Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

My OS thread- New OS for Anniversary....Yaadhein on pt 1,2 pg 23 apr 5 (Page 4)

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wonderful update..pls cont soon..

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moi loving it...

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                                Maneet first date''


Geet couldn't believe herself'.

She is going on a date?

That too with Maan Singh Khurana?

Geet is experiencing a range of emotions at the same time'.

A little scary with butterflies in her stomach'.

A little shy not able to face Maan's looks, not able to cope up with his overwhelming passion'.

A little doubtful'is this real or her dream?

A little worried, what to expect from this well known stranger'..

Though she feels much comfortable confronting him now he is still an unsolved puzzle for her'..

He never hides his love and passion but it's very difficult for her to open up''

She is keeping quiet which is very abnormal'..

Maan is fine with her silence for her eyes constantly keep chatting with him'.

He could read her querries'.her reservations'.her fear'..her love'..just looking into her eyes'.

She is too young for recognising her new found treasure'..

She feels like standing in the waves of an ocean ready to dive in'.

Not knowing what is waiting for her, maybe she can find the most beautiful pearl or maybe she can get lost in it'..never to return''

But Maan knows that she is her destiny'..

He knows that his love started with her and would end in her too'.

Sagar mein jaa girna hai'..

Behne De nadiyan ki tarah'..

Maan breaks the silence'..

Maan: Geet

Geet: hmmm

Maan: jaanthe ho ki hum kahan jaa rahe hai?

She nods her head from left to right'.

Maan: tujhe nahi jaanna?

Geet: woh'.mujhe kyun jaanna hai? Aap toh jaanthe haina?

Maan smiles'..finally she trusts me this much?

Maan takes it as her faith in him'.ready to blindly follow him anywhere'..

Geet ko lagtha ki woh kissi reataurant jayenge'.

Par Maan toh apne Geet se akhele milna chahatha haina?

Kahin dhoor, jahan sirf Maan ho aur usski Mishty ho'..

Maan drives out of the city'.

Geet is a little scared now'.

Ye kaise jagah hai?

It seems like some road less travelled'.

Not even propely laid or illuminated'.

Maan wants to spend time with his Mishty under the Moon light'

Just the two of them trying to know each other'.

Just to take the first step into this relationship'.

Make her feel the undenying passion they have lately discovered'.

Assure her that this is not just infatuation''just physical attraction'.

This is something beyond chemistry'..a relationship forever'..

This is not a submission for this momentary desire'this is total surrender'

He has fallen in love with her''

MSK is not the one to bow before someone'.he always makes the others bow'..

But when it comes to this girl'..he is ready to go down on his knees''.

He doesn't want to be her master'..neither he wants her to be his master'.

He just wants her to accompany him in his journey of life'.

Make it morer beautiful, more adorable'..fill it with her love and let him pour his love on her'..

Wants this to be mutual'..


Tanha tanha yahan pe jeena, ye koi baat hai?

Koi saath nahi tera yahan toh, ye koi baat hai?

Kissi ko pyaar dethe, kissi ka pyaar lele'

Iss sare zamane pe yahi pyaari baat hai'..


Maan has just now realized that he needs her'.

Geet ab Maan ki zaroorat bangayi'..

Maan stops the car'.

Geet looks around'.it looks like a jungle'..

Geet is puzzled'ye mujhe yahan kyun lekhe aaya hai?

Maan opens the door for her and takes her holding her arms'..

Maan's favourite spot'..his secret hideout'..his camping site'..

Though it's a little scary, Geet is happy to be with Maan'..

She Is not afraid of anything when she is with Maan'.

Maan makes a quick meal for her''.Pasta'.

She just loves it''she never expected him to cook for her'..

This Maan always surprises her'..

She can't believe that this is the same MSK she saw at KC'..

Maan: Geet, toh kaise laga hummara pehla date?

Geet: utna bhura nahi

Maan stares'..: kya?

Geet: nahi, mera matlab hai, Pasta bahut achcha hai

Maan: sirf Pasta achcha laga tumme?

Geet: apne kuch aur banaya kya? dessert? Kahan hai?

Maan: Geeet

Geet gets up hearing him shout'..

Maan controls himself'.

Ye mein kya kar raha hoon?

Maan tries to console her'.

Maan: Geet, darne ki koi zaroorat nahi hai

Geet: hmm

She is still scared'.

Aaise sunsaan jagah pe kissi ladhkki ko akhele lekhe aana hi galat hai'.

Upar se aaise chilatha toh bechari kya karegi?

Aur gala order bhi aagaya, darne ki koi zarrorat nahi?

Babaji? aap hi bathao, aaise halaat mein koi bhi darjaatha, haina?

Maan is waiting for her confession'.

