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My OS thread- New OS for Anniversary....Yaadhein on pt 1,2 pg 23 apr 5 (Page 8)

ghsp2fan Goldie

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Posted: 24 July 2013 at 4:40am | IP Logged
Originally posted by spvd

hey dear can u make it like in the title and index?
like OS 1 2 3 and their part numbers and page numbers in the index?
so that none of the updates wont be missed by the future readers...

OS 1
Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahaani...on PG 1
how many parts? page numbers? mention that...

OS 2
behne de Mujhe Behne de
is that the second one?
its part and page numbers...

OS 3
Laga Chunri Mein Daag
part and page numbers...

wow! there's my teacher...
missing you deepa...
thought my threads don't need them as there is a post on every page...
but since this is not a continuous story I'll do my best to keep a track of the stories in the beginning..

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ghsp2fan Goldie

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                                                Part – 3


As they land in Mumbai……Maan comes to atke them…..

He wants to meet the new Geet….fresh from the peaceful journey….

A changed Geet….seeking a new life…..

Not wanting to get back to the cursed life…..

But to his surpise there she stands….with the same attitude….

The same fake smile…..the same careless look…..

Not the least bothered about the so called society…..

But once she saw him her heart stopped beating…….

His eyes still questioning her…..silly girl, are you really happy?

She tries to ignore him…..

But Dadi greets him with a hug…..

Maan: welcome back Dadi, I missed you so much

Dadi: me too bete

Maan: so, how was the journey?

Dadi: really good, you missed it Maan, haina Geet?

Geet is speechless…..

He is her grandson, no wonder he behaved like that that night……

So he was really worried about her….but why?

Why does he want to stop her?

Why does he want to help her?

Just b'coz he is also a part of that NGO….

Maybe he also wants to help us like Dadi….

But she had never seen him at the NGO office before…

Only at the parties…

Dadi also said that he has only time for his business…..

Geet is confused…..

They both stand there staring each other….

Dadi: Geet, yahi hummare pothe hai

Geet doesn't respond……

Dadi smiles looking at her staring Maan not even bothering about Dadi'd introduction….

Dadi: lagtha hai aap unkko pehle hi jaanthe hai, toh Maan bete aap Geet ko chodkke aayiye, hum taxi lekhe jaathe hai, aur haan hummara saman ko lekhe aayiyega

Maan didn't hear a word….

Geet: Dadi, mein chali jaaongi

Dadi: hare, aap Maan ke saath jayiye, bye Geet

Dadi leaves….

Geet tries to leave on her own….

Maan stares…she stops automatically….

Maan snatches the luggage from her hand and walks….

Geet Dadi ki bag lekhe usskke peeche hi bhaagthi…..

Geet: woh mere samaan hai

Maan turns back…..

Maan: mujhe patha hai

So he wants her to come with him…but why?

Geet: hare, rukho

Maan puts her bags in the car….

Geet keeps Dadi's things inside and tries to take her belongings….

Maan shuts the door angrily almost smashing her fingers….

Luckily she withderw in time….

Maan opens the front door for her…

She can't do anything but to obey him…

She gets in….Maan slams the door……

He gets in and starts driving….

The car just gains speed every minute and he is driving crazily….

Geet: mujhe aaj hi marna nahi hai

Maan: aaise jeene se marna achcha hai

Geet: kya? tum kaun hothe ho ye mujhe bathanewale?

Maan: tumme kuch samaj nahi aatha toh kissi na kissi ko toh samjaana padega haina?

Geet: tumme kya lagtha? Mein bachi hoon? Mein sab samajthi hoon

Maan: haan haan, patha hai tum bahut samajdaar ho, zaroorat se kuch zyada hi samajdaar ho, yahi teri problem hai

Geet: kya?,

Geer gets angry……ye samajthe kya apne aapko? Koi bagwaan?

Geet turns and looks outside….

They are heading in the wrong way…..

Ye mujhe kidanap toh nahi kar raha haina?

Geet: tum mujhe kahan lekhe jaa rahe ho? gadhi rokho

Maan: nahi rokh saktha

Geet: toh mein yahan se kudh jaoongi

Maan: try karkke dekho

Maan has locked the door…..

Geet tries hard to open it….

Maan: koi faida nahi, aaj toh tumme mere baat ko sunna hi padega

Geet: mujhe tummari koi baat nahi sunna, gadhi rokho

She tries to stop the car….

She pulls the steer ring….

Maan tries hard to control the car….

Koi faida nahi….

The car hits a tree and stops …

They have come far away from the city…..

Maan gets really angry….

Maan: tum samajthi kay apne aapko?

He gets down and pulls her out of the car….

She tries to run away….

But Maan catches hold of her and dargs her deep inside the trees….

