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TaaRey & SwaRon SS- Student of the Year *Pt4Pg11* (Page 10)

siddhilovesamar Groupbie

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Posted: 14 April 2013 at 11:54am | IP Logged
read all d chp. in a flow loved d concept wen i read 4 d 1st time i was like ki seriously u r gonna write a story based on soty bt ya wen i read it i was completely lost in taarey n swaron's world as if i didnt even knew wat is happening nxt to me

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-sanjy- Senior Member

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Posted: 14 April 2013 at 6:01pm | IP Logged
I already commented, but i just read this again for the 5th time, I'm so in love with the storyline !Day Dreaming Please Please Please update ! Big smile

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8JSmileyFace8J Senior Member

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Posted: 14 April 2013 at 9:36pm | IP Logged
oh boy...
theirs gonna be some serious dhamaka in the next update..

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mymy_taarey Senior Member

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Part 4!!!

Recap: TaaRey & SwaRon made it into the Top 16 then Top 12. TaaYam's grandma died. Swayam found out something shocking about ShaRey.

Swayam-you're right we will.
Swayam-I can't believe the both of you. How could you do this to us? Forget me. How could you do this to Taani. She would give her life up for the both of you without even thinking twice and this is how you repay her.
He stormed away from them and they both ran after him.
Rey-Swayam listen
Swayam-don't you dare say anything! 3 BLOODY YEARS YOU HAVE BEEN WITH TAANI! You think that would have meant something to you! My sister loves you, and would do anything for you! How could you do this to her?
He grabbed Rey's shirt and was about to punch him when Taani was walking by. She was this and quickly ran towards them.
Taani-bhai! What are you doing?
Swayam pushed Rey away and looked at ShaRey expectantly.
Swayam-should I tell her or will you?
Taani-tell me what?
ShaRey kept quiet and looked down. Swayam shook his head.
Swayam-fine I'll tell her.
Taani-what is going on?
Swayam-Taani, you love Rey and Sharon right. You would do anything for them.
Taani-of course, without thinking!
Swayam-well you know what they did to you?
Taani-Bhai what are you talking about?
Swayam-for 2 years. 2 whole years they have been kissing behind your back!
Taani looked towards ShaRey who were lookin down.
Swayam-your boyfriend and your best friend. Together. Behind your back. The last time they kissed was a couple of weeks ago.
Taani-no. They wouldn't. They would never do that.
She looked towards them and saw them looking guilty, tears started to pour out.
Taani-tell me he's lying. I beg you to tell me he's lying. You guys would never do that.
She was crying now. Rey made for her.
Rey-Taani. . . . I'm sorry.
Taani slapped his face. ShaReYam were shocked. Rey knew he deserved it but he was still shocked.
Taani-I can't believe you both would do this to me. After everything. I have done so much for you both. How could you do this to me, to my brother? Did you both ever even care about me or was I just the nice girl that was easy to play with. Everyone told me that being with you was a mistake, but now I saw through that exterior and got to know you. Now I know that all that interior was just a cover for the real you. A lying, cheating, bas***d. I can't believe I ever trusted you, I can't believe I let you touch me. That night, oh that night, it was the BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE. I REGRET THAT NIGHT AND ALL THAT I FELT.
Rey-Taani, please don't do this. Don't say this.
Taani-and you Miss Rai Prakash. You were supposed to be like my sister and this is how you repay, by cheating on my brother. I don't want to even think about how you both could have been together. I never want to see either of you ever again.
Rey-Taani don't say that. Taani it was mistake, I love you.
