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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

My OS thread- New OS for Anniversary....Yaadhein on pt 1,2 pg 23 apr 5 (Page 5)

suhaaana IF-Stunnerz

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Hayeee my fav woww wat a sweet romantic one.. Well dear meri last demand h abhi bhi... To continue it .. Behne de is just awesome

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dreamy IF-Rockerz

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ghsp2fan Goldie

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Originally posted by suhaaana

Hayeee my fav woww wat a sweet romantic one.. Well dear meri last demand h abhi bhi... To continue it .. Behne de is just awesome
hmm...Geet expecting?Embarrassed
abhi abhi shadhi hui...let them enjoy for a while...Wink
dreamy IF-Rockerz

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ghsp2fan Goldie

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                                                Laga Chunri mein daag…..


This is just an imagination…..

I always stay away from sensitive issues…

But this has always bothered me whenever I read anything related to this issue….

Just came across an article about a brave heart who dared her destiny and is selected for studying in the US…..i salute her…..apart from saving herself she is helping tribal girls get out of this hell…..she is only 19 yrs old….we need more shernis like her…..

No offence for depicting Geet like this, want to see all those Geets free one day….

 ye zara hatke story the reality show judges say it's completely out of my comfort zone...pls bear with my mistakes...


                                                Part – 1


Now coming to the story…….

Geet enters a star hotel and goes to the reception…..

Introduces herself….

The receptionist looks into the monitor and gives the keys to her….

Geet is surprised…..

Everytime her clients wait for her in their room…

This is strange…..this seems to be a special case….

Yes, it's a new client……one who had been escaping her all the while….

But who can miss Geet?

Finally he too joined her elite clientele….

She deals only with the big shots…..

This is one big shark that has kept her waiting for a long time…..

Geet takes the lift and walks toward the room….

Entering the room she hangs her bag and adjusts her make-up…….

She looks at herself in the mirror…..

She admires herself…..perfect…..ready to drive anyone crazy….

Her looks and her ravishing features are her assaets….

She is very conscious about her looks and takes pride in her ability to conquer any man within a matter of a few minutes….no doubt they call her Cleopatra…the eternal seductress….

She is taking so much care about herself today, b'coz of the special client she is expecting anytime….

Normally she is very confident and deals with her clients with much ease…..

She is never involved emotionally and amuses her clients just for the sake of it….they pay her for her services and she makes sure they are not disappointed…..a win win situation for both of them…

She has been lucky enough to say no to unwanted mean creatures….

Thanks to her good looks and well maintained figure…...

She is the most sought after and the most paid in her lot….

Not everyone is lucky enough to afford this kind of luxury….

But this man seems to be the one she had been looking forward to meet for the past couple of months….

She met this Maan Singh Khurana a couple of months before at Rahul's bachelor party….

As every eye was kept hooked by her beauty, a pair of eyes kept annoying her by totally neglecting her….

This  made her curious and she learnt that it's MSK of Khurana Constructions and he is new to Mumbai…..his business is based in Delhi and he had just opened a branch at Mumbai…

He is not used to partying, only official parties that are strictly devoid of girls….

He was here b'coz of his new partner Rahul's compulsion….

As Geet and afew girls kept dancing and entertained the drooling men around them ,Maan stayed away from this mad crowd….

Rahul signaled Geet to egt him involved as he thought he was shy….

Geet tried to gain his attention by getting near him almost touching him….

But he didn't have the decency to appreciate her and he rudely pushed her away and left the party abtruptly….

Geet felt ashamed…. She had never been insulted like this before….what an attitude?

My God!  What a guy? She liked this attitude….

She had seen many MSKs before and all fell at her feet in their next meeting….

But this man was a tough guy……it took her 2 months to woo him….

They met often at Rahul's parties…..

Though they were official parties Geet had the privilege to attend them as Rahul's special guest…

She has remained special to him even after his marriage….that's Geet….

No one can resist her after being with her for once….