Maan: Geet, tum kuch kehna chahoge?

Geet: chalein?

Maan: what? Tumme aur kuch nahi kehna?

Geet: nahi, mujeh ghar jaana hai

Maan: Geet, mujhe dekhkke itna kyun darthi ho? yahan aao

Maan pulls her closer'

He hugs her tight''

Maan: kya tum nahi chahathi ki mein sirf tummara banjaoon?

Geet deosn't know what to say'.

Maan: kya tum nahi chahthi ki tum meri banjao?

Geet: hmmm

Maan: Geet, tum meri ho, sirf meri, Maan ki Geet

Geet: hmm

Maan: I Love You Geet

Geet is shocked'..

She steps back'.

Maan pulls her closer'.looks into her eyes and repeats'.

Maan: I Love You Geet

Geet looks into his eyes'Maneet eyelock'.mahi'..

Geet keeps staring at him'..

Maan: Geet, mein tummare jawab ka intrezaar kar raha hoon, kuch toh bolo

Geet: kya hum dhost ban sakthe?

Maan: what?

Geet: haan, pehle dhost ban jaathe hai, haina?

Maan smiles'.teek hai'jaise ye bhi ek achchi shuruaat hi hai'..

Geet: friends?

Maan shakes hands with her'..

Maan: haan, friends

Geet: toh chalein?

Maan: teek hai

Geet struggles to walk in the darkness with her sandals'..

Maan lifts her and takes her to the car'..

On the way'.

Babaji comes to Maan's rescue'..bechara MSK! He deserves a little more, haina?

It starts to rain''

Maan stops the car''

Geet looks at him''.

Geet: gadhi kyun rokha aapne?

Maan looks at her and smiles'.

Geet: ye kaise jawab hai?

Maan gets out in the rain and starts to enjoy his first rain drops'..

Never ever had he thought that he would drench in rain oneday'..

He always stayed away from it as he thought that it is the craziest thing to dance in the rain'..

But not now'now Maan Singh Khurana pehle bar barish ko apne donno haathaon se swadat kar raha hai'.pehle bar barish mein bheegne ka mazaa le raha tha'..

He feels the rain drops and enjoys their unique dancing'

Making different tones as they hit different objects'..

This sounds like music to him to which the rain drops are dancing'..

Never in his wildest dreams did he think that the rain would be so fascinating'.

He thought it's kiddish to go out and play in the rain until he met his Mishty dancing in the rain'.

Geet couldn't resist the rain'.not even her fear of Maan's intimidation stops her'.

She too gets out and starts dancing''

Not knowing that a pair of eagle eyes are watching her in humger'..she merrily dances in the rain'.

Maan stops and looks at his Mishty''

He was longing to see her dancing like this again'..

This time he has no reservations'.he is his Mishty'..Maan ki Mishty'.


Behne De mujhe Behne De'.

Behne De mujeh behne De'.

Mera bal bal aand aang bar diya

Tune jaan bhi junoon sa kar diya

Mere hai kya jo mein haar dhoon?

Jaan  teri hai tujhepe vaar dhoon

Beh jaa beh jaa'chal thod kinaare ko'..


Tough rain awakes the kid inside every adult it also fuels ones adult desires and passions'.

Maan gets closer and gets hold of her'.

Geet looks into his eyes'.

She is scared of that look'.

Always demanding more'..

Maan pulls her and hugs her'.

This time he doesn't control himself'.

There is an air of authority'.mujhe haq hai'..

Tum meri ho''mujhe haq hai'..

Geet is also not able to resist'..

She has started to accept Maan and his love'.

Yes this the man I want to be with'.

Somehow rain has been the connecting factor for these two'.

As the rain resides so do their passion and they get back to their senses'..

Geet tries to step back'.

Maan is still not ready to let her go'.

He wants this to continue'..

But Geet is still not ready for this'.

So he lets her off with a heavy heart'.

Ye ladhki kab samjegi ki mera halat kay hai?

Issko toh patha hona chahiye?

Isski halat bhi mujhse bhura hi hai'..

Phir ye dhoori kyun Geet?

Maan drops her and has a sleepless night ''.

Geet also has trouble thinking about what would happen next?

Maan has just poured his heart out'.

It's her turn'how would she express her feelings'.

Ek ladhkki toh sirf isharen kar sakthi'.

Aur kya chahatha hai ye mujhse?

Kya mein chilla chilla ke bathaoon ki mein ussko pyaar karthi hoon?

Ye mujhse nahi hoga'.ussko jaanna hai toh jaise bhi jaane, mujhe kya?

Mein bhi isse zyada kuch nahi kar sakthi? Haina babaji?

Par mein bhi bar bar kyun usse bhaagna chahathi?

