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My OS thread- New OS for Anniversary....Yaadhein on pt 1,2 pg 23 apr 5 (Page 10)

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simply brilliant.loved itc

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awesome dear

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this is the OS I wrote for the OS competition...posting this for those who missed it...          
                       JANGAL MEIN MANGAL

Maan's Guest house'situated inside a dense forest''

Maan is all alone here, totally on his own in the company of wild animals'..

This is Maan's favourite holiday spot'.whenever he gets a break from business he heads to the forest''far from the mad rush of the city's concrete jungle'.

It's only noon and Maan is already drinking''normally he drinks only at bedtime'..

But this time everything is different.

It's the worst vacation ever'.he had to spend a whole three days with this girl'Geet Handa'.

The name itself makes him dizzy'.his mind is fully occupied by this Geet Handa'.

He is just trying to douse the fire inside him set by her with alcohol'..

Poor Maan, doesn't he know alcohol is highly inflammable ?


Who is this Geet Handa and how on earth Maan met her in this jungle''

Koi jungle ki rani hai kya? Nahi hummari apni Hoshiarpur express hi hai''

Now back to the mulakaat''..

Maan is cutting wood in the forest as usual'..

He hears some noise and it's not the familiar sound of the forest''

It is different'.Maan moves in the direction of the noise & he gets closer & closer'..

Some girl is running towards him''before he could realize what's happening she crashes on him'..

                "mujhe bachao'..mujhe bachao'"

Maan pushes her aside and finds some goons chasing her.

He punches one on the face & he falls down unconscious.

The others run away seeing Maan in action.

Maan gets back to his work, collecting wood.

That girl follows him''

"mujhe ghar jaana hai"

She keeps on chanting this''.

Maan is least bothered. He loads the wood in the jeep.

That girl has already got in. Maan stares. She doesn't care.

                "mujhe ghar jaana hai"

Maan drives back to his Guest house.

                "ye mujhe kahan lekhe aaye ho?"

No response from Maan.

He takes the wood inside and never returns.

Poor girl! She just waits there for over an hour. It's getting darker and darker.

She is scared hearing the howling of the wolves.

It also starts to drizzle. Now she has to get in.

She peeps in with  a  lot of caution.

Maan is sitting in front of the fire place with his black coffee'..

That girl comes near'.

               "mujhe ghar jaana hai"

Maan takes a sip and looks at her'.

She is looking tired and scared'..

He offers her coffee. She refuses it and starts repeating,

                "mujhe jaana hai"

Maan opens his lappy & works for a while'..

That girl gets angry'she just waits there hoping that he would take her home after finishing his job which he won't'..

Maan closes his lappy and the girl gets ready to go home'.

She is all smiles'.but Maan starts walking in'.

She keeps following him'..

He enters the kitchen, makes some sandwiches, has one and serves her one which she won't touch'.

She keeps standing looking at him in wonder, how the hell should I tell him?

Just as she keeps thinking of her next move he had gone to his room'.

As soon as he leaves that girl grabs the sandwich and bites in'.

She is very hungry'after that she goes looking for him'..

She finds him inside a room'.she looks thru the door opening'.

He is still awake'maybe she could talk to him now'.

He is getting his drinks ready'.

She just enters''

               "mujhe abji ghar lekhe jao"

Maan doesn't like someone entering his private space that too at this time'.

               "bahar jao"

That girl won't listen''

                "mujhe yahan nahi rehna"

Maan has lost his temper by now'.

He catches hold of her hand, takes her to the window and opens it'.

It's pouring out there'.

                "tumme abhi jaana hai? toh jao, meinne kahan rokha?"

She now understands that it's not wise to leave this place now'..

                "mujhe neendh aarahi hai"

He takes her to the nearby room and locks her in'.

She knocks the door for some time and gives up'.

As she was tired after a very bad day of running in the jungle she falls asleep.


Next morning Maan  sprinkles water to wake her'.

Geet wakes up'..she looks at him and blinks'..

