Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

My OS thread- New OS for Anniversary....Yaadhein on pt 1,2 pg 23 apr 5

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This is MY MG OS collections...
New OS for Anniversary ...Yaadhein...
posted my Character Of The Week Thread OSs...for those who missed them...
Mystery Behind Mishty... pt 1 on pg 19
pt 2 on pg 20
pt -3 on pg 21
Raavan last pt on pg 17
Raavan part 2 on pg 15
new OS RAAVAN...posted on pg 14
mere papa on pg 13
Here's my OS for the Maneet Magazine...posting here for Ur responses...Wink    
OS 1
Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahaani...on PG 1
OS 2
Next OS for 2nd monthly
Behne De Mujhe Behne De posted on pg 3...
behne de Mujhe Behne de continued on pg 3
behne De pt 3
Behne De ...concluded...
OS 3
New OS - Laga Chunri Mein Daag... on pg 5
its different...jaise maggi hot & sweet...Wink
woh wala hot nahi...Embarrassed
waiting ofr your responses...
Laga Chunri mein Daaag... part -2 on pg 6
laga Chunri...patr 3 on Pg 8 
concluding part...on pg 9
this is my OS for OS competition...posting here for those who missed it...
new OS Ranjhnaa on pg 11
new OS - Mere Papa

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lovely os

maaneeet moments were fab

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                                  Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahaani
          Geet Handa comes to Delhi in search of a job. As we know she stays with Pinky and pinky is working at KC.
          Once Geet goes to meet Pinky at KC. Geet is waiting for the lift. Meanwhile she calls Pinky,
          "hare Pinky, mein aagayi hoon, tum kahan ho?"
She is busy chatting, lift arrives and the door opens.
Geet enters still talking without noticing Maan Singh Khurana coming out.
She collides on him and mistakes him for that,
          "andhe ho kya?"
Maan Singh Khurana ko ussne andha kaha toh MSK gets angry,
But she doesn't care and carries on with her gaallies.
          "dikhayi nahi detha ki koi samne hai?
           Itna bhi kya jaldhi hai? "
Maan is really in a hurry and he just pushes her off and walks away followed by his guards.
          "itna akkad? "
Geet feels insulted as he left without bothering her words.
Geet keeps staring at him till he leaves and she too leaves still continuing her gaallies.
At the reception, Pinky is happy to see Geet,
          "Geeet!  tu aagayi?"
Geet is very angry,
          " Pinky ye tere office mein kaise kaise log kaam karte hai?"
Pinky blinks, hare issko kya hua?
          " Geet, itna gussa?"
          "patha nahi yahan aathe hi mera mood karab ho gaya, chalo, hum jaldhi chalte hai"
          "haan chalo, DD bhi nahi hai"
          "hare, Maan sir, hummare boss"
          "mujhe laga tum uss Dust Danav ki baat kar rahi ho"
          "nahi re, DD matlab Dhak Dhak, tumne mila nahi unko?"
          "nahi, ek DD se milthe hi mera ye haal hogaya, ab ek aur nahi"
Adi comes,
          "ha ha ha'..", Adi laughs seeing her,
Geet is puzzled,
          "Pinky, tummare office mein sab ajeeb kyun lagthe hai?"
          "ye, ye Adi sir hai"
          "I'm Adi, KC ke accountant, aap?"
          "Adi sir, ye Geet hai, aapko maloom haina? Woh Hoshiarpur wali friend"
          "oohh..' Geet, nice meeting you"
          "aap Pinky ke friend ho?"
          "matlab mere bhi friend ho"
Geet shakes hands'..
          "Geet chalo, mujhe bhook lagi hai"
Adi laughs,
          "haan it's snacking time for Pinky"
          "ye toh har waqt khathe rehthi hai"
          "phir milthe hai Geet"
          "bye Adi sir"
Geet smiles and leaves with Pinky.
Next week,
Geet wants to do a little shopping, but Pinky doesn't have time.
She tries hard to get a day off but MSK ka patha haina, har waqt bas kaam kaam kaam aur no chuti.
Uncleji decides to accompany Geet to the mall.
At the mall,
Geet is surprised seeing the huge mall, she wonders how could one afford all those expensive goods, Geet has got very little money left with her which she uses to get some gifts for Pinky and her papa(uncleji)
          "puthar, isski kya zaroori hai, tum apne liye kuch lo"
          "nahi uncleji aap ye kurtha lijiye"
          "lekhin bte"
          "mein bhi pinky ki tarah aapki beti hi hoona?"
Now uncle couldn't resist.
After shopping Geet asks uncleji to wait at the entrance while she is off to get some chaat for Pinky.
Uncle waits when Maan arrives to meet a client nearby.
Maan steps out of the car and finds a little girl trying to step on the road while her mother is talking on the mobile.
He rushes to stop her and in that hurry he hits uncleji and uncleji's specs drops and breaks.
Geet watches Maan from behind and she is off in a flash to help uncleji.
          "bakthameez gayinka, bhuzurkon ka izzat nahi kartha, najaane kaise isske parivaar issko bardaast karthe"
Maan could hear her while he crosses her but has no time to react, he runs and saves the girl.
Geet helps uncleji and doesn't see Maan helping that child.
When she turns back and looks at him, Maan is scolding the mother for her carelessness.
As usual Geet couldn't keep silent watching him misbehave(?) with a woman.
She goes to help that poor(!) woman,
          "hare tum?" Geet remembers him very well'..
