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Arhi os:Answer in yes or no!!(new os link pg 19) (Page 11)

Rami92 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 April 2013 at 9:14am | IP Logged

for readers who read only my OS  and not my ff';s pls unbuddy me i'll post it in this thread if am writing any further os which am surely gonna do..
This doesnt count for the writers whose work am readingLOL Embarrassed Big smile

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Rami92 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 10 May 2012
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Posted: 19 April 2013 at 9:15am | IP Logged
Am sorrryyy for being so late...

I know i should have updated long before..Well to sya the truth u should have got this update before 3 days but stupid me didnt save the document before closing it and everythin went in vain..Plz leave back ur comments and likes...Thanks for ur support Big smile Big smile Big smile Big smile

         ANSWER IN YES OR NO!!!!

                          PART 2


Mr.raizada pack your things to the guest room..


She just sent him a text and put her mobile in silent.. Arnav was shocked to see the text..

                        """GUEST ROOM AND HIM..NO WAY"""


Arnav was shocked to see the text..His usual cry baby wife has decided something else..He cant sleep without her that's the difficult thing to do..And that too when she is in her 7 months..Well he needed this he should have meen much more careful in responding her questions..He was such a dumbo..There goes agaim..78 th miss call..Madam is so angry that she is not picking the calls..Arniieee boy u need to try very much hareder this time..Socho socho what are you going to do..

He was talking with himself and soon reached the TV station in which his live program is going to be aired..

Khushi was sitting in the living hall with fruit bowl on her tummy ,which acts as a table for the bowl,legs outstretched on the glass table before her,mobile near to her on the couch..everytime it vibrates she use to take it and just see rthe caller ID and keep it Aside..His husband had reached Century in this past hour ..She patted herself mentally for sending such a text which made him all restless..

Anjali and payal was sitting beside her either side on the couch and observing her strange behavior..Khushi was flipping the channels and her habds froze in the remote when she saw a handsome hunk oops her hubby on the TV with the most Sexiest and scarcely dressed woman..But to say she was decent enough..

Her eyes froze when Arnav had shaked hands with her..Well Did she miss that he was so so so handsome In their fight.She didn't even greet him bye or give him his good bye kiss..Suddenly she became  restless for some unknown reason..What was this for???

Is it because of the answers arnav gave?

Is it because he is looking ravishing?

Is it because of that woman's extra sense of dressing?

Is it because Arnav had a smile plastered on his face all through the interview not bothering She missed his 100 calls?

Or is she bothered because she didn't give him his kiss???

It was these thoughts which was haunting her mind that she missed her His whole interview..It was when anjali shook her saying about Arnav's blush she came out of the whirlwind of thought..

"Di u called me.." Khushi asked..

"See Payal now Khushi is also blushing..Till now she was listening to her hubby's sweet voice on his business skill now when he started talking about Personal life he starts blushing and she also starts blushing"

Pyal chuckled at Di's comment..That was when Khushi came back to her senses..Ooops she missed his blush..was he blushing at the comment made on her ???Seems so..Khushi stop ur freaky mind and listen to his convo..

Arnav has made his mind to woo his wife back using the interview..If he miss this chance she will never let him speak in their room so its now better to open up..

INTERVIWER(LAVANYA)::Welll ASR we never expected you to be this free and jovial during ur interview..We always thought you were a rough and tough person..

ASR:chuckles..well that's kinda true..It was before 2 years

LA: what happened in this two years that u have changed this way???

ASR: I met my life..Now she is my wife..He winks at her..

LA:Awww see everyone ASR winked at me..

ASR:u know what u don't come to meet me home my wife will kill you to make such a statement..

LA: gosh is she such a possessive girl?????

ASR: possessive,sweeyt,caring,beautiful,childish girl..Well I left out some adjectives do add those things..

LA:seems someone is smitten by her?

ASR:ofcourse why not?she is such an angel.

Khushi blushed deep red hearng this comment but snapped out of thoughts when she realized his answers for her questions..

LA:jokes apart ASR..say me the reason for your change??? Well who would expect the mighty ASR to sit and so cooly talk about his personal and professional life with a Killing smile..To be honest all that I was expecting was an bore interview and was preparing myself not to get caught in any of your angry mood swings but sach mei am enjoying this interview a lot..