This guy thinks that he is extra ordinary….

But let me traet him once and he would never forget me in his life time….

She felt this urge to satisfy him….this is the first time she is feeling this way…

Low in confidence…..highly emotional……

She had successfully kept her personnel and professional lives separate all these days….

She never felt emotionally attached before…she remained aloof inspite of the intimacy……

At times she had enjoyed a little comarederie with them, like this Rahul…..

Rahul…..ahhh…one sweet rascal, who knows how to treat his girl, make her feel special……though it's just a gimic….she also knows he is faking…but what matters is the act,  it doesn't matter even if it's fake…..

Geet kept thinking about this MSK as she made herself comfortable and tried to hide her anxiety…..

Actually she felt nervous as if it was the first time she is seeing a man….

Indeed this is the first time she is seeing a true man….

Till then she had met numerous men one different from the other but when it came to business none of them seemed to be different…..all were the same…..simply expecting her body and always demanding….

I have paid for it….it's mine….never minded to look at the soul behind it….

Geet too never expected anything better from them….

But this man and his piercing eyes always connected with her soul….

Though she had never spoken a word with him it felt like he knew her very well….

But he always remained mysterious to her….

She is very nervous…wht to expect from this mystery man….

He had already shocked her by making her wait for him…

As time passes Geet gets restless…..

Is he trying to fool me?

I am here just b'coz rahul insisted…else I wouldn't be least interested…..

The truth is she always wanted to know him, be with him….

Geet keeps looking at the door and her watch…

There is no sign of his Majesty…..

That's what he thinks of himself?

Let him come, I will make sure that he means nothing to me…..

She gets irritated by this attitude…..

That's it…she had waited enough….she is leaving….

As she opens the dorr fiercely in anger and moves forward, she bangs into something solid as a rock….it's MSK…..she could barely stand when he ctaches her and holds her in his arms….

She looks at those penetrating eyes……always posing a query with an authority as if she owes him an answer…..

He pushes her in and locks the door behind….

He doesn't utter a single word….

But Geet felt guilty….as if she had made a mistake and kept him waiting…..

Though she is aware of her deeds she never felt guilty, but this man's look makes her swoon and question herself…….

She never tolerated such assaults……..

She always walked away from such guys….

But today she couldn't just walk away….

Something stopped her….maybe it's his aura…

Geet: mein kitne dher se intrezaar kar rahi hoon? Tumme patha bhi hai ki mere har gante ka keemat 10000 hotha hai?

Maan is least bothered….

He takes a lakh from his pocket and throws at her….

Maan: this shpuld shut your nasty mouth

Geet feels insulted…..

She tries to leave……

Maan holds her hand and stops her…..

Maan: tummare apise milgaye haina? Ab tum nahi jaasakthi

Geet tries to get rid of his hold….

But he is too string…..

Geet: chodo mujhe

Maan: nahi chod saktha, mere paas abhi bhi 8 gante hai

Geet: kya?

Maan: haan, agle 8 gante ko yahan se hilne ka bhi koshsih mat karna

He just dargs and pyshes her on the bed….

Maan keeps staring…..

When he met her for the first time he just hated her, had no pity what so ever, hated her abusing herself…..her natural beauty…..yes, he too noticed that raw sensual beuty of hers….why blame the men? She is iressistable ven for the saint MSK……..but still he can't digest her acts….how could she be so shameless……what if it's her fate and it's her profession……let it be within closed doors…not in front of everyone….spaecaily not in front if MSK….

It took a few more parties to realize that he is actually upset with others being so close to her….

Is he anyway protective…what the hell? Why would he bother himself for some silly girl…

She seems to be comfortable with it….

Maybe she is pretending….deep down she is shattered….

Oh man…..juat stop imagining……she is no one to you….

Not even someone who entertained you someday….

Neither do you want her….then why this frustration?

Geet realizes how foolish it was to come here….

She always meets them at her palce for the first couple of times till she gets acquainted with them….