She slowly recalls yesterday''


She quickly follows him'..

He is taking her back to the town.

She tries to say something'.he stares and she keeps quiet.

He stops at the check post, goes and speaks with the guard.

The guard says something bad, she could find it from his expressions.

He comes back and starts driving back to the Guest house.

               "hum wapas kyun jaa rahe hai?"

Bang comes the reply''

                "kyunki tum meri mehmaan haina? Ek din mein jaane kaise de saktha?

                  Do din aur rukh jao"

On hearing this she gets mad'.she tries to stop the jeep, Maan looses control and hits a tree.

Now the only mode of transport is also ruined. Maan finds that it's impossible to fix it now.

Mr. Gurmeet Choudhary !!!
He is really furious'however harder he tries to keep himself cool he can't, b'coz of her foolish acts.

                "tujhe marna hai? toh teek hai, par mujhe jeena hai"

So saying he leaves her alone there and starts walking back thru the woods.

She thinks for a minute and starts following him.

               "kya hua?", she asks politely.

This time he has the courtesy to reply, he tells her about last nights floods and the washing away of the only bridge connecting the town. It will take a couple of days to repair. So she  has to stay here till then.

He just moves so fast that she is left behind and had to catch up running'.

Suddenly she starts screaming'.


Have the goons found them again?

Maan turns back and she comes and hugs him tight, he looks at her, she keeps shouting with her eyes closed.

He holds her just to assure that she is safe as long as she is with him.

It is just a wild boar(?) chasing its prey. It has passed them.

                "aankhen kolo, it's gone"

She slowly opens her eyes and looks into his eyes. He couldn't face her eye to eye and he turns away.

Now he slows down so that she  won't get lost. She starts following him very close, almost touching him.

Generally he hates women, typical MSK.

This is the first time he has felt a girl so close, drowning in her fragrance. It's a new experience for him, the one he had successfully avoided all these years. He feels that something is wrong, this should not happen, this is not good. He turns back and shouts'.

               "mujhse dhoor raho, just stay away"

She stops and follows him at a safe distance.

Back at the house''

Now that she has to stay with him for the next two days she decides to follow his rules.


He leaves her at the house, takes his tools and goes back to fix the jeep.

She takes a look around. She feels hungry.

She prepares food, haves her lunch and takes a nap.

He returns back hungry and goes to have something light. Maybe some cornflakes with fruits.

But he smells something delicious, find something on the table.

He takes a look, it's pasta.

Geet could only find this in Maan's kitchen.

He tries it. Its good, masaledar pasta, pasta with a desi touch.

He enjoys his food and its nice to have some one at home to cook for you,

Of course Nakul is there at KM, but he is only a paid worker.

Then he searches her and finds her sleeping.

He couldn't stop staring at her. The more he stares the more she looks beautiful.

It's now becoming hard to suppress his feelings for her.

This girl has something that disturbs him a loy. Maybe her eyes, that keep chatting with him however hard he tries to avoid them,so innocent yet so powerful. She has got that magical power to captivate him and enslave him. that girl too feels something strange happening to her since she met him.

Maan hides himself seeing her wake up, he leaves immediately but that girl knows very well that he was there even though her eyes were closed.

That evening'..

                Geet takes a look around the house and finds Maan's punching bag, you know Maan is a kick boxer. She wears his gloves and starts punching it with all her strength, left punch' right punch'.

But she couldn't even move it , she gets angry'. She now tries punching with both the hands'yeah! Here goes the bag'' oh no! it comes right back, straight towards her '.luckily the bag stops just in front of her face'It's Maan who had stopped it from behind''.

                "yahan kya kar rahi ho?"

Geet shows the gloves and poses like a boxer in the ring''

               "mein toh boxing practice kar rahi thi"

Geet tries to repeat what she did'' Maan stops her'..

               "mere cheezon pe haath mat lagao"

Geet is in no mood to listen,

                "himmat hai toh mujhe rokho"

Geet gets ready to fight'.