Maan instantly regognises her'..he turns the other side'.
He doesn't want any kind of drama''.
Geet aasaani se chodnewali nahi hai''
          "mujhe pehle hi patha tha ki tum ek no ki kamine ho"
Maan turns back''..he is furious'..
 "kya kaha tumne?"
That women is scared''.
          "aap daro mat, ye toh aaise hi hothe hai, bahut batein karthe aur karthe kuch nahi"
That women takes this opportunity to escape'..
Galthi toh usska hi haina'.
          "thank you behenji, jo bhi ho, ek aurat ki madat toh dusre aurat hi karthi"
          "haan, aap fikar mat karo, mein hoona"
Adi comes and Maan leaves with him''
          "hare, ussko pakdo"
That women holds back Geet''
          "chodo behenji, humme aaise logon se dhoor hi rehna chahiye"
Geet gets really angry'..
          "haan, lekhin kissi na kissi din ye mere haath miltha toh mein ussko"
That Women tries to cool her 'she lifts her daughter'.
          "behenji, aapka bahut bahut shukriya,sweetie, aunty ko bye kaho"
          "aapki bachi hai? bahut cute hai"
          "haan, isskke papa intrezaar karthe honge, hum chalthe hai"
          "bye sweetie"
Uncleji bhi aagaye'..
          "kya hua bte?"
          "aaise logon ko toh jail mein dalne chahiye"
Uncleji tries  to calm her down,
          "beta, ye Delhi hai, yahan toh har tarah ke log rehthe hai, humme aaise logon se dhoor rehna chahiye"
          "lekhin uncleji, aapne dekha nahi? Humme kuch karna chahiye, warna ye log  humme kamzoor samjkke aur tang karenge"
          "chodo ye sab, Pinky hummare intrezaar kar rahi hogi"
          "hummare nahi, gol gappe ki intrezaar kar rahi hogi"
          "haan, chalo"
One evening,
Geet returns after giving an interview,
          "Geet beta, aapka interview kaise chala?"
Geet looks disappointed..
          "ye job bhi nahi mila"
Geet ka paise katam ho gaye hai, ab toh ussko job ki sakt zaroorat hai.
Papaji se kitne paise mangegi, aur Darji ne kaha ki ek mahine mein koi job nahi mila toh seedhe shadhi.
Geet is worried, she should find a job soon.
          "Geet beta, aap niraash mat ho, aapko zaroor naukri mil jayegi"
Uncle brings her tea.
Geet reminds him of his broken glasses and asks him to get ready so that they can get him a new one.
They go to see the eye specialist.
At the hospital'''
It's very crowded and they had to wait a long time before they could see the doctor.
When uncle's turn comes the sister stops him as some VIP has come.
Geet gets angry and argues with the sister that it's not fair as they had already waited for a long time.
It's Savithri Devi who had come and after seeing Geet arguing she asks uncleji to consult first and that she could wait.
Geet is pleased and she helps her find a seat and she stays with her while uncleji goes  to check his eyes.
          "bte aapka naam?"
          "Geet, Geet Handa"
          "aap kahan se hai?"
          "Hoshiarpur se"
          "Hoshiarpur? Hummare bhi wahan bahut jaane pehchaanwale hai"
          "aap Hoshiarpur aaye hai?"
          "nahi, hummare pothe ki koi nayi project wahan shuru honnewala hai"
          "woh kya karthe?"
          "contructions, tum kya kar rahi ho?"
          "mein? Mein abhi job doondh rahi hoon"
          "tum hummare office kyun nahi join karthe?"
          "haan, Khurana Constructions"
          "Khurana Constructions? Pinky bhi wahi kaam karthi"
          "Pinky, meri saheli"
          "that's good, so you would love to work with her"
          "lekhin aap abhi abhi mujhe mille hai?"
          "I like U, U are so sweet, tum zaroor KC join karlo, ye lo mera card"
Dadi calls KC.
          "halo, Adi"
          "gud evening m'am"
          "is there any vacancies?"
          "yah m'am, Maan sir ki secretary ka post vacant hai, infact kal interview hai"
          "cancel the interview, secretary milgayi"
          "get the appointment order ready for Geet Handa"
          "yah, Pinky's friend"
          "I know m'am. Good choice"
Geet ko job milgaya.
          "thank you m'am"
          "toh tum kal hi join karlo"
          "teek hai m'am"
Uncleji bhi aajaathe,
          "uncleji, ye savithriji hai, KC ke malkin"
          "Namasthe ji"
          "aapki Geet bahut samajdhar hai, aur bahut pyaari bhi"
          "uncleji, m'am ne mujhe naukri diya hai, KC mein"
          "ye bahut achchi baat hai, shukriyaji"
          "she deserves it, no need to thank me"
          "teek hai m'am, ab hum chalthe hai"
Geet leaves'.
Maan comes to pick up Dadi'.
He inquires at the reception and Geet spots him,
Geet looks worried'..
          "hare babaji, ye meinne kya kardhi? Ye toh sach mein andha hai, issiliye ussdin bhi itne log usske peeche jaa rahe the aur issiliye ye hamesha kala chasma pehenthe hai"
Geet thinks that Maan is blind.
          "babaji mujhe maaf kardho, mujhse galthi ho gayi, mujhe unsse bhi maafi maangni chahiye, haina?"
She goes to apologize.
Maan turns back'.ye ? phir se sunane aagayi?