Jab ki mujhe patha hai ki Maan se bachna mushkil hi nahi namumkeen hai'.

Aur mein usse kyun bhaagoongi?

Jab mein bhi usse utna hi chahthi hoo jitna woh mujhe chahatha hai?

Ab mein nahi bhagoongi, ab mein usska samna karoongi'.

Next day'.

Geet tells about the friendship she made with Maan singh khurana'.

Pinky is shocked'.

Pinky: Geet, ye tumne kya kiya?

Geet: kyun? Meinne kya kiya?

Pinky: tum bhi na Geet, sabse alag ho, bahut hatkke

Issiliye toh MSK Geet ke uoar fanna ho gaya'.

Pinky: tum pagal ho gayi ho kya? Maan Singh Khurana ke saath date pe jaane ka moka har kissi ko nahi miltha. Aur tumne kya kiya?

Geet: Pinky, mein ne kuch nahi kiya?

Pinky: Geet, tum duniya mein pehle ladhki ho jo apne date ko friend bana diya? Ladhkiyan toh apne friend ko pehle date mein ashique banathi, aur tumne apne aashique ko hi friend banadhiya?

Geet: hare friend toh banaya haina? Dushman toh nahi?

Pinky: dushman banathi toh achcha hotha

Geet: kya?

Pinky: ladthe ladthe pyaar ho jaatha, ab kya hoga?

Geet: kuch nahi hoga? Tum fikar mat karo

Pinky: Geet, tumme patha bhi hai kit um kya kar rahi ho?

Geet: mujhe patha hotha toh tumse kyun behas karthi?

Pinky: silly girl, agle bar aaisa kuch mat karna, seedhe apne dil ki baat ko batahna, samji

Geet: agle bar?

Geet sochthi hai ki kab Maan se milllegi?

Maan calls'.

Maan: Geet, aaj kya program hai?

Geet: what?

Maan: hare, aaj kahan millenge?

Geet: kyun?

Maan: tum mujhe sawaal mat karo aur mere sawaal ko jawab do, samji

Geet: aaj Friday hai, mein busy hoon

Maan: aaj itna bhi kya zaroori kaam hai?

Geet: emin ahr Friday ko nizamudin jaathi hoon

Maan: teek ahi, wahi milthe hai

Maan bhi aaj nizamudin jaane wala hai'.

Jaise bhi iss ladhki ko samjana padega ki Maan aur intrezaar nahi kar saktha'.

That evening'.

Maneet ki mulaqat nizamudin mein hothi ahi'.

Teri deewani yaad haina?

Aaj Geet apne pyaar ko qubhool karthi apne aankon se'.

Maan ko ab koi shak nahi hai ki Geet Maan ko kitna chahathi hai'.

Bas ek bar boldo Geet ki tummare mann mein kya hai'.

Phir dekho Maan Singh Khurana ka kamaal'.

Geet wahan se jaldhi jaane ki koshish karthi'.

Maan stops her and offers to drop her'.

On the way''..

Maan: Geet, ab tum bhi inkaar nahi kar sakthi ki tumme bhi pyaar ho gaya hai

Geet: toh?

Maan: toh, tumme hi kehna hai kit um kya chahathi ho

Geet: isse behthar kaun smajayega inkko?

Maan: mujhe sunna hai Geet, tummare muh se sunna hai

Geet: kya sunna hai?

Maan: woh theen lafz

Geet sharmathi'.

Maan: bolo Geet bolo, jo tummare aankhen mujhse bar bar kehthe hai, wahi baat ko mein tere zubaan se sunna chahatha hoon Geet, ab dher mat karo

Geet: ye koi zabardasthi hai kya?

Maan: tumme ye zabardasthi lagtha hai? toh teek hai, samjo ye zabasthi hi hai, tumme woh theen lafz bolna hi padega, samji

Maan stares'..

Geet: aaise mujhe darathe ho toh mein kaise keh sakthi?

Maan: chalo, mein tumse naraaz nahi hoon, ab toh bolo

Maan looks at her'.

Geet: woh'.mein'.

Maan: haan bolo bolo

Geet: aap aaise mat dekho, mujhe sharam aathi hai

Maan: Geet, phir se shuru mat hona, jaldhi karo, mein aakhen bandh kartha hoon

Maan keeps waiting'.

Geet whispers in his ears'..

Geet: mein aapko woh theen lafz agle barish mein boloongi

Maan: kya?

Geet: haan

Maan: ye kaisi shart hai?

Geet: aap Delhi mein baraf girne ki shart rakh sakthe ho, mein ne kya aaise namukheen shart lagaya hai?

Maan: lekhin Geet, ab kissko patha hai ki agla barish kab hoga?

