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My OS thread- New OS for Anniversary....Yaadhein on pt 1,2 pg 23 apr 5 (Page 6)

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Originally posted by suhaaana

Spark hatred lust and a bit of laga chunri me daag movie clips reminding me...

this is new and u justified it.. I am eager to read this.. Please if its possible do make a index and update soon...
Index on pg 1 dear...

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Originally posted by aanya84

Still reeling out of shock u write so well
I loved geet's rowdy attitude in apkgk( Ajab prem)
And Maan was awesome too but geet stole my heart

Loved behne de os missing ghsp
Love their sweet and unconditional love story

And and and I m speechless about laga chunri me Daag salute too u to write such a story 
Feel very proud when hear or read such stories u really need guts to write about something like this 

Waiting for u next work
Love aanya 
I was reluctant to wirte on this, glad you all like this...

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Originally posted by 6n6s6k6i6r6a6n6

wonderful OS...Laga Chunri mein daag...

please continue it...ur style of writing in this is also changed...

I will suggest u to make it as FF...
FF? hmm...
as I said this is not my cup of tea...
I don't know anything about this Geet...
i'm afraid I would hurt someone's sentiments...
this is just my wild imagination...

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                                                Part – 2


Though Maan is very angry he can't just ignore this girl like others….

She fascinates him more as he tries to know her more….

He is already half crazy on this girl and now he is erally gone mad about her…..

Najane iss ladhkki mein aaisi kya baat hai?

Mein kyun itna bechain ho jaatha hoon jab bhi usskke barein mein sochtha hoon?

Mein ussko kyun rokhna chahatha hoon?

Aakhir kya ho raha hai mujhe?

Ye toh Maan ka hi faisla tha….

Par ussko nahi laga ki ye sach mein kissi ladhki ko itna chahane lagega….

After his bitter experience with sameera he had shut the doors of his heart forever….

Maan sits there thinking about the past week….

Sab kuch itna jaldhi jaldhi kaise ho gaya?

It was just an insiant thought that flashed on his mind and he never knew that he would get this far….had he not met this girl he would not have taken this seriously…….

Maan's Dadi savithri Devi is a social worker….

She is always busy helping the needy and the less fortunate….

Not everyone is so fortunate like the khuranas….

She had ben involved in this work for almost 2 decades…..

Her husband introduced her to this…..

He used to help poor lads get educated… poor girls get married…..

She used to accompany him to such marriages….

They regarded him like their God…..

After he passed away she wanted to carry his work….

Business was taken over by her son and later by Maan….

But this social commitment was not there in either of them….

Not that they are money minded……but it's only that they took their business way too seriously that they had little time even for the family….

Dadi strictly wants Maan to be present for dinner everynight so that she can spend some time with him….else both find no time to share a word as both are busy…..

At the dinner time Dadi used to narrate her experiences and her different charity works….

Off late Dadi had joined hands with this NGO….."LET US LIVE" …..

This is some organization working for the S** workers and their children….

Dadi had even visited their place a couple of times which Maan doesn't like as much…..

Dadi had a lot of painful stories…though Maan was the least interested he had to lend an ear to those stories as he respected Dadi so much……

Dadi was so moved and she wanted to do more for them…..

Dadi: Maan bete, humme bhi kuch karna chahiye

Maan: hum kar rahe haina Dadi? Aap chahe toh mein agle mahine se donations ko double kartha hoon

Dadi: baat paison ki nahi hai bete

Maan: Dadi, mein jaantha hoon ki aap unkke liye kitna feel kar rahe hai, lekhin Dadi aajkal kaun itna sab kuch kartha hai? aap already bahut kuch kar arhe hai

Dadi: aap samaj nahi sakthe Maan, humme toh ye baat bahut pareshaan kar raha hai

Maan: mujhe bhi abhut afssos hai dadima, par aap itne tension mat lijiye, aapko apni health ka bhi dhyaan rakhna chahiye

Aaisa hi DAdi ka pareshaani badtha jaatha….

Maan wants to do something for her…..

One day….

Maan: accha Dadi, kal mein aapke saath aana chahatha hoon

Dadi is surprised……

Dadi: kahan bete?

Maan: woh uss NGO ka koi rehabilitation centre haina?