Maan gets angry'..aaj toh mein issko chodoonga nahi, samajthi kya apne aapko?
          "woh , I'm sorry, mujhe maaf kardo"
          "mujhe patha nahi aap sach mein aaise ho?"
          "aao, mein aapki madat karthi hoon"
She holds his hand and tries to help'.
          "chodo mujhe"
          "hare mein aapki madat karthi hoon"
          "what nonsense? Tum? Meri madat?"
          "haan, aap andhe haina?"
Maan takes off his glasses,
          "mein andha hoon? Tum andhi hogi"
Maan stares'.Geet looks into his eyes'
Mameet eyelock'Mahi'..
          "aap andhe nahi ho?"
          "toh aap jaanpoochkke ladkiyon se takraathe ho?"
          "haan, mein sab jaanthi hoon"
          "just shut up"
          "meinne dekha, ussdin bhi aap apne galthi ko chupane ke liye uss bechari ko daanta tha, haina?"
Maan closes her mouth'
          "chup'bilkul chup"
Uncleji aathe hai,
          "Geet beta, aap teek toh haina?"
Maan leaves her and goes to see dadi'.
Geet shock mein hai, ussko patha nahi kya ho raha hai'.
Ye Maan ki sparsh ussko bahut disturb kartha'.
          "haan uncleji, mein teek hoon, chaliye"
At the bus stop'.
Uncleji had left his purse at the hospital,
          "hare, ye meinne kaise bhoola?"
          "koi baat nahi uncleji, aap yahi raho, mein aapki purse ko lekeh aathi hoon"
          "lekhin Geet, tum akhele kaise jaoogi?"
          "yahi haina, mein abhi aathi hoon, aap fikar mat karo"
So saying Geet leaves'..
Geet just turns the corner and starts walking when some men start following her'.
There is no one else on that street'
Maan is on his way to KC as dadi had left for KM with the driver'.
Maan sees Geet on the road struggling to free herself from that rowdy's hold'.
Maan comes to help'..
After some punches and kicks those men run away'..
          "tum teek toh haina?"
          "chalo mein tumme ghar chodtha hoon"
          "nahi, uncleji wait karthe honge"
          "teek hai, aao mein tumme unkke paas chodtha hoon"
          "nahi, mujhe hospital jaana hai"
Maan loses his temper'..
          "ab tumme kahan jaana hai? pehle decide karlo"
          "aap jao, mein kudh chali jaaongi"
          "tum aaise nahi manoge"
Maan tries to force her '..
          "chalo mere saath"
          "chodo mujhe"
Geet starts walking fast'
Maan follows her walking behind her'..
Geet gets the purse and she looks at him waiting out for her'.
Now she too goes along with him to the bus stop'.
Uncleji thanks Maan'.
Maan too couldn't understand why he did that'.
Geet thinks about him all night and couldn't sleep well'.
She is late on the first day itself'.
          "Geet, tummare waje se mein bhi aaj late ho gayi"
          "hare Pinky, tu chal, mein aathi hoon"
          "lekhin tumme chodkke?"
          "mein kya bachi hoon, tum chal"
          "are you sure?"
          "haan, mein babaji se milkke hi aasakthi, aaj pehle din haina?"
          "teek hai, sambalkke"
          "haan, tum jao"
At KC'..
Geet rushes in the lift'.
She is already late by an hour'..
Maan is inside the lift'..
Geet takes long breaths as she had come running'.
Maan is surprised to see her there'.
          "phir se?"
          "babaji, ye mein kahan aagayi hoon?"
          "tumme kahan jaana hai?"
Geet tries to stop the lift'she crazily hits all the buttons'
Maan hold her hand and stops her'.
          "pagal ho gayi ho kya?"
          "rokho isse"
          "hare mujhe bahar jaana hai"
The lift had struck due to Geet's crazy hitting'.
Maan gets angry''
          "pagal ladhki, ye tumne kya kardiya?"
          "meinne kya kiya? Sab aapke wajhe se hi hua hai"
          "aapne kya kiya?"
          "tum kuch dher chup raho"
          "babaji, mein kahan fasgayi? Mujhe bachao'."
Geet starts shouting'.
          "bachao'koi hai? bachao'"
Maan is embarrassed'.what's she doing?
Maan corners her and closes her mouth '.
          "chup..'bilkul chup"
Maan calls Adi and Adi calls the lift operator to fix it'.
          "tum yahan kya kar rahi ho?"
          "mujhe yahan naukri milli hai"
          "kya? Tumme kissne naukri dhi?"
          "Savithri ji ne"
          "kal? Toh tum kal hospital meinunko milli thi?"
Maan starts walking towards her'.
" mujhse dhoor hi raho, warna aapki naukri gayi, samje"
          "tum mujhe dhamki dethi ho?"
          "haan, mein savithri ji ko jaanthi hoon, ek call karoon toh aapki chutti"
          "tum mujhe yahan se nikhaaloge?"
Maan stares and gets closer'.
Geet is scared'..
          "mein abhi unko call karthi haaon, dekho"
Maan snatches her mobile'..
          "mera mobile"
Geet tries to get it back and falls over him'.
Maan holds her''Maneet eyelock'..Mahi'..
Lift operates and they get back to the real world from Maneet land'.
Maan goes to his cabin and calls Adi'.
Maan is very angry'.
Adi rushes to his cabin'..
          "ye ho kya raha hai mere office mein?"
          "kaam sir?"
"sorry sir"
"aajka interview?"