Had it been her place she would have got help……

She curses herself for comimg here….

She came only for this man….

She desperately wanted to meet him….wanted to conquer him…..

To prove that all men are the same…..when it comes to women….they want them….to fulfil their needs….ready to do anything for their lust… it with money or use their mighty power….

Geet is always ready to take money but never allowed soemoneto force her…..

Why do they force as it comes to them easily at some extra bugs….

Geet has learnt to handle her clients in these few years that she had been in business….

But she had never met someone with such an attitude and rudeness….

There were a few incidents were someone had tried to manhandle her in a drunken state, but she always had her backup at her service who took care of them….

She never thought that this man would be like this….

Rahul was all rpaise for him and was surprised when he wanted to arrange this meeting….

Warned Geet that this fellow is completely new to this business…..

Geet boasted that she can handle this easily, given her experience….

Geet was a little scared….what if he is one of those beasts that she had heard of form her friends…..

As a matter of fact she is still inexperienced in handling such situations for hse had never come across such men earlier….thanks to her youth…..there's still time to be detained to the lower level….in her profession there is no promotion, your value only depreciates….

Maan feels pity for her seeing her scared…..

Maan: darne ki koi baat nahi hai…..

Geet collect herself and gets herself erady….

But Maan moves to the couch, opens his lappy and starts working….

Geet is puzzled by his behavoiur….

What's the matter with him?

Maybe this is the first time for him?

Jaise bhi ho, Geet is the senior here…..

Maybe he is feeling guilty?….

Maybe he is thinking about his wife?…..

Geet decides to make the first move….

Maybe he will then follow suit….

Geet takes a quick shower and comes out in her towel….

Maan is least bothered….

Geet tries to gain his attention….

Geet : tummara kaam ho gaya kya?

Maan turns back and is astonished to see her….

He oculdn't take his off and is spell bound….

Geet looks triumpant….atlast she has done it….

Geet gets closer…..

Maan gets back into his documents…..trying to hide his anxiety….

Geet knows men very well….he is no exception….

Maan feels her warmth as she stood behind him leaning forward as if peeping into his lappy….but he knows her intensions….her chest almost brushing his neck…..

Her fingers play around his neck and start moving down …

Maan is in his casual shirt…

She starts unbuttoning his already half open shirt….

Her eyes are fixed on his hard worked torso….

Maan stops her……gently removing her hands form his bare chest…..

That's the limit…he is not going to take anymore….

Maan: mujhe thoda kaam hai, thode dher mujhe disturb mat karo

He says candidly still keeping his eyes in his lappy….

Geet: toh mere kya zaroorat?

She turns back and gets into her clothes….

She switches on the TV…..

Surfs the channels for her favourite hero…Salman…..

She turns back and stares Maan's back...

She wants to feel him now….feel his broad shoulders…….

What's the use of his workouts if he keeps them hidden……

This damn waiting is killing her….

She had never yearned like this for someone's touch ……

After all she realizes her own feelings now which she thought were gone for ever…..

Her body had gone numb to all those senses……

She was always mechanical in bed….fully automated….

She just wants to get her job done as fast as it could and get rid of her partner once for all….

Baring a few whom she can't say no anytime for some reasons….

She keeps staring maan and looking at the time…..

It's almost 2 pm…..

Mostly she is back home by this time….

She never sleeps over at her client's place….

Most of them don't want to have her after they have used her……

Geet: aur kitne dher lagaoge? Mujhe neendh aarahi hai

Maan: toh sojao

Geet: kya?

Maan: haan

Geet: nahi, mujhe koi neendh se utatha toh mujhe bahut gussa aatha

Maan: mein bhi toh dekhtha hoon tere gusse ko

Geet: kaise aadmi hai? aajtak kissi ne mujhe itna pareshaan nahi kiya

Geet lays down and falls asleep….

When she wakes up Maan has finished his work and has freshened up….

Geet: tummaar kaam ho gaya?