Geet: aap bhi weather man se pooch

Maan: what?

Geet: poocho poocho

Geet gives him the mobile'.

Maan checks the weather'.

No rain in the next few days'.

Barish katam'.agle mansoon ko hi barish hoga'.

Maan itne din kaise intrezaar kar saktha?

Ye ladhki mujhe kitna tadpayegi?

Nahi'MSK kissi ke samne jukhnewala nahi'

Issko bhi patha chale ki MSK kaun hai?

Ab bahut ho gaya, ab mein isskke samne gidgidanewala nahi hoon'

Ye mere paas aayegi'..

Aur kudh apne pyaar ko qubhool karegi'.

Chalo, isse bhi thoda tadpana chahiye, haina?

Pyaar toh karthe haina? Toh dard bhi donno ko honna chahiye'.

Maan drops her'.

He is very upset'.

Geet: gud night

Maan: mujhe ye nahi chahiye

Geet: kya?

Maan drives off'..

Geet wonders what happened to him suddenly'..

Ye Romeo achanak kadoos Singh Khurana kaise bangaya?

Meinne aaise kya kaha?

Mein bas yahi kaha ki thoda intrezaar karlo''

Har do din mein barish ho jaathi'haina baabji?

Aakhir hummara pyaar toh barish mein shuru hua tha...

Aur yahi barish ne humme bar bar paas lya tha, aur kareeb'aur kareeb'.

Ab hum itna kareeb aagaye hai ki hummare beech uss theen lafz ki zaroorat hi nahi padi'..haina?

Phir bhi unkko lagtha hai ki mein unkko ILU kahoon toh meinne kahan mana kiya? Bas thoda aur intrezaar karne ko akha?

Itna khaas baat hai toh mosam bhi khaas hona chahiye hai ya nahi?

Ye uss DD ko samaj mein nahi aayega'.

Unkko bas har kaam jaldhi jaldhi hona chahiye'.aaj hi abhi, issi waqt'

Ye koi business deal hai kya?

Pyaar mein intrezaar karna zaroori hotha hai, ye bhi pyaar ka ek hissa hi hai'.

Chalo do din ke liye insse chutti milgayi'..

Kam se ka miss do din toh mein chain se reh sakthi'haina?

Par jaise Geet sochthi hai, waise nahi hotha'.

Ab toh aur bechain sa lagtha hai'.

Maan intrezaar kartha ya nahi par Geet toh har waqt Maan ka phone ka intrezaar karthi rahi'.

Par koi phone nahi aaya'.

Geet tries to call him, but his mobile is switched off'..

So Maan wants nothing but ILU from Geet that too in person'.

Geet decides to go and meet him at KC'..

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beautiful update

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Part 2
wowww thanks for continuing.. That was a brilliant idea of arranging a date
geet loves maan.. Ur writing is soo good me feeling magical fater so many days

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Part 3
date wow.. Pasta wo bhi maan ke haath ka.. Maan ko na desert me kiss dena chahiya thha wo bhi a quick and short one...
geet is right ho can she confess first
and now being a girl its impossible.. Dont worry maan will let it rain than geet madam ko kehne padenge wo teen lafz...

continue please

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                                Maneet wedding……...


Dadi is surprised to see Geet….

Geet: gud evening Dadi

Dadi: Geet, what a pleasant surprise? Toh aaj ka kya program hai?

Dadi winks….

Geet: woh…Maan kahan hai?

Dadi: Maan apne kamre mein hi hai, shayad aap ke liye hi intrezaar kar rahe hai? aap upar jayiye, hare Geet, ek minute, ye coffee lekhe jayiye

Geet takes the coffee to Maan's room….

Geet knocks…..

Maan ko laga Nakul hai….

Maan: Nakul, coffee table pe rakho

Maan shouts from the wash room….

Geet ko patha nahi kya karein?

Should she wait for him or leave the coffee on the table and go down and wait for him….

She keeps the coffee on the table and tries to elave….

Maan just comes out of his shower and he is very happy to see Geet…

He was not expecting her in his room….

Fnally she is here….Geet Handa Mana Singh Khurana ke paas aa hi gayi?

He catches hold of her and stops her….

Maan: hare, aaise kaise jaa sakthi?

Geet: woh….chodo mujhe

Maan: hare, tum jis kaam ke liye aaye ho, woh toh katam karkke jao

Maan is eager to hear ILU from her….

Geet: mera kaam ho gaya

Maan: kya? Geet. Mujhe teek se sunayi nahi diya, phir se kaho

Maan ko lagtha shayad jab Maan washroom ke andar tha tabhi ye Maan se baat kar arhi thi…

Ye Geet Handa haina? Kuch bhi kar sakthi…..

