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TaaRey & SwaRon SS- Student of the Year *Pt4Pg11* (Page 5)

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Posted: 11 April 2013 at 9:37am | IP Logged
awesome yaar

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Asha_Tacker IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 April 2013 at 9:46am | IP Logged
Tis is superb...Intro ws mind-blwng...Thn cms d real picture...Argh,rey flirting wit kriya! I kind likd d parking scn...Umm,taareyam scn ws super fab...Lvd it dr...Wel,lkng frwrd fr d nxt update since prcp is hel intrstng...

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-CussTheWorldUp IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 April 2013 at 9:50am | IP Logged
Oh my god!!
What do I say..?? I so freaking LOVED it!! I loved the whole idea here.. The dialogues, the way you wrote and just everything was perfect.. The VMs.. Gosh! Thanks for sharing them.. Loved each and every bit of the update.. Kria in place of Taniya was a great idea.. I am SOO excited about this FF di.. You can't believe it, seriously! Please do update soon and pm me.. I am waiting EAGERLY!!! Muah to you for writing this!! <3 <3

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priyal_TaaRey Goldie

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Mindbloweing update dear...

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Mohit_monaya IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 April 2013 at 10:18am | IP Logged
loveeedd itt =)
in love wid dis SS already...please try to make it an FF...really dnt want it to end soon...hehe =D
and update soon...
and love d tashan between reyam...hehe =D

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mymy_taarey Senior Member

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Chapter 2

Recap: Intro to the characters. ReYam meet and aren't the best of friends. ReYam find out about each other.

