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I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for always taking out time to read and you all have always been so gracious towards me and I can never say with words how much this all means to me,YOU GUYS ARE ROCKSTARS.

But I am sorry because this time I seriously don't know how this one has turned out to be ,I have been thinking since so many days that what should I present to you all on this HEER RANJHA anniversary  and to top that I am missing IPKKND much more than that I do usually sine it has ended.
Its really very long and I hope you didn't get bored but i didn't want it to lose its flow and present it at one go so you all can visualise it like I did while writing.


ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA was not attuned to being welcomed by a site where his wife was not hovering around the house  chattering away with di,Nani and mamiji while she gets his tailormade coffee ready for him,given she always made it a point to greet him first with a bear hug telling him how much he missed him the whole day even if they had been away for a few hours and then as he sat down with the family with her by his side he finally finds solace returning home.
But this site surely conveyed something amiss and when asked about his wife's whereabouts he was casually told that she has gone in the afternoon to meet the suppliers of her catering business and would be returning soon and while he was being asked about how was his day and should they get his coffee his thoughts only had KHUSHI in mind knowing very well that there was no meeting with suppliers today and she never went out anywhere without informing him,a sudden panic raised through him but knowing exactly where he would found her he picked up his car keys and walked back through the same door he has entered minutes ago leaving everyone dumbfounded.
As he drove speedily  trying to reach her as soon as possible his mind tried gauge anything that could have happened that may have upset her but he couldn't point his finger at anything,he drove faster and as expected he found her in his sorry now their secret escpapade the garden where he has first brought her to and there she was sitting on her favourite bench near the same bush that has roses lost in some thought like always sensing his presence she looked up at him and the very next moment  she got up and flunged herself into his waiting arms holding him for his dear life,ARNAV held her in his embrace protectively not understanding anything about her sudden behaviour,he stood there comforting her silently until she pushed him back and he stumbled backwards
"What the" ARNAV exclaimed.
"Kya what the,bas aap yehi keh sakte hai Mr Raizada what the"(You can only utter What The that's all). KHUSHI shot back at him fiercely.
"KHUSHI kya hua hai tumhe,abhi ek second pehle to tum aur ab itne gusse mein ho ,hua kya hai,kisine kuch kaha tumse"(KHUSHI whats the matter,did anyone said anything to you,why are you so angry)ARNAV said calmly trying to know what has all off a sudden led her being so riled up.
"Kisine kuch nahi kaha humse aur koi bhi kyun kuch kahega jab aap hi kabhi kuch nahi kehte"( no one said anything and why will anyone say when you always keep shut ).
Matlab ,KHUSHI I am seriously not getting what are you even saying,he tried to held her by her arm to make her sit down bt she didn't budge and ARNAV knew there was something that has made her so troubled and furious
He tried once again to make her calm.
"KHUSHI ,relax ,dekho him baithkar araam se baat kar sakte hai,mujhe bilkul bhi samajh nahi aa raha hai,abhi dopahar ko jab hamari baat hui thi tab toh  bilkul theek thi,itni si der mein kya ho gaya".(KHUSHI,relaz see we can sit and can talk calmly, i am not getting what has happened all off a sudden,you were all okay since we last talked in afternoon).
There it was again the mention of their regular afternoon conversation,his husband was really innocent isn't he that's is why he is asking so calmly what has happened ,as if he didn't knew anything he didn't  but he was going to know now.
"Kuch zyaada nahi hua arnavji,bas himein yeh pata chala ki hum kine bada pagal hai"(nothing much arnavji,I got to know that how much mad as a person I am).
"Kya?"(what?) he asked.
"Ji haan jab dopahar ko aapka phone aaya tha toh hum aapse baat karne ke liye Nani ke kamre se bahar aaye the lekin jab hum dobara unke kamre mein jaa rahe the tab humnse suna di aur Nani ko baat karte hue ki woh dono kitne khush hai humein aur aapko aise saath dekhke ,ki kaise unke chottey  unhe waapis mil gaye hain jabse hum aapki zindagi mein aaye hain aur yeh bhi ki aap hamare bina ek pa bhi nahi reh sakte".(when after talking to you in the afternoon I was going backto nanjijs room ,I heard the both talking that how happy and content seeing us both together and due to my presence they could see their chottey coming back and how you cant even spend a moment without me).
Listening calmly as she spoke he took steps towards her and said.