Geet: woh….mein aapko coffee dene aayi thi, coffee table pe hai

Maan: what? Are you kidding me? Tum mujhe coffee dene aayi thi, aur kuch nahi

Geet nahi

Maan ka gussa badthe hi jaatha…..

Maan: tum na….kabhi nahi sudhroge, tum bhi dusre ladhkiyon ki tarah hi ho, tujhe kya lagtha, ladhkhon ko hi hamesha appkke peeche bhaagthe rehna chahiye? Tumme aaise koi galatfami ho toh abhi ussko apne dimag se nikhaaldo, mein Maan singh Khurana hoon, samji

Geet also gets angry….

Geet: aap samajthe kya apne aapko? Ye hum donno ke beech ka mamla hai, ladhkiyon ko kyun beech mein lathe ho? aap bhi sab ki taarh hi ho, badhe aaye mujhe lecture dene, pehle aapki soch ko badlo, phir ladhkiyon ko sabak sikhana, samje aap?

Ye baat ko kahan se kahan lekhe jaathi hai, baabji, sach mein ye sab se alag hai……

Maan: tum…..chale jaon yahan se, abhi….

Gurmeet Choudhary as Maan in angry mood
Geet: gud bye Mr.Maan Singh Khurana

Maan: haan haan, tum aaise hi apne barish ka intrezaar karthe rehna, mein kissi ka intrezaar nahi karnewala, samji tum

Geet: haan haan, ab mein aapko bahut achche se samaj gayi

Geet leaves in anger…….

Maneet stop seeing each other….not even speaking….

Both miss each other so much but their ego is even bigger…..

Next week….

Maan is busy making arrangements for the inauguration….

Inauguration of that same building…..

Dadi is worried about them very much……

She invites Geet for the inauguration….

Geet is not willing to go there….

He can't face Maan gain….she will break down when she comes face to face with him….

She is missing him too much…..she can't bear his silence…..

She wants him by her side always…..

She needs him every minute….

Maybe she should have listened to him…..

Aakhir itna pyaar karthi ahi toh ussko accept karne se kya problem?

Ek bar ILU kehne se kya hotha? Geet itna kyun sochthi ahi?

Maan bhi bahut kush hotha aur Geet ko apna banatha hamesha hamesha ke liye….

Jaise Maan kehtha haina? Maan ek kadam aage jaatha toh Geet do katam peeche jaathi….

Geet Maan ke tarah itne jaldhi jaldhi apna kadam aage nahi rakhthi toh kya hai? peeche toh nahi jaathi? Haina? Maan ke haath pakadkke usskke har kadam mein saath dethi…haina?

Ab kuch bhi ho, Geet Maan se baat karne hi wali hai…..

Usska ego itna bada hai toh kya? mere ek lafz sunkke ussko ego gayab ho jaatha, haian?

Geet goes to the function….

Get looks gorgeous in her Saree….

Jab se Geet aayi hai Maan toh Geet ko hi dekhthe rehtha…..

Geet tries to speak with him….

But it's a party and Maan is always busy attending the guests…..

She can't meet him alone….

Geet can't bear this….

Maan is just infront of her and she can't speak with him….

Babaji, ye kya ho raha hai?

Geet Maan ke peeche hi apdi hai…par Maan Geet se bhaagthe rehtha….

Ye kya naya khel hai?

Then they start the music and start dancing….

Geet is standing in a corner very upset with Maan…

She is talking with Adi….

Suddenly Maan comes and takes her to the dance floor….

Geet tries to resist….but Maan forcefully takes her…..

Maan is out of control…..he has just lost himself in her beauty….


                Kurban hua….

                Tere ashique mein yun….

Maneet passionate dance….

Geet feels embarrassed…

Sabkke samne Maan ka zabardast dance ko Geet sambal nahi pathi….

She is also mersmerised by his passiomate dance….

The more she gets away from him he becomes more demanding...

She is not able to satisfy his demands….

Just when she tries to yield to his demands he starts demanding more….

He is not going to stop until she gives herself to him….

Until she surrenders herself completely…..

Until she becomes his Geet….Maan ki Geet….

Geet also doesn't want to keep him waiting for she is not ready to wait anyore….

She also wants him for herself……forever….

He is my Maan….I love him….and yes I need him too……..

But Maan is still silent….

His silence kills her….

She wants to put an end to this torture….

Jaise bhi ho, aaj Maan ko mere baat ko sunna hi padega…..

After a while the guests leave one by one….

Finally Dadi too leaves….

Dadi: Geet, aap hummare saath aarahe hai kya beta? Hum aapko drop kardenge

Geet ko patha nahi kya karein?