Arnav by this question got more intersted ...He made himself comfotable by sitting with a single leg folded and turned towards her side on the couch...

ASR: well my life could be split into two before khushi and life after khushi..he lets out a chuckle and says before khushi came into my life i was rude and arrogant man ..You know by that time if you would have interviewed me you would have gone Berserk seeing my reply and  my blood shot round eyes..Even when i met her i was so.rude with her..with each.meeting i was acting so tough with her from outside but inside i was melting.Her smile ,innocence,calm nature,caring everythin attracted me towards her .This was the base of my love story..eventually she changed me and here am so cool  and u enjoying this interview..She is the best thing that happened to me..Love at first sight..The moment she landed in my arms I felt i was having the whole world under my control..She is surely an angel who came for me..


khushi was so dumbstruck by his answer never once he has said these things to her..Of course she knew that he loved her and he too have expresed but she never knew he had fallen gor her in the first sight itself..Paual and Anjali were giving teasing glances at khushi..


LA: I truly wish to see your now all the teen girls in delhi would have become so "J' of her..Anyways say me as per our sources ASR is gonna be papa soon..???Is it so!!


Arnav face by the word papa was totally brightened like a 1000 walts bulb..

ASR: ya its true..Am awaiting my baby's arrival...

LA:Wow know Asr you have to learn a lot to take care of a strted to go for baby's classes???


Asr: nah i dont need it..i have already taken care of a baby so i willnt find any difficulty in that..


Arnav said with a smirk..Khushi ws so confused here thinking who the baby might be...


LA: wow thats so nice..who is that lucky baby Asr???


Asr: its my wife khushi..aww don't give me that look..she is surely a child at times..i have been controlling her nah so I don't need classes to take care of my baby..

Khushi mouth formed a perfect "O" and was shooting daggers at her hubby who was so handsomely smirking at his own comment..


LA: Awww ASR you are the best hubby anyone could have..

ASR:Ha ha thanks fr your compliment..

LA: Say me what baby do you need?GIRL or a boy???

ASR: What the??? What Bias man..Both are gonna be my baby..What ever the gender of baby be I would love them to core'(AWWW IT'S OUR BARUN"S DIALOGUE)

INterviewwer: Awww someone get me water am fainting'ASR now stop that killing smile of yours..By now many girls would have fainted..


Khushi was fuming here hearing that comment..


ASR:don't let my wife hear this by now she would have shooting daggers at you..

Anjali and payal let out a laugh sensing whjat Arnav said was cent % true..


LA: Asr its time to end the show..i really had a nyc tym with you and I would say you the best hubby and best papa'Now leave your message to your fans..


ASR:Had a nyc time with you lavanya..message to my fans..Live your life with your loved ones and automatically you wil achieve your dreams..Before I say bye can I say few things to KHushi through your channel??


LA:ofcourse ASR..


ASR: Well baby..Now don't pout or change the channel atleast leave me talk heer..U asked me  5 ques and my answers are

1.I would love to have a teddy bear than a Barbie

2..He smiled remembering the way she posed him that question and said the answer was yes but I love to teach you '


                    ( No one noticed his wink except khushi')


3.Am the shaitan baby..

For your 4 th and 5th question I'll answer you in home..Now di and payal don't pester my wife with what those questions were and let her take rest..See you in home baby with that he gave a flying kiss(I know its tooo dramatical but this is OS yar jus njy it alone )


Khushi blused deeply and anjali and payal closed their mouths that were opened to enquire khushi about the questions'Khushi retired to hjer room thinking of her hubby's answer..that clears the half doubt that he loves her and what about 4 n 5..leave the 4 'what about 5???That means am I gonna get a sautan???

Thinking these things she drifted to sleep in couch'

After an hour Arnav reached home he came to his room and saw her sleeping uncomfortably in couch..He felt like she was in deep thought even in her sleep..He chuckled knowing what it could be..He took her in arms and made her lie on bed and placed pillow securing her and baby tummy..