This made Swayam lose it. He punched Rey and gathered up and sobbing Taani.
Swayam-if any of you even think about getting close to me or my sister, you will regret that decision.
Swayam took a sobbing Taani away. Rey and Sharon were broken. Rey was worse, but they both were upset. That night was the worst night of their lives. They all sat in different corners of the colleges sobbing with their broken hearts.
Over the next week Taani had locked herself up in her room. She was beyond depressed and no one could get her out. Swayam tried a million times, Rey begged for her forgiveness, Sharon banged on her door begging to talk, Simmi pleaded her, and Vicky tried to bribe her. But she wouldn't listen to anyone. That is till Shivam tried.
Shivam-Taani, open the door.
Taani-Shivam they have all tried, go away!
Shivam-Taani, if you do not come out I swear to god I will break the door down.
Taani-no you won't!
Shivam-try me! 1. . . 2. . .3
But before he could do anything Taani opened the door. Shivam was happy, but his happiness faded when he saw how pale she looked.
Shivam-have you eaten for the past 5 days?
Taani-just some snacks
Shivam-what about a proper meal?
Taani shook her head.
Shivam-that's it we're getting some food into you!
Taani-Shivam no!
Shivam-no saying no. Come On.
He hoisted her over his shoulder and started carrying her to the canteen. They were greeted by many stares. But they didn't care. Taani was finally smiling and laughing again.
Taani-Shivam if you put me down, I swear I will eat *while laughing*
Shivam suddenly stopped and put Taani down.
But Taani saw that he was staring behind her and she turned to look. She regretted it immediately.
But Taani held her hand up.
Taani-I'm actually glad I saw you, because now I can tell you to find a new date for the dance because I am not going with you.
Rey-Taani please listen to me.
Taani-no Rey, I mean Reyaansh,  I will not listen to you.
Rey-you've never called me Reyaansh, even when you first met me.
Taani-back then I didn't know you were going to be such a huge lying jerk did I Reyaansh?
Rey-Taani, please don't do this. I'm sorry.
Taani-I'm also sorry, I'm sorry for ever trusting you. But actually Sharon was right. I should have broken up with you when I got the chance. Well here it is. We are done Reyaansh Singhania and I want you OUT of my life.
Rey-Taani you don't want to do this. I know you don't.
Taani-I don't, but your actions have forced me to.
Rey-Give me a chance Taani.
Taani-I gave you many chances, but it's over Reyaansh.
She was about to walk away but she turned to face Rey again.
Taani-and don't worry about the dance for me. I have another date.
Taani-*hesitates* Shivam, I'm going with Shivam.
Shivam stares at her. Taani grabbed his hand and dragged him away. Rey was left, broken.
Taani-sorry Shivam, but I needed to say someone's name.
Shivam-it's okay. But do you need a date, because I do.
Taani-yes! Thanks so much Shivam!
She hugged Shivam. She was so glad to have a friend like him. Meanwhile with Swayam. He was in the basketball court, then Simmi came in not watching where she was going and banged right into him.
Simmi-oh god Swayam! I'm so sorry, I didn't see where I was going!
Swayam-chill Simmi, it's okay!
Simmi-I'm sorry, today is just not my day!
Swayam-what's wrong?
Simmi-it's Sharon. She has been crying to me all day and all night. But if she was so in love with you then shouldn't have cheated on you. I just can't take it anymore.
Swayam-Oh I'm sorry!
Simmi-don't be. It's not your fault she is a drama queen, and on top of all of this I don't even have a date for the dance yet.
Simmi started to walk away, but Swayam stopped her.
Swayam-wait! Do you want to be my date?
Simmi-umm Swayam. . . are you sure?
Swayam-yes, I mean we both need one!
Simmi-if you're sure. Then great.
Simmi-thank you!
They all trained for the dance competition. Then came that night. They all line up in their pairs. All the girls looked gorgeous in their dresses. Both ReYam couldn't take their eyes of ShaNi.
Taani's Dress" /> 