Maan doesn't take her seriously'.

               "mein itna bhi kamzoor nahi hoon kit ere saath ladoon"

Geet laughs'..

               "dar gaye ho"

Maan gets angry and steps forward staring her'.

Geet punches him'.. Maan didn't expect this'.. so doesn't defend'

He is hurt'.around the right eye' Geet thought that he would stop her'.

He is in pain'.. she is worried'.


She gets closer and takes a look at his wound'.

She raises her feet to reach his eyes and she blows'.

               "bahut dard hotha hai kya?"

She holds his hand and takes him with her'.

He follows her like a little boy '. She takes him to the dining table'.


Maan sits still staring her''.

She comes back with the ice cubes'

               "aankhen band karo"

She applies ice on his wound'.

Maan thinks, if at all he got hurt in Delhi'.. what would happen?

                "Maan sir ko chot lag gayi"

                "someone call the doctor"

                 "ambulance bhulaoon kya?"

                "stupid, first aid kit lekhe aao"

Everyone would rush to get get help'. Off they go leaving Maan alone'..

Who would dare to come near Maan Singh Khurana?

For a change, this is goog'being at the receiving end, be it the punch or the care that followed '.

                "aap aaram karo"

Here comes the next command  which he readily accepts'..

Geet prepares dineer'.

After a quiet dinner he goes to his room. She too finishes her dinner and gets ready to sleep.

She likes to have a look at him before going to bed, maybe he is still in pain''

She opens the door and peeps in'..

She finds him drinking''.

                "daru? Roz pithe ho?"

He just pushes her out and locks the door'. He is afraid that he might loose control''

 Next morning'. Maan is up late'.last night's hang over ?

 He goes to find out what this girl is upto?

She is not in her room. Maan is worried, what if she had left and what if she gets lost in the jungle.

Maan wonders, why is he so concerned? If she left without even informing him, then it's fine, it's her decision, why should he bother? As he was thinking about her, he hears the washroom door opening'

It's Geet'. She comes out after a shower''

Maan couldn't take his eyes off her. Maneet eyelock' Mahi'.

Maan gets angry looking at her clothes''s Maan's dress'.

How dare she did this? Maan looks at her and she knows why he is so angry,

Maan gets closer, she steps back only to hit the wall behind her.

There is silence for a moment'' this time Maan could only whisper, he doesn't have the strength to shout''

               "ye mera hai"

Geet is not scared'.


Maan has no answer for that, she continues'.

               "meinne pura ghar doondhliya, bas yahi mila tha, aap yahan akhele rehthe ho?"


On hearing this she is curious to know more'

               "kyun? Aapka family?"

                "Dadi yahan nahi aathe"

               "aapka Dadi kahan hai?"

                "Delhi mein"

                "yahan akhele rehne mein aapko dar nahi lagtha?"

                "aaj tak dar nahi laga. Lekhin ab lagtha hai"


               "tum paas ho toh dar kagega hi haina?"

                "mein kya itni bhuri hoon?"


Maan leaves before she could say something, he doesn't want to stay there'he leaves only to return late at night'.

This girl has changed him a lot, he is talking about his Dadi with a complete  stranger, this is not the Maan singh khurana that everyone knows, he himself finds it strange that he has softened within a couple of days, that too without his knowledge. If this continues Dadi would not recognize him, though he went away from her he kept thinking about her all day.

Maan returns. He has got the jeep ready and the bridge too will be fixed by morning'..

Geet has already slept. Maan knocks. Geet opens the door.


                "kal subhe jaldhi tayaar ho jao, tum ghar jaa sakthi"

Geet is happy yet disappointed to leave this place so soon.

               "Good night'." , he tries to recall her name.

He doesn't even cared to know her name yet'.

                "Geet, Geet Handa"

                "Good night Geet"

Geet too didn't bother to know his name as he is Dust Danav for her.

               "aapka naam"

"Maan, Maan Singh Khurana"

That was a very long night for both of them.they kept thinking of those two days they had spent together, all through the night.

