Arjun SS: His one and only, Chap8 Pg 37, 19/12 PM Later (Page 17)

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Rathod is in danger..OMG
Shakshi's article..even Arjun appreciated it..she's not a trouble
Hope they find Rathod soon..
Nice update:)

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Wonderful part...update soon plz..waiting to

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When you gonna update this one..waiting to read more..i just love your version of Sakshi :-)

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Awesome yar was reading all the parts
They r jst fab
Plsss pm me the next part plsss

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a big thanks for all those who have loved this story of mine till nowEmbarrassed

and thanks for all those lovely commentsEmbarrassed
without wasting anymore time,here's the next chapterEmbarrassed

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Chapter 4

"Let's return to the office, maybe Rathore has come back," Arjun said loudly, grabbed her arm and pushed her inside the SUV.

"What the hell!" Sakshi swore at Arjun and his rudeness.

"Just keep your mouth shut for some time, will you?" Arjun glared at her and started the engine. They were back on the road going to their office.  Sakshi looked at Arjun's profile, and could see that he was very worried, though he was trying to show he didnt care.

Why was he hiding his feelings for Rathore?  Sakshi thought.

They reached the office soon, and Arjun rushed to the office leaving Sakshi to run behind her.  she didnt even understand a thing of what was happening? Where was Rathore? What was Arjun thinking inside that mind of his? What was going on?

She ran after Arjun, till she found herself inside the conference room where all the ETF members were standing looking at each other in a worried way. Arjun was telling Shree to do something, but when he saw Sakshi coming inside, he stopped talking and was looking at her in a suspicious way.

"What? Why are you all looking at me like that?" Sakshi asked upset.

"Miss Sakshi, i know everything is a game and fun for you! But we have serious and important matters to discuss here! And on top it's something very sensitive and secretive, so will you please get out of here!" Arjun said angrily.  He didnt know what was happening, but what he did know, or rather his six sense was telling him, was that something was wrong, and Rathore needed his help.  Even if they no longer talked nore were friends like before, Arjun still cared for him the most.  After all after Roshni's death, Arjun didnt have anyone except Rathore whom he ever considered his.  And staring at Miss Always-Joking, he knew he couldn't trust her at all.

Sakshi looked angrily at Arjun, she didnt believe what he dared tell her.  She also formed part of this team, she was here for a special reason.  And no matter what Arjun said or thought about herself, she didnt care.

"I'm not going anywhere! I'm here to stay! Whether you like it or not!" Sakshi replied back.

Aisha, Shree and Chotu stared at these two stubborn heads fighting, they could see that Arjun was seething in anger, and he was almost close to violence.  While Sakshi was standing her grounds and not wavering in front of Arjun.  Neither would accept defeat soon, and Aisha was too worried about Rathore, to let time be wasted like this.

"It's ok Arjun. We can trust her. What do you have to say?" Aisha said.

Arjun stared angrily at Aisha, almost wanting to scream at her too, but then he controlled himself, gave one look at Sakshi, and then completely ignored her.

"Shree, check everything you can get on Rathore. And have you managed to check if our phones are being tapped?" Arjun asked.

"Yep i already checked everything even before you asked, but..." Shree said and stopped.  Shree didnt know what to tell Arjun.  He himself was very shocked at what he had discovered.

"But what Shree? Why are sitting there as a mute person!" Arjun balked at Shree.

"Sorry Sir, i have checked everything. And none of our calls are being tapped. But i found a huge sum of money which was just deposited yesterday in Rathore's bank account!" Shree said softly, as if wishing that the words he uttered were false.

Arjun grabbed Shree by his collar, and shook him," What did you say? How dare you say something like that?"

Aisha and Chotu tried to release Shree from Arjun's angry hold and finally after a few seconds of intense feeling, Arjun released him and went to stand away.

"Show me all the bank statements!" Arjun said finally, after calming himself.

Shree printed those statements and gave them to Arjun, and said, "I never meant to say anything against Rathore Sir.  I was merely stating what i found! But this doesn't mean a thing.  We know Rathore's sir isn't like that.  Someone must be trying to frame him!"

Arjun took the papers and read everything written accurately, and after one minute, "and what about the person who gave him this money? What's his name?"

"His name is Altaf Shah," Shree said worriedly.

Arjun's face changed completely when hearing that name, his eyes were filled with anger, pain and hatred at the same time.  He dropped the paper and went away leaving everyone more confused.

Finally Sakshi dared opened up her mouth, "Yeh Altaf Shah hein kaun?"

The rest of the team stared at Sakshi strangely, "Kya hua guys? Tell me!" Sakshi persisted.

"Altaf Shah was the right hand of Sikander at the time that Arjun Sir and Rathore Sir were after him.  However something went wrong, and Roshni was killed and Arjun was beaten to death.  And then they all disappeared.  And none of us ever heard about him!" Shree said to Sakshi.

"But why would Altaf Shah give money to Rathore?" Sakshi asked next.

"Dont you ever dare!"Aisha suddenly shouted. "Rathore isn't like that!" she had tears in her eyes and left the conference too.

"Guys i never meant to say that," Sakshi said when she saw Shree and Chotu looking at her in a reproaching way.

"But now what? Shall we inform the commissioner about this?" Sakshi asked.

"Let's go and see Arjun Sir in his office and see what will be our next step," Shree said and all went to look for Arjun.

But they didnt find him in the office, actually someone told them that Arjun was on the terrace and Aisha had also gone after him.

When they reached there, they found Aisha trying desperately to convince Arjun about Rathore's honesty.