"Toh  KHUSHI yeh to acchi baat hai naa aur sab jaante hain ki meri zindagi aur har KHUSHI tumse hi hai"(so this is a thing to be happy out and everyone knows that the reason of my every smile is you).

"Hamari baat abhi poori nahi hui hai arnavji".( I am not yet finished arnavji).She said cutting him off in between
"Kya aapko pata hai ki di aur Nani ko jiji aur jijaji ki shaadi ke waqt se yeh pata tha ki app aur main ek doose se pyaar karte hain,ki unhone jaan bojhkar aapse hamari aur nanheji ki shaadi ki baat kit hi taaki woh jaan sakein ki aapke man mein kya hai,ki jab hamari nazrein sirf aapko hi doondh rahi thi jab hum jiji ki shaadi waale din yahan aaye the aur aapne hamari madad kit hi saree pasand karne mein  ki Nani tab bhi aapki aur hamari har baat par gaur kar rahi thi."

"Arnavji maana hum to thode pagal hai,lekin aap toh bade dimaag ki baatein karte hai,who kya haan haward se mba kiya hai aapne toh aapne kyun nahi kaha pehle humsein ki aap humse pyaa rkarte hain,aapki gadi toh hamesha farq padta hai par hi aake ruk jaati thi bataiye humein kyun kuch nahi kaha aapne,us din bhi agar hum aapse nahi puchte aur shart ki baat nahi kartetoh aap kabhi bhi yeh nahi maante ki who choodiyaan aapne hamare liye kharidi thi."

(Do you have any idea that di and Nani has been aware of our feelings towards each other since jiji and jijas wedding,that they have deliberately talked to you about my alliance with nanheji,that when I have come here that day and my eyes were only searching for you ,when you helped me choosing the saree ,Nani was noticing our every movement,I agree I am a little mad but you you have the brains you are mba from Harvard then why didn't you confessed to me that you love me,you stopped everytime at farq padta hai and even that day if I hadnt asked you,you would have never confessed that you brought the bangles for me hadn't it been for the bet)".

ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA was never known to have high patience levels and though with his wife he was an entirely different person ,still her getting so hyper and  and  getting riled up by her words he too spoke up simultaneously.
"What the KHUSHI,tum yeh sab keh rahi hoon aur mujhe nahi pata tha ki nani aur di ko pehle si pata tha hamarein baarein mein aur tum yeh sab keh rahi ho KHUSHI kumara gupta singh raizada jo hamesha dil ki baat karti hai,kya tumhe samjah mein nahi aaya ki main us din stage par tumhare saath sirf isliye dance kiya that kyunki main tumhari aakhoin meinaasoon nahi dekh sajkta tha jab maine tumhe choodiyaan di,jab maine tumhare ghar mein aake logoin ko khane khilane mein tumhari madad ki,jan maine mirror par tumhari bindi lagayi thi tumhein sach mein samajh nahi aaya tha. Ki maine sab who kyun kiya tha".
(what the KHUSHI !,you are saying this and I didn't knew that nani or di has been aware of us and KHUSHI kumara gupta singh raizada who always talk about the matters of heart,why didn't you understand when I danced with you on that day because at that time too I couldn't bear to see you in tears,when I brought you the bangles,when I help you serve food in your house,when I put bindi on the mirror couldn't you realise why I have done all this but obvious for you).
"Acha to ab saari galti hamari hai".(is it so  every mistake is mine now)she asked getting even riled up more hearing his answer).


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AmidstTheWords IF-Dazzler

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ARNAV spoke very calmly trying to make her understand.

"Main aisa nahi keh raha hoon KHUSHI ,main bas tumhein yeh batane ki koshish kar raha hoon ki us waqt yeh sab hum dono le liye bahut naya tha ,hum dono hi apni feelings ko pareshaan the aur us raat di ke accident ke baad jab main sach mein tumhein apni dil ki baat batane aa raha tha aur".(I didn't say that KHUSHI ,I am just saying that at that time it was new for both of us,we both were confused over our feelings and that day).

