The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College


The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College
The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College

KiSha OS-Tum Hi Ho

--Akshu-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 April 2013 at 3:24am | IP Logged
Random OS  too bored so just writing any crap!
First attempt on KiSha
Written on other couples too:
KriYaansh OS-Tum Hi Ho-
RaHi OS-Tum Hi Ho-
SwaRon(TanHa) OS-Tum Hi Ho-
Kiya and KD were in 10th,they were in different school but same tution!
Tution day:
 They never liked eachother,actually they din't care abt eachother only!
KD was sad as his girlfriend was sad with him,she fought with him!
He was sitting on the last bench where the entrance was!there were two rows in the class!
Kiya entered n looked at him,he too looked at her but both ignored eachother n Kiya went n she sat on the oppsiote row ka third bench!Each row had only 5 tables!
KD was waiting for Riya,his GF,to cum,she came also she looked at him n she was going to go when he stood made her sit in his place n wet on his knees!
Note:different schools were there over there it was a mixed skul tution)
Riya screamt,"WHAT THE HELLAngryAngry"
everyone turned towards them!
When Kiya turns n sees this she was shocked cuz KD was a egoistic ladka joh pehle sory kabhi nahi bolega!
KD gave her red roses which where her favourite n caught his ears n in a cute way he said ,"SORRY"
Kiya without realising that she was too loud says,"SOOO CUTEEE"
every1 including KD looks at her,she turns back as she din't want to see anything!
everyone esp his school mates start laughing cuz expecting something from KD,like this was unbelivable n abnormal!
Class got over Riya without listening to KD goes away n his schoolmates still din't forget the joke!
Kiya passed by him n she started walking to go back home!
KD just turned n ran towards her n went n stood in font of her,Kiya stopped!
KD din't  know how to say it,"ii...mmm Thank you!"
she looked at him in shock,"WHAT?"
he again says,"Thank you"
"Par kyu?"she asked in shock
"Listen just keep the thank you okkk pehle hi life main kisi ko thank you bol raha hoon"He said getting back his egoistic behaviour
"okkk fine"Kiya replied calmly!
KDcooled down n bit n says,"Actually ur the only one who din't laugh on the rose n sorry thing u found it cute so thanx for not laughing"
"It was cute the way u said it,today there are many less boys who do this,n wait a min u have never said THANK YOU????means i was right abt u,ur quite egoistic"She asked laughing!
"YUP,never said thank you,wait a min did u just call me ego..."before he culd complete
Kiya completes it,"isticLOLLOLLOLLOLshe starts laughing!,"ur too weird naaa?she continued!
"Ya"he replied!both laughed Kiya started walking she turned behind n waved a good bye,he too waved!
That day Kiya Gujral and Keshav Desai became friends!
in 1 weeks they had their boards!they boards also got over!
KiSha had become very good friends by that tym!but still Riya had not forgiven him!
their results came out they went to the same college n they had becum best friends till that tym!
Riya too was in the same college!
One dayy:
KD came to the canteen where Kiya was sitting alone n talking on the phone
he came n sat next to her  said Kiya yaaar Riya abhi bhi baat nahi kar rahi hain"
Kiya said,"you really want her back????"
KD replies,"Yaaa i miss her kuch kar na"
"KD,IDEA,try to get her back"says Kiya getting up
KD also gets up n slaps her on her head n says,"Meri Miss intelligentcia mujhe toh pata hi nahi tha,main toh soch raha tha ki main tujhe kaise apne pass lao"saying this he pulls her close!
Kiya hits him n moves behind!
KD again says,"obvio pata hain I need to get her back par kaise????"
"Make her feel special"She says!
"Tu maddat karegi naaa???"he says like he can't do anything without her!
"nahi nahi tum koun ho?????rastein ke lafange????main kyu maddat karu tumari???obvio yaar main nahi karungi toh koun karega???"She says!
He opes his arms n asks for a hug,she refuses as if Riya will see then she will think sumthign else!
But he pulls her n hugs her cuz he din't care!EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
they made may attempts but all failed infact during all this Kiya even fell for KD but she knew he loved Riya!
There was a party given by KD where he invited all his friends including Riya n Riya cam cuz Kiya forced her to cum!
KD took his guitar  started singing!
Song-Batameez Dil from yeh jawani hain deewani
(I'm not detail main discussing the song)