Sharon's Dress" />

Taani & Shivam stood together and Taani looked to Rey and Sharon. When Rey caught her eyes she looked away? Rey and Sharon stood together and they both looked at Taani and Swayam. Swayam stood with Simmi and looked at Sharon. But when she looked back he looked away. As the song started they all started dancing.
( IMAGINE THIS- At The beginning Shanaya & Jeet are Taani and Shivam. Rohan & Tanya are Rey & Sharon. Abhi & Shruti are Swayam & Simmi. But when Abhi & Shanaya are dancing then it is Sharon & Swayam. When Tanya and Rohan are dancing it is Taani & Rey.)
At the end of the song Taani ended up in Rey's arms, and Sharon in Swayam's arms. SwaRon just stood there looking into each other's eyes. While TaaRey were looking into each other's eyes, Taani started to get dizzy so she pushed Rey away. She tried to walk out, but she was to dizzy to see where she was going. Soon enough she was on the floor, unconscious. Everyone rushed towards her. Swayam picked her up and carried her to the Nurse's office.
The next day Taani woke up and realised that she was in the Nurse's office. She saw Sharon sitting beside her.
Taani-what's going on? Why are you here?
Sharon-well if my best friend just happened to faint in front of my eyes, for no apparent reason I will freak out and worry.
Taani-where's bhai?
Sharon-training. He wanted to be here, but I told him that the race is more important.
Taani-so he got in!
Sharon-he, Shivam, Simmi,  and Rey. You, me, Kria and Vicky are out.
Taani-how did you get out?
Sharon-I ran away from Swayam. . .
Sharon-forget that, why did you faint?
Nurse-I can answer that!
They both looked at the nurse. But the news they got shocked the life out of them. Swayam was the only other person told. But that was after the final race between ReYam, where Swayam and Rey had won (this time Rey had actually won, Swayam didn't slow down). No one knew what had happened to Taani after Vicky's outburst at the awards assembly. All they know is that she left with Swayam and Sharon.


