Arjun SS: His one and only, Chap8 Pg 37, 19/12 PM Later (Page 19)

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Dear Tina,

This is getting to be hysterical. Why is it that Rathore is shown in these kinds of situations, where his integrity is questioned, so often in FFs here?

And Sakshi, does she have to be so over the top? I do not see how you are going to salvage her in the end, and then again, she is proof positive of the old maximt that one should never trust an outsider.

Shyamala Aunty

Originally posted by haruhi26

Chapter 4

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New track... Nice and Interesting...!!!

Loved it...

Why is Sakshi behaving like that???
And Ajay??
What is his connection with Arjun??

Continue soon!!

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ap update kb kroge
wen i leave reading dis lol
ye bta do kb
sys !?

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Thank you all for liking this story of mineEmbarrassed, it's nice when people appreciate what you writeEmbarrassed:

and thanks for all those lovely comments, it was a pleasure reading themEmbarrassed

@Shyamala Aunty: well Rathore should be the obvious choice, because he's the only one who matters the most in Arjun's life for the time beingWink

and without wasting anyone's time, here's the next chapterEmbarrassed

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and this is dedicated to Payal, she has been after me for a long time for thisLOLWink
So a happy belated birthday again to you darling, hope you like this Embarrassed

Chapter 5

"Ajay Anand! Does that name ring anything in your head! Or maybe you'd recognised the name Pinto!" Sakshi said with tears in her eyes, otherwise she would have seen Arjun's face whitening and softening.  But unfortunately everything was too much for her, and the slap also was hurting like hell, and she just fainted on the spot.

When Sakshi woke up, she found herself lying on a couch.  She looked around and realised she was in Arjun's office.  She tried to sit, but her head was hurting so much that she fell back on the couch.  She still forced herself to sit, and after some time when she opened up her eyes, she found herself looking into pairs of eyes with hatred in them.  She knew after what she did, they'd hate her, but she only did her duty and nothing more.  She prepared herself to face their wrath, and looked at them in their eyes as if stating that she wasn't wrong.  When neither Aisha, nor Shree or Chotu said anything, she decided to get up and leave from here.  She'd had enough already from this place, and she had already done what she aimed for.  She no longer needed to be here anymore.  She tried to get up, but her legs were too weak to sustain her weight, and nearly fell down if a pair of strong arms hadn't held onto her.  She closed her eyes and took some time to gather her strength and then opened them to thank the person who held onto her.  Her thanks never got out of her mouth, she was shocked to see that it was Arjun who had held onto her.  She immediately pushed herself away from him, and though her legs were shaking she stood her ground and didnt lean onto him for support.

When her legs stopped shaking, she took some steps to get out from here.  But unfortunately Aisha was now blocking her way out. Aisha was looking at her with so much hatred and disgust, that somehow Sakshi knew her heart was hurting.  She looked from Shree to Chotu and Aisha, but all were staring accusingly at her.

"We trusted you? How could you do this with us?" Aisha said angrily at Sakshi. Aisha almost was going to grab Sakshi by her shoulders and shake her, when Shree held onto Aisha, trying to calm her down.

"I dont owe anyone of you anything!" Sakshi said coldly, she no longer could bear this pain she was enduring. She had really gotten really close to people here, and really loved them a lot.  But she also loved her brother, and what she did was out of duty and justice for him.  Nothing and no one would be able to prove that she was wrong, no one would be able to make her feel guilty after this.

"Let me go, please get away from the door," Sakshi said in a stronger and higher tone.

Aisha wasn't having any more of Sakshi's way, she pushed Shree away and came forward to push Sakshi, but this time Arjun came between them and with one look made Aisha calm down.

Aisha retraced her steps, and went to stand outside by the window, "Kyun Sir? I know that you and Rathore are no longer friends? But i never thought you'd be so quick to condemn him and take her part! She's our enemy!" Aisha said while looking with hatred towards Sakshi.

"Aisha, i never had nor will ever explain my actions to anyone, and certainly not to you! But before you dare claim i'm against Rathore, let me tell you, that it was Rathore who broke our friendship, not me.  In my eyes he has and will always be my best friend," Arjun said a bit gently, and then turning towards Sakshi, "I think you better explain why you came here, and how you knew Ajay?"

Sakshi glared at Arjun, she couldn't believe that he still thought that she owed him anything.  She ignored his questions, and took some steps as if to leave the office, when suddenly her arm was grabbed by behind.

"Miss Sakshi Anand, you aren't going anywhere without telling us why you did this!" Arjun said coldly, and forced her to follow him till she was sitting on the couch again.