Dadi: kya? aapka kaam?

Maan:  mere liye aapse bada koi kaam ho saktha hai kya?

Dadi: are you sure you want to come?

Maan: yes Dadi, I want to see what impressed you so much

Dadi is happy….

Dadi: teek hai bete, hum kal subha chakthe hai

That's how Maan got to know Geet…..

That's where he met her first, not at the party….

He lost himself to her at the very moment he saw her….

Her simple and pleasing personality gained his attention …..

Meorover he thought that hse worked for the NGO…..

He was surprised at her commitment to such a service at such a young age….

He liked that very much…..

Seems to be a special character…..

His first impression of Geet was shaken when he saw her at Rahul's party….

He was totally astonished to see her in that avatar….

That simple girl has vanished and there stood a over revealing galm doll….

Where is her innocence? What happened to her natural unadulterated serene beuty that captivated him that day……

Maan is disappointed to know that she not someone speciasl but one among those girls…..

Maybe she came there seeking help…..

But her conduct doesn't reveal any form of guilt or regret……

She is actually enjoying it…..

What a contrast to her first impressions…..

So the eyes often deceive us…it's better not to judge someone by the looks….

Maan cursed himself for thinking so high of her….

She is not even better than Sameera….even worse……

How could he fall for those deceiving innocent eyes….that too for a second time…..

Though he wanted to forget her he couldn't….

After a couple of days he met her in another party….

This time he can't totally ignore her…..

There was somnthing that pulled him towards her…..

Some invisible force acting on him…..he doesn't believe in destiny….

But he could not stop gazing her…..

His intuitions told him that she isn't what she pretends to be….

There is something hidden behind that loud smile…..

He starts stalking her for he doesn't want to hire someone for spying her….

It would damage his reputation….

MSK interested in such a girl?

Moreover he himself wants to know about her…..

Moreover she is so complicated that even MSK got confused…..

Then he discovers her story….

The story of a girl born and brought up in a family of S** workers….

Her mother had resisted and almost waged a war single handedly before succumbing to her surroundings…..

But she wanted Geet to study and get out of that hell……

She kept going though she hated it just for her daughter….

And eventually lost her life to that deadly disease, a gift from her profession….

Geet continued her ecucation till she was also pulled into this business…..

With no one to support her she had to take up this job….

Watching her mother suffer and her surroundings made her tough even at a tender age….

She knew her fate very early and instead of cursing her fate and taking this job with all hatred, she took it as a challenge, with a strange willingness, without any regrets……

If this is where her destiny is why should she fight against it for she knows that it's only going to hurt her more and there is no escape whatsoever…..

She wanted to convert her weakness into her strength…..she considered her beauty as an asset….

She uses her knowledge to keep herself safe and create awareness amongst her people……

She educates them about their safety and the use of protection…..she doesn't want another girl to lose her mother like her…..

Her willingness in her job unlike the others made her the hot favourite and she decides to take advantage of it….

Soon she started dealing on her own with assistance from her childhood friend Adi….

Though Adi doesn't like this he is also enslaved by his surroundings and birth….

They made contacts with the VVIPs who were ready to do pay ransom for her….

Geet became independent by now and her acquaintance with a local politician freed her from the trouble makers who started fearing her….

Using his influence Geet started her mission to help the children get out of this place first….

As long as they are here there is no future for them except this damn shit..

She came to know about this NGO and helped them rescuing girls who were abcucted from the outside world and pawned here…..these were the worst affected as they consider this to be a sin….not like Geet and the others who are used to it….though they also know that it's bad they got used to this when they knew that this is their life…..

Geet too felt guilty for the first few days but after repeated assaults her body became numb and her soul stopped crying…….she got used to it…..

She requested the NGO people to start a residential school for the children and with the help of that local; politician she had finally fulfilled her dream….

A school for the children far from their homes and its impurities…..

Now they have a clean environment…..

She also had little resistance from the brokers and others as they knew that she is supported by that politician……

After coming to know all this Maan started liking her all the more…..

That's when Maan told Dadi about his wish to marry a girl from that area….

Dadi was reluctant and not raedy for such a marriage, she even thought it's better for him to remain single…..

After knowing that the girl in his mind is Geet Dadi too agrees ….