He took his casuals and freshened up kissed khushi's forhead and left his room..Khushi opened her eyes on feeling that he has gone out of her room..

She was awaken when he placed her in bed but was waiting for him to cuddle with her but he ahs gone out..Sh efollowed him to see where he was going..

Arnav entered Guest room and lied in the bed..

Khushi tailed him and seeing him n guest room made her heart crunch with worry..He takes her word this much seriously..She soon cuddled next to him..She heard Arnav saying something..

"What are u dong?"

"Well counting the seconds which tk you to cuddle next to me.." he said it with a sly smile..

She was so restless seeing him there and he was making fun of her..

"Arnnnaaavvv " she whined

"Acha baba am sry now sleep you need to take rest.."

"NNo ooo I wanna know the answers.."

"What answers baby?" By now khushi had her chin on his chest and looking up at his face and Arnav had his arms secured around her..

"Arnav don't fun around me..Just spit out.."

"Well you was the one who said yes or no 'no ifs and buts.."

"Ok am srorry say me the explanantions for those answers.." she asked with the most adorable pout..

He smiled and said "baby though u look fat I love it because there in your fat tummy our love is growing..It was indeed a inexperienced kiss but I loved it..U kjnow that incident proved me your still a chjild..But now that you leart everything from me you make me breathless with your kisses..Am the shaitan and you are my Rani so you are shaitan ki rami..For the 4 th que I hate not being so cosy with you but I could control myself until and unless the cosiness I not going to effect my two babies "he chuckled saying this..

Khushi hit him in his chest knowing What does he meant by two babies one is her and the other one is in her womb..

She felt very much relaxed hearing these answers.."5th que?" she asked him hesitantly and lowered her lashes not having the strength to look in his eyes..

"That's so damn true" Arnav declared too very quickly and as soon he said  he felt hot water touching his bare chest..He lifted Khushi chin to see her crying..He suddenly wiped her tears and said "Baby rona math..Shhh now let me complete..There is surely a girl in my life after u and that will be my princess oops our princess.."

Khushi tears stopped and she looked him with a confused eyes..

"What why do you look me that way..I want one boy and one girl..Now if u give me boy next time until I get a lil khushi I'll keep on making you preggie"

Khushi chuckled at his hubby's words..At present lying on his chest felt like heaven for her..

"Kush baby do u know??You are a child who dono even to pose a que..You could have asked these que's in following way so that my answer would be no

1.     Am I looking bad with fat tummy?

2.     Am I bad kisser now?

3.     Do I look like shaitan ki rami

4.     Do you wanna make love to me in thios situation

5.     Will you get me a sautan??"

"Khsuhi looked up at him and smiled sheepishly..

"Oops sorry Arnav I was too preoccupied with my insecurities that's why otherwise I would nbt have done such stupid things I know my hubby is tooo goo'"

Before she complete her sentence she was moaning his name in her mouth..When he left her after the kiss she was looking at him in a questioning manner

"You speak a too very lot..Now say me do you wish to continue?'

"Arnav woo what if??." she blushed.

"Cummon baby Answer in  Yes or buts and if's.."

With the nod of khushi they entered the world of love..

************************THE END***************

If anyone missed this just look at it:PRINCESS B'DAY GIFT FOR PAPA (my completed os)

NOTE:am really sry i didnt proof read it so there are lot of spelling error and grammar mistake [pls excuse me and forgive..]Ouch Ouch Ouch 

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vijiasr08 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 19 April 2013 at 9:24am | IP Logged
wow rami kuti lovable story
i don't know my small has such a expressive talent love you more and your works da


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Divyahet IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 April 2013 at 9:25am | IP Logged
lovely dear...
enjoyed it very much..
I'll reread it.

Thanks for the pm dear,
take care.

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tamanna1391 IF-Stunnerz

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avni_barun IF-Rockerz

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it was just fab... loved it...
thanks for PM...

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thulasi_arshi IF-Sizzlerz

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 sweet n cute os  Smile

thks for pm..

i loved itHeart

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sri91 IF-Dazzler

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lovely ts...
Arnav grt escape man...
Khushi is baby at times...
So sweet of their chemistry honey...
Well written shot...and nice ending...

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