"Arjun, he didnt do anything! He couldn't have done anything to you! He loves you too much.  I have seen this numerous times in his eyes! Dont lose hope on him!" Aisha was pleading him.  Aisha knew that if someone could protect and save Rathore, that was only Arjun. 

After staring for some time at the distant horizon, finally Arjun said, "I know Aisha.  I could trust my life on Rathore.  I'm sorry Aisha, my leaving there never meant i suspected Rathore.  I just got thrown back in my past.  I needed some fresh air."  He turned and saw his whole team looking at him with hopeful eyes, "Yes we have a big mission. We have to save Rathore!"

He turned again to stare at the buildings infront of him, "But this wont be easy! We'll probably be alone in this whole matter! Noone will believe or help us!"

"Not a problem, we are here with you!" the three chorused, Aisha, Shree and Chotu.

"Ok, first let's look for more details on this Altaf! I doubt he let his name be used to easily in this matter! They are usually very cautious people, their names never appearing anywhere, then why here!" Arjun said to his team.

They all went down, and started to work.  Shree looked for more information about the bank transaction, while Chotu, Arjun and Aisha went to interrogate the Bank manager, from where the transaction was undertaken.

At the bank

After interrogating the manager, they found themselves even more confused about this case.  The manager had just told them that Rathore and that Altaf were present right there at the time of transaction.  When Aisha hadn't believed the manager, she had shown a recent picture of Rathore on her mobile for confirmation, and the manager had said yes this was the man.  They left the bank and went in the SUV to return to their office.

"How can this be?" Aisha was asking, she didnt believe the words of the manager.

"Dont worry Aisha, the manager must be lying!" Arjun said, "Anyway we have a means of checking if he's right or not!"

"What?" Chotu asked.

"We'll ask Shree to hack into the back security system.  They must have a CCTV footage of Rathore going in!" Arjun said in a determined way.

They had just reached the office, when they saw that there were lots of officers there and the Commissioner was also there.

"What's going on here?" Arjun asked.

"ACP Arjun, how could you hide such a thing from us?" the commissioner said sternly.

"What truth?" Arjun asked making as if he didnt know anything.

"That Rathore was helping the bad ones from the very start! That he was taking money from them!" the commissioner said angrily.

Arjun stared disbelievingly at his team.  Noone knew anything about Rathore, then who leaked the information.

"No need to look at them ACP Arjun! You may believe in taking the part of a guilty person, just because he was once your friend, but i dont do!" a female voice said.

They all turned towards that voice, and were shocked to see Sakshi looking at them.

They couldn't believe that Sakshi had betrayed them, they really trusted her and she betrayed them.

"How could you?" Aisha said with tears in her eyes.

"You may be love blind Aisha, but i'm not! Neither i'm stupid enough to believe in a friend!" Sakshi said with venom.

"People like Rathore are a black spot to this country! I'll never let him go so easily!" Sakshi said angrily.

"Nahin, you dont know what you have done! Had you spent more time with him, work longer with him, you would have realised that he can never do such a thing!" Aisha screamed back.

"You may believe that Aisha, but not me! And how can a person who helped killed his own best friend be a good person!" Sakshi yelled.

A loud sound resonated in the office, when Arjun raised his hand and slapped her hard.  Sakshi almost fell down from the force of the slap, but she held onto her ground, turned holding her cheek.  Blood was oozing out of her mouth, but she didnt even falter in front of Arjun.  And while no one expected it, she raised her hand and slapped Arjun back.

"Dont you ever dare! What did you think of me?" Sakshi shrieked at Arjun.

"Nothing except you are a lousy girl, and foolish on top, plus cheap! How can you stoop so low! They trusted you!" Arjun barked angrily .

"Lousy!Foolish! Cheap!" Sakshi said fumingly, "Well in that case why dont you go and tell Ajay about it? How her sister is?!"

"Ajay? Who Ajay?" Arjun asked.

"Ajay Anand! Does that name ring anything in your head! Or maybe you'd recognised the name Pinto!" Sakshi said with tears in her eyes, otherwise she would have seen Arjun's face whitening and softening.  But unfortunately everything was too much for her, and the slap also was hurting like hell, and she just fainted on the spot.


While elsewhere

A man was held tied on a chair, he was very weak from the beatings he got, yet he didnt lose his courage and said back, "He'll find me! Despite everything, he'll come to look for me!"

Someone laughed loudly and said, "Do you think so? He thinks you are the killer of his wife!"

"Even if to kill me, he'll come for me!" the tied man said, and was slapped for his impudence.

please excuse me for any spelling mistakesEmbarrassed

and yep no precapLOLWink

so how was itEmbarrassed

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Posted: 30 May 2013 at 10:09am | IP Logged
hey so sorry for the late comment...
just read the last 4 parts together...
all the updates were superb...
wow kya takkar dete hai arjun aur sakshi ek dusre ko...
omg he crashed her pc... lol sakshi bhi kam nai...
she started using his pc... wow arjun liked her article...
omg sameer missing... hope they find him soon...
and sameer pe bribe ka crime... glad everyone at etf trusts him...
loved arjun's concern for him...
but sakshi ne comm sir ko kyu btaya sab...
aur ye arjun ajay anand ko kaise janta hai...
omg he slapped her so hard...
and sameer he is in trouble...:( hope all the charges get cleared and they find him...
continue soon...

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Woha...What was that?
Wow...So Rathore is being forced to do things to make himself look bad, I wonder what they are holding over his head to make him do all that.
But the surprise package is Sakshi, she really told on Rathore, she really believes that Rathore is corrupt.Shocked
And the slap..awe..that had to hurt.
So Sakhi has a personal aganda against Sikandar and his men and she thinks Rathore is part of it.
Do update soon, I can't wait for you to reveal more.

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