Rey watched as Swayam ran the laps that he didn't have to run. He actually felt bad, especially since he was his girlfriend's brother. The next day when Rey saw Swayam he called his name. Swayam turned saw him, then continued walking. Rey chased after him.
Rey-hey wait up!
Rey-I just wanted to say thanks for taking the responsibility!
Swayam-it's fine. I didn't want to cause anything, I came here just to study.
Rey-you sound like my dad
Swayam-you know your dad isn't exactly crazy!
Rey-maybe you should have been his son, and I could have had your parents.
Swayam-I wish I had my parents.
Rey-what do you mean?
Swayam-wait. . . . didn't Taani tell you?
Swayam-our parents are dead.
Rey-what? Why didn't Taani tell me?
Swayam-I don't know.
Rey-okay chaal, let's not talk about this. It's time to go to the canteen.
Rey-it's time for you to meet Sharon.
They both walked to the canteen and the music starts.
( . . . Imagine Rey is Varun Dhawan and Sharon is Shanaya and instead of saying Shanaya they are saying Sharon.)
Swayam stood by the side, and was later joined by Taani. Taani moved her head along to the music.
Swayam-he is your boyfriend, but he is singing to Sharon.
Taani-they are best friends. And I don't really mind, I trust them both with my life.
Swayam-is that why you didn't tell Rey about mom and dad?
Taani-bhai, I just didn't want them to feel sorry for me.
Swayam could see that tears were about to start developing and he pulled Taani into a hug.
Swayam-shh, don't cry. I'm sorry I brought it up.
Taani-no you're right, I should have told them. I just didn't want sympathy.
Sharon-aww isn't this a cute scene
Taani pulled away from Swayam and wiped her tear.
Taani-hey Shar, that was amazing as usual. I want you to meet my brother Sw-
Sharon-Swayam Shekhawat. I have heard a lot about you.
Taani watched the scene in front of her and felt really uncomfortable. She saw as Sharon and her brother shared a really cute, but intense eye lock. Thankfully she was saved by Rey coming up behind her and hugging her. He kissed her shoulder.
Rey-hey beautiful!
Taani-hey handsome, you were amazing!
Rey-when am I not!
Sharon-when you're flirting with Kria!
Rey-she's kidding!
Sharon-no. I am not. You should have seen him at my mom's party! They were so cosy with each other. He didn't leave her till I came.
Taani pushed Rey away from her.
Rey-Taani, she's kidding. I would never do that.
Taani-I'm leaving.
Taani got her bag. Rey pulled her back.
Rey-she's joking Taani. I swear, I would never do that. Let's have lunch and hang out now. Shivam get a chair.
Shivam-it's okay, I'm fine.
Rey-not for you stupid, for Taani.
Taani-there is no need Shivam, I am going to class.
Rey-come on Taani!
Taani-leave me alone Rey!
She stomped off with a satisfied looking Sharon behind her. Swayam grabbed Rey's shirt.
Swayam-you better not be playing my sister, otherwise you are dead.
Rey-I swear I am not. I would never do that.
Swayam-you better not, because the day I see a tear come out of those eyes because of you. You won't be alive.
He left Rey and walked off. Over the next couple of days Rey had tried to manofy Taani, but it didn't work. It was the night before the huge football match and Taani was in her room. Sharon was out with Swayam 'studying'. They had become really close and Taani could see that there was something going on there! She was in her room reading a book when she heard a knock the door. She opened the door and saw Rey standing there with flowers and a cute teddy bear. He had a cute face , which made Taani's heart melt straight away. But she remembered that she was mad at him. She made to close the door only to be stopped by Rey's foot. He pushed the door closed behind him as he locked the door. Taani saw this and started moving back. Rey moved towards her and trapped her against the wall.
Rey-there is no way out!
Taani-R. . . Rey you should leave. Sharon will be back soon.
Rey-actually I texted her to tell her that I needed you to myself.
Taani-Rey, what are you doing here?
Rey kissed her neck and placed wet kisses from her ear lobe to her shoulder. He then went back to the crook of the her neck and sucked on it.
Rey-shh, Taani. Just let me love you.
Taani-Rey, I'm mad at you.
Rey-no you're not. You can't be mad me. You love me too much.
Taani pushed him away and tried to escape but Rey pushed her onto the bed.
Rey-Taani you know I would never do that to you.
He laid on top of her and took her top off. He kissed her passionately and Taani moaned into the kiss. Well let's just say Taani definitely forgave Rey that night.
*The Next Morning At The Football Match*
Taani, Simmi and Sharon were sitting and watching the match. They really wanted to win. When Rey shot a goal Taani shot up and cheered. He sent Taani a flying kiss, which she returned.
Taani-shut up!
Sharon-well I heard that you had a good night last night!
Taani-*blushes red* Shut up!
Simmi-what happened last night?!?
Sharon-Rey and Taani got intimate!
Simmi-what? You did it!
Taani-guys shut up and watch the match
Sharon smiled at her best friend. They continued to watch and when Swayam shot Taani and Sharon jumped up and cheered. Swayam smiled at Taani and winked at Sharon. Taani saw this and gave Sharon a look. Sharon looked down and blushed.
Taani-what about you and bhai? Huh?
Taani-this is not nothing! Bhai never winks at anyone, and you guys have been spending a lot of time together!
Simmi-they have!
Sharon-shut up guys!
Taani and Simmi laughed at her. They continued watching the match and saw that when the final minutes came Swayam had the ball. He kept on getting blocked so he passed the ball to Rey who scored. They all jumped up and cheered. Swayam and Rey hugged each other.
Swayam-you won't kiss me right?
Rey-shut up!
They hugged again. The crowd came down and cheered for them. Taani ran down and jumped on Rey. She was so happy. Rey lifted and spun her around.
Rey-I knew you were my lucky charm
Taani kissed him flat on his lips in front of everyone. It was so shocking that even Rey froze for a second before melting into the kiss.
Swayam-so I feel awkward.
Sharon-I've had to put up with this for a long time!
Swayam-I feel bad for you!
Sharon-as you should!
Swayam-it's sad I don't get any love from my own sister.
And before Sharon knew what she was doing she hugged Swayam. Swayam was surprise but hugged back. They just stayed like that for a couple of moments. Then Sharon pulled away and blushed.
Sharon-sorry, I didn't mean to
Swayam-it's okay. I kind of liked it.
Sharon blushed and looked down. Swayam kissed her cheek. She became bright red. She looked towards TaaRey who were in their own world. They had their foreheads against each other and were smiling at each other. They all later had a celebration party.
( Rey as Varun Dhawan, Swayam as Sidharth Malhotra, Kria as Tanya and Taani as Shanaya.)
Taani watched as Rey danced with Kria. She couldn't believe it. After everything, he went back to the way he was. She was getting annoyed so she walked to the bar. SwaRon joined her at the bar. Swayam offered her a shot and all 3 of them downed it at once. SwaRon went back to dancing with each other, but Taani continued to glare at KriYaansh. She was definitely annoyed again. The next morning Swayam got invited to Rey's brother's wedding. After the plane ride both SwaRon and TaaRey were walking together when Kria came next to TaaRey.
Kria-Rey where is the luggage?
Rey-umm it must be around here somewhere!
Taani-why do you need it? I'm sure all your clothes fit in that one bag.
And with that she walked in front and joined SwaRon.
SwaRon-Welcome to Bangkok.
Over the next few days Taani observed how Kria stuck to Rey, and how Rey didn't complain even once. When Taani finally confronted Rey and Kria, Rey ended up shouting at her. Taani ran away. Rey was going to go after her, but Swayam pushed him down.
Swayam-I saw a tear, for your own sake hope it was me seeing things.
Swayam went after Taani, he found her standing and looking out.
Taani-so typical of Rey, to send his chamcha.
Swayam-I'm not his chamcha, I'm your brother and I was worried. Tears were never a good look on you.
Taani-Sharon and Rey have been best friends for 5 years. I have been with Rey for 3 years and he always done something to make me regret it. And just when I think things will be alright again. There he goes.
Swayam-why don't you leave him Taani?
Taani-I love him. And you know I hate leaving relationships. I have lost so much, I don't want to lose him as well.
Swayam-even if you do get hurt.
Taani-even if I get hurt in the process. I don't want to leave him.
Swayam-then teach him a lesson.
Taani-what do you mean?
Swayam-Show him the right path by getting payback.
Taani smiled mischievously at Swayam. That evening Rey was looking everywhere for Taani, but she wasn't there. But then a spot light came on the stage and he recognised that figure anyway. He couldn't remove his eyes of her.