Next morning'

Geet is preparing breakfast. Maan comes'.

Geet is chopping veggies.

             "Good morning Mr.Maan"


Geet cuts her finger looking at him'.


Maan rushes to help her.

               "tumme khana pakane ki kya zaroori hai? ghar jaake kha nahi sakthi?"

Geet looks at him'..he is really worried'..

That is the first time she is seeing him worry about something. He seemed to be a quiet tough guy, not bothered by mishaps, always angry with her, angry with himself and life. After all he is also a human with all kinds of emotions and feelings. He had been shielding himself with anger as his shield which is now broken by Geet's care and attention.

"apne mere itni madat ki, toh  meinne socha aap ke liye kuch special dish banaoon"

                "usski koi zaroorat nahi, tum beito"

Maan makes pasta for her.

               "pehle hi patha hotha ki aap itne achche cooking karthe ho toh aapke haath ke khana hi kathi"

Maan doesn't reply'..

Geet finishes her pasta within seconds leaving Maan hungry.

Maan has to be satisfied with his cornfakes.

                "chalein", Maan gets the jeep ready. They leave.

On the way'..

Maan keeps quiet and he avoids any conversation, not even eye contact, he just keeps looking at the road and drives. Geet is not comfortable with the silence,


No reaction from Maan.

                " apne meri jaan bachayi, aur izzat  bhi, aap nahi hothe toh patha nahi mera kya hotha?"

Still no answer. Geet keeps on chatting as she is used to MSK's antics.

At a certain point Maan takes out his mobile and checks, network hai'.

He gives it to Geet'..

                "lo, gharwalon ko bhulao"

Geet gives it back,

               "koi zaroorat nahi, Dev toh yahi hoga, station pe"

Maan is puzzled, who is this Dev?

               "tera bhai?"

Geet laughs,

               "mera magetar, Dev mujhe bahut pyaar kartha, dus din mein hummare shadhi hai, aap zaroor aana"

                "pyaar? Rishta? Sab bakwaas hai"

Geet already knows him very well, she is not at all surprised by this reaction.

                "issiliye aap aaise Dust danav bangaye ho, mein kehthi hoon ki aap bhi shadhi karko, mere jaise ladhki aapko mina bahut mushkil hai, lekhin thoda koshish karoge toh zaroor koi jungle ki rani miljayegi"

Maan stares hearing this.

                "aaise chehre lekhe goomoge toh jaanwar bhi paas nahi aayega"

Maan gets even more angry. He stops the jeep.

Geet is scared.

                "mere saath aana hai toh chup, bilkul chup. Warna yahi uthro"

Geet keeps quiet. Mann takes her to the station.

At the station'.

Maan goes and talks with the inspector.

No one had come there reporting the missing of Geet.

When everyone asked about Geet after Dev returned alone without her, Dev told everyone that Geet ran away. Dev had blamed her so that he could escape.

Darji believed Dev and is angry with Geet. They had not repoeted her missing as family honour is much important  than Geet herself.

Maan now gives her the mobile as there is no one waiting for her.

Geet is disappointed, yet she believes that Dev might be in trouble and calls him in a hurry.

                "Dev, tum kahan ho? Tum teek toh haina?"

Dev is shocked to hear from her'.

                "kahan bhaag gayo ho?"

Geet didn't expect this'.she goes speechless'.

Maan snatches the mobile and speaks with dev informing about Geet.

Maan stays with her till dev comes to take her.

Dev thanks Maan and Geet goes with him without any interest.

She looks scared and unwilling to go, Maan has read her face.

He is also not happy sending her with this Dev, but he is helpless.

Geet keeps on talking about her adventures and Maan. This annoys Dev who already has doubts about her spending two nights alone with Maan.

After a week'.. back at the jungle guest house'..

Maan has been drinking all day struggling to keep Geet away from his mind which seems impossible even after so much drinking. All of a sudden he finds Geet standing in front of him.  This is why he is drinking, he has been seeing her everywhere since she left him.