She has to leave somehow…. But Maan is still angry with her….

What if he leaves her alone here…..

It's better to go with Dadi….

Geet: teek hai dadima, mein aapke saath aaarhi hoon

Maan hears this…..

Maan: nahi dadi, aap ajyiye, hum badh emin aathe hai

Geet looks at him puzzled…..

Maan smiles…..

Dadi: teek ahi bete, gud night

Adi comes….

Maan: toh Adi, sara kaam ho gaya haina?

Adi: ji sir, ab mein chaltha hoon

Maan: teek hai

Geet: ye kay ahi? Sab chale gaye, mein kaise jaoon?

Maan: sshhh

Maan closes her mouth….

Maan: chup….bilkul chup…..

Maan ke nazre mein shararat hai….

Geet darjaathi….ye kya chakkar hai?

Maan: tum abhi kuch nahi bologe

Maan lifts her and takes her in….

To the same open space in the middle of the building where thay met on that rainy day….

To her surprise it starts raining all of a sudden….

As if the skies were waiting for this moment…..

Maan puts her down gently….

Geet runs into the rain…..

Maan follows her……

Geet forgets everything and starts to dance in the rain….

Maan smiles….: lo, ye phir shuru ho gayi…..

He doesn't complait as far as she is dancingin his arms….

Maan: Geet, shayad tum kuch bhool rahi ho?

Geet: mein kaise bhool sakhti? Mein bhi issi barish ka intrezaar kar rahi thi

Maan: kyun? Tumme barish itna pasand hai?

Geet: haan, yahi barish humme ek dusre ke kareeb laya tha, haina?

Maan: haan Geet, mein bhi ab barish ka deewana ban gaya

Geet: kya? toh tum mere deewane nahi ho?

Maan: par Geet iss barish ne hi mujhe tera deewana banaya haina?

Maan hugs her by the waist and pulls her closer…

Maneet eyelock……
Geet raise her feet and reaches his ears….

She whispers into his ears…."I LOVE YOU Maan"

Maan: mein samaj gaya hoon Geet, tumme isse kehna ki koi zarooart nahi hai, mujhe toh ye bahut pehle hi patha hai Geet, shayad tumse bhi pehle

Geet: achcha? toh itne din mujhse naraaz kyun tha?

Man: kyunki mein jaana chahtha hai ki meri Geet mujhkko kitna miss karthi ahi?

Geet: what?

Maan: haan, kyat um bhi mujhe utna hi miss karthi ho jitna mein tumme miss kartha hoon ya nhi?

Geet: toh aapko mere pyaar mein barosa nahi hai?

Geet tries to get away….

Maan stops her and pulls her closer….

Maan: ye tera pyaar kaise ho agay? Mein hummare pyaar ko kaise shak kar saktha?

Geet: phir aapne aaisa kyun kiya?

Maan: hare Geet, woh kehthe haian ki roothne ke badh manane mein hi mazaa aatha hai, toh humme ussko miss nahi karna chahiye haina?

Geet: aap bi na?

Maan: Geet, ab kudhradh bhi nahi chahatha ki hum alag ho, dekho barish bhi aagay

Geet: par, mujhe nahi laga ki aaj barish  hogi, meinne weather report bhi dekha tha

Maan: tum chahathi toh kabhi bhi barish hoga Geet

Geet: kya?

Maan: haan

The rain stops suddenly…..

Geet: dekha aapne kya kaha aur kya ho gaya?

Geet is disappointed……

Maan: hare, ab dekho

It starts to pur again…

Geet: ye kaise jadu hai

Maan: Geet, mere haath mein jadu ahi, dekho

Geet: ye kya hai

Maan has a remote in his hands…..

Maan: ye Maan singh Khurana ka magic wand hai

Geet tries to snatch it from him….

Maan:  hare Geet, chodo

Geet: Maan, ye toh cheating hai

Geet gets the remote and pushes the stop button….

Rain stops …….

Geet: Maaan?

Maan: Geet, mein kya kartha? Ab agle barish hone tak mein wait nahi kar saktha haina?

Geet: waise mein bhi utna intrezaar nahi kar sakthi

Geet goes ang hugs Maan….

Maneet passionate hug…..mahiii……

Geet is also ready for this relationship now…

So why wait….

Maan asks Dadi to fix their marriage…

Handas toh isska hi intrezaar kar rahe the…..

Maneet wedding hojaathi….

That night….Maneet SR….

Geet gets ready…

She is confused….she tries a lot of looks and sarees…

Kya ye Maan ko pasand aayega?

She wants to be at her best…..

She knows Maan's expectations are very very high…

She doesn't want to disappoint him…

Itne intrezaar karwane ke badh Geet Maan ko bahut bada treat dena chahathi haina?