Dadi knows Geet very well and she was also thinking of helping her somehow…..

Geet is such a selfless soul……so determined to make a change…..

Dadi can't help her better than accepting her as her bahu…..

Maan has decided that she is the one for him….

He had decided not to be fooled by another girl after he came to know Sameera and her ugly plans…..

Maan ceme across Sam one night chased by a man….

She plunged before his car and pleaded for help……

Maan took pity on her and gave her a lift….

On the way she told that she was an orphan and she desperately needed a job to save herself from her wicket uncle…..

Maan offered a job at KC and soon Maan fell in her trap….

Maan started liking her and was about to propose her when he learn that she is not an orphan and she had a boyfriend, her uncle's son with whom she had plotted to cunningly record Maan on bed with herself and balcmail him for ransum and settle comfortably with her boyfriend in Canada…..

Maan immediately threw her out of KC and got them arrested…..

This girl is far better than that Sameera……

But Maan still can't accept that Geet is doing the right thing….

He can't let her continue like this….

He wants to stop her from this…..

He had stopped her tonight…but what about today? Tomorrow?

He would never listen to him…that is for sure….

Maan thinks of a plan…..

Maybe Dadi can help him….

He asks dadi to meet her at the NGO office where she spends her mornings teaching the kids….

That's when she feels like a human….the rest pf the time she feels like a robot….sans any feelings…

As per Maan's plan Dadi goes and meets Geet…

Dadi already knew Geet and Geet respects her so much for her works and considers her as her own Dadi for Dadi is the one who respects her as a girl without the tag that she is usually associated with….

Geet doesn't know that this is Maan's Dadi…..

Geet: namasthe Dadi

Dadi: hmm

Geet is surprised to see Dadi looking very dull which is unusual….

Maybe she is not feeling well…..

Geet: Dadi, aapki tabyat toh teek haina?

Dadi: ham

Geet: aaj aapki mauna vradh hai kya?

Geet tries to cheer her up….

Dadi: nahi

Geet: phir aap itna chup kyun hai?

Dadi: aajkal ke bachon na apne buzurkon ka kadar hi nahi karthe

Geet: Dadi, aap mujhse naraaz ho? mujhse koi galthi hui toh mujhe maaf kardijiye

Dadi: nahi nahi bete, aap toh sabse alag ho, aap hummara kitna izzat karthe hai, hum toh apne nalayak pothe ke barein mein baat kar rahe hai

Geet thought that men are always like that….they treat women like s***, par uss nikambe ko kam se kam DAdi ki umar ko izzat karna chahiye

Geet: ye kamine mard log aaise hi hothe hai, chahe kitne bhi pade likhe kyun an ho?

Suddenly Geet has a doubt….inka potha toh pada likha bade ghar ka gentleman hona chahiye….

Geet: aapke pothe unpad gawar hai kya? lekhin aap toh kitne modern nari ho, phir kaise?

Dadi smiles at this….

Dadi: hare, aaise kuch nahi hai,  woh bas apne kaam mein thoad busy rehthe ahi

Dadi doesn't want to paint a bad picture about Maan….Geet ke honewala pathi haina?

Geet: aaisa bhi kya kaam hai?

Dadi: woh toh hai, ab dekho hum theerth yatra jaa rahe hai, aur unkke paas hummare saath jaane ke liye waqt hi nahi hai, kehthe hai ki hum agle saal jaasktha

Geet: toh aap agle saal jaasakthe haina?

Dadi: aap nahi jaanthe bete, unkke zindagi mein woh agle saal kabhi nahi aayega

Geet: kya?

Shayad woh marnewala ho?

Geet feels sorry for him….meinne toh ussko kitna galat socha?

Addi: aap kya soch arhe hai?

Geet: woh, I'm sorry dadi, aap chintha mat kijiye, baabji haina?

Dadi: what?

Geet: babaji aapke pothe ko zaroor teek kardenge

Dadi: unkko kya hua?

Geet: aap abhi abhji keh rahe the na? woh agle saal nahi rahenge

Dadi: hummara matlab woh nahi tha, humaare kehne ka matlab tah ki woh har saal aaise hi vada karthe aur har saal unkko koi na koi naya kaam aajatha

Geet: ohhh

Dadi: ab aap hi boliye, hum unkke tarah jawan thodi nahi haina? Patha nahi agle saal hum zinda bhi honge ya nahi?