          "cancel ho gaya sir"
          "kya? Kyun?"
          "Dadi ka orders hai sir"
          "haan sir"
          "tumne mujhe bathaya kyun nahi?"
          "Dadi ne bathaya nahi?"
Dadi knows about Maan and that's why she kept quiet'.
Else Maan would have stopped her right there'.
          "Adi, ussko bejhdo"
          "kaun sir?"
          "sir, nayi employee? Geet?"
          "haan wahi"
Adi leaves'.
Geet goes to meet Pinky'.
          "Geet tumne itne dher kyun kardhi?"
          "hare woh Dust Danav phir se milgaya"
          "Geet, mazak chodo, Maan sir aagaye hai"
          "kaun Maan sir?"
           "Hare Maan sir ko nahi jaanthi?"
          "nahi toh"
          "Geet tum unkke secretary ho"
          "kya? Hare haan woh Maan sir, kahan hai?"
Adi comes''he is tensed'.
          "Adi sir, kya hua?"
          "Maan sir bahut gusse mein hai"
          "Geet, tu toh gayi"
          "kya? Babaji ye mera pehli din hai, aap mere saath haina?"
Geet babaji ke madat lekhe Maan se milne jaathi'..
          "may I come in sir"
          "come in"
Geet peeps in thru the door'..
Geet shuts the door and runs out'
Everyone is watching her'..
Maan comes out and calls her'..
          "ye mujhe kyun bhulathe hai?"
          "ms.Geet handa"
          "mein nahi"
Geet tries to run away'..
Maan chases and catches her'..
Maan takes her in ''
All the staff keep watching with their mouth open'.
Ye Maan sir hi haina?
Maan goes and sits in his chair'..
Geet stands there shivering''
          "toh tum hi meri secretary ho?"
          "nahi, mujhe patha nahi aap woh DD ho"
          "mujhe laga aap Dust Danav ho, lekhin aap hi Dhak Dhak ho?"
          "kya bakwaas batein kar rahi ho?"
          "nahi, sachi, mujhe patha nahi aap hi Maan sir ho"
          "teek hai, daro mat"
          "mein kissi se nahi darthi"
Maan stares'..
Geet steps back'.
Maan calls Sasha and asks her to guide Geet''.
Maan doesn't disturb her as it's her first day and he gives her time to settle'
Next day'..
Maan calls Geet'.
          "gud morning sir"
Geet is very polite as she doesn't want to loose this job'
          "sir, aapne bhulaya?"
          "haan, Mr.khanna ko quotations ke barein mein inform karna hai"
          "teek hai sir"
So saying Geet leaves immediately'..she wants to show that she is very efficient and intelligent''
She turns back'.
          "kahan jaa rahi ho?"
          "Mr.khanna ko bhulane"
          "aap unko kuch bathana chahathe haina?"
          "tumme patha hai ki ye Mr.Khanna kaun hai?"
          "nahi sir, mein yahan kissi ko nahi jaanthi, mein nayi hoona?"
          "teek hai, pehle ek kaam karo, tum sab se milkke aao"
Maan calls Adi and asks him to introduce Geet to all the staff members'.
After an hour Geet comes back''
          "Mr.Khanna se milli?"
          "nahi sir"
          "shayad woh aaj office nahi aaye?"
Maan wonders how could she be so stupid?
          "patha nahi ye ladhki kya kya karegi, kudh pagal hokke mujhe bhi pagal na banade!"
          "Geeet, woh yahan kaise honge?"
          "kyun sir? Aapne unko naukri se nikhaaldhi?"
          "Geet ,woh yahan kaam nahi karthe"
          "woh mere tarah naye employee hai? aathe hi honge, mein jaakke dekhthi hoon"
          "Dadima, aapko ye pagal ladhki kahan se milli?"
          "sir aapne kuch kaha?"
          "nahi, pehle tum apne bak bak katam karlo"
          "woh mein kya keh rahi thi?"
Maan tries to help her, after all she is scared'..
          "Geet, Mr.Khanna hummare client hai, mujhe unko letter bhejna hai"
          "ab mein samaj gayi, aap letter bhejna chahathe hai"
Geet leaves and comes back with her notepad and pen'..
Maan starts dictating''
Geet tries hard to write but her pen is not working''
She doesn't know what to do'
She looks at Maan and she is lost in his style and looks'
She keeps staring him and admiring him'..
Maan has finished his diction and he asks her to repeat'.
Geet blinks''
          "ye pen''."
Maan couldn't take this anymore'.
          "aapke paas pen hai?"
Maan gives her a pen''.
          "ab kya?"
          "aap ek bar phir dictate kar sakthe hai kya?"
          "geeet, itne dher kya kar rahi thi?"
Maan stares''
          "sir woh 'pen'"
She is so scared '.she struggles to complete her sentence'.
          "pehle kyun nahi bathayi?"
          "aap itne achche dictate kar rahe the toh, aapko disturb kaise kar sakthi?"
          "tum sach mein boli ho ya boli hone ki natak kar rahi ho?"
          "sir, babaji ki kasam, mein bahut achchi hoon"
She tries to defend herself'..she gets closer to him & swears'..
Maan looks at her beautiful eyes and he just couldn't stop gazing them'.
          "Maan sir"
          "haan, likho"
Somehow she finishes her job successfully'.
Next day''
Maan calls her to his cabin'.
Geet comes so fast that she hits the chair and slips'..
Maan who is standing beside holds her'.
