm very happy that when she heard about what AarYa did she was mad at them which is typical Vidhi and what any big sister would fell Thumbs Up...her heartfelt talk to Radha was beautiful done, the one who was protesting the most is the one that jumped on the PV wagon the first that kind of reminded me of Gayatri and Aarti's relation...Gayatrri was always on Aarti's back wondering if she could ever fill the void in Yash's life and all her worrying changed when Aarti drove out into the storm in search of Yash...Like I said something drastic has to happen to change one's vue of the other person sometimes Wink Big smile  

SP tells them that he and Radha don't want to get married, shattering all of AarYa's dreams, he goes on to say that at their age they want to live their lives with respect and not with their heads down...SP goes on to say that in such society where one needs a life partner that person is looked down upon and who will explain to such society that at this age one needs a life partner for complete emotional support, he tells them that he has decided to leave Bhopal for good like that his family won't live with their head down. SP proceeds to tell them that he is going to live in a retirement home where he can life the rest of his live with respect and with people his age, he tells them that Radha will stay there and that they will have to show her respect and because of him she had to endure much now they will have to rectify his mistake..he goes on to say that it isn't his order but a request...Pffttt SP please tell them the truth, U wanna marry Radha it's the latter that is afraid Tongue 

Pankaj asks SP to please forgive them and not to leave, Yash too asks him not to leave he tells SP that they need him and that he doesn't need to go to the old age home with them being there with him...Pankaj tells SP if he leaves Gayatri's soul won't rest in peace and she won't forgive them, SP replies that he doesn't have a problem with anyone and to please let him leave...Aarti turns to Radha and tells her that she is the only one that can stop him, the latter asks SP not to leave and take away a father's love from his sons as they need him. She continues to say that she knows how kids who grow up without a father can go wrong, she tells him that the children may grow up but they will always need their parents' love and pleads with him not to leave home like that...A very emotional SP says that his family has always done what he asked of them without questioning his decisions so today he will give into his family's decision and if that makes his family happy, he won't go...they are all happy minus stalker she devil Ishita who looks really pissed...Aww SP finally gave into his family's demands pleads I still say that he would have come back if they din't stop him cause he would have missed them on his way to he old age home, I'm happy that he didn't leave thanks to his children and Radha but I must say that the latter had more effect that the former and I do see SP falling for Radha first sure it will take sometime for them to reach that level in their relation first they will have to deal with Aakash Big smile...SP got emotional I can see that he isn't afraid to show his vulnerable side anymore Embarrassed Cry

An extremely excited Aarti hugs Yash, everyone look down embarrassed...Aarti whispers to Yash that she told him that the family would agree and they did just then Vidhi coughs and Aarti realizing that she is hugging Yash in public let go of him, Yash tells them that they should get the Punar Vivahh done as soon as possible while Ishita in self tlak sayus she wants to see how the Punar Vivaah will happen...Yash tells Aarti thank you Mrs Aarti Yash Scindia for such happiness to which Aarti retorts that for such happiness only a thank you won't work, Yash said okay and they both smile...Ooh I just love how Aarti just launches into Yash's arms because she was so happy, it was so natural an di just loved how Yash saw his brothers looking away while Aarti was just caught up in the moment that she didn't pay attention until Vidhi coughed and Yash called her Aarti without the "ji" Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed 

Ishita says that when will be a good time for SP-Radha to get married, Aarti says there is no good time for good deeds that's why they have decided to get they married today itself...Aakash come there and shouts stop it as he will not let that happen and he asks them what about them and have they changed sides to which Pankaj says that they weer wrong and that now they are on the right path. Vidhi says that they will get Radha-SP married, Sky looks at buaji  and ask her what about her who chants her "oh my god" day and night and to tell them about what is right...buaji replies that SP always does right and that she won't get a sister-in-law like Radha in the world, Aakah is pissed off...buaji thinks that she has to live in the house and that she has done so much to Radha so she can't go against her as she would be the first one to get kicked out the house given an opportunity...ROFL buaji was such a riot she changed sides like a politician, her little self talk was too good I loved it Big smile...I like that Pankaj and Vidhi didn't justify themselves to Aakash they just told him how it was Thumbs Up 

Aakash says he feels bad for the two Ps who are G3' own blood and her own DIL referring to Vidhi asks them if they don't feel back that it's only been a month after G3's death and SP is getting remarried...Yash said that they can ask him the same thing and what has he done after her demise, partied day and night with his friends...Aakas said so what should he had shout out his grief, Yash replies no but it should have reflected in his behaviour. Akash says that he won't let G3's soul feel bad, Aarti tells him that G3 always wanted SP to be happy and that wherever she is she will be happy with their decision.

Seeing that he isn't getting anyway with them he turns to Radha and tells her that he didn't expect this from her, he goes on to tell her that first she took him away from this family and Gayatri, Yash tells him one more word against his badi maa Radha and there won't be anyone worse than Yash for Aakash...the latter replies that there is no one worse than the former who is doing such a bad deed and that he won't let his mother suffer, even if it means he has to leave the house...Yash tells him to leave, Aakash says that Yash won't listen but Radha will, he tells her that he is leaving and to please don't say that he left because of Yash...Yash is unmoved by Akash's drama, the latter looks at stalker she devil Ishita and tells her to leave the house like her husband...he turns to leave when Radha shouts for him to stop, he says in self thought that now he will ask for something in return for him to stay in SM...LOL I love how Aakash is all talk and no action when he saw that his drama didn't have any effect on Yash he turned it onto Radha who is guilt ridden, cares about him and will do anything for him so he will emotionally blackmail her but I don't think that Yash will like her give in into his blackmail Tongue Wink...I just love how Yash didn't care what he did, I like that they finally brought up the one month question but then again in old age one month feels like an eternity plus like Aarti said G3 would want SP to be happy ClapBig smile so that's why Ishita's fake dream didn't make much sense during holi Dead Ermm  

PRECAP: Aakash goes into SP's room and breaks into the safe, he empties it out and says that no one in the house has never cared for him and that's why he has to steal from his own house...Seriously Aakash how do you want them to care for you when you care more about money than relations, you only use people to achieve your goal nothing more Ouch Angry    

Gurmeet Choudhary, Kratika Sengar, Chetan Pandit, Dolly Minhas, Rakesh Kukreti and Samragyi Nema were the stars of the episode tonight Star Star Star Star as well as Akshay Dogra Clap Clap Clap 

Aww that cute Aarya hug was well done by Kratika Sengar and Gurmeet Choudhary, the excitement that Aarti portrayed was natural that she just forgot about everyone else and just launches herself into the one person's arms that brought so much happiness Yash...GC & KS were amazing Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed

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