Geet pareshaan hojaathi….

Geet: aap aaisa mat kahiye, aap jaise log iss duniya mein bahut kam hai, aur babaji aapki lambi umar denge

Dadi: par bete humne toh dhey karliya hai, jaise bhi hum iss saal apni yatra ko pura karenge, chahe humme akhele jaana bhi pade

Geet: haan, aap unkki fikar kyun karthe? Aap zaroor is saal pana iccha pura kijiye

Dadi: par ye doctor mujhe akhele jaane se mana karthe haina?

Dadi pretends to be getting tired and suddenly sits on the chair …

Geet holds her and helps her……

Dadi: patha nahi humme aksar ye chakkar kyun aathe hai? issiliye hummare pothe humme akhela nahi jaane dethe, par iss umar mein aaise jeekke kya faida?

Geet: aap bar bar aaise kyun kehthe ho? aap abhi bhi bahut young ho, samje aap? Patha nahi aapki umar mein chal bhi pathi ya nahi? Par aap abhi bhi kaise mujhse bhi zyada kaam karthe ho

Dadi: khaas humme aap jaise ek pothi hothi, woh zaroor hummare saath aathe, haina?

Geet looks surprised……

Dadi: aap bhi hummare pothi ki tarah hi ho, issiliye hum aapse ek madat mang sakthe, haina?

 Geet is overwhelmed hearing that…..

Geet: zaroor, mein aap ke liye kuch bhi karoongi, aap bathayiye, mujhe kya karna hai?

Dadi: kya aap hummare saath aana chahoge?

Geet thinks for a while……

She has not left her place for years…..not even once……

This is a good chance to see the outside world…..

How it feels to be a girl of her age….without the burden of her birth place…..

She deserves a break from this kachda…..

This opportunity has come her way on its own…..

Why not use it……

Dadi: kya soch rahe hai? aapko hummare saath aane mein koi problem hai kya?

Geet: aaise kuch nahi hai, teek hai, mein iss saal aapke saath aaongi

Dadi: thanks Geet, aap ko patha nahi ki hum kitna kush hai?

Geet is also happy to help Dadi……

Dadi: toh aap tayaar ho jayiye, humme aaj shaamko hi nikhalna padega

Geet: kya? aaj hi?

Dadi: haan, hum aaj samko 6 bhaje yahi aapka intrezaar Karenge, aap zaroor aayenge, haina?

Geet: ji dadi, mein zaroor aaongi

Maan is very ahppy that she agreed for this trip….

This way she would meet good people and will start believing that not everyone is evil in this world…she would also take a break from her shameless job and this break will make her realize what it meant to be being herself, without any burden, without any compulsions, without any regrets, totally free from the clutches of this social stigma that she thought would follow her till death….hope she lives her life in the true sense not like she used to be, just a lifeless machine….

Yes this bring some fresh air to her suffocating life……

Dadi takes good care of her and Geet too serves Dadi like a devoted grand daughter….

Dadi gives her all the freedom… whatever she wants…..

Feel like eating junk food then fine have it buthse shouldn't restrict Dadi…..

Feel like taking a walk in the woods….fine but never alone, only with Dadi….had to bear her troubling kness and walk very slowly…..

But Geet never complaints…why would she?

This is something she had never even dreamt of……

How she longed to be with dadi, she doesn't want her riches, only her protective hands that would hold her and guide her……

Never had she felt so secure……how she wished these holidays never ended….

But time flied abnormally fast….

She couldn't believe that it's been a month since she left……

But this journey has to end…..

For a moment Geet felt like ending her life at this point….

But she has a lot of responsibilities….

She wants the children to get a fair life…..

For that she had to continue…..

God is gracious to let her enjoy these few days….

Maybe this is a reward for her good deeds……

For her the real reward would see the kids free….

Nothing else matters….

She doesn't regret returning to her life…..

This surprises Dadi……

She is so calm and composed not even a single sign of worry…..

This girl is simply a wonder……


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Awesome update glad that maan wants her to come out from that kactchda

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Is this os finished or there are more parts

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simply superb.

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