Maneet eyelock'.mahi'.
          "gud morning sir"
          "aaj kya problem hai?"
          "kuch nahi sir"
          "toh itne pareshaan kyun ho?"
          "MSK ki secretary banna itna aasaan thodi nahi"
Maan gets angry'..
          "kuch nahi sir, aapke secretary hoona, toh aapke tarah perfect hona chahiye haina?"
          "toh shuru karein?"
Maan gets near her and looks at her'..
Geet is standing on his way'.
Maan gets to his seat'.
          "ye lo"
          "kya hai sir?"
          "mere paas haina?"
          "tummare pen? Nahi, mein ek kaam ko do do baar nahi kar saktha"
          "ye aapka hi hai sir, kal aapne diya haina?"
          "teek hai likho"
After finishing''.
Geet is about to leave'..
Geet had dropped her dupatta while she slipped and fell'..
Maan gets it and gives it to her''
Geet ko bahut sharam aatha''she grabs it and leaves'.
Maan starts liking her innocence and is smitten by her beauty'.
Geet too feels embarrassed when she comes in front of him'..
Both of them keep their feelings within themselves'.
Next week Maan's younger brother Vicky comes back from UK'.
Dadi is very happy and she arranges a party welcoming him'.
She asks all KC employees to make the arrangements'.
Party is at KM'..
Adi, Pinky, Manisha, Romeo, Sasha, Tahsa and Geet take charge'.
Maan has given Geet the responsibility of supervising the party'.
Geet takes this opportunity to impress Maan.
Pinky: Geet mein kya karoon?
Pinky asks munching potato chips'
Sasha: tum? Bas kahin dhoor kadhe hokke aaisa hi kathe raho
Tasha: silly girl, ye high class party hai, tum aur tummari behenji Geet , just stay away from this
Sasha: yeah, that's the best thing you can do
Geet gets angry hearing this,
" Maan sir ne ye kaam mujhe saubdhi, tum kaun hothe ho humme rokhnewali?"
Sasha couldn't believe what she heard,
"MK trusts you? Oh God, this is crazy"
Adi comes to call Geet,
" Geet, Maan sir tumme bhula rahe hai"
Maan is waiting in his room'.
Geet knocks'.
" andar aao"
Ye pehle bar ho raha hai ki kissi employee seva Nakul ke Maan ke kamre mein aa rahi hai'..
Geet looks around'.
 "sir , aapne bhulaya?"
          "haan, tumne party ki theme decide karli"
Maan keeps looking at Geet and Geet feels uncomfortable sitting inside Maan's room'.
 "nahi sir"
Maan comes closer''.
" pehle tumme Vicky ke barein mein jaanna hoga"
 "haan sir, mein bhi wahi soch rahi thi"
"toh note karo"
Maan keeps staring'..Geet keeps looking down'.
Geet takes her pad and pencil'.
" Vicky ko purane ghanne pasand hai, so the theme may be retro"
 "yes sir, ye aapke chota bhai hi haina?"
Geet is confused kahin ye Maan ki bada bhai toh nahi jo purane zamaane ka hai
Maan gets a little annoyed at this question but keeps cool
" ussko Italian cuisine pasand hai, mujhe bhi"
" haan sir, pasta, aapko pasta pasand hai?"
" sweets, Indian pasand kartha, mein bhi"
 "Indian? Laddu ya Rasgulle?"
"donno aur kaju barfi, badam halwa bhi"
"sweet stall lagana hai kya?"
Maan stares'..Geet gets back to work'
          "kaunsa phool?"
"flowers , haan orchids"
 "aapko bhi wahi pasand haina?"
 "sir aap donno ki pasand same hai, aap bas aapki pasand bathao"
 "teek hai, lighting dim hone chahiye"
"andhere mein kaise dikhayi dega ki aap kya khathe ho? "
Geet pens down the list'
 "mujhe safed rang pasand hai, decorations ka backdrop white hona chjahiye"
"safed? Ye bhi koi rang hotha hai kya?"
"Geet, ye tummari shadhi nahi, hummari Vicky ki welcome party hai, samji"
 "aur kuch hai aapke pasand ke list mein"
 "aur haina,  tum"
Maan lets out his mind in a hurry'.
 "mera matlab hai, tumne drinks kya order kiya hai?"
" fresh juice aur lassi"
" lassi? Aur hard drinks"
 "daru? Babaji ye meri galthi nahi hai, mujhe maaf kardo"
          " Geet ye daru nahi hai"
 "sir ghar ke party mein daru? Ye achcha idea nahi hai sir"
" tum mujhe sikaaogi ki kya sahi hai aur kya galat"
" sir aapko patha hai ki hummare Hoshiarpur mein kya hua?"
" what?, mujhe tummari Hoshiarpur ki kahaani nahi sunni"
" aaise hi ek shadhi mein hummare tali mamaji ne nashe mein kya kiya?"
" kya kiya?"
Maan gets interested in her story'.
" sir dulhan ke samne dulhe raja ko chumma dedi, ek do nahi sir, pure chowbeez"
" kya? Tummare Hoshiarpur ke log aaise honge, ye Delhi hai"
Maan couldn't believe it,
"sir aap Manisha ko bhool gaye ho, pehle hi woh nashe mein goomtha, agar kal Manisha ne aapko aaise kuch kardhiya toh?"
Maan thinks of Manisha kissing him''kitna bhura lagtha sochkke hi, agar sach mein hua toh? Maan gets scared'..