She glared at him, but refused to say anything.

"Sir, we are only wasting our time with her.  We need to look out for Rathore!" Aisha reminded Arjun ignoring Sakshi completely.

"Nahin Aisha, we'll stay here and listen to her out!" Arjun said.

Aisha glared at Sakshi, and couldn't even understand why Arjun was forcing them to stay here and listen to this hypocrite's talks.

"We are waiting Sakshi! And you better tell us the truth this time! Noone is going anywhere until then!" Arjun said and took a chair to sit opposite to Sakshi.

Sakshi's eyes started to fill up with tears, but she controlled herself.  She didnt wanna go back to that time when she had lost everything in her life.  Even thinking about that time make her shiver with fear and her heart hurt a lot. She looked up to the ceiling and everything faded completely from her mind.  Her brain took her back to past.


A few years ago

Sakshi had just gotten her first work, as a crime journalist. It had always been her dream to achieve this, and now that most of her dreams were realised, there wasn't anyone more happy than her.  She took her appointment letter and returned home as quickly as possible to show it to her brother, who was both her mother and father to her.  they had lost their parents in a tragic accident a few years ago.  Her brother had brought her up and had given her everything she ever needed.  She got down from the auto-rickshaw and went to her house humming a happy song.  She knocked on the door, and when her brother opened the door, she jumped into his arms and couldn't stop from telling him about her new and first job.  Her brother was very happy, and both spent some happy times chatting about her and her job till it was already evening.

"I'll go and cook diner," Sakshi said and went in the kitchen.

She was busy in the kitchen, when suddenly she heard someone knocking on her door.  she didnt pay much attention to it, because her brother would look at who it was.  After that everything happened so quickly that till now she didnt even realise or understand how come she was still alive.  Suddenly her brother had come into the kitchen, and dragged her away from there, and put her in a closet, and locked her inside it saying, "Dont make any sound! Just stay silent! Promise me!"

And then after being locked in the closet, she heard those knocks getting stronger and stronger till someone suddenly broke the door.  For a few seconds there was complete silence, and then she heard someone walking into the house.  after that she could hear her brother being beaten, she wanted to go out and help him, but part of her was so scared.  She could hear them asking her brother about why he had betrayed them and who the one he had been leaking information to was.  But she could also hear her brother staying silent.

She could hear more punches and kicks, till suddenly she heard complete silence, and then she heard the coldest voice she ever had in her life.  She knew then that whatever happened, this voice had been engraved in her mind, and she wouldn't ever forget it.

"Come on Anand, we gave you everything.  Yet you betrayed us and leaked information! But to whom and why?" the stranger said.  She heard him slapping her brother, and then silence, till she heard that person walking and then a click sound, "Your sister i guess! She's very young and beautiful! I doubt you want anything to happen to her.  though it will certainly be a pleasure to own her!"

scroll down for moreEmbarrassed

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"Dont you ever touch her!" she finally heard her brother saying.

"Acha and what will you do otherwise! Where is she?" she heard that man asking his men.

"There's no one in the house Sir, we checked everywhere!" one of his men said.

"My bad luck.  But it wouldn't take much time finding her out!" he said.

"No you wont do anything to my sister!" she heard her brother saying.

"Hmmm, it depends, i wouldn't mind owning her.  but if you dont want her to come to harm, how about telling us who you are working for!" the man said.

After some silence, she heard her brother saying, "Nahin Sikander, never.  I'm sure my sister will know to run and disappear away.  I wont let you play with innocent people's lives!"

And then she heard the most evil laugh she had ever heard till, she heard a gun shot.

"Noone refuses Sikander! And about the man you are working for, that shouldn't be a problem for us since we already have our man with them! Take his body and dispose of it! and yep do look for his sister, my heart wants to meet her at least once!" Sikander said and went away.

After that, she heard some noises and then complete silence.  She didnt know how long she had stayed in the closet, hours or days, but what she remembered was that after a long time, she had managed to broke the closet door, and when she went outside she could only see some drops of blood on the floor, and nothing else.  She didnt know what to do.  She didnt have any corpse to prove that her brother was dead. Whom should she contact? Who will help her?

That was when she remembered her brother's telling her a few days ago, "If anything happens to me, there's someone you can contact. It's kept in our secret place!" she immediately rushed to that place, where only her and her brother had hidden things since their childhood, and got the contact details of someone.  She rushed from her house, and when outside turned to look at it one last time, and then went away, never to ever return there.