Their principal was dying so they all met up again. The first ones to arrive were Kria, Shivam, Vicky and Simmi. They all greeted each other, whether they were happy greetings only they would know. While they waited for the other 4 members of their gang, they all remembered the different times they had during their last year at St. T's. Suddenly they found that Rey had also came. He hugged all of them.
Rey-how is he?
Simmi-he is bad.
Vicky-they say he doesn't have much time left!
Rey-who else is here?
Shivam-just us 5 so far
Rey-so they aren't here?
Simmi-not yet!
Rey sighed. It had been 10 years. 10 full years since he had seen his best friends and the love of his life. They were all just talking when the elevator door pinged open. Out came Swayam and Sharon Shekhawat. Sharon ran and hugged Simmi as soon as she saw her.
Simmi-oh I missed you so much!
Sharon-me too!
Simmi-guess what?
Simmi-I had a daughter!
Sharon-OMG really! What's her name? Show me a picture!
Simmi-1 second! Here she is!
Sharon-oh god, she is a doll! What's her name?
Simmi-I'm kidding! Her name is Sanya!
Sharon-bitch! She is adorable. So what is going on?
Simmi-Kria is on to her 3rd husband, so keep Swayam away from her.
Sharon-I have to keep her away from Rey. Today is the day.
Rey-the day of what!
ShaRey hugged.
Rey-so where is she?
Sharon-she's coming!
Then the elevator pinged again and out walked a beautiful lady. Rey's jaw dropped. She looked more beautiful than ever.
???-What bhai gets all the hugs, but I get nothing?
Simmi and Shivam went and attacked her with hugs.
Shivam-god Taani, I missed you so much!
Taani-you too Shivam!
Simmi-okay move, I want to hug her too!
Taani-there is enough of me to go around.
???-mama, I'm hungry
They all turned and saw a young 9 year old girl standing there. She was the complete replica of Taani, except with a pair of eyes. The exact same eyes as a guy who had captured many hearts 10 years ago. Rey stood in shock.
Rey thinking-Taani has a child? This must mean she is married! How could she do this to me? I still love her so much!
Taani-everyone I want you to meet my daughter Simmi.
Simmi-you named her after me!
Taani-no, I named her after my best friend. Her full name is Simran Sneha Shekhawat.
Taani looked around as everyone else aw-ed over her daughter, but the person she wanted to see wasn't there. Sharon caught her look and understood.
Sharon-come one Sim, I'll take you to get some food.
Sim (Taani's daughter)-thank you Aunty.
Sharon-god I sound so old
Everyone laughed as Taani sneaked out of the building. She went down and found the person she was looking for.
Taani-so you're just going to avoid me.
Rey-you left, without telling me.
Taani-you broke my heart.
Rey-I tried to beg, you never listened.
Taani-you know that will never be enough!
She turned to walk, but was stopped by a strong grip around her wrist.
Rey-who's the father?
Taani-Rey, let go.
Rey-I asked you a question!
Taani-Rey, you're hurting me! Please let go!
Rey-answer me DAMMIT!
Swayam-let her go!
Swayam came up to them and pushed Rey away. Rey pushed him back. They started to shout at each other. They started to throw punches. Taani got really upset now.
Swayam pushed Rey away.
Swayam-She is nine, turning 10 soon. You do the math you bas***d.
Rey stood there in shock, and pieced the puzzle together. He looked from Taani to Swayam.
Rey-she. . . she is mine.
Sharon come running down with Sim and the rest. She saw Swayam's bleeding lip and rushed to him.
Sharon-what the hell happened?
Swayam-Rey just found out that he has a daughter.
Gang (minus TaaRey & SwaRon)-WHAT?!?!?
Kria-you mean
Simmi-Simmi is
Shivam-Rey and
Vicky-Taani's daughter.
Taani looked from them to Rey, but Rey had already started walking away.
Taani-you're going to walk away.
Rey-you haven't needed me for the past 10 years, why would you need me now?
Taani-Are you mad? Do I need you? Of course I need you. I love you, I have loved you since the day you asked me out. I will always love you. You are the father of my daughter. Every day that I kept this secret killed me, I wanted to tell you.
Rey-Why didn't you tell me?
Taani-When I first saw you on TV, you were so happy. I couldn't take that happiness away from you. Both bhai and Sharon told me to tell you. But I couldn't, I didn't know whether you would be happy with a family. I couldn't see you unhappy
Rey-Well it's a bit late. You have made me very unhappy, by keeping my daughter away from he. Don't you understand. I want you in my life, I need you in my life. I died every day that we have been apart. I love you Taani Shekhawat. More than anything in the world. The mistakes I made 10 years ago, were the worst mistakes of my life. But I don't want to make any more mistakes. I want my family. I want my daughter, I want to be your husband. So I have been planning this for a long time. I was planning to land up on your door step one day and ask you this question.
Rey went down on one knee and pulled out a box from his jacket. Taani's eyes widened.
Rey-Taani Shekhawat will you make me the happiest man alive and marry me?
Taani-did you even have to ask?
Taani ran towards him and engulfed him in a tight hug. He lifted her and spun me around. They pulled away and kissed each other lightly. They put their foreheads against each other and pecked each other's lips lightly.
Taani-were you really going to randomly show up and propose?
Rey-and I wouldn't take no as an answer.
Taani-like it would ever be my answer!
Rey pecked her lips again.
Taani-Sim, come here dear.
She brought Sim to Rey.
Taani-Sim, meet your father Reyaansh Singhania.
Sim-Oh. My. God. My father is the Reyaansh Singhania. I can't wait to tell Tara and Pooja.
Rey hugged the little girl.
Rey-forget about telling you can show them when you and your mother come on tour with me.
Taani-hello young lady, you have school!
Rey-who cares about school when you have a Rockstar father?
Taani-we haven't even been engaged 10 minutes and you are already corrupting my daughter!
Rey-*whispers in Taani's ears* and just wait till we're married, I will corrupt you every night so we can make more children.
Taani blushed bright red, and Rey gave her a wet kiss on her cheek.
Swayam-I'm still here!
Taani-yes, and is there something you want to tell Rey.
Swayam-welcome to the family dude!
ReYam hugged and Rey picked up his daughter. They all walked back. Reunited as friends, family and lovers.


Hope you liked it!!!

Check out my new D3 Gang FF- Dil Dosti Dhammal. First 2 chapters are up!

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puzzles. IF-Sizzlerz

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Oh My God dii!! I sooo LOVED it!!! I am so speechless!! That SOTY fanfiction in the D3 way was like AWESOME!!!! Haye!! Can't tell you how much I loved it!!! 

Please please please do write more and please plesae please do pm me about them!! can't miss ur works!! <3<3

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miss_neha IF-Rockerz

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Heyyy awesome ff, the ending was really good too, just one thing, before the proposal bit, it says abhi, shanaya, n anjali, u forgot to change the names 

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mymy_taarey Senior Member

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Originally posted by miss_neha

Heyyy awesome ff, the ending was really good too, just one thing, before the proposal bit, it says abhi, shanaya, n anjali, u forgot to change the names 

oops thanks for telling me Tongue

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