Geet Handa ne Maan singh khurana ko successfully daradhi'..
" nahi nahi, no kissing"
" sir?"
" mera matlab hai no drinks"
" teek hai sir, aap check karlo"
Geet gives the list to Maan''
"aur kuch?"
" nahi, tum jaa sakthi ho"
Geet gets up and steps towards the door'.
Maan stops her''he catches her hand '.
Geet turns back'.looks at him'.
" Geet tum kuch bhool gayi ho"
Geet checks her dupatta'.woh bhi hai
 "nahi sir"
Maan shows the list'..
"hare, mein bhi na"
Geet  gets it & leaves'.
Everyone helps Geet and Geet is busy ordering food and drinks'.
Romeo helps Geet arrange the hall'
He lifts and arranges the furniture'.
          "Romeo, asise nahi, ussko yahan rakho"
          "haan, ye teek hai"
          "Geet, issko kya karein?"
          "issko bahar rakho"
          "Romeo, sambalkke"
Geet too helps him'..
Maan who comes to see the arrangements couldn't tolerate Romeo running around Geet, Maan is jealous'..
He calls Romeo'
          "yes sir"
          "tum yahan kya kar rahe ho?"
          "Geet ki madat kar raha hoon sir"
          "usski koi zaroorat nahi, tum abhi Noida wale sight pe jao, wahan koi problem hai"
          "lekhin sir, sab yahan hai"
          "tumne suna nahi meinne kya kaha?"
Romeo leaves disappointed'.
Geet comes in search of Romeo'..
          "Romeo'.ye kahan chala gaya?"
Geet wanders in the corridor ''.
Maan pulls her inside the room'.
"Geet, tum asli romeo ko chodkke duplicate ke peeche kyun padi ho?"
"haan, tummara Romeo toh tummara samne hi hai"
"Romeo kahan hai?"
"meinne ussko bahar bhejdhi"
"kya? Ab mera madat kaun karega?"
"Adi, Manisha aur pandeyji haina?"
"lekhin woh sab Romeo jaise strong nahi hai"
"tumme kitna strong body chahiye?"
Maan strips off his shirt and shows his muscles'.
"ye kaafi haina?"
"abhi bhi yakheen nahi hotha?"
Suddenly Maan lifts her,
Geet looks into his eyes'.Maneet eyelock'Mahi'..
"Maan sir, chodo mujhe"
"Geet mein tummare madat kartha hoon, kaho, kya karoon?"
Maan gets closer and looks at her lips'.
"madat? Aap? Kaise madat?"
"koi bhi madat, tum kaho Geet, shuru karein?"
"babaji, ab mein kya karoon?"
"bathao Geet, mein tayaar hoon"
"nahi, Adi sir, haan Adi sir mere madat karenge, Adi sir'."
"Geet'.hare Geet, pagal ladhki, mein bhi dekhtha hoon ki kitne din aaise bhaagthi hai?"
Geet makes all the arrangements'.
Maan is happy with that'.
Next day'.Vicky comes'..
Geet welcomes him'.
He instantly likes her'..
" bro, who is this beauty?"
Maan ko bhi lagtha ki aaj Geet kuch zyada hi sundar lagthi'.
He keeps staring his mishty'.
Vicky is surprised to see Maan looking at a girl''.
          "bro, ab toh mujhe jaanna hi padega ki ye ladhki hai kaun?"
Maan replies,
"she's Geet handa, my secretary"
 "bro Ur so lucky"
Maan stares'..
 "aapki itni sundar secretary, what a waste?"
 "aathe hi shuru ho gaye ho?"
Party begins''
Geet Vicky ka khyaal rakhthi'.
She asks him to try all the dishes and serves him lassi too'..
          "what's this? Yogurt?"
          "lassi nahi jaanthe?"
          "lasssi? Very nice"
Maan keeps looking at Geet'.Vicky notices the changes in his big brother.
 "bro if U don't mind may I dance with this angel?"
Vicky asks Geet to dance'..
" want to dance?"
Geet looks at Maan'.Maan nods'
Geet dances with Vicky'.
Maan keeps looking at her and Geet too keeps an eye on him'
Maan feels jealous that Vicky has stolen his chance to dance with Geet'
Chalo koi baat nahi, aur bhi kitne party honge
Dadi is also happy to see vicky back'..
Vicky tells dadi about Geet,
          "Dadi aapka bakra tayaar ho gaya hai, aap balidhaan ka intrezaam kar sakthi hai, aapka intrezaar katam"
          "aap kay baat kar rahe hai bte?"
          "Dadi, bro shadhi ke liye tayaar ho gaye hai, wahan dekhiye"
Vicky shows Maan and Geet'..
          "Maan sir, sab teek haina"
          "haan, sab bahut achcha hai, aur tum bhi"
          "aapkke bhai ko pasand aaya haina?"
          "mujhe bhi bahut pasand hai"
          "sir, Dadima"
Geet  has noticed Dadi,
          "Dadima, aapne khana khaya?"
          "haan bte, bahut badiya hai, aapne sabko bahut achche se sambala, hummare party ko bhi aur hummare pothe ko bhi"
Geet ko kuch samaj nahi aaya.
          "thank you dadima"
Sasha is very upset to see Geet getting all the attention'
She mixes alcohol in Geet's  drink'.
Geet loses her senses'.she has almost gone mad'.
She goes and asks Maam to dance with her'.