He closed his eyes and gulping hard and continued

"Mujhe woh galatfehmi ho gayi thi aur uske baad to toh tumhe pata hai".(I have had a misunderstanding and after that you know).

Arnavji hum us baarein mein baat nahi kar rahe hai,aap jaante hai ki chahe kuch bhi wajah rahi ho usne humein ek atoot bandhan mein baandh diya that aur humein  hamare rishte par garv hai lekin uske baad bhi aapne kabhi nahi kaha humse.(Arnavji I am not talking about that,whatever the reasons may have been there it binded us in a relation that is forever and I am pproud of our bond but still even after that you never said anything to me).

"Bataiye humein kyun aapne aapse humse us din jhooth kaha tha ki aap acting kar rahe the jabki sach baat to yeh hai ki aap nahi chahte the ki humein is baat ka zara sib hi bura lagein ki hamari wajah se aapka sugar level low hua tha".(tell me why you lied to me that day that you were wacting when actually that day your sugar level has been low due to me,because you didn't want me to feel guilty right).

"KHUSHI yeh tumhe?"(KHUSHI how do u know?).He asked her surprised how she has to come to know that he has lied that day.

"Haan arnavji yeh sab humne aaj suna jab di Nani ko bata rahi thi,kyun arnavji kyun aap hamehsa chup rahe tab bhi aur us din bhi kyun aapne kabhi apni baat puri nahi ki,Aapko pata hai Nani ne fancy dress competition waale din humse jhoot kaha tha ki unki dress nahi aayi yeh sab bhi unka aur di ka plan tha aapko aur humein kareeb lane ka kyunki unhe pata chal gaya tha ki humein mein jhagda hua hai".
(I came to know all this today when di was telling this to Nani,why arnavji why you always keep quiet,do you know that on the day of fancy dress competition Nani has lied to us that her dress hasn't come and has played us to act heer and ranjha because they have figured out that you and me have had a fight).

"Aur us din"(and that day).

She said remembering the events of the fancy dress competition when she has felt that it was  him speaking his heart put and not Ranjha.

"Jaise aap humein dekh rahe the,jab aap stage par aaye the aur aapke shabd  humein aisa laga tha ki jaise ranjha nahi hamre arnavji bol rahe hai jaise woh humse kuch kehna chahte the par agle hi pal hamare poochne par aap phir se chale gaye the bina koi jawaab diye".
(The way you were looking at me,that day how have you come on stage and said those words to me I have felt that words were spoken by my arnavji and not ranjha but the next moment only when I asked you you have walked away without any answer).
"KHUSHI why are you bringing this up now,this is something we can never alter"ARNAV tried to understand the reason behind her all this outburst all off a sudden.
"Haan aapne sach kaha kuch badal nahi sakta tha,lekin aaj di aur nani ki baatein sunke humein ehsas hua ki shayad jo aaj hai who kabhi naho hota ,shayad hum dono kabhi saath nahi hote,aap hamesha chup rehte aur hum hamsha apni bhawoin  ko kabhi  bhi bayaan nahi karte jab aap kidnap hue the us waqt humein ehsaas hua that ki chahe aap hun par gussa karle humse nafrat bhi karle lekin agar aap saath hai toh hum kuch bhi sehs akte hai lekin agar nahi toh kuch bhi sahi nahi hai aur aapne bhi toh humse who sab tab hi bola tha".
(you are absolutely right ,we cant change anything but today after listening di and Nanis talks ,I have realised that may be we both may have never been together ,you always have kept quiet and I too would have never come into terms to my feelings for you,when you have been away from me that was the time when I have realised that whetehr you hate me or be angry at me I can bare anything as long as you are there with me besides me always and dint you also confessed to me at the same time only).
She choked on her last words and sat on the bench now all the feelings she has been going through the while day getting the better of her at this moment but she has been scared , scared that what if they would both have been on their stuubornness and have never confessed to each other how they both could have been so blind to their feelings for so long knowing this fact that without each other none of them would cease to exist as for her life meant her Arnavji.
As her words has started to sunk in ARNAV has know realised that a prt of her  was scared , scared  that they could never have what they had today if they both would have carried one the facade and if he goes by her she did have a point, their journey has never been easy and they both have been fighting their feelings for so long and to know that everyone else could easily see the unconditional love they had for each other apart for ones who are in love surely  stirred something inside him.