After that she had contacted that person, and then completely disappeared from that place.  She only knew that Sikander had killed a cop's wife, and left for dying the cop.  She had joined a newspaper somewhere else, where she had worked to find out more about Sikander, what she knew was that someone in the police force had leaked her brother's name, and that ACP Arjun hadn't succeeded in his mission.  She hated both that betrayer and that ACP.  She had been working, when suddenly she had received some information about one person working with Sikander.  With the help of the commissioner she had been able to come in the ETF, working with the people due to whom everything had started.  She knew that Rathore, Arjun and a few more people had been after Sikander.  So only one of  them could have leaked information at that time...


Back to present

She kept staring at the ceiling after having said what she had.  She didnt wanna see the sympathy in anyone's eyes, while the hatred in their eyes also hurt her.

"Sakshi, Rathore couldn't have done something like that!" Arjun said softly.

Sakshi looked at him, not believing he still trusted Rathore after everything.

"You may trust your friend.  But i dont, neither i'm biased about him!" Sakshi said angrily.

"You dont understand. It's more than just friendship.  I'll give my life to prove Rathore couldn't ever do such a thing!" Arjun said trying to convince Sakshi.

"And why dont you think so? He already disappeared nah? you saw him in the bank nah?" she said furiously.

"Because Rathore not only was my friend, but he was also Roshni's best friend.  She was like a sister to him.  For nothing he would have hurt her!" Arjun said.

"In this world, in this time you are trying to tell me that relations count.  Only one thing counts for people, and that is money, and they wont hesitate to betray anyone to achieve that, not even a friend!" Sakshi said angrily.

She felt herself being grabbed by her arms and shaken furiously by Aisha.

"Look at us Sakshi.  Noone believes Rathore could be wrong!" Aisha screamed.

"You love him Aisha, hence what you are saying.  While i loved only my brother!" Sakshi released herself from Aisha's hands and moved to go away.

"I wont advise you to go out! Things have already moved too much! You might be in danger, because Sikander is back again!" Arjun said.

Sakshi stopped and shivered, she still remember his voice and his words.

"Let her go.  We dont need her! Beside she'd only be a liability to us and would only betray us!" Aisha said.

"No Aisha, before anything you are a police officer, and it's your duty to save lives, even if you dont like them!" Arjun reprimanded Aisha.


While somewhere else

Rathore had been bidding his time, he had tried to somehow loosen one of the ropes tying his hand to the chair, and it took him a lot of time and his hand was hurting a lot, but he knew that this pain was nothing compared to what will happen if he stays here.  When he had managed to loosen one of his hands, he listened quietly for some noise, to see if there was anyone near.  He could hear some voices outside, and he counted them to be at least three people.  It was almost dark also, and he knew that this was the most perfect time for him to evade from here.  He immediately untied all the ropes, and looked around the room for any way out. There was a window, but it was too small for him to pass.  He'd have to pass only through that door.  He quickly devised a plan, and went back to sit on his chair, and made as if the ropes were still binding him.  Then he shouted trying to catch the men's attention.  He was hoping that not all would come and see him.  He was too weak to be able to beat all of them, and if they had a gun, then he knew he was gonna die.

Fortunately for him, only one person came in and said, "Kya hua? Why are you shouting?"

Rathore immediately rose, and held one of his hands near his mouth to prevent him from shouting and twisting his neck, killing the man quickly. 

He knew that another man would come inside, when this man didnt go out.  So Rathore waited for sometime when another man came, and again he managed to kill him without making much noise.  He wasn't the Chief of the ETF for no reason, he had been trained specifically to be able to bring any enemy down using only his hands. Only one man was left, Rathore waited for him, but when the last man came, he already had a gun in his hands since his friends were not coming out.

In the fight which followed, Rathore did manage to overtake that man and kill him, but not without being shot at near his shoulder.

He tore a piece of cloth, and tied the part where he had been shot, took the gun of the criminal. Rathore searched for a mobile, because he knew that they had been in contact with someone. Soon he found a mobile in the pockets of one of the criminals, and taking that he ran away from there.

Once outside he found himself in a jungle.  He ran before anyone was back, and after some time he took out the mobile and tried to call for help.

But who would he call? Will Arjun believe him or not? From the words he had heard those men telling him, he already knew that everyone were against him, claiming that he had betrayed everyone for money.

Rathore knew he had no choice, and if anyone could help him, it was his team and especially one man in that team.  His heart told him that no matter what, Arjun will believe him.  So taking the mobile he called Arjun asking him for help.

No PrecapEmbarrassed

So how was it?

Sorry for spelling mistakesEmbarrassed


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Please ignore, double postingEmbarrassed

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Am i dreaming di
u here o o ?

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