" Maan sir, come on, let's dance, start music"
Geet Maan ko zabardasthi dance karwathi''.Maan had to dance'.
"bro, aap bhi?"
" Geet, ye sab kya hai?"
Maan tries to control her, he tries to dance and take her away from the crowd'
Geet calls Manisha,
"haan baby"
Maan stares'..
Manisha escapes'..
"aap isse kyun darthe ho, bechari? Nahi bechara aapko kitna pyaar kartha hai"
" Geet, chup karo"
"ye kya hai? hamesha aaise hi chup'bilkul chup'..Kehkke mujhe chupathe ho, aaj mujhe baat karna hai, bahut sare baat"
Maan manages to take her to  the outhouse'.
He takes her to the bedroom and makes her sleep'..
 "Geet tum yahi sojao"
Geet catches his hand and asks him to stay'.
 "aap bhi yahi raho, mere paas"
Maan sits beside her'..
" teek hai , mein yahi hoon,tum sojao"
"Maan sir meinne aapki sare pasand ko jaanliya, aap Geet ke  pasand ko jaanna nahi chahoge?"
Geet starts behaving like a child'.
" haan, bathao Geet ko kya pasand hai?"
"pehle babaji, phir gol gappe, aur Pinky, Adi sir, aur Maan sir"
Maan ke naam lethe hi geet sharmathi'..
"Maan sir?"
"haan, wahi Mr.Maan Singh Khurana"
" yakheen nahi hotha? Geet  unko bahut chahathi hai,MSK ka gussa ussko bahut pasand hai, aur patha hai MSK Geet ke kitna khyaal rakhthe? aap nahi jaanthe,  DD bahut achche hai"
Maan is surprised to hear that'.he is very happy'..sach toh samne aa hi gaya'
Geet signals him to come closer'.
          "DD ka matlab jaanthe ho? Dust Danav, kissi ko bathana nahi"
She leans on his shoulder and keeps blabbering'.
Maan pats her and tries to calm her down'
Geet falls asleep on his shoulders'.
Maan lays her back on the bed'.
Pinky comes'..
" Geeet, tumme kya ho gaya?"
" ssshhh woh so agyi hai, tum ghar jao, Geet subhe aajayegi"
" lekhin sir"
" Geet ko kuch nahi hoga, tum jao, hum sab haina"
Pinky leaves'..
Next morning''Geet wakes up and finds herself at the OH'.
Geet: mein yahan kya kar arhi hoon?
Geet remembers last night's incident'.
" babaji ye meinne kya kardhi? Ab mein Maan sir ka samna kaise karoongi?"
Nakul comes with tea'..
Geet tells him that she is leaving and asks him to inform Maan'.
While she tries to leave without Maan's notice'..she comes across Maan'
Maan  is busy with his tai chi and Geet chup chupkke ussko gurthe rehthi'.
Maan had noticed her'.he quietly comes near her'.
He catches her hand and pulls her towards him'.
" Maan sir?"
Geet tries to run away'.Maan hold her back'..
 "kahan bhaag rahi ho?"
" sir, mujhe ghar jaana hai"
" Geet "
" sir office ke liye dher ho rahi hai, mujhe jaana hai"
" teek hai, office mein milthe hai"
Geet runs away'.
Vicky comes'.
" bro, babhi kya keh rahi thi?"
Maan stares'.
" bro aapne kamaal kardhi, aaise gur gurkhe hi babhi ko manaliya haina?"
" Vicky, tum aaj office aarahe haina?"
" nahi bro, mein kabab mein haddi kaise ban saktha?"
" just kidding, aaj mujhe Dadi ke saath appointment hai"
Maan smiles'.
" teek hai"
" bro aap hasthe bhi ho?"
"chal hatt"
That day Geet skips work saying that she is not well'.
But next day she had to go to KC and face Maan'.
Maan calls her to his cabin'.
Geet tries to avoid looking into his eyes and keeps looking down'.
" tum teek toh hona?"
" haan sir"
" tumme yaad hai uss raat tumne kya kaha?"
" nahi sir"
" yaad nahi hai"
" nahi sir"
" Geet mere aankhon mein dekhke bolo"
Geet looks at him'.
" toh tumme yaad nahi hai?"
" nahi"
Geet ko pasinna nikhaltha'.
Maan gets closer'.
Mein yaad dilatha hoon'.
" toh tumme kya kya pasand hai?"
" kuch nahi"
" kuch bhi nahi?"
"" nashe mein aksar log kuch bhi bolthe hai, uss baat pe barosa nahi karthe"
"nahi Geet, nashe mein hi log sach bolthe hai"
" kaunsa sach?"
" tum hi yaad karo, lekhin aaj shaam tak mujhe sare sachayi bathana chahiye"
" sir, aap kya baat kar rahe hai?"
" Geet, ye tum bhi jaanthi ho ki mein kya baat kar raha hoon"
"lekhin sir"
" tummare paas ab panch gante hai"
" sir?"
" you may leave now"
Maan keeps calling her every hour and reminds her that she has lost one more hour''.
" ye kya hai?"
" kya?"
"ye aap teek nahi kar rahe ho?"
" meinne kya kiya?"
" aap aaise har gante mujhe bhulake aaise kyun darra rahe ho?"
" kya? Mein daratha hoon?"
" haan"
" toh tumme itni pareshaani hai toh abhi maanlo ki tumne uss raat sab sach sach bathaya"
" nahi"
" toh teek hai, abhi bhi tummare paas do gante hai"
" mein nahi maanthi toh kya karoge?"