Paan me pudina dekhaa, naak ka nagina dekha..
Chikni chameli dekhi, chiknaa kamina dekha..
Jaan-e-jigar hoke cheat kiya..
to sare tare bole, gilli gili aa..

He walks aroud Riya takes her n twirls her but Riya releases her hand from his n goes n stands somewhere else!

Ispe bhoot koi chadha hai, thehrna jaane na'
Ab to Kya bura kya bhala hai, fark pehchane na'
Zid pakad ke khada hai kambakht, chodna jane na..
Badtameez Dil, badtameez dil, battameez dil mane na, mane naYe jo haal hai, sawaal hai,

After Riya goes he goes to Kiya catches her hand hits his shoulder on her shoulder
pulls her close n starts dacing with her he twirls her brings her back to him but the full time Kiya was looking at Riya! 
kamaal hai..Jane na, jane na..
Badtameez Dil, badtameez dil, battameez dil mane na'
he goes to other girls dances with them n then he slips on his knees n goes in front of Kiya like he is trying to propose her!Kiya takes his hand n takes him inside!
"Are u mad????tu mujhe impress karna chahtha hain ki Riya ko???"She says in a hyper mood!
"main he says going close to her n stops n continues,"main toh tujhe impress karna chahtha hoo meri Kiyu"n he again hits her shoulder with his
Kiya who was so angry finally there was a smile on her face
"Ur mad n hey,Kiyu not in public yeh toh tu  tabhi bolege when we are alone"she says!
"Okkk waise yeh gana Riya ke liye tha hi nahi it was for you,n main yeh apna last attempt karne jaa raha hoon I am gng to propose her but agar usne ab manna kar diya toh I dnt care"saying this he goes,Kiya follows him!
Before KD could do anything,the lights go off n Riya comes n stands in front of Rey n the spotlight was on them!
Riya says,"I know we love eachother from 10th par woh jhagdei ke baad I was too pissed with you tumne college main bhi bahout try kiya aj bhi try kiya but i never listened to  aj tumne mujhe jealous karne ke liye Kiya ke sath..."
"Woh tumhein jealous karne ke liye nahi tha,i really did it for Kiya"he replies
He looked at Kiya
Riya continued,"okkk whatever But now I realised i acted like a big jerk sorry KD n I LOVE YOU",saying this she kissed him on his cheeks n hugged him!
As Kiya loved him she couldn't control her tears so she smiled at KD,who was throughout looking at her,she smiled at him n went out from there!
Kiya was on KD's terrace!It was Raining!
Song:Tum Hi Ho From: Aashiqui 2
(Beautiful song,for me this song suits two of my fav couples Kriyaansh and RaHi)
Hum Tere Bin Ab Reh Nahi Sakte
Tere Bina Kya Wajood Mera
Hum Tere Bin Ab Reh Nahi Sakte
Tere Bina Kya Wajood Mera
Tujhse Juda Agar Ho Jaenge
To Khud Se Hi Ho Jaenge Juda
Kiya was feeling the Rain, n remembering her moments with KD
Kyuki Tum Hi Ho
Ab Tum Hi Ho
Zindagi Ab Tum Hi Ho
Chain Bhi Mera Dard Bhi
Meri Aashiqui Ab Tum Hi Ho

She loved Rain!She always wished that her confession of love should be in Rain but she knew she will never be able to love anyone else but KD,but KD loved Riya!
Tera Mera Rishta Hai Kaisa
Ek Pal Dur Gawara Nahi
Tere Liye Her Roz Hai Jeete
Tujko Diya Mera Waqt Sabhi
Koi Lamha Mera Na Ho Tere Bina
Her Sans Pe Naam Tera
She closed her eyes n opened her Arms,the rai drops where falling on her face!
suddenly she hears Rey,"Tujhe barrish bahout pasand haina"?She dosen't turn towards him,but replies,"HA",after that she dosen't say anyting and keeps her arms down!