Geet: tum mujhe kya karnewale ho? tum aaise kaise zabardasthi kar sakthe ho? chodo mujhe, mujhe jaana hai, bachooo, koi mujhe bachaooo

Maan closes her mouth….: chup….bikkul chup…..

Maneet eyelock……

Geet sees that he is in pain…..he is hurt…..but why?

She is the one who should be hurt…..

Geet finally breaks down…..

She starts to cry….

Geet: tum kya chahathe ho?

Maan rubs off the tears that run down her cheeks…..

Maan: mein bas tummare asoo pochna chahatha

Geet: kyun?

Maan: patha nahi

Geet rests on his shoulders and cries her heart out…..

Maan doesn't stop her….let her cry……

Let her relieve the pain off her heart….let her vent her hidden feelings that she had buried deep down her heart……after all she is also a human……

Suddenly Geet realizes that she is becoming weak…which she hates….

She pushes him off….

Geet: tum kyun aaisa kar rahe ho?

She becomes suspicious…..

Maan: mein tummara madat karna chahatha hoon Geet

Geet: par kyun? Meinne tumse kabhi madat manga hai kya?

Maan: tum mujhe samajthi kyun nahi?

Geet: mein toh kudh ko hi nahi samaj payi, tujhe kaise samaj sakthi?

Maan: mujhe dekho Geet, mere aakhon mein dekho

Geet looks at his eyes…..

Maan: kya tumme lagtha nahi ki ye aankhen tumme kuch kehna chahathe hai?

Geet: nahi, ye toh hamesha mujhe pareshaan karthe hai, dar lagtha hai inse

Maan: kabhi tumne socha hai kyun?

Geet: nahi, mujhe tumse koi lena dena nahi

Maan: joot

Geet: nahi

Maan: haan, mujhe sach patha hai Geet, aur tummare aankhon mein sachhayi saaf saaf dikhtha hai

Geet: tum kya jadugar ho?

Maan: haan, mein tummare aankhon pad saktha hoon

Geet runs from there….

Maan runs and catches her……

Maan: Geet, tum mujhse nahi kudh se bhaag rahi ho

Geet: choda mujhe

Maan: nahi chod saktha…..nahiii chod saktha…

Maan shouts at the top of his voice…..

He feels so helpless and completely frustrated by her attitude….

Issko kaise samjaaon?

His voice echos from the tress…

Geet: tum kyun mujhe pareshaan karthe ho? aakhir tumme kya chahiye?

Maan: mein tumse shadhi karna chahatha hoon

Geet is terrified…..

Then she bursts out laughing…..: ek aur Romeo….

Maan: kyun hasthe ho?

Geet: toh, tumme mujhse pyaar ho gaya?

Maan: haan, mein tumse pyaar kartha hoon

Geet smiles sarcastically…..

Geet: toh tum majhnu ho?

She continuous her uncontrollable laughter….

Geet: par mein koi laila nahi, samje?

Maan: Geet, I'm serious

Geet: tummara pyaar andha hai

Maan: haan, pyaar andha hi hotha hai

Geet: lekhin jiss din tummare aankhen khulenge uss din tum mujhse nafrat karoge

Maan:par meinne kab kaha ki mera pyaar andha hai, mein tummare barein mein sab kuch jaantha hoon Geet, mere aankhen khuli hai, mein sab dekh saktha hoon, issiliye toh tumse pyaar kartha hoon

Geet: par mujhe kissi se shadhi nahi karni, suna tumne, meijhe koi shadhi nahi karni, mujhe kissi ki saath ki zaroorat nahi hai, dhoor raho mujhse, mein apna khyaal rakh sakthi, tummari madat ki koi zaroorat nahi, samje

So saying she steadily walks to the car….

Maan follows her silently…..

She takes her bag and keeps moving….

Maan keeps staring at her….

She takes a lift and vanishes from his sight…..

She returns to her home….

All are happy to see her back…..

She is bombarded with questions…..

Itne din kahan gayi thi?

Koi naya client mil gaya hai kya?

Lagtha hai bahut paisonwala hai?

Kahan lekhe gaya? Simla? Manali?

At her home….

Her little sister runs and hugs her….

Geet is shocked to see her there….

Geet: tum yahan kya kar rahi ho?

Sis: didi, mein tumse milne aayi hoon, kitne din ke badh tum laut rahi ho?

Geet: meinne kitne bar mana kiya hai tumme yahan aane se?

Sis: ye mera bhi ghar hai

Geet slaps her….

Geet: ek bar kehthi toh samaj mein nahi aatha? Ye tera ghar nahi hai, samji?

Adi just comes….

Adi: Geet, usse kyun marthi ho? meinne hi ussko laya tha, ussko kuch nahi hoga, mein hoona?