"KHUSHI" ARNAV called her in his softest voice .

He knelt down and held his hands and she looked in her husbands eyes that held so much love that she could drown in them.

"KHUSHI I seriously didn't knew that nani and di have been aware of our feelings and what di said was right, KHUSHI chahe maine kabhi bi tumse kuch bhi kaha ho main kabhi bhi tumse nafrat nahi kar paaya ,I was fighting wth my feelings for you from so long kyunki tumhare aane ke baad sab kuch badalne laga main badalne laga tha  aur jo baat maine khud se hi admit nahi ki thi who main tumhe kaisa bolta,us raat agar who sab naa hota to shayad ain tumhein apni dil ki baat bata deta lekin KHUSHI jo bhi hua ho I want you to be clear on this thing that I never hated you not even when I have that misunderstanding  that is the reason could never see you tense and that is why I lied that I was acting about my sugar levels being low.


"Aur tum mujhe bahut acchi tarah jaanti ho jab us din tumne mujhse kaha tha ki  meri zindagi ki sabsi acchi aur ranjhe ki zindagi ki sabse buri gadi aayegi aur tum "(And when you said that my life's most happiest and Raanjha's most sad moment will come when you).He couldnt complete the sentence,the scene when she has fallen off the cliff still crystal clear in his head.But still bracing himself he continued.

"It was like something was slipping out of my hands aur maine us raat tumse jo bhi kuch kaha who sab sach tha ,who maine hi kaha tha  mujhe to pata bhi nahi tha par tumhe aise dekhke mere dil apne aap tumse who sab keh gaya aur tumne phir  mujhse aake poocha ,they were so many things going on  ki main chahkar bhi maan nahi sakta tha aur maine wahi kiya jo main hamesha karta hoon I got angry at you and left.

(It was like something was slipping out of my hands and that day whatever I said to you was straight from my heart,I didn't even realised and it was my heart speaking to you,but then you came and questioned me and there was so many things going on that I couldn't admit to you even if I wanted so I did what I do in these sitiuations I got angry at you and left).



"Par"(but).He hesitated for a bit.

Knowing there was something more she tightened the grip over his hand and urged him to continue.

"KHUSHI that night when I have come to know the real reason for you not receiving the prize and I have been looking around for you I have seen you with shyam  and seeing that something broke inside me and that is why I got so angry at you and I ended up saying so hurtful words but I never meant it, not a single word and as always the feeling of the loss that you don't love me got the better of me par main  phir bhi kaise keh sakta tha ki mujhe tumhari shakal nahi dekhni balki sach yah hai ki tumhare bina maine ek pal bhi".(Still how could I have said that I never wanted to see your face when the truth is that without you I--).

"Shhh ,hum samajhte hai "(I understand)she kept a finger on his lips ,her heart swelling with love for her husband that inspite of having such a huge misunderstanding he could never hate her,he loved her way too much for that and cared for her even then.


Arnavji ,humein maaf kar dijiye humein pata nahi aaj kya ho gaya tha lekin di aur Nani ki baat sunkar hum darr gaye the ki shayad hum aaj---(Arnavji I am sorry,I don't know what happened all off a sudden to me but hearing di and Nani I got scared that may be today us).Tears spilled from her eyes and the next moment  ARNAV  pulled her up in his arms holding her securely in his embrace telling her with his actions that until he was there she need not be scared of anything in the world.

Standing their in the serene  and calm atmosphere in each others embrace and spending some quality time together enjoying their dinner outside they returned home.


As they returned home that evening and got teased again of being head over heels in love with each other who again got carried away to one of their secret meetings and how they both even after an year after the marriage they both behaved like as lovers  meeting sneakingly before the marriage.

But hearing all the teasings that was going on at her and Arnavjis expense and overwhelmed by all the emotions she has went throughout the day she walked towards ARNAV and held his hands.