Maan: haan

Geet: toh, mujhe utaya kyun nahi?

Maan: tumme kamakaam gussa nahi karna chahatha

Geet looks at her watch….

Geet: tere paas abhi bhi ek ganta hai

Geet smiles….

Maan is standing in the balcony looking at the stars…..

Geet gets out of the bad and gets near him…..

She also looks at the sky…..

Geet: kya dekh rahe ho?

Maan: ye raat ki chandini aur ye chamakthe tarein ko dekho

Geet: issme kya nayi baat hai? ye toh roz aaise hi dikhtha hai

Maan: haan, aur ye sabko darshan detha hai, ye aasmaan pe sabka haq hai, chahe woh aamir ho, gareeb ho, buda ho, jawaan ho, kissi bhi desh ka ho, sab ke liye aasmaan ek hi hai, sab aasmaan ko choone ka sapne dekhthe hai, sare maa apne bete ko chand ko dikhakke hi khana khilathi, chahe woh Rajmahal ho ya koi mamooli sadak….

Geet: tum toh koi nakli babaji ki tarah batein karte ho, mujhe kuch samaj mein nahi aatha

Maan: kash ye zameen pe hi sabka aaisa hi baarbar ka haq hotha?  toh duniya mein itne sare differences nahi hothe

Geet: tummara bashan katam ho gaya toh kripiya mujhpe pe thoda dhyaan doge?

Maan: tum ye kaam kyun karthi ho?

Geet is hsocked….she stares him confused….ye kaise sawaal hai?

Maan: tum isko chod kyun nahi dethi?

Geet: kya?

Maan: haan, tum isse chod dho, koi achcha kaam karo, mein usska intrezaam kar saktha hoon

Geet: toh tum mujhe pana bashan sunane ke liye hi bhulaye ho?

Maan: tumme nahi lagtha ki ye paap hai?

Geet takes out the cash and shows it to him…..

Geet: isska kya matlab? Mein paapi hoon toh tum bhi toh paapi ho

Maan gets angry…….

She pushes her aside….

Maan: mein aaise gatia kaam nahi kartha

Geet gets angry too……

Geet: toh ye kisske liya hai?

Maan: ye, tummare kaam chodne ke liye, issko advance samjo, bolo tumme kitne paise chahiye?

Geet: tummara matlab hai ki  tum mujhe apne dasi banana chahathe ho?

Maan: kya? kya kaha tumne?

Geet: mein aaisi ladhki nahi hoon, koi dusri laddhki doondhlo

Maan: tum aur tummara gandha soch

Geet: itne ahcche abnnne ki koshish mat karo, chalo aaj ke liye toh mein teri hi hoon

Maan: mujhe aaise gatia harkat karne ki aadat nahi hai, tum jaasakthi ho

Geet can't tolerate this nonsense…..

Geet: mujhe bhi bheek lene ki aadat nahi ahi

Geet throws the cash on his face and leaves…..

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lizzy84 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 July 2013 at 10:43am | IP Logged
Still reeling out of shock u write so well
I loved geet's rowdy attitude in apkgk( Ajab prem)
And Maan was awesome too but geet stole my heart

Loved behne de os missing ghsp
Love their sweet and unconditional love story

And and and I m speechless about laga chunri me Daag salute too u to write such a story 
Feel very proud when hear or read such stories u really need guts to write about something like this 

Waiting for u next work
Love aanya 

Edited by aanya84 - 22 July 2013 at 10:48am

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suhaaana IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 July 2013 at 10:50am | IP Logged
Spark hatred lust and a bit of laga chunri me daag movie clips reminding me...

this is new and u justified it.. I am eager to read this.. Please if its possible do make a index and update soon...

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6n6s6k6i6r6a6n6 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 July 2013 at 11:34am | IP Logged

wonderful OS...Laga Chunri mein daag...

please continue it...ur style of writing in this is also changed...

I will suggest u to make it as FF...

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