Par phir bhi mann gabratha hai ki Maan ko ye sab kaisa lagega?

Achcha lagega haina? She keeps looking at herself and changes her make-up till she feels confident….

Maan gets restless waiting in his room….

Ye ladhkki abhi tak kya kar rahi hai?

Duniya mein pehla Dulhe raja hoon jo apna Dulhan ki intrezaar kartha….

Aksar Dulhan ki Dulhe raja ki intrezaar karthi, haina?

Ye Geet toh hamesha sab kuch ulta hi karthi…patha nahi aaj kya kya hoga?

Maan bhi Geet ko lekhe bahut tension mein hai…pehle bar haina?

Geet kaise react karegi?

Finally Geet arrives….

Maan just pulls her in and locks the door….

Bahar sare ladhkiyan hasthe hai…

Geet: ye kya hai?

Maan: Geeet

Geet: itne dher intrezaar kiya haina? Ab thoda aur intrezaar nahi kar sakthe?

Maan: aur intrezaar? Geeet, hummari shadhi ho agyi hai, aur ye hummara SR hai

Geet: mujhe patha hai, mein aapke paas hi aathi hoona? Kahin bhaagnewali nahi, phir aaise kyun darwaza bandh karthe ho

Maan: toh teek hai, tum chahathe ho toh

Maan goes and keeps the door open…..

Those girls are still waiting there….

Geet stares them…..

Geet: tum log yahan kya kar rahe ho? jao

Geet locks the door now….

Maan: Geeet, mein bhi kahin bhaagnewala nahi hoon

Geet: kya?

Maan: Geeet, chalo shuru karthe hai

Geet: mein kuch nahi jaanthi

Maan: achcha kuch nahi jaanthi, abhi maloom padega kit um kya kya jaanthi ho?

Maan gets closer…

Geet steps back and hits the cot….

Maan pushes her on the bed….

Geet moves back as far as she could…

Maan corners her and removes her apllu….

Geet is a little nervous….

Maan suddenly pulls back…

Geet bahut darjaathi….

Ye kya hai? ab mein kya karoon?

Kissi ne bathaya bhi nahi ki mujhe kya karna chahiye?

Sab kuch Dulhe Raja jaantha hai, haina?

Ab Maan hi takraar kartha toh bechari Geet kya karegi?

Maan keeps looking at her….

Geet: kya baat ahi?

Maan: Geet, mujhe lagtha hai ki kuch toh kammi hai

Geet: kya? Mein pehle hi jaanthi thi

Maan: what?

Geet: haan, meinne do do gante lagaya tha, tayaar hone mein, jaanthe aap?

Geet gets angry….

Maan: itne takleef lene ki kya zaroorat thi? mujhse kehthi toh mein hi apne Dulhan ko tayaar kartha

Geet: kya?

Maan: haan, ek minute rukho

Maan goes and searches something in his wardrobe….

Geet: kya dhoondh rahe ho?

Maan: milgaya

Geet: kya?

Maan: ye lo Geet

Maan throws his coat….

Geet: isse kya karoon?

Maan: ye kaise sawaal hai Geet,isse pehenlo, ye tummara hi hai

Maan winks….

Geet: aapke samne?

Maan: nahi, mere peeche

Geet: chalo apne aakhen bandh karo

Maan: Geeet

Maan stares…

Geet: teek hai teek hai

Geet changes….

Maan keeps staring…

Geet ko bahut kuch ho jaatha….

Maan comes near her and lifts her…

He takes her to the washroom and lays her in the bath tub….

he splashes water on her face….and makes her wet…..

yahi yahi chahatha tha…..issi Geet ko Maan chahatha tha…..

Maan: Geet, mein abhi aatha hoon

Geet: Maaan?

Maan goes and changes into his boxer….

Geet sharam se apne aankhen bandh karthi….

Maan: hare, abhi bhi sharmathi toh kaise hoga?

Geet: aapko yahi milla SR mein pehenne ko?

Maan: isski bhi zaroorat nahi hai Geet, par aaj pehla din haina? Issiliye tum sharmaooge toh ye pehenna pada

Geet: aap bi na Maan

Maan: ab lagthi ho meri Mishty….Maan takes the handshower and creates mini rain effect….

                Ek ladhkki beegi bhagi si

                Sothi raat mein jaagi si

                Mille ek ajnabi se

                Koi aage na peehce

                Tum hi kaho kya baat hai?

Maan shuru ho jaatha…….mahiii……………….


BTW here is the full song Behne De…with English translation….

Tahnks to Suhaana……just as I kept pondering what to write…this song kept haunting me…..

I kept hearing this song endlessly for the past couple of days…

Wanted to know the full meaning…

Searched the net and found this….I enjoyed it to the core….