Geet: Adi,tum issko yahan kyun laya?

Adi: woh tumme dekhna chahathi thi, tumse kuch baat karna chahathi thi

Geet: aaise bhi kya zaroori baat hai

Adi shows her a certificate…..

Adi: tummari behen state first aayi hai, chess mein, kya woh apne kushi apne bahen ke saath paat nahi sakthi?

Geet feels very bad for beating her little sister….

She goes and hugs her….

Geet: mujhse naraaz ho?

Sis: nahi didi, tumse kaise naraaz ho sakthi?

Geet: pehle kyun nahi bathaya? Mein bahut kush hoon, aakhir behen kisski hai?

Adi: toh tum log batein karo, mein badh mein aatha hoon

Adi leaves…..

Geet's sister jumps on her bag and opens it….

Geet: kya kar rahi ho?

Sis: mere liye kya layi ho?

Geet: tummare liye kuch kithaab layi hoon

Sis: kya?

Geet: haan, ye lo

Sia: didi….aur kuch nahi milla tujhe?

she is very disappointed….

Geet smiles: …..

Sis: ye kisske liye hai

She gets out the new dress, chumkka and other goodies from the bag…..

Everything that a girl needs to look good…

Geet: ye mere liye hai, tumme isski koi zaroorat nahi, samji?

Sis looks disappointed….Geet is always biased when it comes to girl stuff….

Hamesha achcha samaan apne liye rakhthi aur mujhe sirf ye salwaar hi kyun?

Pehle toh Geet se ladhthi thi, aur ussko swarthy kehthi thi

Tum issiliye aaise karthi hai kyunki ye tera paisa haina?

Dekho ek din mein bhi kamakke apne liye achche kapde kareedhoongi

When Geet asks what will she get her….she replies… nothing for her selfish sister….

But as she grew older and got to know the facts she understood her sister's concerns…

Geet: chal ek do tum bhi rakh sakthi ho

Her sis begins to choose…

Sis: ye mere liye hai, aur ye bhi

Geet: teek hai teek hai

Sis: didi, ye kya hai?

She takes out a small Ganesha statue……she is surprised…..

Geet never believes in God…He had never been kind to her….

Dadi gifted it to her…..

If it was another day she would have thrown it out of the window…

And also this Maan out of her world….

She won't give up her work for any MSK or for a well settles family of her own…

She is not the only Geet, there are thousands of them….one MSK won't make a difference…

She would be more than happy if she could help a few hundred Geets to get out of this mess…

Rather than running for her own life….why can't a woman succeed on her own…why she needs a man always……

Next day she herself calls him and tells him…..

Yes, I like you or perhaps love you….

The best I can do is not to sleep with you for then you won't stand out, you will be one among them, which I don't want you to be….

You want to help me, OK, the best way is to stay away from me….

For when I see you my inner conscience which I had put to a long sleep all these years awakens….

Maan acknowledges this as her love for him and stays away…

There was no sign of her either…

Yet when dadi fell sick she came to help her…

At the hospital….

The doctor stops her…

Dr: tum yahan?

Dadi: Geet bete, rukh kyun gaye? Andar aayiye

Geet: gabrao mat, mein yahan tumse milne nahi apne Dadi se milne aayi hoon

The Dr starts sweating profusely…

Ye Savitherji ki pothi hai….

Immediately he gives way…

Maan toh bahut kush hai….kam se kam ye rishtha toh mansoor hai….

And he is proud that he loves his sherni…..

He starts helping her indirectly….

This is one ending of our Geet's story…

This is reality….but wait for a bollywood ending…..agle part mein….

After reading both the endings just tell me which one you like…..

The other end goes like this…….

Geet looks at her Ganesha….should she get rid of him now….

But she can't do ti now…..though she doesn't believe in that stone she respects Dadi….

She keeps it on her table…..hoping that this stone would turn into a God oneday seeing her miseries….her Ganesha would perfrom some magic so that she starts to believe that he is not a mere stone……

I sincerely believe in HIM………God helps those who help themselves…..

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awesome  update

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lizzy84 IF-Dazzler

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Awesome update di( can I call u that )Clap
Actually me too  small to understand such a sensitive issue LOL
still hats off to u to Clap
Write about something u cannot relate with u really need guts for thatClap
Here geet's character carries a diffi aura around herBig smile
And Maan well tough to predict LOL
Awesome job Clap
Do continue soonBig smile
Will wait Big smile
Love aanyaBig smile

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spvd IF-Addictz

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OS 3 Laga chunri part 2
Geet is so selfless...
but she has faced so much...

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OS 3 Laga chunri part 3
last part
awesome dear...
loved both the endings but the second one of she thinking to give a chance to live life with Maan was nice...

PS - Teacher? hahaha...

its page 8 dear...

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