" tum dekhthe raho mein kya kartha hoon"
Geet is scared'.ye kya karenge?
Aaj bhi mujhe piladenge kya?
Maan calls her and asks her to get him black coffee'.
" Geet, coffee achchi hai"
" teek hai, mein jaaoon?"
"hare nahi, tum bhi kuch pilo"
" kya?"
"bloody marry?"
" aap mere mazak udathe ho?"
Maan smiles'.
"aap hasthe kyun ho?"
" babaji ab hasna bhi guna ho gaya kya?"
" ha ha ha itna bole bhi mat banao"
" Geet , ab maan bhi jao"
" nahi, mein kissi ko pasand nahi karthi"
" tum bahut kareeb aagayi ho, bas yaad karo kissko pasand karthi"
" kya?"
" haan, ye itna bhi mushkil nahi hai, mein madat kartha hoon"
" aap mere madat karoge? Itna madat kaafi nahi hai kya?"
Geet yahan aao, mere samne beito
" Maan sir, ye kya kar rahe ho?"
"ab bathao, mein kaun hoon?"
" aap? Maan sir ho"
" aur?"
" aur kya?"
" mein tummara kaun hoon?"
" boss"
" woh KC mein, kal KM mein tumne kya kaha?"
" yaad nahi"
Maan looks into her eyes'..
" Geet tum kitna bhi koshish karo, lekhin ye tummare aankhen kabhi joot nahi bolthe"
" toh kya bolthe hai?"
" wahi jo tum kehna chahathi ho aur keh nahi paayi ho"
" teek hai , ab aapne sun liya haina? Toh mein jaoon?"
" Geet rukho"
Geet chale jaathi
Next day..'Maan has got other plans'..
Maan calls Geet and gives her a ring'.
" ye kya hai?"
" ye hummare khandaani angooti hai, dadi ne diya hai, mere honnewali biwi ke liye"
Geet is overwhelmed'..
 "kya dekh rahi ho? Issko sambalkke rakho, shamko meri woh aayegi toh ussko ye ring pehenana hai, tab tak tum issko sambalkke rakho"
" kya?"
Geet leaves in anger''
" meri woh, ye kaun hai?"
Geet is worried'..
Mein issko kya karoon? Geet looks at the ring and decides to wear it so that it's not lost'.
"Geet, ye kya hai?"
"ye Maan sir ka hai"
Tasha is excited'.
" solitaire, tumme kaise mila?
"ye Maan sir ne sambalkke rakhne ko kaha"
"toh tumne pehenli? Silly girl"
Manisha too joins the party,
"baby, it's so cute, mujhe dikhao"
Geet tries to take it off but it won't come'..
"hare Pinky,ye kya ho gaya?"
"Geet, kya hua?"
" Pinky, ye bahar nahi aa raha hai"
" lo, mein try karthi hoon"
" Pinky sambalkke"
" Geet soap try karo"
Geet goes and applies soap'
But it won't come even then'.
Geet is very scared''
Maan calls her'..
Geet hides the ring behind her back'..
" Geet kya chupa rahi ho?"
" kuch nahi, kuch bhi nahi?"
" ring safe haina?"
" haan"
Maan comes and grabs her hand'.
Maan looks at the ring'..
"woh meinne socha yahi safe hai"
"koi baat nahi"
" lekhin Maan sir"
"kya baat hai?"
" ye ring mere haath mein fussgaya, nikhal nahi raha"
Geet tries to remove it'..
Maan stops her'.
          "lagtha hai ungli ko kaatna padega"
          "kya? Ring aapka hai, lekhin ungli toh meri hai"
          "par ye donno ko alag karna mushkil lagtha"
          "mujhe kyun pooch rahi ho? Ye tummari responsibility hai"
          "teek hai, aap isski keemat bathao, mein dethi hoon"
          "Geet isski keemat ko jukhane ke liye tumme zindagi bar mere saath dena padega"
Maan smiles'.
          "haan Geet"
          "ye itna mehenga hai?"
" ye ring toh apna jagah pohunchgaya"
"haan Geet,ye tera hi hai"
" sir?"
Maan gets closer and shuts her mouth'.
" ab tumme kuch bhi kehne ki zaroorat nahi hai Geet"
"Maan  sir?"
" sir nahi, Maan kaho"
" nahi, Maan sir"
" Geet tum meri ho, sirf meri"
Geet bigal jaathi'.
she goes and hugs him''
Maneet passionate hug'mahi'.
Adi and party bahar kushi se nach rahe hai..'balle balle'. Maan sir aur Geet ka rishtha pacca ho gaya'..
Next day''Dadi comes to KC
Vicky ne hi bhulaya hai'.to fix Maneet wedding'..
" Maan, kahan hai hummari bahu?"
Maan calls Geet'.Geet comes'.
" toh ye hai hummari Maan ki dulhan, humne pehle ki faisla kar liya tha, lekhin humme patha nahi ki ye itna jaldhi hoga"
Geet sharmathi''
Aaj se KC mein sirf Mahi mahi hoga, haina babaji?


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Awesome and lovely os.

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awesome OS dear...

OS Ajab Prem ki gazab kahaani

awesome dear...
Geet has lost her memory...
but Maan made her fall in love with him again...
and she gets lost seeing him close to her...

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Awesome and fabulous os.

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lovely os

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starting new MG FF - Pyaar Kiya Toh Darna Kya?

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