He watched as she danced up to him then pushed him away. He couldn't take it. He ended up dancing with her. In the end when Taani danced with all the other guys he lost it. He pulled her away.
Rey-what the hell do you think you're doing?
Taani-what do you mean? And leave my wrist, it hurts me Rey.
Rey-dancing with all those guys. You're my girlfriend.
Taani-OH REALLY! So all these times when you flirted with Tanya and all those other girls, that's okay. But the one time I dance with other guys you shout at me. That doesn't seem very fair.
Before Rey could say anything SwaRon came up.
Swayam-is everything okay here?
Taani-yup, I was just leaving!
Taani ran away and Sharon went after her. Rey sighed and punched his arm against the wall. Over the next few days Taani went from being the girl who would do anything for Rey, to the girl who didn't care less about him. And for Rey this was bad, he missed her. He missed her like hell. He did what he could but she just would not budge, especially with her bodyguard Swayam and Sharon. She was always with other guys especially Shivam. Shivam was the only guys that she would hang out with and that killed Rey.  One day Rey was sulking while the girls were dancing so Swayam decided to help him.
Swayam-you're jealous and mad aren't you?
Swayam-you are jealous of the guys that hang with, and mad at Shivam for even talking to her.
Swayam-this was all her plan!
Swayam-yes! She wanted to show you how it felt to see the person you love flirt with someone else in front of your eyes. Dude Taani is my sister so I know for a fact that she is a one of a kind. She is sweet, caring, beautiful, smart, funny, kind, thoughtful and everything you could want in a girl. So don't lose her just because you can't control your desires.
Rey-thanks man.
But Swayam didn't reply as he was watching Sharon dance. Rey saw this and smirked.
Rey-take your own advice, go and ask Sharon out already. We all know you like each other, so might as well make it official.
Swayam pushed Rey away. Rey walked towards Taani and tried to talk to her, but she ignore him.
Rey-Taani, I'm sorry. I really am.
Taani-you know they say if you look closely you can find your soul mate's name in your Mehendi.
Taani-ya. . . . so look
She grabbed Kria's hand and showed it to Rey. She was about to walk away but Rey pulled her back.
Rey-Taani, please listen. I am very sorry.
Taani just pushed him away and walked away. The next day during the wedding Sharon was running late. So she had to run. When it was finally time for the ceremony Sharon brought Swayam with her to sit at the front with TaaRey. Sharon leaned her head on Swayam's shoulder. Rey pointed towards his brother and bhabi then pointed towards Taani and himself. Taani blushed but told him to be quiet. During the ceremony Rey took Taani's hand and surprisingly she didn't pull away. Instead her moved closer to him and put her head on his shoulder. The cutest sight ever was seeing both these cute couples who were cosy with each other.

Precap: Student Of The Year Competition. TaaYam's grandma dies. Swayam makes a shocking discovery.

How did you like the part! I think I enjoyed writing the football match the most. I loved the SwaRon parts the most!

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Yay! First to comment!

Ok! WHen I first saw your PM, I was like "Are you serious?" Weel, I said that out of happiness and excitement of course!! Coming back to the update now!!

I SO SO SO loved it di! I guess, now you might have come to know how crazy I am about your stories.. And this SOTY FF is like really amazing! I am loving each and every bit!!

I ROLFed ta Shivam part, in the beginning! Rey saying, "Shivam, get a chair" waala!! I never thought of that! Jealous Rey is something I just LOVE!!! And the TaaYam scene too was cute! Loved the SwaRon bits too! And TaaRey are always amazing!!

Loved this update completely! Waiting for the next update now!! Please update soon.. Swayam gonna know the truth itne jaldi? Wow! Lets see.. Would LOVE to read it!! Especially the scene in the hospital, at the end!! Oh di, UPDATE SOON!! Can't wait!!

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Mohit_monaya IF-Rockerz

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loved the updatee <3
it was so cuteee...
esp d ending was so cutee <3
and it was fun imagining taarey and swaron here...hehe =D
love dis DD already...please dnt end it too soon ... =(

and love the banner too =D

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