This time she comes and hugs him.

               "Maan, I missed you so much"

This is really Geet. What's she doing here? She is to get married in a couple of days.

Maan pushes her away.

                "tum yahan kya kar rahi ho?"

               "mein aapko bhool nahi sakthi, woh do din ko mein kaise bhool sakthi?"

Maan is confused'.

                "pagal ho gayi ho kya?"

               "haan, pagal ho gayi hoon"

She goes and hugs him once again.

Dev enters clapping'.

                "wah! Kya scene hai?"

Geet laughs'.

               "ab tum kush hona?"

Maan doesn't understand what's going on,

               "ye kya ho raha hai?"

Dev gets angry''. He tries to slap her when Maan stops him'.

Geet keeps laughing at Dev'.

                "pakad gayi ho, toh hasthi ho?"

Geet now gets serious'.

                "tum yahi dekhne ke liye mere peeche chup chupkke aaye hona? toh meinne bhi socha, hare hummare honnewale pathi ko kaise niraash kar sakthi? "

Dev had come to spy her, he had asked her to go and invite Maan personally and followed her to see what happens.

                "toh tumme pehle hi maloom tha?"

               "haan, dus din se tere shak ko meinne bardaast karki, ab aur nahi"

                "lekhin mera shak toh sahi haina?"

                "tum kaun hothe ho shak karnewale? Mein toh pura yakeen se keh sakthi hoon ki, haan hummare beech kuch toh nahi, bahut kuch hai, abhi dekhlo"

She goes and kisses Maan on both the cheeks. Maan tries to push her off.

Maan now understands the problem.

                "aapko galatfami ho gayi hai"

                "isse baat karke koi faida nahi, Dev, tum chale jao yahan se, humme akhela chodthi"

                "mujhe yahan rehne ki koi shok nahi, good bye" Dev leaves.

Maan is worried'.

                "tum kya kar rahi ho?"

Geet looks onto his eyes and replies'..

               "kyun? Meinne shai kiya haina?"

               "Geet, do din mein teri shadhi hai"

                "kaunsi shadhi?"


Geet explains how Dev had tortured her all these days suspecting her character.

                "chalo, tumme tummare ghar chodtha hoon"

                "ghar? Yahi mera ghar hai?"

               "Geet, tum kya keh rahi ho?"

                "Maan,  mujhe yahi rehna hai, please mujhe yahan rehne do, mein vada karthi hoon ki mein aapko disturb nahim karoongi, aur aap jo bhi  kehthe ho wahi karoongi"


               "haan, pacca"

                "toh yahan aao, mere paas"

Maan hugs her and kisses her'.like a man'.

               "ab tumme aaise hi hamesha mere paas rehna hoga, tumne vada kiya hai"

                "aap chaho toh bhi mujhe yahan se nikhaal nahi sakthe, samje aap?"

Maneet passionate hug'.Mahi''

Geet is very hungry'..

               "Maan, aap mere liye pasta banao"


                "mujhe bahut bhook lagi hai"

                "toh tum hummare liye pasta banao, hum saath mein khathe hai"

                "nahi, aap bahut achche banathe ho, aap hi banao"

                "Geet, abhi abhi tumne vada kiya hai"


                "toh tumme hi banana hoga"

                "nahi aaj toh aap hi banaoge"

               "nahi tum"

                "nahi aap"

                "achcha tum mere liye banao aur mei tere liye banatha hoon"

                "toh ho jaye, dekhthe hai ki kaun pehle banatha?"

Geet shuru ho jaathi''

Maan ko patha nahi kya karein'.

                "babaji, aap hi bathao, kya ye pasta banane ka waqt hai? aap nahi sambal paye toh aapne issko  Maan singh Khurana ke paas bhej diya?"

Maan follows Geet to the kitchen?...

That's my jungle mein mangal''howzaattt?

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Awesum lovely read it already though bt still u rock

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