Tere Liye Hi Jiya Mein
Khud Ko Jo Yun De Diya Hai
Teri Wafa Ne Mujhko Sambhala
Sare Ghumo Ko Dil Se Nikala

Tere Saath Mera Hai Nasseeb Juda
Tujhe Pa Ke Adhura Na Raha

both of them were silent no one spoke Kiya's back was facing towards KD,he walked towards her n first stood next to her n looked at her she did not want to look at him!she knew she would break down any moment!

Kyuki Tum Hi Ho
Ab Tum Hi Ho
Meri Aashiqui Ab Tum Hi Ho
Chain Bhi Mera Dard Bhi
Meri Aashiqui Ab Tum Hi Ho
He went n stood in front of her now she was still looking down,He takes his one hand n cups her one cheek,Kiya moves behind,but KD now takes his other hand  cups her another cheek
Only one question was in Kiya's mind,"why is he doing this????"
he comes closer,more closer he joins his n her heads,Kiya was breathing very fast,they were so close that they could hear eachother's heartbeat's!
Kiya looked up,she was controlling her tears,she saw KD closed her eyes n is moving towards her lips,for a minute she forgot eveything she too closed her eyes!
He came more close to her he was just a inch away from her n he puts his lips on her kissing her passionately Kiya din't know what to do she was shocked,but she too responded she also kissed him passiontely!

Kyuki Tum Hi Ho
Ab Tum Hi Ho
Zindagi Ab Tum Hi Ho
Chain Bhi Mera Dard Bhi
Meri Aashiqui Ab Tum Hi Ho
They break the kiss KD joins his n her heads Kiya's eyes where still closed!
He says,"Kiya I Love You...ya  I LOVE YOU KIYA...,as soon as Kiya hears it she starts crying KD had still cuped her cheeks,now she really could'nt control,she couldn't believe it that he said that!She just hugged him,she was totally into his Arms!She just wanted to cry in his arms n nothing else!
"KD,I LOVE YOU TOOO"saying this both of them hug eachother more tight not ready to leave eachother...
Okkk,I know this was crap But it had bee so long I haden't witten on any of my Fav couples so decided to write one OS on all the couples I like!
sorry for spelling mistakes,if any cuz my keybord is not working properly!
hope youl like it

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-Razzy- IF-Dazzler

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omg this was super cuteHeart
kisha finally togetherDay Dreaming
and that kissDay Dreaming
kiya already loved him , but for his happiness sacrifised her loveBroken Heart
lovely os akshu!!!
do write more on kisha<3

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Aishu_Kisha Goldie

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Wowee!!It was such an adorable OS.
I loved each and every part of this.
Everyone was laughing at him but Kiya found it cute.
KD had never told Thank you to anyone except KiyaShockedEmbarrassed
Kiya fell for KD but knew he loves Riya.Unhappy
Atlast they confessed their love for each other.Day Dreaming
Do write more.

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-PyaariBhootni- IF-Addictz

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awesomee os akshuDay Dreaming
llooovvveeeddd itttBig smileBig smile

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.effervescent. IF-Sizzlerz

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wow Akshu I loved it!!
N tum hi ho is my fav song these days
so KiSha+ Rain + Tum hi ho= Perfect

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WhisperOfDreams IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 April 2013 at 5:34am | IP Logged
this is one awesome OS on kisha...!!
srsly luved it!!
do write more!!
adorable one this...!!

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Ajscinesonadar Goldie

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Smilespr lyk
awesum os loved it

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..WitchGrave.. IF-Rockerz

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Wow awesome os yaar loved it

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