I've become addicted to this song after knowing the deep meaning of gulzarji's words….

It just drives me crazy….thanks to Maneet for making me an addict of this song though I haven't seen the original….will never see it….it's just made for MSK…his passion….this song potrays his passion just as Teri deewani emphasizes Geet's love….

I don't know when I will get out of this Maneet magic land…I never want to….it's just so fascinating…


Arey aankh se boond gira koi - Someone falls a drop of tear from eyes

Chingari ka tukda jala koiSomeone burnt a piece of spark

Umeed ko aag laga zaraFire (Burn) the expectation

sehra ki pyaas bhuja zaraquench the thirst of your lover

umeed ko aag laga zara; sehra ki pyaas bhuja zara

ghan itna baras ke ghalne lagoon - The cloud is about to downpour

main paani ke oopar tarne lagoon – I'm about to relax myself in the water

behne de mujhe behne de mujhe behne de mujhe behne deLet me flow.. let me flow

Behne de ghanghor ghataFlow like thunderstorm filled clouds

Behne de paani ki tarah – Flow like water

saagar mein jaa girna hai; behne de nadiyaan ki tarah

However, the fall will be in the sea, still let me flow like rivers

shart lagi hai mar jaane ki jeena hai to pyaar mein -

I have taken a pledge before I die that if I live, I'll live in LOVE

deh kahin bhi ho mera , jaan rakhi hoo yaar mein

Where ever my body be, I've kept my life on my lover

beh jaa.. beh jaa.. hai sagar ka kehna

Flow.. Flow.. the sea says

beh jaa… beh jaa… hai nadiyaan ko behna

Flow… Flow… Let the river flow

patte se tapakti boond ki aawaaz sunaai di thi

The sound of a water drop dropping from the leaves is heard

nadiyan mein tapak aur gum ho ja

Fall into the river and disappear

beh gaya beha gaya… jo reh gaya reh gaya

Whatever flows would flow out… whatever stays would stay forever

beh gaya beha gaya… jo reh gaya reh gaya

behne de mujhe behne de…

mera pal pal ang ang bhar diya

you have filled my my every moment and every part of my body

tu ne jaan pe junoon sa kar diya

you have done something crazy in my life

mera hai kya jo main haar doon, jaan teri hai tujh pe waar doon

Nothing is mine, even my life is yours and I sacrifice for you.

doob gaye jo suna hai saare tere dere aate hain

I heard that everyone drowned who come near Ur embrace...

dil ke chullo mein bechaare dubkiyaan ghaante khaate hain

they plunge and sink into the heart...

beh jaa… beh jaa… chal tod kinare ko

flow out and break the banks

beh jaa… beh jaa… dhar le majhdhaare ko

flow out and

chingaari udaake raakh se

by taking a spark of flame from the ashes

ek boond gira ke aankh se

by dropping  a tear from the eyes

chalne ka ishaara kar gaya

a signal is given to go on

kar gaya kar gaya… sab bhar gaya bhar gaya

a signal is given and my everything (heart, soul and body) is filled


1.    Let fall a drop, from your eyes.
Burn a fragment of the spark,
Alight a hint of hope,
Quench the void's thirst,
That I may cascade so dense and liquify,
Floating over water.

Let me be carried in the ebb
Let me be carried in the ebb
Running like the thunderous wind
Running like water
Plunge into the sea
Let me surge like the river

I have gambled for my death
To live only in love
Let my body be castabout
But within my beloved, my essence shall be
Succumb to the ebb
Succumb to the ebb
The sea calls
Succumb to the ebb
Succumb to the ebb
The river must surge

A sound was heard somewhere
As a drop toppled onto a leaf
cascade into the stream, and dissapear.
All is adrift
all is adrift
He Who remains, will forever be so
All is adrift
all is adrift
He Who remians, will forever be so

Let me be carried in the ebb
Let me be carried in the ebb
Running like the thunderous wind
Running like water
Plunge into the sea
Let me surge like the river

You have permeated each moment and limb
You have immersed my essence in madness
What do I even have, to ever relinquish
This life is yours, I yeild it to you
Those to have ingressed upon your abode
Have all drowned, it is said
All wrteches, plunging and sinking
into the heart's quagmire
Succumb to the ebb
Succumb to the eb
And breach the banks
Succumb to the ebb
Succumb to the ebb
And seize the swell

Igniting a flare from the ashes
Letting a drop fall from the eyes
gesturing for progression
And once given
and once given
Everything brimmed
Everything brimmed

Let me be carried in the ebb
Let me be carried in the ebb
Running like the thunderous wind
Running like water
Plunge into the sea
Let me surge like the river


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