Looking straight into her Arnavjis eyes

She spoke

" Jisko jee jaan se chahte hai

Jab use Nazroin ke Saamne Paate hai


Tab zubaan nahi aakhein bolti hai


Yeh hum jaante hai,


Yeh aap Jaante hai


Aise mein sawaal wahin karte hai ,

 jinhe pyaar kya hai iski hawa tak nahi"

"KHUSHIji " yeh toh wahin (KHUSHIji this that day)anjali started to speak and realising what she has said KHUSHI flushed red and ran up the stairs towards their room.

KHUSHI didnt knew when the word have left her but as they did  the reality and how blessed they both were by her DEVIMAIYYA also sinked in,they both were together and though their journey has been full of trials and hurdles what matters was  theywere, are and will always be togethertill eternity  their heart beating for their significant other.

As expected ARNAV found her in the poolside looking at the stars no their parents perhaps thanking them for everything,he made his way towards her and as she turned  seeing her in the fairy moon light looking like an angel ,his angel he too decided to complete what he hadn't that day.

"Jab jo bura kaha uska koi matlab nahi,kab jo bura kiya uska koi matlab nahi is pyaar mein sahi aur galat ka koi matlab nahi sirf ek cheek ka matlab ki main hamesha hamesha tumse aur sirf tumse pyaar karta rahoonga".

"Aur is duniya se pare hai yeh hamari apni chotti si duniya jahan ARNAV aur KHUSHI hamesha saath rahenge kyunki agar tum nahi toh main nahi,tumhare bina mere koi wajood nahi hai KHUSHI,tum ho to main hoon ".(Apart from this world there is this our small world where ARNAV and KHUSHI will always remain together,I am there because you are,the reason of my existence).

She smiled through her tears and said

"Aap aur  Main HAMESHA"

To which he immediately replied


"Laad governor" she muttered her under her breath.

And in one swift motion he carried her in his arms towards their room their laughters mingling in the air once again their bond coming stronger than ever as they passed on another threshold in their journey of togetherness as they were they belong by each other side forever and always.














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.Khamosh. IF-Stunnerz

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"Jab jo bura kaha uska koi matlab nahi,kab jo bura kiya uska koi matlab nahi is pyaar mein sahi aur galat ka koi matlab nahi sirf ek cheek ka matlab ki main hamesha hamesha tumse aur sirf tumse pyaar karta rahoonga".
wow speechless di... loved it to the core Smile 
beautifully written...
Arnav and Khushi hamesha Embarrassed 
thanks for the scrap

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nishu_shorna IF-Sizzlerz

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wow...awesome...loved it...

Got ur pm...thank you...

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Thanku so much for scrapping me first. It made me so happy. Though I would have been happier if I could comment first also but still I m happy that I made it to the first page LOL

U did it once again. It was a beautiful two shot. It made me remember all those beautiful scenes. I was reliving the Heer Ranjha moment. The way u wrote it was amazing. Khushi repeating the dialogues in front of all and Arnav completing it in their personal heaven the pool side was really very touching. The Heer Ranjha lines were epic but for me the best part was this: 

"Aur is duniya se pare hai yeh hamari apni chotti si duniya jahan ARNAV aur KHUSHI hamesha saath rahenge kyunki agar tum nahi toh main nahi,tumhare bina mere koi wajood nahi hai KHUSHI,tum ho to main hoon " 

Arnav aur Khushi hamesha saath rahenge aur hum chahe bhi to hum Arnav Khushi se alag nehi sakte. These two are unforgettable and so is their unique love story. Thanku for writing such a beautiful TS and do keep writing many more on Arshi. We can never get enough of them 

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meettu IF-Rockerz

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Loved if

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mancee Senior Member

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Posted: 10 April 2013 at 12:50pm | IP Logged
Awesome!!!simply fab..had tears in my eyes at t end of it...heer ranjha act us one of my fav scenes in t show..u made it even better by givin it a u 4 it...muah Big smile

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wow so she had suddenly realised they wouldnt be together if the whole mu didnt take place
technically might be true
but like you said their is a time less saga
they would have been together in the end no matter what happened
if they didnt get it then others did
but then they are together and thats all that matters
awww that was real beautiful

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